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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Is the Human Race Worth Saving II?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I obviously need to elaborate on this more so I’ve inserted the poll in question in this post.  I also seem to need to elaborate on what I meant when I stated that the masculine represents awareness and the feminine is the expression of such awareness. First of all the poll in question.

The Masculine: What has the human species been doing over thousands of years? We could say it’s devastated the Earth and/or destroyed whatever it can dominate; it’s produced a very dominating destructive mentality.  There is no doubt it has done these things but what has the collective human race been doing while it’s been so influenced by such a destructive mentality and is there a purpose to such a destructive mentality?

Let’s look at this another way, how easy is it to become personally aware and how hard is it to understand and live with this awareness in such a world dominated by destructive mentalities? Becoming aware is not an easy path to follow, first of all we need to become detached from things we have attachments too and then we have to understand what we are becoming aware of. What happens when we become detached to our attachments? We are in sense destroying our links to these attachments, is this not the same for the collective? How many times has war changed the way we live and even think, for example it killed the horse era in the last century through necessity, we had to become detached from relying on horses which a lot of people didn’t want to do. Waging a modern war with horses isn’t going to work as Hitler and the Poles proved.  

What has been happening throughout human history is we have become more aware through detaching ourselves from old consciousness’s, it was the period of awareness even though at times through our history we took a few steps backwards, the religious Dark Ages is a good example of this.  Throughout history we have many times over had to become detached from various attachments to evolve. How many attachments do we have to become detached too to become personally aware? In a sense we have always had to destroy something to become further aware either that be a link to attachments or through necessity.  

To me the masculine has always been about awareness, it needed a lot of grunt and will power to overcome our attachments so we can become even further aware collectively, this to me is no different to ourselves becoming personally aware.  Where does this leave the feminie?

Feminine:  To me the feminine represents the expression of this awareness; the awareness brought about by the masculine, this I believe is what we are entering into, the feminine period of influence which will give us a more constructive mentality to exist by.

If you look at the human race you can see a distinct difference to what is expressive of the feminine and what is expressive of the masculine, one is still destructive within it’s mentality and the other constructive through it’s mentality, one is aware the other not so aware.  Could anyone of a true feminine expression destroy?  Some of us are still to become aware and are still expressive of the masculine but others are more expressive of the feminine. The feminine expression to me actually relates that this kind of mentality is aware enough to be able to be expressive of such awareness.  The problem is we are not all at the same time going to be expressive of such feminine expressions mainly because some people are not aware enough to do so. These people most probably still have to learn such awareness from the masculine; they have not stopped learning from the masculine.

We can quite easily perceive that the masculine is opposing of the feminine and visa-versa, this actually isn’t the case, one can’t exist without the other, how would one be expressive of awareness when they are not aware? The masculine represents awareness but the feminine is expressive of such awareness, it is pointless having one without the other so actually they are not opposing at all.

Do we just throw in the towel in and give up just as we are entering in the period of the feminine where we can now be expressive of such awareness. How many people are expressive of such awareness these days?  I know I wasn’t expressive of such awareness until about four years ago and I know of a lot more people who have done the same. This to me indicates that we have indeed entered the period of the feminine where we will be more expressive of this accumulated awareness from the masculine period.  

Awareness does not come easy, we have as a collective gone through the most gruelling times in becoming aware, I think we will find once we grasp where we are at, things will become easier for us. I know through my own personal awareness I have made life easier for me to traverse, this is no different to the collective I believe, things will improve; we just need to be patient, the rest of the collective will catch up eventually or cease to exist.    

Is the Human Race Worth Saving?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I came across an interesting question recently on the net, "Is the human race worth saving?" There was a poll attached to this question and most people by far said no for various reasons.

You could look at this response as being very negative but I saw it as a very positive sign, the reason for this is more people were showing how aware they are of our destructive ways, I did however myself vote yes; the human race is worth saving.

The reason for this is a lot more of us are indeed becoming more aware of our destructive ways and of our inner truer selves, I also believe you only need a certain amount of people in this world to make changes to our destructive ways.  I also believe the old destructive consciousness will be left behind with all it’s many attachments.

What a more aware person shouldn’t do  is not expect everyone to just drop this old consciousness and all it’s attachments just like that, this isn’t going to happen and the more we push this the more they are going to cling onto these attachments.  We need to be more subtle and patient which isn’t easy to do, this is because the more aware we become the more aware we are of who we truly are and what our existence should be like.  Becoming aware isn’t an easy thing to go through in such a destructive reality.

The following is another reason why I think we are worth saving, this was in reply to another questioned posed by someone on LinkedIn,” Is There Trauma In Embracing The Sacred Feminine?.

The Mayans prophesied that we are at present entering into the period of the feminine self which will help give peace, love and harmony onto ourselves giving rise to a more constructive mentality, does this mean the masculine was only destructive within it's intentions?

Yes and no, yes the masculine was more supportive of a destructive mentality but no because without the masculine the feminine wouldn't come into being, there is a purpose to the masculine as there is a purpose to the feminine.

So what is the purpose of a destructive mentality? I believe pure consciousness isn't aware of itself until it becomes expressive of this consciousness. To be aware of the feminine, a more constructive mentality, this pure consciousness needed to be expressed so this pure consciousness can become more aware itself. The masculine has made us more aware of the feminine within this pure consciousness, to me the masculine is very positive, it is helping us to become more aware of ourselves and of God's consciousness.

To me the masculine is about becoming aware and the feminine is of expressing this awareness, the feminine could not be expressed without the awareness of the masculine.

The problem is now, do we continue on a masculine way or do we evolve further and go to the next step of expressing this awareness that the masculine has given us. Yes we could stay ignorant and allow the masculine destroy us or we could choose to go on from the masculine and give the feminine a chance to prove itself before discarding the human race, what will be will be but we do indeed have a choice.