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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Looking Beyond Our Own Perceptions

Written by Mathew Naismith  

I've been preoccupied recently with work, play and a forum site I became involved on, the owner of the site certainly has her work cut out for her, so many people have a different perspective on each others perceptions. 

What I'm going to do is show you a video first up showing the subtle differences between Eastern and Western perceptions in the same circumstances, I found this quite interesting myself. This post isn't actually about Eastern and Western perceptions though, it's actually about another perceptive that can also lead us to perceive quite differently to other people.    


I'm going to talk about how our own formulations create different perceptions to other people even while experiencing and knowing the same things.  

Formulation; is to do with the way we express ourselves, these expressions are created by the way we form what we know and are aware of, this is what gives the perception of what we are expressing. You can see this occurring in the video, even under the exact same circumstances, we express ourselves quite differently to other people who formulate an occurrence in a different way to ourselves.

We might perceive here that one is wrong or right over the other, I call this black and white perceiving, why does there have to be a wrong or right, why can't they just be a different way to express ourselves which is brought on by the way we perceive through the way we formulate? 

It's interesting how a black and white perception give us boundaries to perceive by where a non black and white perception is void of these boundaries. This kind of perceiving goes beyond a wrong or right, good or bad, negative or positive, there is no true sense of a black and white within this way of perceiving.

People who only seem to perceive in a black and white perception, can make forum sites a chaotic experience, they are unable to perceive beyond their own perceptions of a black and white. These boundaries we give ourselves can hinder our reasoning process which can  lead to conflict. The world the way it is at present is a good example of this.

Every one can formulate according to their own perceptions but not everyone can formulate in an unbiased manner, as soon as we only see a black and white, we have created a bias that we perceive by and express. This will of course give us a totally different perspective from people who perceive beyond the perception of a black and white perspective.

Let's now take a look at people like Einstein and Gandhi, they formulated quite differently which was wholly due to their knowing and circumstances. If we go back to the video, this shows us how different people express themselves in the same circumstances, Einstein and Gandhi however found themselves in different circumstances but perceived the same. Einstein and Gandhi found themselves in quite different circumstances but this  didn't mean they didn't perceive in the same way , there was no simple black and white perception for them.

A Non Black and Whit Perception: In actuality, both these people experienced quite different circumstances but perceived in the same way,  unlike what was shown in the video. They could observe beyond a black and white perception, this gave them a bias free perception and subsequent expression. It's by no mistake why these two people were so great within their fields.  

People like Einstein and Gandhi were lucky, they could formulate their perceptions quite naturally, most people need to be taught to formulate past a black and white perception and even then they just can't do it. You need to be very open minded and don't just judge a black and white, good or bad, this however certainly isn't easy at times except for people like Einstein and Gandhi that is. Einstein and Gandhi never perceived in a black and white perception believe it or not when other people do, this is another reasons why everyone perceives so differently at times other than Eastern and western perceptions. 

I found it quite interesting observing and also participating on this forum site, I observed the different ways people perceived each other, I also observed my own participation and in how I also expressed myself using a black and white perception at times. The way we perceive certainly determines the reality we will create.