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Saturday, 24 August 2019

A True Malevolent Menace

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a dream last night of children being physically abused by people who were influenced by malevolent forces. I tried to assist the children but to no avail, the malevolent forces were too entrenched. I had no choice but to give up helping these helpless victimised children. The malevolent force also tried to abuse my own family in the dream.

In my dream, I was married with two young daughters, two very beautiful souls that seemed more spiritually connected than myself. The malevolent force was unable to infiltrate the aura of our family to any extent.

In the next part of the dream, numerous people were at our home carrying and placing white and pink flowers around the outside of our house. Some kind of function was being held at our house.

Considering what I have been recently doing, being honest in exposing a certain group, it is a bit of a worry. If the malevolent forces in my dream represent this group in any sense, they are well and truly entrenched in today's collective consciousness.

There was an immaterial malevolent force influencing the father and another person to horribly and terrifyingly abuse the children in my dream. In turn, influencing these two men to also become malevolent therefore abusive materially/physically.

The two men could be representative of the founders/supporters of this group, while the children represented the members of this group. Or, the two men represented this group as a whole, while the children represent anyone outside this group. Either way, the two men were obviously influenced by an immaterial malevolent force, to then become malevolent themselves. It would seem this group is being manipulated and tricked into becoming materially malevolent by an immaterial malevolent force.

There is a good reason I take my dreams seriously.

It would seem to me that my dream family and the numerous other people depicted latter on in the dream were people of true virtue. It would also seem that I will have to stop trying to help those on the receiving end of this immaterial and material malevolent force, for now. I may have to accept that I may never be able to help these people depicted as abused children in my dream in my life time. Just maybe the children, who were depicted as being my own children, may be the people to do as I am unable to do in this life!!           

Sunday, 9 July 2017

For The Children Come First

Written by Mathew Naismith  

Mother's, I need your assistance please.

Do the children make the mother a mother?  Considering a child isn't a child without a mother, is it not the child who makes a mother a mother? Also, is not a mother only a mother when of a child?

Without a child, is not a person only of a person when not of a child, meaning, not influenced by a child maternally?

The reason I query this has to do with how numerous spiritually aware people put themselves first and foremost. For example, it's about themselves feeling good over and above other people who are suppose to be less aware like a child is.

It's funny to think, but it's the less aware child that makes a mother a mother, and of course, the child always comes first for the mother, especially above any personal feel good sensations!! 

Note: If any mother's replies to this, it is likely I will insert their reply in one of my posts for my blog unless otherwise stipulated. Also, names will be excluded unless otherwise stipulated.


What is one of the major mistakes of churches? The church comes first and then the hierarchy and then God and maybe the people of the church.

What is a church without it's people? Like a mother, a church is not a church without it's people like a mother is not a mother without a child. Maternally, the unaware child comes first. Now what is occurring in Westernised spirituality today? The mother or the church is still coming first and foremost. The church in this case being ones own personal well being and pleasure/desire. As long as the mother/church is well and feeling good, this will automatically pass onto the child. Of course in this case the child would be lucky to come second, most often other hierarchy of the same awareness level comes second, where does this leave the child that makes the mother/the church?

So what is the aware without the unaware as what is the church without it's people or a mother without a child? As of the true spiritually aware, the unaware comes first, look at people like myself who really put themselves out there because it's not about ourselves and our own well being. It's almost maternal if not maternal, the child comes first.

As within myself, my child, my unaware state, comes first for it needs to be nurtured, not put on a list that it comes second best to all else, particularly in relation to my desires and feel good sensations. Yes, people like me could just sit within our feel good desired states and ignore all these deemed negatives, dark and toxic energies but we don't, for the children come first and foremost.

The child simply represents an unaware state that needs to be nurtured, mothered, for the mother is not a mother without it's children. What is the yin without the yang? Basically, what is the aware self without unaware self? Would we judge our children as toxic or negative and then ignore them because of these judged vibrations? Of course this occurs in certain situations when the maternal mothering instinct isn't present. We are supposed to be one; there is simply no oneness without maternal mothering instincts. Ignoring the child, the people of a church, the unaware self, because we have judged it so in accordance with our own personal level of hierarchy, is not oneness or maternally mothering, it's simply a depiction of an ego in control.

Too many spiritual teachings these days teach to put the self first and foremost, it all starts from you when it's the children that make the mother a mother. We spend all the money and time on our personal selves, when all we need to do is simply put the children first above our own desires and feeling of self-gratifications. If we spend all this time and money on ourselves to feel good, this has to benefit the rest of the world in the long run as this will flow on. Of course while we are doing this, we are neglecting the children by judging them toxic, negative, bad, dark, and on and on it goes. Yes indeed, what many spiritually aware people have expressed has been passed on; the world at present represents this.

Yes, without the mother a child can't be a child, so the mother must also be mothered by these same motherly instincts, but at no point should the mother be put above all else but this is exactly what is occurring in spirituality today to a large extent. Only a perfect balance between the child self and the motherly self can true peace and love reside. Neglecting one over and above the other will create anything but peace and love, only a falsified and fabricated peace and love. One is infinite, the other finite, we are both and not of one or the other as we are the child and the mother, the church and the people, the aware and unaware.

People like me are simply aware that we are just as much of the aware as the unaware, the child and the mother without neglecting one over and above the other.

Did people like Buddha face their own ego or the ego as a whole, as one entity?

Do not the children of a mother naturally quell the ego within the mother?

Focusing all this energy on the self to feel good while at the same time avoiding what is deemed as toxic/negative is pure ego. No, it doesn't start from the self, the (I); it starts from the collective as a whole, as people like Buddha eventually find out.

