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Monday, 30 July 2018

True Positive Manifesting

Written by Mathew Naismith

I look upon human kind and all I can do is smile no matter how destructive or negative human kind may seem, for all I see is a consciousness lost within its own creation.....MG Naismith

Is true positive thinking, thinking that something that is lost is negative? Also, how many self-proclaimed positive people have a huge desire to escape this creation? I would think a true positive approach would be to assist in this consciousness finding itself again!!

This is not to be the case it would seem, positive thinking for a lot of people is to do with escaping and/or ignoring negative creations thus creating a positive creation. As I will clearly show using three different sources, this is not true positive thinking and can only lead to a continuation and even an enhancement of a lost consciousness.

Extract: Positive thinking is the ability to feel negative when you have to and still maintain enough hope to keep on going.

Extract: Perhaps the statement that best exemplifies positive thinking is "When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade." It seems so self-evident that this is a good thing that we never question the wisdom of the adage. But it does not take a whole lot of digging to unearth the flaws in this reasoning.

First, did fate really hand you a lemon or was this merely your initial, unthinking response? Second, is a lemon really a bad thing, something that you would rather not have, but now that you do have it you will somehow salvage something by making lemonade? Finally, it is quite stressful to be handed a lemon until such time as you figure out how to make lemonade. Do you really have to go through this phase?

Extract: Your success depends on whether or not you choose the positive direction for your thoughts, generate the right vibrations, and avoid any negative thoughts or emotions. Your way of thinking determines what you will attract—negative thinking attracts bad things, whereas positive thinking attracts good things — according to the so-called law of attraction. Unfortunately, that’s not true.
So-called negative experiences allow us to strengthen the positive within us. I call these experiences so-called negative because for a true positive person, all that could come from the negatives in life is a positive resolve, a positive outcome. Simply deeming a lost consciousness negative and even toxic isn't going to lead to a positive resolve, in actuality quite the opposite.

Here is a point. I am supposed to be negative and even toxic to so-called positive people. I am clearly a manifestation of their thinking as I am the reaction of their actions; this was brought about by the way so-called positive people think these days. All they have done is create a negative manifestation, in their mind, in my own reaction to them!!        

How many people think that this lost consciousness, either individually or collectively speaking, is simply a lemon? This is in line with how many people are deemed negative these days by so-called positive people. It's something we need to escape from or ignore to create a more positive creation!! Is this lemon as negative as so-called positive people try to make out?

Today, we have so many so-called positive people trying to manifest a creation by simply denouncing anything deemed negative, this is while negatives can and often do lead to a positive resolve. As the sources I supplied clearly state, so many of us are conditioned to being positive in a very strange way, a way that will manifest anything but of what we desire. Unfortunately, what a lot of people are conditioned to in relation to positive thinking isn't a true form of positive thinking.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

What Are We Manifesting?

Written by Mathew Naismith

To feel good about oneself and the environment, one must first desist in feeling bad about someone else's self and their environment, otherwise all we would be doing is creating something that feels good on the back of what also feels bad. Look at it this way, if to be exceptionally positive takes an exceptional negative, wouldn't it be better if we didn't have to express an exceptional positive to denounce, overcome or escape from an exceptional negative in the first place? One begets the other; basically, one extreme creates an opposing extreme. Do we really want to create another reality built upon or created from it's opposite? 

So what kind of ideological concepts has our present reality created?

Firstly, I personally don't think it's wise to build or create realities based on their opposing opposites if we really want peace and love on Earth. Basing peace and love on it's opposite is only going to continue the trend of opposing energy forces, basically creating realities that one can't exist without the other or on the back of the other.

Many times have I come across people who have utter disdain for this reality, in turn, they have a desire to manifest a complete opposite of what they have disdain for. Is it wise to create another reality based on it's opposite, in other words create a reality based on conflict and critical judgment? What would our present conflictive realities consciousness want you to do? Be in conflict with it to continue the trend and create yet another reality based on conflict and critical judgment.

So opposing our present conflictive reality is doing exactly what this kind of reality creates, realities primarily based on conflict. Yes, for example, the ideological concepts of light and love don't seem to be within themselves conflictive, even though this kind of ideology was created on the back of a conflictive conscious reality. However, take this kind of energy out of it's protective comforting domain, it's own reality, it fails dismally. Only within it's own domain, within it's own energy, can the ideological concepts of light and love prevail. It's exactly like taking a fish out of the water, it's reality, and put the fish in it's opposing reality, it fails dismally to exist out of the water, it's reality.

Manifesting = Provide evidence for; stand as proof of; show by one's behaviour, attitude, or external attributes or reveal its presence or make an appearance. 

Ideology = An orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation or an imaginary or visionary theorization.

So can we create a reality of light and love without a reality being created on the back of a conflictive reality?

Light simply means awareness and love acceptance of all of what is for what it is, this of course includes realities and the consciousness behind the creation of these realities. It's like a mother loving their child no matter what they do. Because these kinds of ideological concepts are based on disdain and an opposing energy source, it is obvious that ideological concepts, like today's light and love, is not based on awareness or a true sense of love.

