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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Like a Butterfly

Written by Mathew Naismith

What is wise to understand is that when people like me seem derogative, we are not really being derogative, only a perception of negatives and positives will judge like this. If I call the human race a virus that is devouring its host, this isn't being derogative as there is no perception of a negative, it's simply stating a fact of how humans can behave. This kind of behaviour is quite natural for the human species to express up to date, of course if the human species allowed itself to consciously evolve even further, this kind of behaviour simply wouldn't and couldn't exist, I will explain.              

What is or isn't negative or positive to the observer is completely different the participator, mainly because there are no negatives or positives perceptions when of the observer. The more of the observer we become, the less motion is expressed therefore the less of the perceptions of negatives and positives we judge/perceive. Also, the more of the observer we become, the less we feel love and light because we are love and light. Feelings are of a high degree of motion therefore participation.  

The participator judges more negatives and positives the more of the participator we become, this is probably why the expressions like toxic and negative are used so frequently these days in Westernised spirituality. You see the more of the participator we become, the more perceived negatives and positive we perceive/judge.

OK, on one end of the scale negatives are ignored and/or denounced because they are toxic to our own positive vibrations. On the other end of the scale we have materialists who ignore what they have created, for example, child and adolescent prostitution. In the middle of the scale we have people like me who are not ignorant to these things, this is simply because these motions are not critically judged as being negative as it's natural for a leech to leech/sponge off of a victim/host.

How many of the elite create and then live off of sick dying people? How many of the elite create a reality that feeds off of other people in one sense or another? Cannibalism comes to mind which was and still is a part of some people's reality around the world, it's certainly a part of the elite's reality which is then forced upon the rest of humanity.

Is the human species acting like a virus, a leach and a cannibal negative?

Is an actual leach type creature negative because it naturally feeds off of other animals? Is a virus negative because it naturally devours its host and is a cannibal negative while naturally existing within its own environment?

A spiritual person goes into a forest and immediately feels all these positive vibrations, this is while at the same time the forest is all about a dog eat dog world. Are other animals praying off of other animals, each other and plants negative, why is it then negative for the human species to act in this way?

The human species is a part of the natural environment, this is too obvious in the way the human species mimics so much of the natural environment, the difference is, the human species somehow puts itself above what it mimics. Also, a leech is a leach as a virus is a virus as a cannibal is a cannibal, they are what they are void of being like each other, however, the human species is expressive of all of these motions and more, the question is now, is the expression of all these motions, all these participations, representative of an evolving consciousness?

Yes, the observer observes that some parts of the human species is expressive of these motions of the natural environment, this is completely natural for a species to do when it puts itself above all other species and forms of existence, the point is, not everyone of the human species expresses themselves in this way.

Yes, the human species is a part of nature but it's also a part of a different natural state of existence, an existence that is of the observer rather than a participator.

The universe itself is all about participation, motion, everything it creates is of participation; this is what we call nature, a natural environment of motion. This however is not the only natural environment we are a part of; we are also a part of the observer of participation.

The observer can be of love void of having to feel love first to be of love, in actuality the feeling of love is negated through being love instead of just feeling love. The participator on the other hand has to feel love, within this motion it will never become truly of love because there is simply no observation of love, just participation of love. Can we stop acting like a leech, a virus and a cannibal if we are still in participation of these motions? Only through observation is human consciousness able to evolve, of course observation is of awareness, the more we observe, the more we become aware.

Yes, it's hard to imagine, in a reality, a universe, of a high degrees of motion, one seemingly has to express love to be of love, basically, to put love into motion. Imagine being love without having to feel love. It's hard to imagine only because we are conditioned to participation rather than observation. As there are no perceptions of negatives or positives in observation, there are no feelings of love, joy, harmony and so on, they are simply not needed to be of these motions. Imagine being of motions void of motions, simply a motionless state of being of everything void of judgment or bias.

