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Monday, 12 August 2019

Letting Go of Control

Written by Mathew Naismith

This particular post could assist a lot of people who meditate or wish to meditate or anyone who just simply wants their mind to let go. You will learn to let go of control, including your own control over your mind, before meditating. The way mindfulness meditation is often taught in the west is to take control of the mind first and foremost. In the east, one firstly let's go of control to meditate as meditation is about releasing the mind of control, not controlling the mind to meditate mindfully.   

For me, learning to let go of control is far more beneficial than meditation, especially mindful meditation where you have to take control of your mind. So many people can't meditate and/or don't feel comfortable with meditating, so just letting go, especially of control, might be their thing. However, if you are a control freak, as the author of the bellow article admits to, letting go of control, which also means letting go of being controlling as well of your own mind, might be just as daunting as meditation. I loved this author's self-honesty by the way, very rare these days.   

Extract: "I’ve noticed that things go much more smoothly when I give up control—when I allow them to happen instead of making them happen. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at this."

"Surrender literally means to stop fighting. Stop fighting with yourself. Stop fighting the universe and the natural flow of things. Stop resisting and pushing against reality."

If you read the article above, you should have a better idea what letting go of control is all about, making for a more fruitful (beneficial) meditation and life period.

Letting go of being controlling can be as daunting as letting go of being controlled, in actuality, they are the same thing. We might think that by taking control, we are being controlled less. It matters not what is taking control, you or another force, it is still control that is in control. Usually, the only reason to take control is because we were being controlled. A fear of being controlled has fearfully made us take control. Fear has created a circumstance where we feel we need to take control instead of being controlled. This depicts that fear, an ego in control, is in control, nothing else.

Also, try not to think of it as them or me taking control, in other words try not to separate one energy from another taking control. It matters not what energy source that is controlling you, it is still control. We often separate them from ourselves, thus creating an environment of control of one over the other. "It is me, a positive, taking control, not them, a negative, taking control." I am also into oneness which gives me more of a one energy perception rather than numerous energies. Once you separate consciousness or energy period like this, one part of consciousness or energy will want to be more controlling. This is why I try to stay away from the perceptions of negatives and positives which is the dividing of energy, not a union of energy. One always desires to control and dominate the other.  

I actually have no need to meditate these days. I can at any moment get into a state where my mind isn't being controlled or controlling, a state where 99.9% of the time a just simply smile. Yes, I allow my mind to wonder but this wondering isn't to do with what is or isn't human, it is to do with everything as a whole. A pure state of awareness is known in Buddhism as nothingness, only because when all consciousness is observed as being in union and not separated, there is only energy, not energies. Once energy is observed like this, there is no motion to observe thus the ego has a perception of nothingness.

In the west, the separation of negatives and positives, the disunion of energy, has become predominantly popular, like taking control of our mind and life has. So many people are meditating on this bases, and any bases that makes the ego in control feel good. If any kind of control makes you feel good, what part of you do you think is making you feel good and in control? If we are honest with ourselves, we would see that it is the ego in control. What many seem to be doing is conditioning the ego to control, not conditioning or freeing the ego of and from control.

If you think control makes you feel powerful,
you have experienced a minuscule
of what exists to experience.

~Mathew G~

As the image above depicts:

To hold, you must
first open your hand.
Let go

~Lao Tzu~

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Zero Point, The Creation Of Everything

Written by Mathew Naismith

Could you imagine everything being created from a nothingness, how could we possibly, within a reality that everything is created from something,  imagine a nothingness creating all that is. This is incomprehensible until we realise what this nothingness, this zero point, actually is.

Because I don't have a problem or a hang-up with religion, I found the following very interesting, as I will explain. The following relates to many other philosophies and ancient texts in that zero relates to a God or to one consciousness. This zero is the point of origin of all things, a depiction of a true sense of oneness and utter tranquility. You could easily relate this zero point to a Zen state of consciousness, you can also relate this zero pint to the eye of a cyclone. Please keep an open mind to the following, you just might be surprised.


Shunya is a Sanskrit word which denotes “Zero” or “Nullity”. The 743rd nama of Maha Vishnu in Sri Vishnu Sahasranama is “SHUNYA”. I wondered is not extremely odd to call Maha Vishnu a “ZERO”. I have heard and read that He is called “Ekam” the one and only and also He is addressed as “Anantha” the Infinite. But how can one explain hailing Him as “Shunya”, the Nothing?
According to our ancients if Infinity is immeasurable then Zero too is immeasurable. In reality zero is anti-i...