A true sense of light and love thrives just as much out of it's own reality as it does in it's own reality, in certain circumstances even more because of the need of this kind of energy source within certain realities or energy flows. A mother/father can be at their best in dire times, way out of their comfort zone, we as a whole are no different. Another good example is nurses/doctors; they are at their best when out of their comfort zone, their normal reality, because that is where they are most needed. People like me are always out of our comfort zone, our own clicky (exclusive) groups and energy fields/realities, where we are most needed. 

Do we really need to get out of our comfort zone, our own reality, to make a difference?

We often believe by staying within our own exclusive group, our own energy field or safe zone, that we can make a difference through manifesting our own energy within our own group or even our own personal domain/reality and make a huge difference. I think if Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale, for example, stayed within their own exclusive group or energy field/reality, they couldn't have made the difference they did; we at a personal and collective level are no different. What about Gandhi and Nelson Mandela and so on it goes. On a personal level, it would have been best for these people to stay within their own exclusive groups and within their own safe zone on a personal level, they instead saw a need to make real changes way outside their own comfort zone.

You simply cannot manifest a reality or influence a collective consciousness to change it's present reality while within your own comfort zone, your own exclusive group, change has always been manifested while within other energy flows. The reason for this is simple, a group opposing another group while within it's own reality will always be opposed, however, once within an opposing group to your own energy field, this is where one can make the biggest difference, the biggest manifestation.

There is one trick to changing what is within itself though, never demean or have disdain for what you are trying to influence while within that energy field, all this will change is your own energy field. A lot of people today are making this mistake in my mind, trying to change one group manifestation with their own group manifestation while in disdain of the group manifestation they are trying to change. Did Nelson Mandela try to change the colour of white people while at the same time having disdain for white people? All that Nelson Mandela wanted to change is the reality that white South Africans manifested from within. If Nelson Mandela had a huge amount of disdain for white people, instead of only seeing a need for change of what white people had manifested, he simply wouldn't have changed a thing.             

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Being Spiritual within Yourself

Written by Mathew Naismith

Extract: Spirituality is a process of personal transformation, either in accordance with traditional religious ideals, or, increasingly, oriented on subjective experience and psychological growth independently of any specific religious context. In a more general sense, it may refer to almost any kind of meaningful activity or blissful experience. There is no single, widely-agreed definition for the concept.

Spiritualism is quite different to spirituality, or being spiritual, in that spiritualism is more defined to the actual belief and communication with spirit’s/ghosts, this also includes reincarnation.  


Extract: 1. Of, relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not material; supernatural: spiritual power.
2. Of, concerned with, or affecting the soul: spiritual guidance; spiritual growth.
3. Not concerned with material or worldly things: led a spiritual life.
4. Of or belonging to a religion; sacred: spiritual practices; spiritual music.

The thing about being spiritual is it’s not supposed to be about material or worldly things but we are often taught to manifest for our own desires, this is brought about by spirituality also being about meaningful activities and blissful experiences.  There seems to be also a definable difference here between being spiritually aware and being actually spiritual in oneself.  I often defined myself in being spiritually aware, full stop but that actually isn’t the case as for a lot of us who are not focused on our own blissful experiences.  

Let’s take a look at sages, shamans, Jesus and Buddha for an example, are they defined as being spiritually aware or spiritual in oneself or both?  These people conducted themselves in many meaningful activities and had many blissful experiences; this must make them spiritually aware rather than being spiritual in oneself?   

What does it take to manifest for our own desires?  Awareness, now what does it take to being spiritual in oneself? A lot more than just being aware, Jesus, Buddha, sages and shamans didn’t become aware overnight, it can take many hours of mental and/or physical pain, and like Jesus, they can take that pain with them to the very end, they are certainly not about manifesting for one’s desires.  

I’ve never manifested for my own desires since I’ve become aware some 40 years ago, I’ve actually done the opposite many times over to assist others, in this time all my needs, as opposed to desires, have been met to one degree or another . In this time I have also had many blissful experiences and many not so blissful experiences, I have not once manifested for such experiences blissful or not.

Now you could say people like Jesus and Buddha manifested for their own blissful experiences and yes they would have had many. As you become aware you experience many blissful moments, however, to a person who is being spiritual in oneself, these moments aren’t manifested, they are part of being spiritual in oneself, this also includes experiencing  not so blissful moments as well.  

These people didn’t just fixate themselves in feeling blissful as they became aware, they experienced everything to do with being spiritual in oneself rather than being spiritually aware.  Is there anything wrong in just being spiritually aware?  There is nothing wrong in this it’s just not being spiritual in oneself.  

Being spiritually aware is just about human development not spiritual development; becoming spiritually aware can help us to become aware of our own spirit, this is until we experience something that’s not so blissful, at this point we choose to only be in bliss. You could imagine if Jesus and Buddha did this, they would have stopped at just being spiritually aware and not gone on to being spiritual within themselves.

Is it worth becoming being spiritual within oneself and should everyone try to become spiritual in this way?

