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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A Description of the True Collective

Written by Mathew Naismith

I have had to totally restructure this post; I even changed the title from “Life beyond Religion, Control and Concepts” to “A Description of the True Collective”. Because I have a lot coming into right now to do with these topics, I am going to break this post up into two parts. In the first part I am going to insert a link to another post of mine which will show a complete discussion I had with a particular person on Dharma and karma.

The second part of this post will look into why each separate ideological concept and belief system is an important part of the collective; I will also show why we shouldn’t have disdain for such ideological concepts and belief systems that are not of our own. The bigger picture tells the truth behind each and every ideological concept and belief system I feel.  

Part 1

In recent days I’ve had an interesting conversation with another person mainly about karma and Buddha-dharma, this conversation was brought about by my last post titled, Dharma, Karma, Misjudgements and Judgment.  I would like to share the hole conversation within this post but it’s a little to lengthy, I will however point out a couple of the points of the discussion which I found interesting as below

“We are coming towards the fading of the true Buddha-dharma and the beginning of false teachings”.

My response to this was as follow, “What I get out of the Buddha-dharma is ending is that old religious ideological concepts are coming to an end, we must all learn to let go of our fixation to the old ideological concepts to take on the new, this sounds like the push and pull effect but it’s not.” 

The response to this was as follow,” Finally, karma is a universal law. It doesn't end just because the Buddha-dharma ends. The Buddha talked about it to bring out consciousness towards it. To be aware of its workings.

Please do not misunderstand. The Buddha-dharma once perfected has no concepts. It's not an ideology, it's a way of life, a way to change our life to view phenomena differently. To reduce sufferings and finally to end sufferings. Any attachment to a concept or ideology is a barrier to achieving this clarity and wisdom.”

My reply to the above, “Indeed Bob, the understanding I have is Buddha-dharma isn’t of control or religion, once this state is accomplished, there is no need for control and religion. Like I stated, only the ignorant or less aware need religion therefore to be controlled, otherwise they can do harm onto themselves and others.”

The complete discussion if anyone is interested.

Part 2

This conversation lead to realising that the consciousness we have been living in is like a jigsaw puzzle, or more precisely puzzles. Each part of the jigsaw makes up the pig picture, the absolute truth of that particular consciousness, I should state that every jigsaw puzzle represents a type of consciousness experienced, in our case an ego driven consciousness primarily influenced by ego. Each piece of this jigsaw is worthy for without these pieces we don’t have a complete picture, it's important to realise that each piece represents an ideological concept and belief systems for example, Buddhism and science, which make up the bigger picture, the completed jigsaw.  

I will now insert part of a reply I gave to another person in relation to spiritually aware trying to totally separate themselves from religion, basically separating themselves from the bigger picture, the completed jigsaw puzzle.

Look at it like this, every ideological concept and belief is a part of a jigsaw, each piece fits within a certain part of this jigsaw, now this jigsaw, when finished, shows us the bigger picture, when a piece is missing, are we going to have the whole big picture?  No, this is because part of the picture is missing because we have disdain for such pieces of ideological concepts and beliefs and discarded it as not being a part of us. 


Now look at the completely finishes jigsaw again, every piece has its own place within the jigsaw, what is the obvious thing that sticks out other than the big picture and that every piece has its place in the bigger picture? It’s all interconnected isn’t it as if it’s a collective?

Now what does this completed jigsaw mean other than a collective, a collective what?  

Each piece represents a separate ideological concept and belief, a separate consciousness state, that is until the jigsaw is completed. Once completed, all these ideological concepts and beliefs become one consciousness or an absolute truth of that one now completed consciousness. 

Each jigsaw when completed shows us the bigger picture but what is this bigger picture? 

Each jigsaw represents a conscious state that is influenced by certain traits unique to that conscious state, that completed jigsaw. In our case it’s ego which created chaos. Basically the bigger picture in our case shows us a picture of ego and chaos which is made up of numerous jigsaw pieces showing various degrees of ego which makes up a complete jigsaw puzzle, the bigger picture. One must remember, each piece is connected to the other, there is no true separation of consciousness.         



Now when every ideological concept and belief systems is expressed and accepted as a piece of the pig picture, our jigsaw is completed as fig.1 shows but as fig. 2 shows, this completed jigsaw is in within another frame, this frame is but another jigsaw that needs to be completed, in other words our completed jigsaw made up of ideological concept and belief systems like Buddhism and science for example, become but one piece of a much bigger jigsaw as fig.2.

