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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Pleasant Constructive Mentality

Written by Mathew Naismith

I have a fairly new hairdresser who is into spirituality, so I found out by accident. She said something today that was not only pleasant to hear but something that also showed how appreciative she is of her life especially in Australia, I don’t get to hear this too often from other people.

“As soon as I was born in Australia, I won lotto, what were the odds of me being born in Australia when so few people live in Australia compared to the rest of the world? I was born without any physical or mental problems and I was lucky enough to be born a human being in Australia instead of a cow for instance.”

This lass has certainly had here share of dramas in her life but she still knows that she won lotto when she was born in Australia, what a fantastic outlook and why not rather than thinking why would she have such an outlook!!

When going through our traumas in life it’s so easy to think how horrid life is especially at the time of the trauma.  This lass thinks, “how am I going to spend my lotto win, am I going to squander it or am I going to invest it in making my life and other people’s lives more pleasurable rather than miserable every time I go through a hard time”.  

This is why I love other people’s perspectives, it made me think, do I wisely invest my lotto win to make my own and other people’s lives more pleasurable? Not exactly but I do try to wise people up to my own perspective that other people just might benefit from as I benefited from this lass’s perspective.  I think giving a different perspective helps others think outside their own square, their own perspective, this enables them to become more aware and wiser, is this giving pleasure?

To become more aware and wise through other people’s perspectives helps us take away the effects of these traumas through a better understanding, this in turn allows us to bring more pleasure into our lives.  How many more pleasurable feeling do spiritually aware people get to others who are not spiritually aware?  I know in my case I wouldn’t have been as appreciative of life as I am now without being spiritually aware especially through other people’s perspectives, I just wouldn’t have had as many pleasing moments that is for sure.  

Next time you allow something to get you down, realise that you already won lotto and all you have to do now is wisely invest this lotto win, yes these traumas will try to get us to invest in this win unwisely but all we have to do is be appreciative of our lotto win in the first place. I can look back in all honesty and say I did this even after going through various and numerous traumas in my life; I invested my lotto win wisely through pure and simple appreciation just like my hairdresser.