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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Is Spiritual Awareness About Feeling Good?

Written by Mathew Naismith

Is spiritual awareness about feeling good especially within oneself?

I can tell you now, there is not a definitive, a clearly defined, answer to this question as everyone has a different perspective on this, some people say most definitely and others say most definitely not, so which one is correct or true? For me, the answer to this question is neither, it’s neither one or the other, it’s both.

The question isn’t if spiritual awareness is definitely not or is about us feeling good as this isn’t an apt or correct question to ask, the correct question to ask is, is spiritual awareness about feeling good? This is due to there are no absolutes within consciousness, therefore spiritual awareness, as all awareness is defined by this undefinable consciousness. This is all due to this consciousness not being governed by barriers like man’s consciousness, consciousness truly isn’t defined within certain barriers, man creates barriers, an undefinable unrestrained consciousness doesn’t therefore there are no absolutes. 

The answer to this question is most definitely, spiritual awareness is about us feeling good, especially within oneself, however, at the same time it’s not. This isn’t due to there being an absolute or not within consciousness, it’s due to the awareness of consciousness one has.

The law of attraction; seems to be quite popular these days, does this kind of existence allow one to be truly aware of anything they are not trying to attract? Such people are only going to try to attract what makes them feel good or benefits them in some way, everything else is discarded, this means such consciousness’s are going to stay quite unaware of the rest of what consciousness is about. In this case spiritual awareness is absolutely about one feeling good even though such consciousness’s are quite unaware of anything else other than what they are trying to attract.

Now the reason why other people say spiritual awareness isn’t about feeling good has to do with two things, one, if you are only trying to attract what makes you feel good or benefits you in some way, you are not truly being spiritually aware as you are not wanting to be aware of all of what consciousness is about. The second thing has to do with barriers, as soon as you exist to only attract what you desire or what benefits you, you have set up barriers.

Now the question I think we need to ask here is,  what creates such barriers?  Ego, a controlling ego can only exist if it sets up barriers as barriers are all about control are they not?  You take away barriers, you take away the control the ego can have on us, you still thankfully have an ego but it’s no longer controlling. Once we take away our barriers to an undefinable consciousness, the controlling ego can no longer exist, this is all due to the controlling ego being primarily about absolutes caused by such barriers.

Going with the flow: You have people who don’t try to attract one thing or another, these people just go with the natural flow of life, not against it, this means going along with the cycles we are all influenced by. 

Let’s look at this in a different way. Do doctors and nurses only attract healthy people, could you imagine if they did, all the sick people would be ignored, in other words these doctors and nurses would become quite unaware of the people who are ill. Now what about most multinationals and politicians, they are obviously about the law of attraction, “only become aware of what you want to attract”. This to me seems to be why so many sick people are used as a money making machine, it’s all to do with the law of attraction. All I can say is I’m glad most doctors and nurses are not into this law of attraction to only make themselves feel good or benefit them in some way, they are aware of the sick and the healthy. 

Is spiritual awareness about making us feel good? The answer is absolutely no, however, the more aware you become of the whole of consciousness, the better you feel, this is all due to a better understanding of consciousness itself in all it’s expressions, not just the expression we want to feel. In other words you automatically feels good, as a doctor does when they heal someone. The reason a doctor heals people is because they are aware of how consciousness affects the body, true spiritual awareness to me should work the same.   

Yes, the law of attraction is also supposed to be about healing but it’s not, it’s about desires which are inline with multinationals and politicians, not doctors and nurses. Most doctors and nurses, I know personally, work on a need to heal, not a desire to heal, through attracting the sick not the healthy.

I think in all it’s wise to be aware of the barriers we put up that stop us becoming aware of all of what consciousness is, within this, we can avoid barriers and the need to heal anyone, for it’s these barriers that make us ill through being unaware of (all) of what consciousness is and being only aware of what we desire it to be.      

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Interactions of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Warning, warning this post is going to sound awfully loony to a lot of people; it will certainly show how weird I can actually be so brace yourself for a very weird ride. The interactions of consciousness is all to do with how consciousness interacts with itself in time, if time is just an illusion to you, nothing else,  it’s probably pointless reading on.

