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Friday, 24 May 2013

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance

True Acceptance of all

What is the most important significant attributing factor to true spiritual awareness? Is it positive thinking, is it mediating whenever possible, it might be even separation from all other vibrations/people in becoming a recluse. So which one is it or is it all the above? None, it’s acceptance of all for what it is not what we want it to be, all the above just gives us what we want it to be not what it is, on the other hand acceptance of all literally gives us all as all is accepted, it becomes everything we want even the things we thought we didn’t want or desire as it all becomes spiritually accepted!!

Only in acceptance of all can we really attain true spiritual awareness even to the extent of not accepting. First of all let’s go back to positive thinking, does it pertain to accepting of all? No because it’s in opposition of the negatives. What about mediating, what’s it’s in opposition too? Nothing but it doesn’t refer to acceptance either unless one meditates on acceptance. 
Acceptance of all is ridding oneself of all prejudices towards all of mankind & the environment we live in including ourselves which also includes accepting not accepting. So what we have here now is accepting to not accept as well, what this is saying you don’t have to accept anything in other words as it just is the way it is.

There is an obvious problem in this concept of accepting & non-accepting as one can do as one pleases obviously as it’s all accepted like I don’t accept being ruled & judged by other so when I rebel against this my action would also have to be accepted!! No not at all as acceptance of all can only be attained through spiritual awareness; any other way would result in what I previously discussed in this paragraph. A true spiritually aware person would accept that they are ruled in the first place so wouldn’t have a need to retaliate & this is where true acceptance gives one peace within oneself.
I thought I would put some helpful links at the end of each topic.

Calming the Ego

It is awfully hard for the ego outer self to attain this kind of acceptance & this is why only truly spiritually aware people are able to do this, calm the ego first & acceptance of all comes much easier so how does one do this? Through various practice like first mentioned, positive thinking, mediating, becoming a recluse or even Taoism, Yoga, religion & so forth, all these will help with calming the ego.  One thing to remember, never try to rid oneself of the ego as this pertains to conflict, all practices should be done while one is accepting & it’s this accepting, not of all however as yet, that gives you the final acceptance of all for if one didn’t practice acceptance while calming the ego one wouldn’t be truly accepting of all in the end you would just be practiced in whatever you were practicing in.

Before I go on the problem with most spiritually aware people is they have been trained to rid oneself of the ego, one must NOT rid oneself of anything especially the ego no matter how over inflated it is. To have a wanting or desire to rid oneself of anything represents conflicts & conflicts of any sort distorts the true understanding & effects of true acceptance.

It is also important that one must never try to go fully into accepting without calming the ego first as well, it must be done while you are calming the ego because as explained earlier it gives you permission then to do as one likes if the ego is still fully present.  This sounds awfully complicated in while calming the ego one must also practice in acceptance as well but it’s not.  The trick is before one calms the ego one must accept acceptance like accepting the ego for what it is at that moment even if it’s highly egotistical. The problem here is so many have been trained to believe in different concepts which hinder such understanding at times, one must at first before taking on a different spiritual belief or concept is drop all others before them, this however can be hard for the main reason the ego won’t let go of other taught concepts & beliefs but it must be done before one proceeds into any other new ideology.

Now that we have accepted accepting all including our own egos what then? Practice this until one is accepting of all it really is that simple & don’t worry about the ego it will just fade away as if it never was.

Life Trauma’s & Acceptance
When one has trauma’s to deal with the trauma’s themselves can make it harder to practice in true acceptance but only if one isn’t accepting of the said trauma, remember the acceptance of all is the key here to attaining true acceptance, traumas could delay progress but as one becomes more accepting the said trauma seems to just fade away, this of course is only relevant with mental traumas as physical traumas have their own dilemma’s especially if they are painful &/or restrictive or do they?

Think about this for a moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...what drives our traumas & dilemma’s? It’s the ego & yes I did say the ego because the ego just isn’t of being egotistically inflated but also inflated as it is still of the ego. Our persona is driven by the ego either in an inflated way, deflated way or somewhere in between, the persona is you a traumatised person, once one calms down the ego while practicing in acceptance the persona reacts by calming down as well which deflates the effects of all mental & physical traumas, they are still their but they are also calmed down right with the ego.

Traumas & dilemmas can make the said person more aware than someone who hasn’t gone through traumas because it takes a lot more acceptance to accept one’s traumas in the first place so having
traumas of some type or another can be quite beneficial especially when one becomes truly accepting of all, it becomes quite apparent.

Fundamental Principles of Spiritually Accepting

Even while one is becoming accepting of all one will get the feeling & knowing of detachments not just of the things we desire but of the things we have been chasing or fighting with & all these things we thought we needed or fighting with will fade away as we become more understanding in their value, as we grow in acceptance we realise we no longer need that sort of attachment to for fill our lives & eventually realise that we never really did. 

The main principle here is to accept all for what it is fundamentally first & then as we grow in acceptance we will see them for what they truly are a fabricated illusion brought on by many things like materialism, radicalism in any ideology, desire, ego & so forth. Most of what has been mentioned are at times forced upon us in many ways which impel us to take on different ideologies to what we would truly spiritually like. By accepting all for what it is even what was previously mentioned at first one can changed the effects & values that they have on our lives, as you progress in acceptance of all our values change & so do the effects of these external influences.

Now one might think we are changing things here so were not actually being accepting of all after all!!  As one progresses into accepting our values just change automatically, you don’t have to try or want a desired change it will happen if by magic just like how we changed in accepting materialistic consumerism for instance, materialism was brought upon us through the necessity for others to grow rich, this was brought upon us gradually & as time went by we more & more took on this materialistic consumerist value, we changed our values if by magic. Change is always inevitable if we change them or someone else does but by taking on the concept of accepting all we are actually taking the initiative in what values we want to take on not what is forced upon us by others.

The obvious question here is if we are accepting, like with materialistic consumerism, how would accepting of all change materialistic consumerism? By accepting of more than just materialism our values are more spread out across the board & the more accepting we become the more open & accepting we become to many values not just to one or two values like materialism & the ego. Our values towards materialism only changes it doesn’t dissipate all together, as I said before if we go out to rid ourselves of such things we are only causing more conflict but by accepting all not just materialism we are just literally only watering down the value we put upon materialism not ridding ourselves of it completely & this is where the concept of accepting of all is passive, it’s non-conflictive.

What is so funny here is I have personally been accepting in not accepting to change my values from taught values to my spiritual values because I was also accepting of this as well, in other words I accepted all including the non-acceptable, not an easy thing to do & keep sane as a spiritually aware person in these times as there are so many taught spiritual concepts telling us to rid ourselves of such so called negative influences like the ego & materialism. 

True accepting of who & what we are & of our whole environment is important for true acceptance to take place, if we can’t be accepting even in one thing true whole spiritual acceptance will never be obtained but in saying this of course you might decide to only go half way through the accepting process which is quite acceptable as it’s always left up to the individual how far they really need to go to find what they are looking for, any further than this is only a waist & becomes an egotistical desire which leads you right back to where you came from in the first place so my advice is don’t go any further than one’s needs not wants, just accept who you’re supposed to be & leave it at that!!