I can experience the most traumatic times and deal with the most obviously destructive people and still come out on top all the times, this is mainly due to realising that everyone has their own path to follow no matter how destructive that might be.  This actually answers the second question, “Should everyone try to become spiritual in this way?” Not if these experiences are not a part of your own path.  If you are fixated to just feeing bliss, that is your path, there are no right or wrong paths just different experiences.

There is something I feel we need to be aware of though, religion has time and time again made the same mistake in manifesting for it’s own desires which in the long run created even more disharmony.  I see so many people today doing the exact same thing, yes it sounds good to manifest for our own desires but it also sounded good when the various religions and churches made it sound good as well.  Everything is consciousness and we think we can manipulate it as we like to our own desires; we seem to be forgetting the cause and effect, action reaction, push and pull.

Pulling something in that feel like bliss to push something out that doesn’t feel like bliss is rejection, there is no acceptance here when everything is consciousness including what we are rejecting.  You don’t have to pull something in to push something out that is less desirable, this is active intentions. Passive intentions take one to change what seems undesirable to something more constructive, something that is more needed than desired.  A more constructive way to exist has become a need not a desire.

Buddha and Jesus felt a need that needed to be met, they didn’t feel a desire, desire would have taken to be of active intentions, pushing and pulling, rejection. They didn’t reject anything; they changed this destructive consciousness within themselves through a need not through a desire.  I said within themselves because it’s always within ourselves, we are not a separate consciousness, consciousness is consciousness no matter what, it’s all of the same consciousness, this is why it seems  strange to me why so many people reject any part of this conciseness to pull in a more desirable conscious experience .

Like Jesus, Buddha, sages and shaman, all you have to do is change this consciousness not reject it for something more blissful , what you have rejected doesn’t go away, as human history quite plainly shows us, but what we change can last forever if we do it for a need rather than a desire.         

Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Never Ending Story of the Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

Speaking Ill of the Ego: Sorry going on about the ego so much as it keeps coming up so I must have to wright about it again. This was brought up again in discussion on a forum site with others just looking at the ego as something bad/negative, so many well-known spiritually aware people have spoken ill of the ego with no cause because once you become truly connected the ego & related judgment fade away as if by magic, we don’t have to force it’s demise as in this lies conflict it will go on it’s own accord with a little bit of acceptance & positive thinking. The more we speak ill of something the more we manifest it as that is how negative thought works, we must first be aware of our modes of thought before speaking ill of anything.

So why have so many well-known spiritually aware people demonised the ego? They are making us aware of what we are doing wrong if we want to make a better existence for ourselves however they are demising the ego not just egotism which I find strange. Egotism is obviously different within it’s structure to the ego self, ego means being of the ego which we can’t help if we are alive & egotism means acting upon the ego usually negatively but not always as described in previous posts. As I have said, by focusing on the negatives we are in fact manifesting it’s growth as all our focus is on demonising & riding ourselves of the ego but what we should actually be doing is focusing on the positive effects not the negative effects, yes sure we need to know what we are doing wrong but in the same breath we should be talking about how positive the ego can be as well in this lies balance not imbalance.  

Think for a moment about these people who are constantly warning us about the ego, what are they using to relay this message? The ego otherwise you wouldn’t even know they were there like so many who stay out of the limelight.  To them this would be a negative thing if they admitted to it which they won’t however it’s not, what they are doing is unknowingly using the ego positively to reach as many people as possible which is great however it’s the message itself that is negative not the ego. It takes the ego to be noticed in the first place & egotism to stay with it, it’s the mode of thought behind the person who is negative not the ego or even egotism itself.

Manifesting Positives: To manifest a better existence is to firstly notice & accept what is what in it’s black & white format, in this comes an understanding of what you are about to automatically change. Secondly don’t keep focusing on the negatives as just negatives but try to see what positive effects these negatives have had as there is always something positive within a negative & visa-versa of course. Thirdly accept what you are about to accept like accepting a mass murderer as just another you or part of you. In our present holistic mode of thought accepting such heinous people & situations is unspeakable, ask yourself why? You will find out it’s the negative ego that is making you feel & think this way because you can’t be seen accepting these people as being any part of you in front of other people which is natural for us to do in our present mode of thought. Fourthly keep focusing on the positives of everything as everything has it’s place either it be teaching us what not to do or teaching us how ignorant we are & how unaware we are of our environment around us, “know your environment know yourself”, science is helping us with that as it’s just all a part of spirituality as everything is of the spiritual not just the things we desire or seem mystical to us.  

As I have stated in past posts we learn from diversity if we didn’t have that diversity we wouldn’t have evolved as a species or even become spiritually aware & all this comes down to the ego which I call the creative ego, different divers egos have given us diversity to learn from to evolve & become further aware, we must be aware of this. We want to have a better existence or feel better within ourselves so what do we do we turn to spiritualism, doesn’t that sound slightly egotistical?  However if we are aware enough this can be quite a positive use of egotism however if we are not aware we will either conflict with the ego or inflate the ego to negative egotism instead of positive egotism. It is true that when one becomes truly connected the ego & associated judgment play no further major part within ones mode of thoughts but you have to get there first & it’s not by conflicts or demonising but through acceptance  & positive thinking.

Below is a few links I thought you might like to brows relating to this topic of the positive attributes of the ego.