As not all mothers controlling egos will be quelled, not everyone will be able to face the controlling ego face on without acceptation; the ego has simply too much control, it is wise to be aware of this in my mind.

It is wise the child comes first before the ego.........Mathew G


If you are interested, the following replies to my request from mothers are as follow. The mother in all of us has a lot to teach as the child has to learn, but are we willing or ready to listen to child as yet, basically, learning from and through the unaware, something a lot of us critically judge??

Mathew....I found the Divine Mother Within.... there is the perfect vibration of mothering within us all.... and I think when that Vibration becomes or is Remembered then One would act in accordance with exactly how Devine Mother would act... there is no room then for egotistical actions... Thank you for asking!!....btw....I have Mothered 13 kids in this life time.

Hey so here's my answer.... If answer is this. Spiritually awakened people realize that their children come through them not to them. The spiritually awakened person knows the child has a closer connection to source because of their innocence and lack of cognitive dissonance. The spiritually awakened person knows they are here to guide and also learn from their children. Understanding that there is no right or wrong but an observation of the contrast they see, hear, and feel and then choose the perspective of the person they want to be. Before coming into this physicality the child knows what he or she wishes to experience and will choose the parents that will guide them in experiencing it.


Motherhood makes one whole. As Heath Ledger put it, parenthood is an extension of oneself the knowledge that a small being was borne from the union of two people is a miraculous event; that one's blood runs through the veins of another. One's life changes immediately. However, even if you are not a mother by bearing another, you can still give those qualities to others and feel whole in yourself on a different level.

My Reply
Yes, it's all to do with the maternal instincts; you express this quite often Susan even though you are not an actual mother yourself. Are gay people negative or toxic because they express themselves different to ourselves? Are children toxic because they express themselves different to adults? Same thing in my mind. Once you embrace instead of avoid, you have become the maternal mother.

I certainly appreciate your response here Susan, thank you.

I give thanks to all the mothers within for your participation here, most appreciated, as I needed assistance in expressing deep seated maternal instincts over and above the controlling ways of the controlling ego.  

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Let The Children Be

Written by Mathew Naismith

This came over very strong this morning, leave the children be, stop teaching them our dramas, once this occurs, the reality we are presently experiencing will just vanish as if it never existed.

The strange thing is, adults want what these children can create but because they are caught up in their own dramas, they are unable to create what these children can create. This however can only occur if we leave them alone and stop teaching them to enact and react to these drams adults have created. 

Adults want to make a difference so they react to the dramas of life by counteracting what these dramas have created, the only thing this is doing however is we are still enacting with these dramas by responding to them in counteractive way, in other words we are still playing the game of drama. All I can think of is conditioning, stop right now conditioning these children to respond to the dramas of life that we have created and repeatedly enact with and against.

I'm at the moment picking up, in a huge way, to let the children be, stop teaching them to enact and react to the dramas we have created, this means don't teach the children to rely on workshops and other teachings that teach us to counteract against these created dramas, they don't need them if we just let them be. But of course our egos can't do that, we know best, because we needed to counteract against these dramas, so do these children but they don't. If you took all adults out of this reality, this reality would virtually instantly change, this is due to taking out what has created these dramas that adults felt they needed to counteract against in the first place.

A better existence can't be obtained in continuing  enacting with and against these created dramas, all this is going to do is condition the children to continue with the these dramas instead of abolishing them all together. To abolish these dramas is simple, don't enact with or against these dramas in the first place, basically learn to be motionless and an observer rather than a participator.

It's an incredible reality that these children want to create at the soul/spirit  level, I'm feeling it big time at the moment, it's nothing like this reality of dramas that adults have created, it's some how purer in essence. I suppose when you take out the dramas of life, you also take out the controlling influences of the ego, all you are then left with is ego. This is quite unimaginable to a lot of adults as part of our conditioning incorporated a controlling ego, these children, if we let them be, would create a reality totally void of any kind of controlling ego.

I find it quite hilarious that so many adults are chasing their own tail, we must counteract what is occurring to us and the world, all this is doing however is exactly what a controlling ego wants you to do, react to it. These children, if we let them be, wouldn't have to counteract anything because there would be nothing to counteract against. Take away the continuing conditioning of creating dramas, what would you have to counteract against to create a better reality for ourselves?  When you create a reality of bliss, what is there to counteract against??  This is exactly the reality these  children want to create and allow their own children to grow up in.

Adults of today didn't have much of a choice, we were conditioned to creating and interacting with dramas in our infancy, adolescent and adulthood stages, we didn't have much of a chance to create any other reality unless we awoken to our own interaction with these dramas. We now, as adults, have a chance to correct the way the collective is conditioned, all it would take is to just let the children be, this doesn't mean letting the children have their own way, it means stop conditioning them with what we have been conditioned with ourselves, a continuing interaction with dramas.

Could you imagine living in a reality void of any real dramas, this means no conflicts what so ever, have we the right to stop these children in creating a reality void of these dramas?  This is exactly what we are doing if we teach these children to counteract what a reality built upon dramas and a controlling ego have created. We as adults need to become a little more responsible and stop teaching our children, it's as simple as that. Yes, our egos think we know it all so we pass this on to these children but it's obvious to me we don't, not if we continue to teach them to counteract against all this drama.

These children already know how to create a much more blissful reality, drop the conditioning that the adults seem to be fixated to due to their own conditioning. Once adults drop these ego controlling conditioning's, these children will naturally create a far more blissful reality, if we truly want a more blissful reality, just let the children be and stop teaching them to become interactive with realities based purely on dramas and a controlling ego.

Sorry to hurt adults egos but you know nothing, yes, we know how to create and continue a reality based on dramas but we don't know how to create a reality based on pure bliss, this is obvious, but trust me, the children do.