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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Awareness of Our OS

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is a follow up of my last post so if you didn’t like my last post it’s most probable you won’t like this post, however for those who weren’t sure of my last post this post might shed a little more light to what my last post was all about.  It all comes down to what program you are mentally using to decipher my posts with.

In my last post I focused on the programs we mentally use to decipher the world around us and how these programs like religion, sciences, consumerist materialism, for example, program our minds to think in certain ways. In this post I will also explain how the operating system we live under, usually defined by the culture we live under, can influence what programs we use to program our minds.

I’m a western thinking person living in Australia, can I take all my programs, which are my present beliefs and concepts, and freely use these in any other culture in the world?  The point is I can’t. Can a person, who in their culture can have more than one wife, come to Australia and marry numerous Australian women legally?  Could you imagine building a cathedral in Afghanistan???

The point is we are all conditioned to think according to the operating system (culture) we live under no matter what program (concept/beliefs) we use to decipher the world around us.

I wonder why so many spiritually aware people try to switch the mind off these days?

Yes it is complicated because we have many different OS around the world that tell us how we can think and what programs we are allowed to use under a certain OS (culture).  

Yes we can live under dual OS (cultures) but mostly we are influence by a particular OS we are actually living under.  In countries like Australia it’s a lot easier for other people from other cultures to live under their culture (OS) which gives them a dual OS to think under.  These people are very lucky because they are now able to program their minds using dual OS plus they now have a much bigger array of programs to choose to live by.

I better explain here that emotions are also programs, hate is a program that some people live by and so is love.  These programs program our minds to think in a certain way however all programs are influenced by the OS’s we live under.

The problem isn’t the variety of programs we are able to program our minds with but the OS itself, with so many people fixated to their own OS (culture) conflicts are sure to follow, human history shows this many times over.  

This brings us back to the spiritually aware people who switch off their minds. When this occurs we are actually only influenced by one OS with a choice to add programs to our OS or not. When we choose not to add software all there is is awareness remembering emotions are also software programs.  When we choose love that is all we will feel and be influence by and when some people choose hate that is all they will feel and be influenced by.   

Quite understandably to most people, this is going to seem lame mainly because of our fixations to certain concepts, beliefs and emotions however until you experience pure conscious awareness in it’s purest form  I don’t think much can be said by people who haven’t experienced this.  

Most people when experiencing this pure consciousness will feel extreme love and because of our chaotic existence will want to stay within this love however there is something far more exhilarating than feeling this love once you go on from this love. It’s a pure acceptance for all of what it is without question, could you imagine feeling so peacefully passive!!

The reason this feels so peacefully passive is again because of our chaotic existence, living in such a chaotic existence automatically gives us a program like love and feeling peacefully passive under a singular OS of pure conscious awareness. We must remember, at this stage to feel this we are still of the mind otherwise we wouldn’t feel anything because programs are only of the mind as opposed to the brain. The mind carries on after the physical brain is no more.

Utter thoughtlessness is the implosion of all programs like concepts, beliefs and emotions, you just don’t feel or even know you are in this state, you can’t because you just are under a singular OS which is pure conscious awareness.  There’s nothing to compare with so you really don’t even know of your existence. This is where this intelligent pure conscious awareness has, I feel, devised various programs and OS’s to become aware of itself. You could say we are all serving God, this intelligent pure consciousness which we are all apart of.