My Reply
Absolutely Sreeram, Western minded people in particular have a huge problem in comprehending this, there has to be some kind of motion to be so great.

This zero point seems to represent  perfect balance between yin and yang, everything else being a creation from this one point. Motion seems to represent some kind of imbalance between yin and yang and it's this imbalance that  has created everything from this zero point, this is why everything else is of this zero point without being this zero point.

A good example is a cyclone, without it's zero/centre point, can a cyclone exist? This is with everything, nothing can exist without this zero point. The destructive part of the cyclone is destructive because it's of motion, the centre point isn't destructive because of it's lack of motion. We call the centre of the cyclone the eye of the cyclone, in effect, the all seeing eye!!


Zero: Can modern day mathematics exist without this zero (0) point? This nothingness turns out to be everything, of course being everything how can this nothingness be of nothing, zero point? I think Sreeram explains this quite well, "If we reflect upon it deeply, we can make out “Zero” and “Infinity” to be two extremes of the same unimaginable circle. By the same logic “Anantha” and “Shunya” though seeming to be antonymous, in reality they mean the same thing. So Maha Vishnu is both “Lord Infinity” as well as “Lord Zero”." To get a better idea of this, it's advisable to read the rest of Sreeram's post.

Zero = motionlessness, anything other than this zero = motion. It's likened to mathematics, zero on it's own has no motion, no numerical quantum, it's representative of nothingness. Now give this zero motion by adding a numerical quantum, such as the number one, thus creating something out of seemingly nothing.

It is quite understandable that within a reality or dimension that has been created by this motion, such a consciousness will think everything came from something so we call this nothingness, this zero point, God or oneness for example. This is so we can relate this zero point to something tangible and comprehensible while still existing in a reality created by motion. Motion needs motion for comprehension and that is exactly what we have done by calling this zero point God or oneness or a Zen conscious state.

It is interesting to know that the decimal system was created by a mathematician from India, the importance of the zero was evident, of course in other cultures this zero point is expressed in other ways. 

Cyclone Relative: It seems ludicrous to relate this zero point to a cyclone. As of most kinds of Eastern philosophies, the environment is used often in Eastern philosophy. It's well known in the East that the environment can tell us so much about ourselves and of our origin.

The eye of the cyclone represents zero point, a point represented by motionlessness, tranquillity, its' also all seeing because this eye is not obscured by clouds unlike the surrounding areas of the eye of the cyclone. God, oneness, Zen consciousness, is represented by this zero point because it's all seeing as it's not obscured by motion. Now without the eye of the cyclone, cyclones just can't exist, is this not so with everything?

How was the universe created? The universe was created from a centre point of origin, a point of origin that was perfectly motionless until motion was created from this centre point. We might think from this that the eye of the cyclone was created from motion to begin with which formed the eye of the cyclone, like the universe was formed by motion.

What firstly created motion, before motion ever existed as a form of motion? Nothingness, was not the motion that created the cyclone to begin with nothing? Motion, in certain circumstances as a cyclone, creates an image of what motion was initially created from.

Motion: So what is this motion in a conscious sense? As of all motions, motions are conditioning, this is likened to being physically conditioned to a certain weather be it hot or cold. Try putting an Eskimo in a hot dessert and expect them to feel just like at home in the cold, it's just not going to happen until they become conditioned to the hot climate of the dessert, consciousness in motion is the same.

Motion basically represents a kind of conditioning depending on the motion being expressed, liken this to  hot and cold weather for instance. Consciously, this hot and cold would be represented as religions and non-religions for example, try putting an atheist in an environment of Catholicism or visa-versa, it's obvious what would occur. Take a consciousness out of it's conditioned environment and it will either conform to the new environment or disregard or deny such an environment.

Let's go further to a state of oneness, Zen or zero point, a point of no motion, how would any consciousness conditioned to a certain condition, as an ideology for example, cope with zero conditioned motions? Such a consciousness would find it extremely hard to cope, like an Eskimo in a hot desert but far worse. It is quite understandable that any consciousness fixated to any kind of motion, will find it most difficult in readjusting to such a motionless environment of zero conditioning/ideologies.

