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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Meditating Using Awareness and Visualisation

Written by Mathew Naismith

There are a lot of meditation techniques that need one to focus to achieve a thoughtless state, this can be quite difficult for a lot of people mainly because our environment isn’t conductive to such techniques for one reason or another.  Certain states of daydreaming are easier to practice but still take one to focus. Meditating by being aware within our visualisations doesn’t take one to focus straight up to obtain thoughtlessness; this comes automatically within the process itself latter on.

This process takes one to visualise or imagine. There are people who can’t use their imagination as there are people who can’t visualise, either one will do the trick. Visualising & imagination might seem the same but there not, especially to some people.  In this case I will use the word envision in the place of imagination & visualisation.

Stage 1

Sit somewhere reasonably comfortable, it doesn’t have to be in a lotus position and become aware of your surroundings.
Close your eyes and don’t worry about what you are thinking, at this point this doesn’t matter. You should be still aware of your surroundings and your mindful thoughts.
Envision yourself floating above the floor or whatever your body is positioned on. It’s important at this stage not to focus as this will come quite automatically, just envision floating until you can float with ease.

Now envision your body is turning around while you are floating, stay with this for a while until you feel lighter within yourself, in other words until your body begins to feel lighter.  At this stage try keep your body only a few inches (70mm) max above the surface of where your body is positioned. When starting out, if you are sitting in a chair, it’s advisable that the chair become a part of your body so it too should be floating.  After a while you will float above the chair itself.

Once your body is starting to feel lighter, try envisioning floating around the place where you are at during this process. At this stage you can stop turning around if you like.  What are you aware of now? You can practice this as much as you like before going onto stage two.

Stage 2

While you are floating about you will find yourself bumping into all sorts of things around you, furniture, walls, people, animals and so forth.  Now envision yourself floating about without bumping into these things. At this point your body might seemingly contort around any object it’s confronted with at times, just go with the flow.  You can do this step as long as you like.  

The next step is while still floating, stop envisioning yourself moving about or turning, relax if you’re not already relaxed.  Now envision a deadly creature of some kind, the more repelling the creature is to you in real life the better. Now envision you are showing total love and acceptance to this creature. The more repelling this creature is to you in real life the longer it will take to show acceptance and love.

I love envisioning myself floating just above the ocean with huge sharks around me at times, I’m at the stage I play with them these days. Why envision a creature we detest the most? Fear, this helps break down fear turning this fear into love and acceptance.  If you are afraid of heights for example, try envisioning this process on the edge of a high cliff. If it’s deep water try envisioning this process under deep water and so on.

When we start to change our fear, you should start to feel that all that is about you is consciousness and after a while of practicing in this process you will become aware of a formless consciousness.  At this stage you have become consciousness itself once again and no I’m not at this stage as I’m quite content in where I am at present. I can now sit anywhere and meditate to my heart’s desire, utter bliss. 

Supplement: I should note that you don't have to go onto stage two, stage one will do the same as stage two except stage two also assists us in releasing our fears as well I feel. 

Also you could say to meditate is to exercise in the push and pull effect, meditation helps us to release from this push and pull effect, yes we are reacting by meditating but it's very subtle. Eventually through prolonged meditation we can separate ourselves from this push and pull effect but I don't think that's necessary as long as we are more subtly reacting this push and pull effect in our lives.        

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Spirituality-A Secret Balance

Written by Mathew Naismith

There seems to be, in most, a definable difference between our spiritual self & our human self which is defined by awareness, the more aware we are of the inner and outer workings of life, as a whole, the more our human selves realise we are not being all we are.  The funny thing is though; spirituality is defined by how aware we are which means spirituality is about becoming more aware. This means when we talk about spirituality we are talking about awareness so is this saying the human self is of ignorance?  