Yes, the natural environment of motion, the universe, tricks us to think we have to put everything into motion to be of that motion, this could not be further from the truth for we are more than motion could ever express in one state of motion. Motion represents a very tiny part of who we are as a whole; only through being aware of this will human consciousness evolve. Yes, we are a part of our environment but only a tiny part, the rest is often obscured through excessive motion.

All of creation is not based on the perceptions of negatives and positives, good and bad, wrong and right, love or not love and so on, separation period, perceptions are simply created and perceived, they are not the bases of all of creation.

Yes, man could have been a butterfly, he simply chose differently........

Saturday, 2 July 2016

To Evolve Beyond Human Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Like any other species, human consciousness itself can only comprehend to a certain point, any comprehension beyond this point isn't of human origin. As of any  consciousness of any species, human consciousness has it's limitations, it's certainly not infinite within it's comprehension. It's these limitations that keep human consciousness locked up in certain scenarios (box's) thus creating a never ending recurring existence of war and desolation, in actuality, human consciousness is infinite within it's behaviour. It's a behaviour that just keeps on reoccurring, it's never ending, even after a consciousness has physically obliterated itself, it's still able to once again physically recreate the same scenario over and over again. In my mind, human consciousness is having a real hard time evolving into another species that is able to comprehend beyond what human consciousness is able to.

I should point out that human consciousness isn't physical, it's very much of a non-physical entity, in other words it doesn't die when the physical self dies.  

Evolving Consciousness: Did the human collective consciousness truly comprehend what people like Jesus and Buddha tried to portray? Obviously not, if it did, we wouldn't be where we are today, playing out the same old scenarios over and over again.

Humans evolved from micro-organisms, it is quite comprehensible, to me, that humans are not the end of the chain of evolution, evolution doesn't stop at being human, it will go on but only if we are willing to evolve. Of course it's possible that not all human will evolve, there  still micro-organisms and apes around, not all of a species will evolve, however, it's unlikely that humans, while cohabiting with a more consciously aware being, won't evolve. Basically, human consciousness will die out either by it's own hands or evolve while cohabiting with more aware conscious entities. However, any human consciousness that doesn't naturally evolve or cohabitate with more aware entities, will consciously stay human. This is neither right nor wrong, it just is, is it wrong for a micro-organism to stay as a micro-organism?

Malignant Consciousness: Human consciousness has experienced various influences from other forms of consciousness's, Jesus and Buddha are but a few of these more aware consciousness's, however, human consciousness has also been influenced by what I call malignant consciousness's as well. It's a cancer causing consciousness in a sense it influences a consciousness to become highly destructive, even to itself. Cancer isn't just a physical entity, it's also non-physical, in actuality, everything that is of the physical, has been created from the non-physical. You could look at people like Jesus and Buddha as being  doctors/healers of malignant cancers, of consciousness's that are highly destructive, it's just we didn't take our medicine to avoid getting really ill, we just didn't listen and now human consciousness is riddled with malignant cancers.

Human consciousness is unable to, quite understandably, comprehend that everything that is physical, was created from non-physical consciousness. Human consciousness is so conditioned to physicality, even after the physical self dies, it still hangs onto it's physical self, ghosts are a good example of this. This makes the human physical self accessible to malignant non-physical consciousness's, being that anything primarily of the five senses, is a prime candidate for these malignant consciousness's to influence. The only thing that is able to stop this influence is the realisation that we are not just of these five senses. In actuality, if we could perceive our own existence void of the five senses, no amount of  malignant consciousness would be able to influence us, it's this simple. To evolve, we need to realise we are not just these five senses.  

Note: If you are not into souls, the following isn't going to be for you.

Souls: Some souls, at the soul level, are of physicality, the five senses, some aren't. The five sense are by far not just of physicality as of physicality isn't just of the physical, in actuality, human consciousness isn't very physical at all in the whole scheme of things. There are consciousness's that are far more of the five senses than we are but to us they seem to be non-physical. This kind of existence is too difficult to comprehend or put into words.