This might upset some people who are into meditation, praying or chanting, try to keep an open mind. All these practices are of a conditioning, they were actually created by motion, this means they are part of the conditioning process, however, if used correctly, these practices can dissolve conditionings or anything created by motion.

Let's look at mediation. Meditation is a part of this conditioning meditation is set up to dissolve. If we were one with everything (zero point), would we need to meditate? Even meditation is a part of the conditioning as it's created by the conditioning to dissolve the conditioning that created the need to meditate.

This seems like a vicious cycle but it's not, not when we are aware that practices like this are created by conditionings (motions) in the first place. Within this, these practices can indeed dissolve any conditioning as long as we are able to become detached from these practices in the end. The reality is, this detachment very rarely occurs as these practices become but another be an end all, but another attachment to a conditioning (motion). Any attachment to any kind of motion, is not a true representation of zero point, a point of absolute peace, tranquillity and motionlessness. 

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Atheism (Buddhism) is Correct

Written by Mathew Naismith

Both the Western atheist view and Buddhist atheism is correct in that there is no divine energy source or God/God's, the reason for this isn't that simple to explain mainly because of the different perspectives we have of our environment/reality. Each view represents a filter (perception) that gives us a different perspective of what is and isn't, what these filters (perceptions) do, is give us a certain perspectives. However as of always, perspectives are a measurement or judgment of what is and isn't that are built upon specific perceptions (filters). However in saying this, atheism as a whole is also incorrect at the same time as I will also try to explain but first I will share an interaction I had with some interesting people. 


Any meaningful change is possible only through understanding or through insight. Any thing that involves practice will only lead to propaganda or conditioning.

My Reply
Well stated +Meda Raveendra Reddy Foundation, practice is motion, the more motion we create, the more we are conditioned. 

Insight on the other hand doesn't create motion, it creates awareness void of conditioning, this is wisdom. 

A lot of people think we have to gain knowledge to become wise, however, knowledge is motion which will only create conditioning void of wisdom. 

Wisdom actually comes from understanding and insights so you couldn't be more correct here. Wisdom is truth, knowledge is lies.....awareness actually replaces knowledge, that is why wisdom is of truth. 

This is my insight which may or may not be correct.

Mathew Naismith You are absolutely right:) People see security in practices and then become conditioned. Once they are conditioned, they will not be able to see things beyond conditioning.

Reply to:
Meda Raveendra Reddy Foundation We all have our filters that filter reality. Enlightenment is when we start to see the world clearly. 1st the darkness, then the beauty behind all of creation.

Following Reply
Michael Hopkins Absolutely true. The ability to see things with out filters is possible, when our thoughts are free from the self and all identifications:)

My Reply
Filters I think explains it quite well Michael, when you look through different sunglasses with different sun filter, we get a different perspectives of our environment, of course it's all a lie (illusion).We find this out when we take the sunglasses off, take the darkness from our vision. 

You cloud vision, you cloud insight and a true sense of awareness, all you are left with is knowledge that is filtered. We need knowledge but it's filtered at present which detracts from actual insights. 

I've actually got to explain why atheism (Buddhism) is correct in certain aspects, however, as isms are, they are all wearing sunglasses with different filters. 

Instead of sun filters, for us, it's ism filters that all give a different perspective. No ism is totally incorrect but no ism is totally correct either. Take the filters away and we would observe something quite amazing to say the least. 

So lads, in my mind, you are perfectly correct. -:)

Now why is atheism correct that there are no divine energy sources and God's/God?

A lot of spiritual views state quite clearly, there is only one, one consciousness, one source of creation, oneness as a whole, this is the teachings of oneness, not dividedness, non-duality, not duality. Now we might perceive here we are talking about a God of creation but where not, not in this perspective.

There is only oneness, like a oneness with God if you like. If consciousness is one with God, what would then define a God when all consciousness is of God? Consciousness then becomes this God which negates a perception of God. This is the same with any kind of divine energy, once consciousness becomes one with this energy, what then defines divine when all energies are of the same? To define any divine energy, you have to have an energy source that is not of this energy, basically, if there is nothing to compare this divine energy to, this energy can't be perceived as a divine energy without a comparison.

Often, anything not of this oneness, is defined as being an illusion which means the belief in any kind of divine energy is an illusion.         


