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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Totality of Acceptance-Making Real Changes

Written by Mathew Naismith

It is interesting when someone throws a spanner in the works what comes of it, this is but another example of that.  Becoming spiritually aware throws a lot of spanners into the works which of course makes us more aware if we are able to remove such spanners. Spanners in this case refer to attachments at the human & sometimes soul level.


This thread is intended to stimulate each person to analyze their own individual thought patterns and behaviors and accept them, not project them onto others. The very things we do not like about others, the things that annoy and irritate us are candid examples of the very nature we carry within ourselves and refuse to accept about ourselves. If we are standing in front of a mirror and notice we have a big pimple, we might try to hide it and as a result point out the same flaw we see on another person's face simply to draw the attention to their flaw and away from yours. Yet in reality their flaw is yours: accept it.

G'day frequencytuner

I would agree with this assumption however what if we don't like something that we deem as immoral within ourselves & dislike this same trait in others especially when they project this onto us, are we still supposed to accept this?  If we don't accept this in ourselves why should we accept this in others?

A child molester will accept another child molester molesting children but a non-child molester won't, should the non-child molester be accepting of what these child molesters do? When child molesters get together they see nothing wrong with loving children the way they do & yes I have dealt with child molesters while working in the welfare arena. 

You’re going to see this as being odd but I never showed my disdain while dealing with these people, yes I was accepting but this wasn't being accepting of what they were doing but accepting because I could understand their predicament not saying it was right just saying I could understand.  This is like I can understand people like Dusty who deductively reason however on sites like this one you expect people to act in a more respectful understanding way. 

At the spiritual level we are supposed to be all accepting so a child molester is accepted as of everything is however at the human level for change to take effect we need to be non-accepting of certain traits. Being spiritually accepting within it's totality is also accepting in not being accepting at times as well. This is like spiritually aware people being non-accepting of the ego because they can only see the destructive attributes of the ego, this is very human however spirituality isn't just about the human self so when we look at the ego at the spiritual level we see it as something different & become more accepting of it just like the child molester. We need change at the human level so by becoming non-accepting change physically & mentally takes effect. 

It's OK to be non-accepting at the human level however at the spiritual level it's not which is what I think your trying to portray here but at the human level however at the spiritual level it's still OK not to be accepting because all is accepted including being non-accepting. All it takes is awareness to know the difference between our human selves & our spiritual selves. It would seem a lot of spiritually aware people haven't defined this difference yet for the main reason they are still trying to be at one while still fragmented. Once you become accepting within it's totality, including being non-accepting at the human level, only then can we be truly at one & all accepting.

I’m adding a bit more to this post to explain the last paragraph a little better just in case it sounds a little confusing.

At the spiritual level there is no true non-acceptance even when we are non-accepting at the spiritual level. This non-acceptance at the spiritual level isn’t actually referring to our spiritual selves being non-accepting but our human selves being non-accepting, this is why I said non-acceptance isn’t accepted/exists at the spiritual level.  When we entered into the human vessel  non-acceptance became an automatic part of our being, at this point our soul  selves also became accepting of non-acceptance which has now given the soul a chance to become accepting within it’s totality through experiencing non-accepting.  

I should mention here there is a difference between our spiritual selves & our soul self, the spiritual self to me relates to the collective consciousness however the soul relates more to the individual. This can be confusing; we are talking about the human self, the soul self & the spiritual self. The spiritual self actually pertains to the self as being a collective where’s the human & soul self pertains to an individual self.  Yes I know the self denotes ego but as soon as we become aware of ourselves being aware this is denoting ego, the difference between this kind of ego & the ego we often portray in human life is one is a controlling destructive ego the other is a non-controlling creative ego I believe.  

If you are interested & are still having problems in understanding this please feel free to reply.