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Saturday, 29 June 2013

The New Consciousness-Soul Revival

Written by Mathew Naismith

In this post I will try to explain what I feel this new consciousness is all about as each consciousness we go through has its own agenda in what is going to be accomplished & how.  Firstly we need to look at our previous consciousness we existed in which was all about being & experiencing life through humanism as opposed to our present new consciousness.

Consciousness of Man: In the previous consciousness that I call consciousness of man, we focused mainly on experiencing life mainly through the eyes of physical man however there were episodes or times in history that man on a mass scale tried to influence other men of there being something more than just physical existence & being just of physical man which failed to one extent or another as most of us today mostly live in the consciousness of physical man, in other words live more in the physicality of existence than the so called spiritual or divine nature of existence. We in actual fact had no choice because that is what this consciousness was all about living & experiencing life through physical existence with a little help from more advanced souls which gave us a glimpse of ourselves which we needed to continue without destroying ourselves completely like we did in the antediluvian times.

So what was the purpose of such an existence?   As explained in previous posts it was to expand on the creative consciousness’s consciousness through diversity but also to expand on human consciousness & also at the same time expand on individual soul’s consciousness as well so it had a three pronged effect or purpose.  Living through such diversities & opposing polarities we in fact helped expand our humanistic consciousness, without this we wouldn’t have evolved humanly or at the soul level so what happened was meant to be.  We in fact used the humanistic physical vessel for the soul to learn about itself more by expanding its own consciousness through diversity & the more diverse the lives one lead from life to life the more expanded the consciousness will be of any given soul, in other words the more experienced & advanced the soul is going to be which in turn expands the creative consciousness’s consciousness as well, it’s very much all connected.

The only way we were going to learn from diversity is living from life to life without being truly conscious of previous lives, each life gave us it’s separate diverse field of effect, if we were conscious of every life we lived life wouldn’t have been so diverse so the more ignorant we were of our past lives the better we were going to learn however this wasn’t the case for a more advanced soul, their sole purpose was to teach or inform us of other consciousness’s however they too, to a certain extent,  also were learning from diversity but not to the same extent as most of us. Everything learns from diversity including the creative consciousness but only to the extent of how advanced a particular soul is for instance.

Consciousness of the Souls: In the previous consciousness we experienced life mainly through physical existence which of course gave us diversity to expand on various consciousness however this new consciousness which I call the consciousness of the soul is going to be quite different, we are not going to have quite the same experience & range of diversity for a few reasons.  Can’t we only learn & expand our consciousness through diversity so how are we going to learn from less diversity? Souls revival which means we will all eventually within this new consciousness learn about our souls & in actual fact this new consciousness is going to be all about the soul not of physical man.  So again how are we going to expand our consciousness through living in an obvious far less diverse existence?  Once we truly acknowledge our souls & become more connected to them we will in fact remember everything of what we were in our previous consciousness, in fact we will still be learning from diversity from past lives lived in previous consciousness’s.  In the previous consciousness most of us believed we lived separate lives form life to life, we died & reincarnated time & time again however while becoming reconnected with the souls we will realise it was one long life not separate lives that we experienced through separate dramatic lives driven by different varied attachments but one life.

By seeing all our lives as a whole we will re-experience our same exact lives but differently, we will see the purpose of such lives more clearly & will be far less judgemental & emotional about them so the effect on us will be somewhat different thus another diverse experience experienced.  Another big difference between the two consciousness’s is we will in fact be expanding our consciousness from our past & present diversities collectively. More advanced souls have been doing this right through our previous consciousness so there is nothing different here except we will all be doing this.

This new consciousness is all about expanding our soul’s consciousness to the point that it is aware of itself enough so it will take over from where the human vessel has left off, the human vessel was only here to teach the soul about itself & expand on its own & creative consciousness collectively. So the big question is, is the human vessel going to become redundant in this new consciousness eventually?  Yes for some no for others just like in our previous consciousness, some people are attached to that consciousness so when they pass on they will re-emerge in the same conscious state of attachments; this new consciousness is no different. If ones soul has a will after passing on to re-emerge in the same conscious state of attachments it will by its own free will however it will re-emerge as a more advanced soul just like we had in the last consciousness.

INSERT:  This is the problem in not knowing what I’m going to wright about first up, there is something I missed writing down in this post however on the other hand if I had studies & read up on most of what I wright about in this blog I would have a preconceived idea & most probably decipher what I pick up on incorrectly. The following inserted supplement is a revision on where we are going at the end of this new consciousness.

During & at the end of this new consciousness, which is going to be somewhat shorter than our recent consciousness, we will have three choices on where we want to go on the soul’s level not just two as I had mentioned. The third choice is living at the soul level as physical being.  So at the end of this consciousness we have; living at the soul level as physical being still, re-emerging after death as an advanced soul in the same or another equivalent consciousness or living at the soul level without actually being in physical form.

I do humbly apologise for this as I’m not sure why this didn’t come through at the time of writing this post…..Love Mathew