What have we actually done here to define that there is no divine energy, it's all an illusion? We have once again used a specific perspective, the perspective being that only oneness exists, everything else is an illusion. I know we have to use perspectives but as I stated before, perspectives define measurements/judgment, so often can a consciousness be deceived by a perspective, especially a specific perspective that is defined through a specific perception that there is only oneness, everything else is an illusion.

The question is now, is there only oneness?

As of all isms, there is some truth, the Holey Trinity is no different. Please bare with me if you have a problem with religion, it's not all a fallacy. I'm not religious myself but I'm not going to allow this one perspective perception to act as but another filter. The link below is certainly worth investigating in my mind. It's wise not to denounce all other perspectives over one!!


Extract: You and I live in a three-dimensional world. All physical objects have a certain height, width, and depth. One person can look like someone else, or behave like someone else, or even sound like someone else. But a person cannot actually be the same as another person. They are distinct individuals.

God, however, lives without the limitations of a three-dimensional universe. He is spirit. And he is infinitely more complex than we are.

That is why Jesus the Son can be different from the Father. And, yet the same.


God is this oneness, however, God is also trinity within us at the same time, this of course is going to seem like a paradox to us, how can we be of one and at the same time be of the other? The 3D reality has given us the perception that it has to be one or the other, point blank. This is the real illusion, especially when we consider that consciousness is infinite and is limitless within it's expressions. Why limit consciousness to being of oneness only, isn't this trying to limit an obvious limitless consciousness which infers a specific perspective being used to judged what is what? 

In relation to oneness, we have perceived it's got to be just oneness, nothing else. How do you limit a limitless consciousness but man in his wisdom, or lack of, has perceived their is only oneness thus limiting oneness to man's limited perspectives. Once we bring in perspectives, we bring in ideas that are limited.

Perspectives = limitations + judgment + finite + man's consciousness and perceptions
The realization of a God or God's consciousness, gave us the awareness that this oneness does indeed exist even though it's usually beyond most people's comprehension. What we seem to have done now is perceived that this oneness is limited when we are talking about a limitless infinite consciousness. Our own finite reality seems to have given us the perceptions that this infinite oneness is also limited, this has come from our own perspectives that this infinite consciousness has to also be limited to one or the other. Basically, be careful with perspectives, they often don't tell the whole truth, also, oneness also includes being, not of oneness, but of oneself as well, this is the true sense of oneness or the true sense of God if you like.

Atheism is correct in that their is no God but only if of God consciousness itself, which we are not and truly, never have been. Infinite = timelessness, this means this separation from this consciousness has always existed, however, at the same time we were never separated within this infinite consciousness, only in finite consciousness are we separated being that the finite is of time. Finite = time.

This is hard to get an idea of, we have never been separated but at the same time we have, why limit consciousness as having to have to be one or the other, only man's finite consciousness would do this. Of course being finite is limiting.

The holey trinity makes sense, we are of one but at the same time separate from one, this is the way it has always been but of course the tricky deceptive ego wants to believe otherwise. We didn't come from oneness for we are of oneness, this includes being separate from this oneness. We didn't come from anywhere, we have always been what we are, one with oneness but also separate from this oneness.

It's tricky to comprehend because we are conditioned to think in black and white, good and bad, negative and positive, measurements therefore perspectives brought on by a perception of one or the other, not either or both. A true sense of oneness includes all of the above, oneness and separation from oneness, not just oneness.

No ism tells the utter truth so no ism can be the be and end all, meaning, of utter truth. When isms proclaims this, I then know they are not of this truth but deceptions, for how could a consciousness influenced by the finite truly know of utter truth, it's impossible. Atheism is correct in one perspective but not in another, it will always be so. We were never separated from this oneness (God), which indicates their is no God, for we are then of this God. For a God to exist, their has to be a lesser consciousness compared to God, if we are one with God, where is this comparison to define what is or isn't a God?

However in a different perspective, this separation from oneness has also always been, we have always been separated. This separation gives a perception that oneness (God) exists. Both perspectives are correct but remembering, perspectives deceives one from the other but only if we chose one over the other. Oneness over separation, separation over oneness.


Malign Energy

I'm going to add a very simple meditative technique to this post for some reason, I call it vibrational meditation. You can do this anywhere, even in the most nosiest places, you can even do this standing up.

Don't try to do anything, don't even try to stop thinking in any sense, instead just be within the present and only the present and most importantly, don't meditate for a reason, just do it. Within this, we take ourselves away from the five sense and this is the key.