We first of all have a whole consciousness, a non-fragmented consciousness; this whole consciousness is of timelessness, this source of consciousness also has no barriers or limitations at this stage. This is due to it’s stillness, it has no movement or interaction or a push and pull effect, in this state of wholeness it just is.

Once this still consciousness enters into time, it becomes fragmented and through this fragmentation it starts to interact with itself. Because consciousness has no barriers and limitations, it is able to create anything within it’s interaction with itself. This interaction can produce anything from something constructive to anything destructive; this consciousness in time has absolutely no limitation in what it can create within time itself especially at this stage.  

Timelessness is a still unchanging consciousness and time is an ever moving changing consciousness, once time or timelessness enters into the other, it transforms this consciousness to either a still or ever moving consciousness. Because this consciousness has no limitations it is infinite, it is able to create and recreate whatever the interactions or non-interactions create, the universe is a good example of this interaction, I call this the interactions of yin and yang.

I should also mention here that time isn’t an actual measurement but an ever moving interacting consciousness.   

The reason I say the universe is an interaction of two consciousness’s is we have anti-matter (yang and we have matter (yin); yang (anti-matter) interacted with yin (matter) which produce or conceives the universe.  This of course is no different to what a male and female interaction can produce; the world is full of such interactions.  This is all accomplished because of consciousness’s interaction with itself. The illusion is, no matter what the interaction is of this consciousness, it’s still a consciousness or one consciousness interacting with itself no matter how many forms this consciousness takes within time. It is one source of consciousness fragmented in time to produce many different forms; does the fragmentation of consciousness make everything that this fragmentation forms an illusion, is all forms produced by this fragmentation of consciousness within time an illusion?

This of course is debatable depending on what outcome we want to produce ourselves, in other words, do we want to perceive that this consciousness is unreal or do we want to perceive it’s real? Because consciousness itself has no boundaries or limitations, we can answer this however we like and still be correct within a sense but we can’t be correct within it’s entirety, this is due to consciousness having no limitations within itself. This consciousness has no limitations to something having to have to be real or not, only a more ignorant consciousness can perceive like this, a consciousness with barriers and limitation.

This is where consciousness becomes limited, the more ignorant a consciousness is or a species is the more limitations and barriers such consciousness limits itself too. When such consciousness’s start to become aware of a non-fragmented consciousness of timeless, it automatically deems everything of this limited consciousness as being an illusion, this I believe is normal behaviour.  This is a good sign however even though it’s still limiting, this is due to us, as a species, going beyond a consciousness that is very limiting, in other words, we are becoming more aware.  

It’s not easy to truly realise that everything around you including every action and reaction is consciousness interacting with itself, it’s all basically alive because it’s all basically consciousness no matter what form it takes through consciousness interacting with itself. This also means we can ourselves interact with other forms of consciousness to create what we like, we do this anyway with what man creates through he’s ingenuity and even through he’s interaction with the opposite sex, this is all due to mankind’s interaction with consciousness itself.  Now this interaction has produced or created many different things over the history of man, what if man didn’t limit he’s own consciousness and keep himself ignorant to what he is truly a part of, a limitless consciousness.  I don’t think man would be as destructive for starters for only in ignorance can we destroy.

Don’t underestimate consciousness, it is limitless therefore infinite, it has no barrier or boundaries only what we give it within our own ignorance, it’s truly a magical source of energy without a doubt.   

Consciousness Is All It Is

Written by Mathew Naismith

Extract: Recently, however, there is been a revival of a less familiar position called panpsychism. Panpsychism is the claim that consciousness is not just a property of the brain, and not a property of some special spiritual kind of substance like the soul, but rather a property of everything in the universe. Even a rock or a pebble or an atom has a little bit of consciousness in it. Panpsychism has been endorsed by two distinguished neuroscientists, Christof Koch and Guilio Tononi. Why would anyone hold this view?

This doesn’t say that everything is consciousness but that everything has a bit of consciousness in it; this is endorsed by two prominent neuroscientists.  The point is that science is looking further and further into consciousness and is at least theorising that everything could have a bit of consciousness in it.     

