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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Assisting our Vibrational Signature

Written by Mathew Naismith

Just to show you how zany I am, I had a dream last night of water butterflies that actually live in water, these butterflies were very bright in colour and the atmosphere was very harmonious.  The water was much lighter in density as if it was air water instead of just the density of water as we know it. This is to shows you how zany I really am.

How do we assist our vibrational signature to become more constructive? Most of us already do this, meditation, praying, chanting and even singing hymns, or other kinds of music, help us with our vibrational signature through allowing us to become aware and in contact with our own vibrations without interference.  Why is it important to become reconnected with our own vibrational signature?

It’s who we are, our whole signature was created from our past experiences, it is obvious why we should become aware of this. What we do is allow other people’s signature to influence us, we are actually living by other people’s signature not our own, this is one of the reasons we are so much in chaos. For starters we don’t feel right in living by other people’s signatures because we are living by other people’s past life experiences instead of our own.  Yes other people’s vibrational signatures will affect our own signature but only if we allow it, even if we are forced to live a certain way by other people’s signature, we don’t have to allow this to change our own signature. 

This seems quite zany, if we are forced to live a certain way, that means our mentality will also be in line with that way of living, this experience would have  to change our own signature would it not? 

How many of us live in a discorded environment and how many of these people who meditate are actually as discorded as their environment? Very few, the reason for this is when they mediate they become one with their own signature again which makes it quite difficult for anyone else’s signature to influence such signatures.  It is quite understandable why certain spiritual practices actually assist us in life, they certainly reconnect us to our own signature thus we start to live by our own signature not someone else’s.

Awareness does this as well however the trick with this is not to live by someone else’s signature; any good spiritual adviser will try to always get the readers to find their own signature.  Yes by all means take in the experiences of these advisers but never actually live by their signature, their own life experiences.  This I’m afraid happens a lot within spirituality. Other people’s signature will affect our own signature if we are unaware, this is why so many spiritually aware people meditate or take on a spiritual practice that will reconnect them to their own signature. 

Nature or Gaia is another very good way to become reconnected to your own vibrational signature, the more we connect to nature the more we connect to our own signature.  Why is reconnecting to nature so beneficial? Nature is the prime influencer of our signature; it’s very much a part of us as we are a part of nature, it has no purpose to influence us forcefully, when it does forcefully influence us it doesn’t do it purposely, it has nothing to gain from this other than to give us experience.  Other signatures forced upon us by other people are of a purpose, to force everyone to live by their own signature.  Nature isn’t this purposeful within it’s intent because it has no intent except to be there for us to attain experience and through such experience know about our whole selves a lot better, in other words become a lot more aware.   

I thought I would finish off with a question posed to me in relation to my last post.

Would you agree that emotions are vibrations and that remembering them might be called soul retrieval?

My Reply
Interesting, it's really good we all see things in a different perspective; it teaches us all to look outside the square.

Emotions are certainly vibrational and are a major part in our own vibrational signature, is remembering our emotions called soul retrieval? An interesting question that has never come to my mind.

Our vibrational signature was created through our experiences, not just in this life but through every experience we have had from previous lives, this also includes every emotion we have gone through. 

Our soul, before it was influenced by experiences within these lives, had a vibrational signature of the divine, it was untouched and pure, this is our true vibrational signature I believe.  Now as we go through these experiences from life to life, we change this signature through various experiences and emotions expressed, we have a choice in what we want to affect us and what we don’t at the human and soul level.  For an example, we don’t have to become a mass murderer but some of us do, this can be due to a mental disorder at the human level which is brought on by the soul choosing to be a mass murderer.  We can’t experience anything in life unless the soul chooses so.

In pass lives I wasn’t always a nice bloke, I remember my emotions from past lives that are quite inhuman, this gives me a better understanding of such inhumanity which has influenced my signature in a very constructive way, I don’t today judge inhumanity in the way I use too now I remember my past emotions.  

If we were all living in pure bliss and were confronted with utter terror, we would act quite badly to that terror but if we understood this terror, we would act more appropriately.  Going through the experiences we are going through actually strengthens our signature through understanding instead of just shunning.  Nothing can be experienced that we too are not a part of so it’s wise to understand every part of ourselves, remembering our emotions certainly helps with this. Yes I would certainly say remembering our emotions is soul retrieval.  

My advice would be is to live by your own signature; your own life experiences not someone else’s, yes by all means allow other people’s experiences to influence your own vibrational signature but never allow them to change your signature to something you don’t want it to be, you do indeed have a choice.