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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Technicolour Dreamtime and Duality

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following post isn’t about honesty within perceiving in technicolour but how my post titled, Honesty within Spirituality, is collative with my recent topic of perceiving in technicolour. The below insightful questions and my answers to these questions show such a collation of these two topics, spirituality after all is about the whole of the collective not just parts of it. These questions are only in reference to the ego and duality but they were induced by the topic of honesty within spirituality.     

Hi Mathew. See this is what I mean by doublespeak. Now, please look at my question, it is genuine.

Duality by its very definition is opposing views. So when you say that its our perceptions of this that is the problem, I fail to understand what you are saying.

How else can one perceive opposing views! But in opposition?

Are you saying that we need to rewrite the definition of duality?

Thank you in advance for helping me to understand. 

G'day Nicetobe

Insightful questions and I will my best to answer them however anything I say isn't gospel here, it's just a view.

From Wikipedia: [i]Dualism (from the Latin word duo meaning "two")[1] denotes a state of two parts. The term 'dualism' was originally coined to denote co-eternal binary opposition, a meaning that is preserved in metaphysical and philosophical duality discourse but has been diluted in other usages to indicate a system which contains two essential parts.[/i]

There is a mention of conflict further on in this link but alternatively it also mentions complement.  You could say the obvious negative and positive here is also making reference to a positive /negative ego because the ego can’t exist without dualism.

Dualism, going by this definition, doesn’t have to be conflictive but can also be complimenting as well. I find it funny how humans only perceive the negative and well before they will perceive a positive.  We have all done this…….

So what is so complimenting about dualism? Wrong and right can be complimenting, hate and love can be complimenting, positive and negative can be complimenting and so on. Let’s look at hate and love, how can these two be complimenting when they are so opposing?  Would we realise the power of love without hate? I don’t think so; hate gives us more awareness of love to start with. Any opposing polarity is going to enhance the other opposing polarity, it is then up to us which polarity we live by…..

It depends on our perception if opposing polarities are going to complement each other or conflict with each other. Do we have a black and white perception or a technicolour perception? We are conditioned to perceive in black and white but some people have overcome this conditioning and can perceive in technicolour.

Yes I know there are people who have demonised duality but these are the same people that demonise anything they perceive in a black and white perception, we need to start listening to people who perceive in technicolour in my mind.

Another collation here is what I also not too recently wrote about, old and new mentality, which collate with black and white and technicolour perceiving.  Everything is indeed connected in some way and if it’s connected it’s really one source not what realities of duality make us perceive…….separation or what I also call fragmented consciousness.  However just because it’s fragmented doesn’t mean it’s negative or has to be negative in my mind, we need to start perceiving differently to build upon a better existence……

Friday, 13 June 2014

Colour effects On Us

Written by Mathew Naismith

A bloke of the name of Sayan Hernandez asked me some very perceptive questions in regard to my last post titled, The effects of Colour on Us, that just might clear up a few things for a number of people in relation to how colour has an effect on us.

To Mathew: I like dark green but I guess that's bad

To Sayan Hernandez: Not at all +Sayan Hernandez, the effects of dark green is probably needed by you for some reason. All our perceptions are different and each of these perceptions needs a different colour to balance them out. 

To Mathew: Not sure I understand but from what I read in the spiritual significance of the colour, it said dark green was medium harmful, has negative energy.

To Sayan Hernandez: It can hinder our spiritual projections/awareness by blocking our perceptions but other factors need to be taken into consideration as well like how bright our perception is in the first place, this may have to be balanced out by dark green in your case. The colour of your car, the place where you live, and the people you live with and so forth, all have a bearing.

If I had a real colourful bright perception, wearing black to me wouldn’t be a negative thing as it would be giving my perception more balance.  Wearing black can be harmful if I had a dark or black and white perception to start with.

How do you tell if you have a dark or black and white perception?  Do you see a yes and no, wrong and right, black and white to everything? If yes, this represents a black and white perception, a logical mind which is unable to perceive past a black and white perception.

However on the other hand if you don’t just see everything as black and white, you most probably have a bright perception which is able to perceive beyond a black and white perception.

I will give you an example of black and white perception; atheists believe there is no way a God can ever exist and on the other hand you have people who say there’s  no way a God couldn’t not exist.  Our perceptions are governed by our black and white perceptions which aren’t necessarily a bad thing it just means we are unable to perceive outside of our own black and white perceptions.  Would a believer in God or an atheist want to look outside of their own perceptions?  The answer is no but I believe a person who has a bright or technicolour perception can. Agnostics are a good example of a brighter perception which enables them to perceive past black and white perceptions.

I believe in an intelligent creative consciousness that we call God, this to me says I have a black and white perception however if it was proven that I wasn’t correct within my perception, that wouldn’t worry me. In this case it would mean I have a brighter perception than just black and white.  Black and white perceptions have their place as do brighter perceptions however I think it’s the black and white perceptions that give us grief. This is due to black and white perceptions being opposing like with religion and atheism for example, technicolour perceptions don’t have opposing opposites therefore are more at peace.  In other words, all the colours are mixed up as one not separate and opposing each other. This also means all perceptions are mixed up and not opposing each other!!

When I say bring on the technicolour dreamtime I mean give us peace by not seeing each other’s perceptions as opposing opposite perceptions but perceptions that are all mixed up together as one, to me this would be utterly blissful and peaceful…….Is this a dream? I don’t think so.