Fig.3 shows but anther much larger jigsaw puzzle that the puzzles shown in 1 and 2 are but one piece of when completed themselves, in other words when each jigsaw puzzle is finished, this whole puzzle becomes another piece within an even bigger jigsaw puzzle, an even bigger picture as Fig.3 shows. Each jigsaw puzzle represents a type of consciousness experienced and expressed, this ever expansive consciousness has no boundaries therefore is infinite within it’s expansiveness and experiences.         

So what is this denoting, saying?  

It’s saying that there is no true absolute truth for consciousness is for ever expanding, it’s infinite within it’s expansiveness, this however doesn’t mean that when a jigsaw is finished this isn’t absolute truth, the finished jigsaw becomes absolute truth for that type of consciousness, once all the pieces come together, truth in our ideological concept and belief systems become known.  Each piece of the jigsaw on their own can only speak of absolute truth within that ideological concept and belief systems, these ideological concept and belief systems on their own do not tell us absolute truth without the completion of the jigsaw, the bigger picture.

What I am trying to relay here is that every ideological concept and belief is important to the bigger picture, to absolute truth, this means all ideological concepts and beliefs are important to the collective not just the ones that are personally and individually important to us. This of course can be hard to perceive until you start to perceive the bigger picture, the completed jigsaw puzzle within this consciousness.  

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Non-Duality of Absolute Truth???

 Written by Mathew Naismith

It would seem I need to explain myself a little further in regards to non-duality not being of absolute truth; it’s not that non-duality isn’t of absolute truth; the point is, to have absolute truth you would need to have a sort of an opposite which we call duality. Within this thinking process we have lost being of non-duality, this is because as soon as we are aware of a non-duality and a duality state, we are thinking in duality.

How would you define a non-duality state if there wasn’t a duality state to begin with to compare a non-duality state with? If you were in a non-duality state of existence, you wouldn’t know that was a non-duality state. Let’s look at this a different way, if everyone was crazy in the world, what would then define being crazy? Everyone would be normal unless someone wasn’t crazy and then it’s these non-crazy people who would be deemed to be crazy, interesting isn’t it!! The point is, as soon as we define what is and isn’t of non-duality and absolute truth, we are only being expressive of duality; it’s a bit of a trick actually.

As soon as we defined two separate states, what are we expressing, duality or non-duality?  Actually being unaware of a non-duality state is being more of non-duality than defining two separate states; this is especially the case if we judge one state as being an illusion and the other state of absolute truth.  We have fooled ourselves, there is only one state of being and existing and it has nothing to do with judging what is and isn’t of non-duality, it’s pretty tricky isn’t it? As soon as we have judged one state being different to another, we are only being expressive of duality.

So what is this non-duality, are we going to continue to judge this non-duality as being of absolute truth, if we do we have no idea what non-duality actually stands for, it doesn’t stand for judging any other state as being less worthy than another state but that is exactly what we are doing more than ever.  

So what does non-duality stand for in my mind?

If we realise it or not, we are already in a state that we have judged as a non-duality state, we were never truly out of it.  Now how can this be when we are mainly expressive of duality?  As soon as you judge one state being less worthy or of less truth than another, you are being expressive of duality (within the non-duality state) not (separate from a non-duality state).

 It’s important here to note how I wrote what is in the brackets, within as opposed to separate and within the as opposed to separate from. The represents a single state but from represents a separate state from the.  Did duality come from non-duality or is duality a part of the non-duality state we are referring too? This depends on if we judge one state being any less worthy or less of the truth than another.  

How is duality a part of and not separate to non-duality?

This is interesting because if there not separate, one isn’t any more or less of absolute truth than the other because there is no other to begin with, in other words there is no two separate states of non-duality and duality, this is only the case if we are thinking and being of duality. This is the point in thinking we are only of duality, in what we have judged as a duality state. We are being expressive of duality, it’s within a non-duality state we are expressing duality, this is not separate from non-duality but being expressive of duality within what we deemed as being a non-duality state.  

Picture yourself in a total non-duality state; in this state can duality exist?

It’s obvious to us in duality that a duality state can’t exist within a non-duality state, once you have two or more separate states you have duality not non-duality, so how can duality be of and not separate to non-duality? As soon as we deem duality separate to non-duality, this actually makes non-duality an illusion not duality, we have two separate states, so duality has to exist within non-duality for non-duality to exist and not just be an illusion!!

