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Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Graceful Swan Within

Written by Mathew Naismith

I awoke this morning to thoughts of us all being graceful swans, the only violence we have is the human in us for only the human knows how to destroy violently without provocation. The human self either bows to being violated and/or being the violator itself, in either case, we are endorsing violence, this is the situation humans have put themselves and everything else around them in.

Are we this human or are we something else?

The graceful swan: Not many of us see ourselves as a graceful swan, this reason for this is simple. The swan is a graceful display of ego without a doubt, the swan has no egoistic tendencies beyond the simple simplicities of ego. Humans are different, the human spirit was once a part of the swan too, until the human ego took control a tricked the swan in us all to display egotistic traits to the extent of becoming egotistical.

In truth, the swan wasn't tricked but flew away from what the human self was doing. In truth, it was the human egoistic self that was tricked in thinking it was in control, when in truth, it is being controlled.

The human self without the swan within is but a puppet on a string, the more egotistic traits the humans self expresses, the more it's like this puppet on a string.

The swan within us all is not like this, it's graceful without being egotistical. We might think this would take a lot of effort for the swan to control it's egoistic tendencies, this isn't so, simply because the swan is just being within it's environment without trying to control it, is the human self able to do this? Once we lose the swan within us individually and collectively, we lose the ability to dispel being controlled and controlling.

The truth of it all, is that the human self is no more in control of itself and it's environment than if the swan within us was still there, in actuality, the swan that isn't trying to control it's environment has more mastery over it's environment than the human self.

No matter how graceful the human self tries to paint itself up to be, it just hasn't got the gracefulness of the swan. If the human self is supposed to be so much in control, why is it still trying to be a swan?

The human without the controlling tendencies of the human is a swan, the human void of the tendencies of the swan is but a puppet of egoistic traits. As of any puppet on a string, it can become quite naturally violent for it's but a puppet on a string.

What else can I say from the poem above, we are all of what it says, we think we are only human when we are also the swan. Once you take the yin from the yang, the swan from the human self, what are you left with? A puppet of it's own devices but at no point is the puppet or the puppeteer in control for they are one of the same once the swan, the yin, is no more within......