This technique will give you a sense of harmony and bliss, you will end up in a tranquil peaceful environment, this is what you focus on, harmony, bliss and tranquil peacefulness. These words within themselves, are conducive to moving away from the influences of our five senses.

One other thing to be aware of is that malign energy has no energy within itself, we ourselves give them this energy, this is likened to multinationals drawing energy out of the populous. The only reason these people have power, is wholly due to the populous giving them this energy to start with, without this energy, they are powerless. This meditative technique will assist in your own energies from being sucked from you. The reason for this is that malign energy can only use the five sense to draw it's energy from, once you put yourself into another environment other than of the five sense, this hinders malign energy being able to draw energy from you.

However, as people like me do, we humble ourselves to man, this means we don't always  protect ourselves from malign energy sources, this is our way.   

Monday, 28 March 2016

Simplifying Meditation

Written by Mathew Naismith

How do we simplify meditation so that people under stress can meditate more easier? I should also state, stress also takes in the many different forms of depression we will go through in life.

The simplest form of meditation is daydreaming, of course not everyone agrees with this as meditation is about focusing on nothingness while daydreaming is about focusing on mindful things.

However, can we meditate without focusing as can we daydream without focusing? No, the point here is focus, not what we are focusing on. To focus on nothingness still needs the mind to think about focusing on nothingness, as scientific experimentation have proved, we are still using our brains even in the deepest meditative state, this means the mind is still in a thinking process in this state.

The biggest difference between daydreaming and meditation isn't focus but how much we are focusing and what we are focusing on. If meditation was all to do with focus, we are actually focusing more while daydreaming believe it or not, however, by focusing on nothingness, allows the mind the rest without interruptions unlike daydreaming.

I think it's a good time to look at the difference between daydreaming and meditation through other sources, as the following will show, different sources have different ideas of what is and isn't meditation.             

Extract: Research suggests that there may be a link between memory, imagination and our ability to be empathetic. Imagining a scenario or picturing something that we haven’t experienced ourselves, may make it easier to understand what someone else is going through.

Within this, we can see how daydreaming is beneficial for us thus allowing us to go into a deeper meditative state. Instead of looking at the difference between daydreaming and meditation all the times, we should actually be looking at the similarities, focus of course being one of them, mental and physical benefits is another.

Extract: When daydreaming, you allow your mind to lead you. You may be fantasizing about your future or remembering a time in your past. In meditation, however, you keep a focused awareness in the present, and dismiss the tangent thoughts in your mind.

This is a good example of how the ego will only focus on the differences. What tells us to meditate and meditate at certain times of the day for a certain amount of time to begin with? To meditate takes a thought process to begin with as does daydreaming.

Daydreaming is actually about fantasizing which takes you away from everyday mundane thought processes as does meditation. Thinking of focusing and meditating on nothingness is also a fantasy, but a process that takes less thinking processes than daydreaming. Just because one practice takes a lesser thinking process, should this mean we disregard the similarities between daydreaming and mediation? The ego of course would certainly do so as it likes to separate everything, where is the oneness in this to begin with? It's very much like separating the yin from the yang.

Extract: Daydreaming during meditation is no longer a waste of time; rather, it can be re-viewed as yet another manifestation of the working of our mind and consciousness. Then, our daydreams become our meditations.

I should point out that not all daydreaming is a form of meditation or lead to a deeper meditative state, it all depends on how, not what, we focus on while daydreaming.

If there is something worrying and /or depressing us, it's a good idea not to daydream without fantasizing on a favourable outcome, it's even more beneficial if we can take away the seriousness of what we are daydreaming about. Basically, we are shifting our focus like we do while meditating.

When I daydream, I'm always fantasizing a more favourable outcome, I also laugh at the seriousness of my reactions to what I am daydreaming about. I often laugh at myself in taking life so seriously thus laughing at what depresses and causes me stress. By doing this, allows our mind to rest more easier thus allowing for a deeper meditative state.

My advice is, stop trying to find the differences in life and focus on the similarities, they are numerous once we stop trying to separate one from the other all the times.                   

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pure Awareness-The Only Solution

Written by Mathew Naismith

I love people pointing out my shortfalls within my posts as it’s the only way I’m going to become aware of my own shortfalls at times. The following response by Kitty was in relation to my last post titled, The Collective Mind and Immunisation, this reply showed me where I wasn’t being specific enough within this post and numerous other posts of mine; hopefully my reply back to Kitty will specify exactly where I am coming from in all my posts which I have also inserted.  