So how can duality exist within non-duality without making non-duality an illusion?  

This is simple, stop separating one form the other by judging one being more of absolute truth than the other, what we have judged as being of duality is just as much of absolute truth than what we have judged as being of non-duality.  This sounds ridiculous doesn’t it, but it’s not for the main reason, we have obscured this absolute truth with thinking one is separate and less worthy than another, for example, judging non-duality being of absolute truth and duality being an illusion. You should be able to see by now how we have tricked ourselves.

We are existing in what we have judged and titled as being of non-duality, within this non-duality, which is of absolute truth, we have obscured this absolute truth with duality thinking instead of non-duality thinking.  What I’m actually saying here is that non-duality and duality are thinking processes; this means they take thought for them to exist, neither non-duality nor duality exist except within thought processes, in other words they need a thought process for either of them to exist.  To be in a true non-duality state, neither non-duality nor duality exists, they are both an illusion in a sense until we give either of them thought.

Thinking in non-duality is simple, stop thinking separation, think oneness in all and don’t judge one being more worthy or of absolute truth than another, non-duality is but a thinking process, think oneness.          

Note: Sorry but this is as simple as I can write this and no this didn’t take a lot of thinking by me, this just comes to me as I write. Yes I have to reread what is being written by me but, if I didn’t make this more understandable when it comes to me, no one including myself would understand what is being written.  I have to keep asking as I write is what I’m writing correct, sounds balmy but it’s true.       

Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Question of Truth

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was in a discussion with someone recently in relation to various subjects; they were talking about absolute truth, the truth above all other truths, they had themselves convinced they knew and conversed absolute truth. Of course being this absolute within ones convictions, it’s impossible to point out any other truths not in agreement with theirs.  The question is, can we know the absolute truth while existing in time?

Time represents fragmented consciousness which in turn represents fragmented truths, how can anyone possibly acquire absolute truth with in a fragmented consciousness of fragmented truths?  This might not totally seem impossible, if someone made themselves aware enough, they would eventually know the absolute truth. This to me is an impossibility for the main reason, once we become that aware, our vibrations would change that much we could no longer exit in such a reality of time. We would in turn un-fragment consciousness which would send us into a state of un-fragmented consciousness, a state of timelessness.  However we can, at times, actually enter into this state through meditation or through other spiritual practices.

Are we making the mistake of searching for the truth as opposed to just becoming aware?  Truth to us would seem to give us awareness but does it?  How can searching for the truth within a fragmented consciousness of time give us absolute truth?  

Being aware firstly makes us aware of existing in a fragmented consciousness, searching for the truth doesn’t give us this awareness for the main reason truth is fragmented within a fragmented consciousness.  Searching for truth within a fragmented consciousness isn’t going to give us absolute truth but fragmented truths.

Awareness also makes us aware that there is a conscious state that isn’t fragmented but whole.  This allows us to use this whole non-fragmented consciousness to make us even more aware.  This occurs because we have entered into a state of non-fragmented truths; it’s a truth that is whole and not fragmented.

Time quite automatically gives us a fragmented consciousness, everything within time is born and dies at different times, everything is separate and fragmented from all other conscious energy flows and sources.  This doesn’t occur in timelessness, consciousness is whole and nothing truly is born or dies within this whole consciousness because no part of consciousness is separated, it’s whole (one).

In my mind should we be searching for the truth as opposed to just becoming more aware? No, awareness gives us truth; truth only gives us half-truths, in a sense, lies.  It’s amazing how we can convince ourselves of these fragmented truths as being absolute truths in a fragmented consciousness. If we were aware in the first place of existing in a fragments consciousness of fragmented truths, we wouldn’t make this mistake in the first place.

Is it possible for anyone to totally speak of absolute truth while connected to a state of non-fragmented consciousness?  You would think why not, if anyone is connected to this non-fragmented consciousness why couldn’t they totally speak of absolute truth?  It makes sense; they are no longer connected to a consciousness that is fragmented but to a non-fragmented consciousness, the consciousness of the creative source.  

In the case of anyone being this connected to the creative sources consciousness, if they are still existing in time, they are still only partially speaking of absolute truth, this certainly includes people like me and even yogis and gurus.  The reason for this again is, they couldn’t possibly still exist in time, a fragmented consciousness, for the main reason they are un-fragmenting consciousness within a fragmented conscious state of existence.  One quite automatically cancels out the other, look at how time has cancelled out non-fragmented consciousness within time, this also occurs when in a state of timelessness.

