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Friday, 22 November 2013

Spirituality & Non-Inquisitiveness

Written by Mathew Naismith

For a human being or any being brought up to believe one can’t know unless one inquires seems like  one can only know through inquiry which for beings brought up to believe this seems to be the truth of the matter full stop however that’s not quite correct or the full story.

Collectively we are brought up in this way since the dawn of man, how could man possibly advance if it wasn’t through inquiry?  If we take a look at holly men/people, they first had to inquire especially to find enlightenment.  It would seem to them one can’t attain anything without inquiry first up however once you become enlightened you learn you had nothing to inquire about because it was always there & has always been there no matter what.  We must think here, why can’t we personally or collectively attain knowing & wisdom without inquiry? First of all we must ask, what human trait makes one inquire? We could say because we are inquisitive or we want to better ourselves in some way or in various ways however what actual trait is behind this inquisitiveness or need/desire?  A need or desire to know denotes egoist tendencies no matter how you look at this, so is this saying holly men/people desiring or even needing to become enlightened are expressing egoist tendencies?

It’s virtually impossible to avoid expressing the ego in some way for a being with taught perceptions that one must inquire to know or advance in some way, this answers the question to why we can’t personally or collectively attain knowing & wisdom without inquiry, it’s to do with taught beliefs going right back in human history which are controlled by the controlling ego.  If we didn’t have an ego we wouldn’t bother becoming enlightened or knowing or aware of anything so does this mean we wouldn’t have advanced?  At first glance it would seem so because we are looking at this with a perception controlled by the ego but what if you take away the influence of the controlling ego?  You would then perceive through a perception not controlled by the ego so your perception is going to be somewhat different than it was with a perception controlled by the ego wouldn’t it? Of course it would but this doesn’t seem to answer the question in how we would advance without inquiry?  

The only people who can answer this are people who are enlightened because as I said once you are truly enlightened you realise you didn’t really have to inquire to know or become enlightened. As soon as you truly stop the ego being in control you realise basically straight away that you needn’t have inquired about anything as it’s all there sitting right in front of you without you thinking/ inquiring period.  It’s the controlling ego telling us we must inquire because to inquire one must have a need or a desire to do so & both these traits denote ego tendencies.  

I met a particular person years ago that flawed me & in fact while approaching him I stopped & actually took a couple of steps back because of the vibrations I was getting from him, I realised straight off this was a being who had no controlling egoist tendencies however on the other hand he still expressed  human egoist trait. The difference between people like this & others is they as humans seemingly have control over the ego & use the ego to whatever way they want. It wasn’t the ego using him but him using the ego.  Once you come across people like this you know straight away that these people are special if you are aware enough, they put out a different vibration to the average person.  

So how can you express the ego & not be of the ego at the same time? Being of the ego is being controlled by the ego even when we egotistically don’t think we are however when you control the ego, so to speak, you allow the ego to function as it does normally only to fit in with the rest of humanity but you know you have full control.  I will explain why they use the ego to fit in. Like I said I spotted this bloke straight off but I know I haven’t of others I’ve come across, they just don’t want to be spotted so they use the ego instead of the ego using them. People used to the ego controlling them put out quite a different vibration to a person who controls the ego, a person in control of the ego will stick out in a world full of people controlled by the ego so they hide themselves by expressing the ego seemingly in the same manner as everybody else.   

Now let’s look at control, is it not being of the ego when controlling even of the ego?  I used the word control because that is what it seems like we are doing when we are in control of the ego but it’s not because there is no real control just an awareness that is beyond the understanding of people who are controlled by the ego.  Awareness alone gives us an understanding that the controlling ego is unable to penetrate to take control over us thus it looks like we are controlling the ego. I say controlling the ego because it’s easier for a person who is being controlled by the ego to understand this.  

Spiritual awareness is a very powerful tool to use if used & understood correctly because all what one has to do to make things happen is be aware enough to make any one thing happen, it is that simple however one must always be aware of our desires for they will allow the controlling ego to take control over us again sometimes without us knowing it.  This means be careful in using your newly found awareness in a desirable way for in this lies the controlling ego  which a lot of people throughout the ages have, unbeknownst to them, been tricked into expressing again.