I have always thought that meditation was necessary only to clear ones head for the time being, meaning ; if a person is stressed out and has a lot on their mind and are in need of a "wipe the thoughts clean and start over moment" or to just clear the mind / head because they have overwhelmed themselves by over-thinking.

Still, I did wonder what the point was when you just draw a blank for however long.

I would think to myself about others who did meditate "What good is that doing, you aren't thinking about the solution or the next step to progress, you’re just in a dead zone"

I have a new take on it altogether now.

Yes, I believe once in the state of "mind emptiness" the soul/ spirit is then on a new level outside of this realm - a higher place that perhaps we originated from but have no remembrance of.

I can't even imagine what it would feel like ...... just being one with source.

We all truly belong in that space but many of us have no idea how to get back there even for a moment. (especially me)

Definitely opened my mind to a broader perspective.

Great Read!

Yes I suppose it would seem that way, basically leaving a problem without a solution. To me not everything needs a solution, for to have a solution one would also need a problem to solve, is there a problem in the first place to be solved?  

Making people aware of egotism being an illness is a solution without actually taking any action towards a problem; all what one really needs to do is be aware.  

I try and stay away from the push and pull effect, seeing a problem as a problem is the push effect, seeing a solution as a solution is the pull effect, we are pushing away one to pull in another and on and on it goes. However on the other hand if we only became aware without taking action, we neither have a push nor pull effect; the cycle of chaos is broken.

You could say meditation is an action, pulling in whatever solution we think we need giving us a pull effect!! Yes it is if we are using meditation to solve a problem, in this case the disease egotism, many people use meditation in this way.  What other way is there to use meditation and avoid the push and pull effect? Using meditation to just become aware and aware of neither a problem nor a solution but just be in pure awareness while meditating. When you sit within pure awareness, there are neither problems nor solutions just pure awareness.

The only way meditation can help us with diseases like egotism is if we meditate less on solving a problem. Is egotism a problem?  At the human level of awareness it most definitely is so we react by pushing and pulling, creating a continuous chaotic existence. This is why most of the times in my posts I’m only writing about awareness instead of a solution because awareness is the solution without taking action other than being aware.  Just being aware is actually not an action, it’s just being who we are, pure awareness/consciousness.

While we are meditating in pure awareness, we do come up with solutions to our human problems; does this mean we can’t pull in a solution while meditating as this will only add to the chaos? Yes but only if we react as if there is a problem in the first place.

In my post titled, The Collective Mind and Immunisation, I didn’t have a solution other than being aware of a disease like egotism through meditation which allows us to become aware of our higher conscious selves without action.  The only solution we need is awareness; I feel no other action needs to take place that is why most of my posts are just about awareness and of course acceptance.  

Thanks for pointing this out Kitty; I do come up short within my posts at times.

I should elaborate that Kitty made me more aware through her encouraging response towards my post which allowed me to be more specific in where I am usually coming from within my posts, I just took this for granted. 

Most people expect to hear a solution which I don't normally give except just to be aware, I honestly was not aware of this shortfall until Kitty's response, so thank you Kitty.    

Monday, 3 February 2014

Meditation- A Natural Process

Written by Mathew Naismith

Recently I have been in conversation with others on the subject of objective & subjective thinking, it was said that thinking had little to do with time but I begged to differ. My view on this, which didn’t go down well, is time relates to fragmented subjective thinking however timelessness relates to collective objective thinking. I don’t personally however like to separate thinking processes into objective & subjective as it refers one thinking process being more right over the others, there is no true right & wrong in my mind but this is what this particular subject was all about.  What would this have to do with mediation being a natural process?

Firstly because there are no true right or wrongs thinking right & wrongs thinking isn’t wrong or right either, this brings us to how humans function by there being a right & wrong. We can’t do anything unless there is a right or wrong value like going to the toilet or walking the dog for instance or even sleeping to keep our mind & body functioning, no matter what we do there is a right or wrong value. Mediation takes a lot of these right & wrong values away especially when we are meditating, they become a natural process instead of a right or wrong. Is the right thing to do to take the dog out for a walk or would we just do it without actually consciously thinking if there wasn’t a right or wrong value?