Extract: Every day experience is a projected reality where things only appear to be separated in time and space. In a deeper reality, we are all members of the same body. When one part of the body moves, every other part is instantly affected. Separation is an illusion. There is a dimension of reality where we are all inseparably one. When we feel love in any form, it has the effect of beginning to shatter that illusion.

When two electrons collide, they exchange energy and information with each other. From then onwards, no matter where one electron is, you will be able to tell the location and momentum of the other. When a change occurs in one electron, it will immediately be reflected in the other. You are always able to know in one, what is going on in the other. When you cause change in one, you cause change in the other. We exchange portions of our energy fields with each other when we come into contact, therefore we remain inseparably connected at all times.

This is of course saying that everything is of consciousness and that everything is interconnected, this of course isn’t science based which to me doesn’t make it any less plausible.
Either everything has a bit of consciousness in it or it’s all made from conciseness it’s still referring to consciousness or a consciousness, this means in one way or another humans are of consciousness and so is everything that humans experience. This consciousness determines everything we do and are.  Because consciousness has no barriers but what we give it, it is able to be turned into anything, this means we are able to turn this consciousness into anything so why are we unable to do this?

1/ For starters, we think we are unable to turn consciousness into anything.  
2/ Awareness, we are not aware that we are this consciousness we are able to change.
3/ Barriers, consciousness itself does not have barriers, we use consciousness in a way to give us barriers which stops us from being able to change this consciousness.

We do indeed as consciousness instil barriers on ourselves which stops us from being able to change this consciousness at will and will itself is but one of these barriers. We judged that we have no free will and that time is an illusion and we also judged judgement as being wrong in some way and so on.  These are all barriers we have instilled on ourselves which hinder us from changing or being able to influence consciousness to what we want it to reflect; we must remember consciousness itself has no barriers so why do we instil these barriers? Awareness, we are for starters quite unaware that we are instilling barriers which stop us from influencing consciousness in any significant way.

We have judged that we have no free will, is this not a barrier which consciousness itself doesn’t have unless a consciousness instils such a barrier upon itself, it’s all an illusion anyway so what’s the point, yet another barrier we have instilled upon ourselves, upon a consciousness that doesn’t have barriers to start with. Judging judgment as being wrong is a typical barrier we instil on ourselves, why does anything have to be wrong or right, why can’t it just be.

Judgement is one of the most typical barriers we use to take away our ability to change consciousness, it’s a huge barrier for the main reason we usually judged what is wrong and what is right or what is an illusion and what’s not.  Judgement also fragments this consciousness even more by giving us labels for everything when all what everything is, is consciousness. Time itself is of fragmented consciousness which allows whole consciousness to interact with itself creating whatever comes from this interaction; it doesn’t need to enforce this fragmentation with judgment as well.  I believe a mix of time and judgement has created something alright, chaos!!

Time itself has given us ego as it’s naturally of the ego and of judgement, this allows time to create and allow a consciousness to be creative, the natural form of ego and judgement are quite constructively creative. In this natural form it never becomes controlling of consciousness but in it’s unnatural form it controls all of what consciousness is, this is when the ego becomes destructive. In this destructive form we could judge that the ego is wrong or bad because of it’s destructiveness but all it is doing is being creative and creating destruction within time. Time creates whatever we want it to create or whatever consciousness wants to create by interacting with itself through fragmented consciousness, this interaction is truly neither bad nor good, right nor wrong, by judging so all we are doing is putting up more barriers which further stops us from influencing consciousness.

It really comes down to being aware that we are of this consciousness itself and that we can influence this consciousness if we don’t instil so many barriers upon ourselves.  These barriers also include stress and trauma of any kind. And one more thing, remember it’s only consciousness, we can, if we have enough will and awareness, to change consciousness either it be of trauma or stress or of any other barrier we instil upon ourselves.        

