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Monday, 18 May 2015

Reawakening from Sleep

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a good internet friend of mine bring forth some interesting queries and questions in relation to my last post, I thought I would share them with you with my reply and follow up response.     

Mathew, thanks for such a great post -  profound and thought provoking . So many things have popped into my head! I find the idea of going with the flow appealing  as a way of continually evolving without reacting to the friction of everyday setbacks. I'm also wondering if going with the flow can be compatible with manifesting desires . . and are reactions our teachers . . .? It would be nice to have that serenity though!

Thanks Carolyn, any kind of awakening is certainly thought provoking.

Desires and manifesting are tricky, usually there reactions to a circumstance which in turn creates further reactions. Have you seen the movie the fifth element with Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich. When this dark matter appeared, humans reacted to it and the more they reacted, the bigger the mass got, this was pure consciousness and this is how consciousness itself works. 

When we see a threat to our serenity, what do we do? We react which causes the threat to expand even more, the trick is to not react, this is not easy to do. 

We actually don't have to manifest or desire anything as it's already there, it's just we are unaware of this. Serenity has always been there, we are just unaware of this. 

"Are reactions our teacher", a very good thought, yes but only if we are going to learn from them, otherwise they just become a continuous nightmare. An unenlightened consciousness can become entrapped within this nightmare but this can only happen if we are asleep, in other words not awakened (enlightened). 

What if man met this dark mass with love in the movie the fifth element instead of aggression, you might like to think this dark mass would just go away but consciousness doesn't work like this, any kind of reaction/ recognition actually endorses such dark consciousness, this dark mass would continue to consume Earth. 

A true enlightened state, an awakened consciousness, is another matter, this consciousness doesn't see a dark mass but only consciousness. This dark mass only becomes consciousness because there is no right or wrong, dark or light, only the ego sees it as this. 

We humans only see serenity as opposed to chaos, an enlightened consciousness only sees a consciousness being expressed. Basically everything becomes light only because of the extent of our awareness in a true enlightened state from an unenlightened state. This is the same when we turn the light on in a dark room, we become aware of everything the light shines on, however, a true enlightened state actually negates light and dark, everything is known without a reaction, like turning on a light, mainly because nothing is being obscured from such awareness.

When we get to this stage of enlightenment, there is no chaos or serenity, only consciousness reacting with itself creating a light and dark, right and wrong, serenity and chaos. This can only happen when a consciousness is in an unenlightened state, asleep in other words.

We have come to the point now, is this unenlightened, asleep state, an illusion, is time and the species man an illusion? It is very easy to perceive so, our own dreams are not real when excluding OBE's and foretelling dreams, they are illusion dreamt up by our subconscious or are they?

Excluding OBE's and foretelling dreams, what creates our dreams? The subconscious, an unawakened state of consciousness, what controls  this state of consciousness? The subconscious, is the subconscious real? You might think not but it is, our dreams are physically induced by real circumstances in our every day lives, this makes our dream very real in a psychological sense.

Now let's look at the dream we are all experiencing in this unenlightened state, this reality, because it's a dream it's an illusion to a lot of people when in fact it's not, it works similarly to our own dreams, we are basically experiencing the psychological effects from our enlightened self except it's more an imagination from the enlightened self  rather than dreams brought on by psychological trauma for example.

Which state of consciousness is more real, a consciousness that is also physical or a completely nonphysical consciousness? In an enlightened state, there is only consciousness no matter how this consciousness is being expressed or experienced, again there is no right or wrong, dark or light. Which expression of consciousness is an illusion again?  Once again there is no illusion and non-illusion, all there is, is consciousness.

There is only one truly enlightened consciousness, does this make the presumed separation of different unenlightened consciousness's an illusion when there can only be one consciousness? 

Again this is like the dreams we have, they are mostly psychologically educed by actual experiences but it's still an expression of consciousness, just because we are an expression of our enlightened self, doesn't mean such imaginary expressions are an illusion. No matter how consciousness expresses itself, it's still consciousness and if it's consciousness it's real but not in the sense we perceive real. Real to us is the perception of dark and light, wrong and right, illusion and non-illusion, one or the other has to be real or right, this is how an unenlightened state of consciousness thinks, this isn't the same when in an enlightened state for there is no separation of consciousness, there is only consciousness even when it expresses itself in a physical way. 

There is only one consciousness but no matter how this one consciousness is expressed, it's still consciousness. It's funny to think all these expressions of consciousness in unenlightened states are from one consciousness, this means when we become truly enlightened, awakened, we become this one consciousness. This is very difficult for an obvious separate expression of consciousness to comprehend and quite understandably so, this is because we feel we are expressions of separate consciousness, not various expressions from one consciousness.

The best way to comprehend this is to think of your own dreams, how many expressions of consciousness can you imagine or create within your own dreams, how many people appear in your dreams? This is no different from this one single truly enlightened consciousness, no matter what this consciousness creates, it's still an expression of it's own consciousness, it's still consciousness no matter what.

The question is, are we one consciousness or separate consciousness's and the answer is yes, just like our own dreams, every single expression of consciousness within our dreams is who we are, the expression of our enlightened self is exactly the same. There is only one consciousness, but, this one consciousness expresses itself in many different ways just like we do in relation to our own dreams.