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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Wise Man Wise Re-Examined

Written By Mathew Naismith

I inserted my post titled Wise Man Wise on a spiritual site however it wasn’t well understood by most people & because it wasn’t understood some people picked the eyes out of it. The following will hopefully explain this story a little better.  

Hi Mathew
Your story went over my head and I 'glazed over' by the time I finished, I like to keep things simple, this was too complicated for me to grasp, could you put the lesson/teaching into another story for my simple mind to get.
L n L

G'day angelman
Sorry for that, I'm not a writer by no means, actually this is the only story I've ever written except from school days so I don't think I  can rewrite the story however I will explain it better.

The story was written from an insight I awoke with one morning, I thought I did a good job in writing this up as a story & of course so did others that could obviously see through their limitations. 

It's about being wise enough to overcome our limitations by seeing them as something to be learnt & not denounced in some way because we can't see past our limitations. This is like passing the buck so we don't have to be accountable. The villager was passing the buck because all he could see was he's own limitations not something to be learnt & once he learnt this he was ecstatic.

Pondering here within the story is in reference to not thinking & once this is done one is able to see the bigger picture. The villager was obviously only looking at the small picture through he's limitations but once he saw he's limitations as something to still be learnt he no longer saw he's limitations as a  blockage or a hindrance.

The villager was obviously able to lead because he already knew of the wise man before he arrived, he was already wise & connected to his inner knowing but needed guidance to know of this wisdom within himself. The wise man didn't do much at all actually but remind the villager of how he was looking at his limitations.

Our limitations, like in the story, are ego influenced in saying we have limitations however the villager soon learnt to not cover up he's limitations by seeing he's limitations as something to be yet learnt.