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Releasing Negativity

Written by Mathew Naismith

“When someone tells me "no," it doesn't mean I can't do it, it simply means I can't do it with them.”
― Karen E. Quinones Miller

We all have a different perception of what is negative & what’s not so with this in mind, does negativity have boundaries? There are absolutely no boundaries that negativity cannot cross; all set boundaries can be crossed by negativity which is determined by our perception of negativity however positiveness works in the same way.  Positiveness has no set boundaries it can’t cross either so within this in mind can we use positiveness to give negatives boundaries it is unable to cross?

If we put up a positive wall to keep negative influences out, have we released ourselves of negativity? We must have because we no longer influenced or feel negative, the wall we have built for ourselves is keeping anything negative from sight and if we don’t see/feel negativity it can’t exist.  We now have the perception we have released ourselves of negativity because of our wall of positivity but have we!!

Like I said before in this post, negativity has no boundaries it can’t cross so if we are not feeling or seeing negativity because of this wall of positivity how can negativity cross this boundary?  The point is it never left; the wall is a good reminder of this. All we have done is basically stuck our heads in the sand staying ignorant of what the wall actually denotes which is the presence of negativity. The point is, perceiving anything is negative in the first place is negative, the wall of positiveness we have constructed to keep out negatives just endorses this.  By reacting to what we deemed as negative with positivity, all we have done is made ourselves feel better which is fine if that is all we want to do.

Let’s now take look at spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle & Deepak Chopra for example in regards to releasing ourselves from perceived negativity. There teachings are formidable & inspiring to say the least but have they found boundaries that negativity can’t breach? This would certainly seem so.

We should remind ourselves here again that being aware of negativity in the first place is negative; to see anything remotely negative is negative however we obviously presume we need to become aware of negativity to form barriers/walls against negativity thus releasing ourselves from this perceived negativity. Like I said previously, any barrier or wall we put up only endorses negativity even though we no longer experience negativity within ourselves. The question is here, what is willing us to rid ourselves of negativity and feel better?  Ego, the ego wants us to set up barriers to feel better within itself, when the ego feels better we as a whole feel better.  

Now Eckhart Tolle & Deepak Chopra, in their own ways, have seen the ego as negative thus inadvertently demonised the ego so any display of ego is of course bad. Deepak Chopra has in recent times rescinded this to a point.  If the ego has tricked us in releasing negatives when we haven’t the ego must be negative?

What is anything negative negative too?  The ego because anything that makes us feel bad has to be negative, it’s the ego itself that can only become aware of anything being negative. If we were totally truly positive it would be impossible to become aware of anything being negative, negative needs negative to become aware of itself. People like Eckhart Tolle & Deepak Chopra use negatives to become aware of negatives like the ego for example however the ego can be as constructive as it can be destructive. We perceive here that destructiveness would have to mean something negative & of course anything that we deem as destructive is usually something that makes us feel bad.  Do you see how anything that makes us feel bad is deemed as being negative? It’s the ego that wants us to feel good all the times by becoming aware of these presumed negatives that needn’t be negative at all. Negatives produce positive reaction, the ego feeds off of this.  

So if we hide behind a barrier/wall of positivity we are still not truly releasing ourselves from negativity, what then will release us from negativity? Our own perception & using the ego in a more constructive way by facing these negatives head on and changing them from within. It really does no good hiding behind a wall of positivity, man has done this right through human history, this is why drug & war lords dominate so much of the world today & why piracy is just as, if not more, prevalent than any time in human history.  And of course on top of this, politician & multinationals do as they please.  

Ask yourself, is any of this negative and why is it negative? Because we think everything that makes us feel bad is negative, this is the destructive factors of the ego telling us this, now let’s look at this differently. Perceive there is no negative no matter what the ego says and how the ego makes us feel, there is actually no negatives what’s so ever but that would mean there is no positives. You don’t perceive positives because there are no negatives for the positives to oppose.  Positives only exist because we perceive negatives exist but they don’t once you bring the ego out of it’s destructive phase into a more constructive phase.  

How do we bring the ego into a constructive phase? Stop trying to combat negativity with positivity, stop being negative & looking at the ego as just being negative, stop trying to feel good all the times, perceive there are no negatives or positives just differences.  Once we do this collectively no one will ever even presuming suffer again, a 1000 years of peace will befall!!