Going by actual experiences, there is a huge difference between the human and spiritual self, when we talk about the spiritual in life we are actually talking about awareness which is quite different to human sciences. Human science can only become aware or knowing of what it is consciously aware of but the spiritual self is aware of all of what is. I can understand how science minded people see spirituality as being threatening to their ideological views however the most successful scientists in human history, I believe, are also connected to this spiritual awareness. Many sit within their own quietness which is similar to meditating.  What a scientist is doing when they sit within their own quietness is focusing, people who meditate also focus especially on their breathing. In this case, scientist have balanced out the human self with the aware spiritual self, unbeknownst to most scientists, however the ego wants to take all the credit in being so smart and usually refutes any claim the only reason they are so smart is because of their connectedness to the spiritual aware self.  

This brings us to spiritually aware people themselves, what gives balance to a spiritually aware person? Believe it or not, if spiritually aware people didn’t have this balance between their spiritually aware self and the human self they wouldn’t exist as humans, they would, like the Mayans and many other individuals, physically disappear which brings us back to the question, what balances out a spiritually aware person so they don’t just disappear from this physical world/reality?

Let’s go back to scientists, what balances them out? Believe it or not it’s our ignorance which is egotistically driven; most scientists are ignorant to where there braininess comes from because they want to believe it’s them as individuals who are so aware and knowing.  Of course spiritually aware people know differently mainly because we tend to be not as driven by the ego however I feel if we weren’t driven by ego at all we would disappear.  What I am saying is the ego helps us balance out our spiritual and human self so we don’t change our vibrations to the extent of disappearing.     

The below link shows quite clearly how spirituality and science are in tune with each other and how science minded people just can’t see beyond their egos where’s a lot of spiritually aware people can.

Extract: Right before the event began, I approached the professor on the panel to say hello. We had met once before, and as I stretched out my hand for a shake I noticed a hesitation on his part in return. Frankly, he didn't look very happy to see me, but I didn't make much of it. During the dialogue and discussion, I noticed he was very aggressive and took every opportunity to belittle all the aspects of spirituality and yoga, of which he had little or no knowledge about in the first place. I realized at that moment that there was a new breed of fanatics on the rise and this breed had nothing to do with religion.

I would also like to add to this by saying; there are a lot of spiritually aware people who clash with science ideologies as well which again denote a controlling ego controlling us to think in certain ways.  When we are thinking in certain ways, either it be spiritually or scientifically, what is driving this thought pattern? Also have some spiritually aware people become highly egotistical when they think of themselves as being more aware especially over and above science minded people?  The link above shows clearly how science and spiritualty are as one however our egos tell us something quite different when we believe in a supposed opposing ideology.  It’s our egos telling us we believe in a much wiser and aware ideological process however being spiritually aware does make us or should make us more aware of this. I don’t believe this is the case with scientists who shut themselves off from the rest of the world to focus on a particular point like spiritually aware people do when meditating.

Anyone with a fixated ideological belief isn’t going to accept this mainly because of the controlling factors of the ego.  

I believe the scientists who have shut themselves off in this way have quite nicely balanced out the spiritual & human self, mostly unbeknownst to them,  probably a lot better than most spiritually aware people can. This is because a lot of spiritually aware people are only focused and believe in spiritual awareness and denounce anything else beyond this thought process. This thought process is obviously controlled by the ego denoting,” my ideological beliefs are far superior to science ideologies”.  It takes a wise spiritually aware person to become aware enough to know it’s all about awareness no matter how that awareness has been obtained.  Yes science has proven itself unworthy at times but so has spirituality, when this happens, where is this awareness?

It is funny to think the ego is keeping us balanced between our spiritual and human selves unless we are unwise. It is obvious the ego has gone troppo in this reality either it be scientifically/technologically driven or spiritually/religiously driven however where there is a balance between our human and spiritual selves the controlling factors of the ego are far less controlling which in turn gives us balance. According to a number of spiritually aware people we should rid ourselves of the ego all together; I believe there is no balance in this between our human and spiritual selves. If we want to end up like the Mayans fair enough but most of us don’t see any point to this. I believe there is a reason we are here and it’s not to just disappear but find a balance between the human and spiritual self or if you like, the ego and spiritual self.  Once we find this balance collectively, what we know what heaven to be will seem lame.