So we exist in a fragmented consciousness, so no matter how much we search for the absolute truth we are not going to find it, is this what I’m stating here? Yes however, by becoming aware, like a lot of spiritually aware people are doing, we are becoming reconnected to this non-fragmented consciousness which assists us to balance out our existence. This is done by no longer living by half-truths of a fragmented consciousness but partials truths of a non-fragmented consciousness.  

Time is of ignorance because it’s of a fragmented consciousness, only in ignorance can we destroy but in timelessness or the timelessness of God’s consciousness we can’t destroy because we are no longer ignorant and the less ignorant we become the less destructive we will be.  Teaching ourselves to become more constructive has everything to do with becoming more aware and the less in searching we become of the absolute truth within time.  

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Absolute Truth & Oneness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a person ask me for more information on being at one v feeling at one so I added my reply to this person at the end of this post which I hope will help others define more clearly in where I am coming from. 

Recently it was suggested to me that there are no absolute truths especially in what I or anybody else writes about especially at the human level which is true in my mind. To me it’s nearly impossible for any human to totally express absolute truth, for one, our emotions get in the way & two we are humans with attachments otherwise we wouldn’t be here & all attachments can distort truths especially when emotionally driven by extreme emotions so is there an absolute truth? To me absolute truth is of the creative source or the universal consciousness & the closer you are to this source the more truth one will express however like I said there are no absolute truths in human form.   

To be truly at one we would have to be of absolute truth otherwise we couldn’t truly be at one because we only have half-truths so anyone with half-truths can’t be truly at one, we can feel at one but we can’t truly be at one however like I said the closer we are to the source the more of the absolute truth we become aware of & the more at one we will be not just feel.

Oneness also depends on our acceptance & the more accepting we are of the universal consciousness the more aware one will be as well. Any kind of distain like of the ego or of anything that makes us feel bad at the human & soul level hinders such oneness, we might feel more at one because we have rid ourselves of such bad feelings but because we still have distain for any part of the universal consciousness we can’t be anything else but feel at one not actually be at one & there is a big difference between being & feeling at one. Being at one just doesn’t denote how close one is to the source but how accepting one is of all what the source or universal consciousness is. Everything is a part of the universal consciousness no matter what it is.  Feeling at one however is emotionally driven but is the start of actually being at one because when we start to feel at one we know we have become reconnected to the source/universal consciousness but of course this only denotes a connection not actually being of the source/universal consciousness itself.  

So what this is saying is being at one denotes absolute truth where’s just feeling at one denotes half absolute truths but we must remember none of us beings can obtain absolute truth & one should never try as all you would be doing is flogging a dead horse especially if it’s not meant to happen. We should also remember here that emotional driven desire to feel good through various spiritual practices like denouncing the ego for instance actually takes you away from true oneness, it will give you a feeling of oneness but it won’t give you true oneness which denotes half absolute truths.

We have been told from 3rd dimensional teachings that the ego is bad & that there are no absolute truths but we are no longer in the 3rd dimension & must start thinking differently to 3rd dimensional thinking in this new age consciousness with new age thought. Breaking these old attachments from these teachings isn’t easy but if one wishes to be all accepting & be as close as possible to the source in human form me must start thinking in new age consciousness but of course if one is happy just feeling at one that’s fine as well as all is accepted but someone in this 3rd dimensional thinking can’t expect to be truly at one & in total balance with this new age consciousness as I’m finding out myself.  

Supplementary insert:

G’day Whitewave

Don’t take what I say is truth & it’s certainly isn’t absolute truth it’s just my interpretation of truth through my own perception because I am also still learning myself.

What I did here is relate oneness to half-truths & absolute truth. Feeling at one is related to half absolute truths where’s being at one with the universal conscious is absolute truth which is very difficult for emotional humans to do I believe but of course not impossible. I have the understanding Jesus & Buddha for instance might have accomplished this, to some degree anyway.

Most people here on IS have begun the first stage of knowing about absolute truth which is the universal consciousness or source, once we start feeling this oneness we have made a connection however we can at times think we have the absolute truth at this stage which of course we don’t. This feeling alone is very important but one must beware not to get emotionally carried away with it which is extremely hard not to do, most of us do this at one time or another at this stage.

