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Friday, 24 May 2013

Living in a Reality of No Time & Space


Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is going to be a little more incomprehensible than usual to people fixated or attached to realities of time & space, it’s realities of time & space that has given us the idea or a fixed mode of thought that everything of existence has to be of time & space & of course time & space relate to the past & future because it’s time & space that has given us past & future events, something to measure & compare.

If you’re not familiar with how realities of time & space can exist I would suggest to you to read my post on time & space first, here is the link. Please also feel free to open the links supplied within this post.

Clairvoyants & Healers: In a recent post I mentioned how clairvoyants can so vividly see the past & future events, they are connected to one extent or another to a reality of no time & space, spiritual healers work in the same way however like the witch doctor who uses vibrations to heal or cast spells the clairvoyants & spiritual healers alike usually don’ know how they are truly doing this they, just like the witch doctor, just except it & put it down to something else. Let me ask a question here, what would happen in a reality with no time or space, would there be any sickness for instance or death?  Because the past & the future are only existing because of time & space death & sickness can’t exist because you need a past for sickness to exist in, what a healer is doing is tapping in on this & is then able to heal.  This at this point sounds ridiculous until we take in consideration of the soul which is fixated to human attachments, the healer isn’t actually healing the physical body directly but indirectly healing through the soul because in fact it’s the soul that needs healing.

If we get back to the clairvoyant the clairvoyant sees, usually directly, your entire life through your soul at will but what about the future, how can they see the future unless it’s already happened?  This is where the now comes into it. The now like the soul is a bridge between two realities, once you believe in the concepts of the now you begin to delve into the reality of no time & space thus in the clairvoyants case they are able to see the future as well because it’s not really the future at all as only the now exists. This is where people right books & hold workshops telling us about the importance of living for the now however they also tell us to unblock ourselves & rid ourselves of attachments like the ego which is fine to a certain extent. This is the clue shay, like I have written recently in other posts this is conflictive & in fact egotistical within itself as it would have to be egotistical to desire to rid oneself of such so called negativity in the first place but not only this once you rid yourself of these attachments altogether you are then in this reality of no time & space.  So what’s wrong with that? Nothing unless you wanted in the first place to live out a human existence which obviously we did otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

Unknowingly Hypocritical: Like with anything & everything it all has a positive side, people who are only half in the know will tell you to rid yourself of these negative traits but the funny thing is have they? Not if they are telling you so because to express such things is egotistical & full of attachments which sound a little hypocritical however these people aren’t being hypocritical on purpose, the reason they are hypocritical is they haven’t dug deep enough or became connected enough to the reality of no time & space. So what is the reality of no time & space? You & me!! When we firstly become reconnected as humans we can take on certain talents like a witch doctor, clairvoyant, spiritual healer & so on, we can even experience times of utter love & bliss, floating on a sea of love, for the main reason we are still attached to our human emotions. One can live their whole lives out in these state of conscious awareness however when you dig even deeper still you realise, this is the funny bit, nothing exists & this is where some people have written books & conducted workshops on ridding oneself of attachments & calling this realities of time & space an illusion but they couldn’t be further from the truth, if it vibrates it exists in some form or way.

Where does the soul go after it’s detached itself from realities of time & space?  This is obvious, to a reality of no time & space, so is this saying that the soul doesn’t exist?  Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying nothing exists it just exists differently to what we understand what existence is, this is where if it vibrates it has to exist however in the core of this reality of no time & space  it just is. I will put it this way, it flat lines like with the indicators on an equaliser for instance if you’re not playing anything, very little vibrational activity & in fact if we could measure it it wouldn’t register. This is where you & I come into this as I have written about in previous posts, the creative point or creator can only exist if we individually exist & this is why duality is so important & this is another thing some people wright up incorrectly about. People can only right up on what they know & they can only know as much as they are connected or have been connected.

A Reality of No Time& Space: So in this reality of no time & space there is no emotions or attachments of any kind, which by the way sounds cold but believe me it’s not as it just is, so how did we become emotional & full of attachments & in fact created realities of time & space to experience these attachments by when there is no emotional or attachments in this reality of no time & space in the first place? I’ve actually just answered this within the question, experience, to experience our knowing which is something else I have written about in past posts. Ask yourself while in a completely unemotional state of consciousness, what would it be like to experience hate or love for example remembering we are talking about an intelligent energy form of a kind?  This brings up yet another thing in how some people say we don’t think while in certain deep spiritual states like while meditating but intelligence denotes thought of one kind or another no matter what because it’s all just a vibration.  How does a ghost or a spirits or other energy forms without living in actual physical form show intelligence without thought but are able to interact with other living physical forms? A reality with no time or space is of pure thought & the reason we think it doesn’t think is because it’s unmeasurable & is only measurable through us as individuals, the positive side or dualism.  We have got to stop demonizing everything & leaving it at that because of certain people who are only partly connected say we should, there is far more to it than that.