We have a huge mix of souls, within this reality, that are primarily of the five senses and souls that are primarily of the comprehension and conditioning beyond these five senses. Just like we have our own paths to follow in this life, we also have our own path to follow at the soul level, this means souls that are primarily of the five senses, are more likely to be influenced by malignant consciousness's. A consciousness that is influenced by malignant consciousness's, is naturally controlling, this being that the five senses are all about control. Any consciousness void of the control of the five senses, is unable to be controlling in any sense. It's the five senses that give consciousness the ability to control or the illusion  of control!!

Why are so many people who are aware, are disheartened and uneasy about what is occurring in the world and other people are not? I find it quite interesting that we have a huge variety of souls within this one reality, it's not a real coexistence however, there is no real cohabiting between these quite different souls, this is primarily due to outside influence from other conscious entities. The more of the five sense we are of, the more susceptible we will be to malignant consciousness's, it's quite inevitable. It was inevitable that this kind of reality was going to be controlled by malignant consciousness's if we didn't listen to far more aware consciousness's, the game isn't over though for any consciousness not fooled into being just of the five senses.

Basically, the five senses are of the finite where's a comprehension beyond these five sense is of the infinite. Anything of the awareness of the infinite self, will prevail, anything not, will stay as a malignant consciousness's, a consciousness that is forever fixed to a never ending cycle of doom and gloom over and over again. Not all of us are meant to evolve from being of human consciousness, this is their path as we have ours.

In all, have faith within your infinite self......        

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Conceived from Sparks of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

“We have all been created from dust particles however we were all conceived through consciousness!!” This is my latest quote and it has so much relevance within how aware we are becoming, dust created who we are but consciousness is what we are.  Our evolutionary body & mind was created from dust, the reason I say evolutionary is because our mind & body have evolved in time which has given us man made conscious awareness of who we are, mainly through various science’s but of course religion/spirituality had a hand in this as well through time.

As any species evolve, it becomes more and more consciously aware of itself and it’s surroundings, this is consciousness brought on by evolutionarily evolving but of course this takes time. It’s funny to think that man’s consciousness evolved from specs of dust and gases but it has. Why has man evolved and a rock and a tree or other biological species haven’t, especially in conscious awareness?  Man was created through time from specs of dust but how does a speck of dust become aware and continues to evolve in conscious awareness?

This sounds awfully loony to think man’s conscious awareness is due to being created from dust, I could pick up a handful of dust and no matter what I do to this dust it will not become aware of itself. The theory of evolution has given us some idea in how man’s consciousness has come about, it took many thousands of years to evolve but I still to this day wonder how a speck of dust becomes aware of itself!!   

As usual to answer such queries we look at ourselves & our own evolution which is influenced by our outer environment. In one life time our awareness can grow quite dramatically from birth to adulthood, this is how evolution works on a small scale, it also works this way on a larger scale as human history proves, this is saying time is needed for evolution to work. It is obvious how evolution, by just looking at one life time, has given us consciousness of man. So if we look at the creation of the universe itself we can see how evolution works.

Wait a minute, what are we doing!! We have compared ourselves to the rest of the known universe and came up with how evolution has created our conscious awareness, man seems to only be able to make deductions on what man himself has become. However the rest of the universe isn’t reliant on man to make such deductions, it’s not built upon man’s evolution, man is built upon the evolution of the universe.  Man and his consciousness came sometime after the creation of the universe so how can we make such deductions from our own consciousness about how everything else evolved in the universe. Yes science has proven to a point in how the universe was created but how was it conceived.  Conceived doesn’t just mean created, it also means envisioned and perceived. Man, in his wisdom, doesn’t or can’t look at the universe as being conceived as in envisioned or perceived because his too busy relating the rest of the universe upon what he knows not what is actually known. There couldn’t possibly be a consciousness before man’s consciousness, it would have had to be conceived even before the universe was created and this is impossible because it takes time to create conscious awareness obviously or so man thinks!!