As we become more connected or closer to the source absolute truths become a little more apparent & at a certain stage they just flow as if by magic without any effort. When this happens you know you are quite close to the source & are starting to become being at one with the source instead of just feeling at one. Until we get to this stage one should always be wary of how our human emotions play tricks on us telling us we know it all & what I perceive is absolute truth. There are indeed pit falls in becoming aware & it’s certainly not an easy road to tread but a road, in my mind, worth traveling.

I know a lot of people say there is no absolute truth but to be at one there has to be an absolute truth otherwise oneness wouldn’t actually exist, when you start thinking as one & being as one that is absolute truth.

The biggest trick is, is actually knowing not just believing we are one entity & then the next trick is if we want too is actually being that one entity but of course many of us like myself won’t attain this & I don’t think we should even try unless it’s necessary.

I hope this cleared it up for you Whitewave remembering I’m only talking in half truths.


Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Question of Absolute Truth

Written by Mathew Naismith

It’s amazing how one can be so wrong, relating to myself being so wrong ,which was brought on by ignoring my own souls awareness, I just didn’t know to the extent I do now how aware my soul seemingly is. Recent events brought up some interesting insights, no wonder I tried to stay ignorant but it has backfires on me once again. The following relates to the question of absolute truth & mine & everybody else’s truth.
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There is no absolute truth!!!!!!!!!!

no there isn't

G’day Tawmeeleus
Yes there is however it doesn’t belong to any individual but is very collective. Why don’t we want to believe there is a collective truth? Ego, why do we make up & use fancy words? Ego. Most people aren’t aware in how the ego works subconsciously, you might think consciously you’re not being of the neg ego but your subconscious knows better.

Now what has the ego got to do with not wanting to know that there is an absolute truth? One’s own personal beliefs because an absolute truth would questions everyone’s belief & egotistically in realities like this one we can’t handle that so we say there is no absolute truth. However in realities like this one absolute truth has no dominion, it is irrelevant because of our personal belief including mine. Why do most of us think realities like this one are illusions? To escape our own beliefs being questioned & in actual fact they are saying we are living a lie.

Let’s look at denying that there is an absolute truth, so the creative source created everything from a lie, don’t think so, the creative source is absolute truth because to know all is absolute, there is nothing more so if you know all what is the lie? All our souls & humans vessels are doing is experiencing our & the creative sources knowing, nothing new in our knowing. Everything is known so is truth but on the other hand it’s the experiences form this knowing that is new & I think this is where we have gotten things mixed up between knowing & experiencing our knowing.

I would like to apologise to you Tawmeeleus, you are of this reality but I’ve realised even more so now that I’m not especially in regards to unconditional love & oneness, I know there is a lot more but what’s the point in knowing this if it’s not of this consciousness but many consciousness’s further on. Don’t get me wrong Tawmeeleus I’m not being egotistical just frank as my souls a lot more aware than I gave it credit for but I’ve stagnated my human knowing of this for an obvious reason which I have just shown in my replies to you, other souls just don’t get it & I don’t blame youse.


G’day Enkirch47
I’m awfully wrong with people like Tawmeeleus in regards to telling them there is a lot more to consciousness than just unconditional love & oneness for this is what this new consciousness is all about. I didn’t realise it until now that I’m not about this new consciousness but consciousness’s that are far more expanded which I regret knowing & have always regretted knowing to one degree or another because what’s the point in knowing beyond the consciousness you are living in when all what’s going to happen is ridicule & being ignored because most souls don’t have the capacity to see beyond their own conscious awareness, you just don’t relate unless ignorant of your souls awareness.  

People like Tawmeeleus have questioned me on just about everything I’ve written denoting how wrong I am however I’ve never taken it to heart that I know of because what I wright is for very few people because of the lack of understanding due to their souls awareness which is fair enough.

I would quite happily go back in the cave man days to live in ignorance of my soul’s awareness as I tried to do in this life.  Do you know I’ve had ago at people in realities that don’t have our antiquated communicative system of conveying our thoughts & knowing , they don’t have books or any spoken word as knowing is just known which means they have no spontaneity or any real individuality so why live in different vessels?   The reason they do this is to experience such knowing within a vessel but to me at the soul level this seems even antiquated & this is why I’ve always tried to be disconnected.

I can see why I loved the previous consciousness, it took me away from being too connected & aware plus it had plenty of spontaneity & individualism that fed my human ego, what more would an aware soul want?  I think knowing about myself a little more on the human level I will conduct myself in a more appropriate manner however I do love spontaneity & individualism which a lot of spiritually aware people wrongly condemn of being of the neg ego.