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Saturday, 26 March 2016

An Un-Encumbrance

Written by Mathew Naismith

Life is disturbing to us when  it's only seen as being an encumbrance.

Everything we experience in life as being disturbing in anyway, is a sure sign of an encumbering life.

We create encumbrances therefore the disturbances in our lives by reacting in a disturbed way.

In all essence, every encumbrance is an illusion brought forth to bare only because of our reaction to life experiences.

Indeed, life is only disturbing to us because of our reaction to life by allowing life experiences to create encumbrances, remembering, these encumbrances didn't exist until we created them.

This is the truth in all we experience.

Anything deemed as being unbecoming, instantly creates encumbrances for us thus making life more disturbing than what it should have been.

By all means, we should be able to experience life without encumbrances but we can't, this is of course due to our conditioning.

How often are the facts so often sensationalised and how often do we, ourselves, over react!!

You see, we create the disturbances in our lives, they never existed until we created them, one and all.

For sure, as an example, the death of a love one can be disturbing thus encumbering our lives, however, it's we who have created our own encumbrance.            

Do you know, in certain cultures the demise of a love one is cherished and celebrated, and do you know, the hardships of life are not celebrated by allowing any hardship to become an encumbrance!!   

The point is, all of life disturbances should not be turned into an encumbrance as we so often do.

Instead, cherish and celibate these experiences as an advantage, not as a disadvantage.

For all of life experience is an advantage to us if only we could condition ourselves away from encumbering our lives.

Yes, I am talking from such encumbering experiences for how else could I know!!