It’s funny how we compare the rest of creation on man’s limited understanding; he seems to only know of what time has given him to know, mainly through evolution and the following experiences of evolving. The thing is, man doesn’t know that everything he needs to know is right in front of him. Science has only looked at the universe as being created but has never, to my knowing, looked seriously at the universe as being conceived. We humans conceive all the times through being consciously aware either it be giving birth (creating) or conceiving new ideas, this is all a part of evolution & evolving, why can’t we see the universe as being conceived? Are our egos that inflated??

We have our own consciousness that has evolved through time but there is in my mind a higher conscious, it’s only higher because it’s far more aware than human consciousness. We try so desperately to look outwardly beyond the stars for answers when all the time the answers were right there in front of us. This is like an individual looking for something out from oneself that has always been within.  Man’s consciousness has come from outside of oneself mainly from experiences throughout history however universal consciousness comes from within, a consciousness that is right in front of us.  

Monday, 17 June 2013

Learning from Diversity

Written by Mathew Naismith 

Think of yourself as being the only being/entity & thing in existence, what do we have in other words what are we aware of?  We are knowing of our knowing & we know we exist but are we actually aware as in knowing past of what we just know?   When you think about this or have allowed yourself to become aware of what it was like when there was only the creative consciousness what did you feel because we all know? In actual fact because there are no comparisons you can only feel aware of your knowing not be aware of your knowing & that is what everything is, just knowing & not being at this conscious stage.

To be the knowing instead of just knowing of you’re knowing one needs to have comparisons of oneself & what do comparisons denote?  Judgment which is of the ego however as I have stipulated in previous posts there is judgment & judgemental & there is ego & egotistical, what we are talking about here is of judgment & ego which can be very positive.  What better way to learn about oneself than to create various souls with different journeys to enact out.  Don’t get me wrong here as it seems like I’m saying being judgmental & egotistical are just negative but they aren’t as explained in previous posts but more likely they are than not.

Being the only existing thing in your world, because there can’t be any other world as there is nothing in existence other than yourself to  compare too, you can only know so much of yourself however once we have comparisons/judgment we become more aware of ourselves.  Judgment & the ego have had a bad rap for some time now & of course to give judgment & the ego a bad rap we needed to judge them so in the first place, we have judged them & labelled them under negativity which seems slightly hypocritical to me.

Now let’s take a look at ourselves, would have man evolved if he didn’t have comparisons & judgment? To answer this, let’s say we are the only living thing on this planet however unlike the creative consciousness (God) at first we have comparisons within our environment because we know we are different from a tree or a rock & what human trait gave us this comparison? Judgment, without judgment we just couldn’t evolve being the only living thing however even with these other comparisons we could only evolve so far plus of course when die that would be the end of it.  What it took for us to evolve & become aware of ourselves is others simular to us for without this comparison man wouldn’t have evolved, no comparison no awareness. In actual fact we have each other & judgment/ego to thank for our awareness & the more diverse we are to each other the more aware we are becoming collectively & individually.

We have judged judgmental & egotistical people & labelled them as negative but without them we would be far less aware of ourselves so in actual fact they are very positive attributes  to our awareness as a whole also the creative consciousness wouldn’t be as aware of itself either if it wasn’t for diversity & comparisons to judge ourselves by. It is impossible for anyone to be totally non-judgmental otherwise they wouldn’t & couldn’t become aware in the first place. To become spiritually aware we judge & compare not just everyone to us but our different feelings we get while becoming aware, how would we know one feeling from another unless we judged them differently for example how would we know love from hate if we didn’t judge them so?   It’s obvious we judge while becoming spiritually aware but at the same time judge them as negatives when in fact they are positive.   

Once we are connected to a certain point to our inner self judgment & the ego become less appropriate automatically because we no longer need them to become aware & the more connected we become the less we need these human traits. What some people are doing is telling everybody to rid themselves of these so called negatives straight up & by doing so cause more conflicts than necessary by teaching them to judged judgment as a negative, be positive & use all the tools we have at hand, don’t discard any tool that we can use positively as in this lies a hard road ahead.