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Thursday, 25 August 2016

3rd Dimension And It's Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I created the following image format just recently, this format of course makes it difficult for my  readers from various other countries to translate, I have therefore decided to share this image in a written document format. I am also going to elaborate on what is stated here.

The lab or laboratory refers to the 3rd dimension, this universe, and the experiment itself refers to the consciousness used within the lab. This however isn't referring that we are being experimented on by a so called higher consciousness, it means we have become apart of the experiment itself to the extent of becoming primarily of 3rd dimensional consciousness. All this means is we have become so involved and attached to the 3rd dimension, that we have forgotten the consciousness that created the lab in the first place.             

Nothing within a 3rd dimension has been created from a 3rd dimensional consciousness. All of what is of the 3rd dimension, was created from other dimension, this is because the 3rd dimension is limited to a certain consciousness.

The 3rd dimension is like a science experiment conducted in a lab, the 3rd dimension is the lab while the experiment itself represents the consciousness used in relation to the lab.

The 3rd dimensional lab determines what is discovered and created from these discoveries but the consciousness used is of other dimensions, albeit in a limited way in accordance with the 3rd dimensional lab.

This is not easy to properly comprehend for various reasons, one being the primary use of 3rd dimensional consciousness. The lab might be 3rd dimensional but the consciousness isn't, not unless the consciousness used is limited to the lab itself.

~Mathew G~


This is certainly a different way to look at our existence, there is however no right or wrong way of perceiving our existence for consciousness itself is unlimited, only created consciousness's like 3rd dimensional consciousness is limited. This limitation of course gives us a different perception of an existence as each limitation does, however, because we are conditioned to a consciousness of the 3rd dimension, that is how we perceive, any other perception beyond these limitations is usually incomprehensible to us.

The following is a good thing to be aware of. I'm usually accused of being argumentative in dissuasions, the reason lies entirely on how many ways I can perceive one perspective, basically people like me tend to have a reasonable answer for almost anything, this infuriates people who are unable to perceive in the same way. A good example of this is, anyone who can only primarily perceive through 3rd dimensional consciousness, will of course perceive discussions as an arguments when in discussion with a person who can perceive beyond 3rd dimensional consciousness. Arguments of course being primarily of 3rd dimensional perspectives. If you are able to perceive beyond 3rd dimensional consciousness, you will most likely find it difficult to discus anything remotely insightful and in-depth with anyone who primarily perceives in 3rd dimensional perspectives. It's wise to keep the discussion content to a 3rd dimensional aspect. I'm obviously not very wise, this is obvious!! :)

There is also a reversal or a calibration when conducting in a discussion with people who can perceive beyond 3rd dimensional limitations as yourself, each giving a different view/perception of a singular perspective. Now this is interesting, I have had numerous discussions with Eastern minded people, only on one occasion did the discussion, to some extent, get to an argumentative stage. At no times was I personally attacked or called names when in total disagreement. I however have personally experienced that Western minded people are the opposite, even when the discussion isn't an argument, they call the discussion an argument or cause it to be an argument.

The question is, are Eastern minded people conditioned to think beyond 3rd dimensional consciousness more than Western minded people? It would seem that Eastern teachings teach about a consciousness beyond 3rd dimensional consciousness, where's western thinking seems to be based more on 3rd dimensional consciousness.  This assumption isn't just based on Western minded people turning a discussion into an argument, even when their is no argument to begin with, this assumption is also based on various spiritual teachings of Eastern cultures. There is also a very good reason why so many Western spiritually aware people most often turn to Eastern philosophy and spiritual practices, yoga is a  good example and so is meditation to start with.

You will also find a lot of the ancient Western philosophies and practises were more based on other dimensional consciousness's than the 3rd dimension, this is by no mistake. The laboratory (3rd dimension) didn't dictate the consciousness being used within this 3rd dimensional laboratory in ancient times, consciousness's from various dimension were utilised. In the West, we now primarily use 3rd dimensional consciousness within this laboratory, this of course limits our perspectives and the various perceptions of these perspectives to 3rd dimensional aspects. Sadly, the East is also being influenced by 3rd dimensional consciousness which is primarily of the finite, not the infinite.

This way of looking at our existence has nothing to do with absolute truths, it does however have something to do with perceiving beyond 3rd dimensional aspects and perceptions, this is all. To me, it's wise to be aware of the consciousness we use in our experimentations in a 3rd dimensional laboratory/reality.