It has been said to me a number of times, “If there is no right or wrong value we can do as we please then?”  You actually wouldn’t do as you please mainly because once you take out a wrong &/or a right out of the equation the opposite no longer exists for example; if we took wrong out of the equation would it then be right to take the dog out for a walk? It’s impossible for there to be a right without a wrong set value. What this means is walking the dog becomes a natural occurrence however, this is where time comes onto it, when we clock ourselves to walk the dog the right & wrong value comes back into the equation quite automatically mainly because it’s no longer a natural process to do.  Once we bring time & clock ourselves we fragment our lives & at the same time fragment values into there being a right & wrong again which gives us right & wrong set values. Walking the dog now becomes a set value instead of a natural process. Meditation I feel brings us back into the natural process without set values being applied, no wonder we can feel quite invigorated after meditating.

This brings us to meditating itself, don’t we purposely set times in our lives to meditate & meditate for certain time periods, this is a set right or wrong value surly? Yes it is but because most of us no longer hold the ability to meditate naturally without consciously thinking about it we need to start somewhere to bring back this quite natural process of existing. We live in time with a timed (clocked) existence so this natural process of meditating is at times hard to do without clocking it however no matter how we meditate either it be natural or clocked it’s better than not meditating at all.  The most important thing is while we are in meditation we are no longer conscious to time & the associated right or wrongs of our daily clocked lives, or we shouldn’t be.

Time fragments everything quite automatically but when we are actually in meditation time has a far lesser value therefor right & wrongs have a far less value. Is there anything wrong with living & thinking in time? Again whatever happens either it be perceived by us as being bad or good there is no real bad or good within time while we are thinking in timeless modes of thought like when we are meditating.  Meditation I feel brings us closer to timelessness & balances out the effect of time on ourselves. 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Mind-Universal Consciousness Itself

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following comes from an interesting discussion I put up on the TED site asking do we think while meditating? The following is an interesting exchange between myself & an internet friend of mine.

What if I told you that we actually have a higher mental activity while in deep meditation not less!! I’ve actually been saying this for some time now & of course been laughed at by most other spiritually aware people in saying so but this is the second scientific study I have come across saying the something. It’s important we are fully aware of ourselves & stop burying our heads in the sand just because it goes against our old conscious beliefs.

 As quoted from the link below: Gamma brain waves (39-100 hz) are involved in higher mental activity and consolidation of information. An interesting study has shown that advanced Tibetan meditators produce higher levels of gamma than non-meditators both before and during meditation.

 The below link is an interesting read:

Not sure our brains are the focal point Mathew? I tend to say heart/mind and that would explain the automatic singing even if that function of her brain was shut down.

 As there are two major types of meditation - analytical and calming - then I would expect a monks brain to be clearly focused on the subject he is analyzing during that session. But if he was accomplished in calm-abiding then the thoughts would be stilled, they can maintain this shut down for hours on end and are quite oblivious to the passing of time.

 Both quite different skills and the later takes many years and the right circumstances to achieve. Maybe your study was testing the former?

G’day Kate

The brain is different to the mind, when we pass on our brain stays behind however our mind is always a part of consciousness.  In this mind thought prevails however the reason we think we are no longer thinking is because of our way of thinking has changed nothing more nor less, the mind never stops thinking unlike the brain. How do ghosts, spirits & other non-physical entities interact especially in the physical realm if it wasn’t for thought?  

You must understand Kate this study endorses what meditators go through as no other range of thought that I know of to date reaches such levels except through meditation which means there is more activity going on within the mind therefore the brain than any other mode of thought or system of thought.

Let’s ask the question why? I said previous that the mind is different to the brain, the brain is only as good as the input of information however when we tap into the universal mind through meditation, which is consciousness itself, certain parts of the brain come to life & other parts shut off.  Like I said in my previous reply during one study on a person singing hymns, the part of the brain controlling speech shut down but they were still singing, we no longer needed the physical part of the brain for speech just like a ghost or spirit but became connected with the mind (consciousness) itself.  So why does this universal mind/consciousness make us feel like we are not thinking? It’s a much calmer way of thinking for the main reason we no longer have fixated attachments & worries to contend with, it’s as if a veil has been lifted off so of course we are going to think we are not thinking.

So the answer to the question; why is the frequency range higher when meditating than in any other thought mode is we are tapping into the universal mind (consciousness) which is vast so it’s obviously going to be more active which in turn makes the physical brain more active in certain parts of the brain.  


The following link will take you to this discussion on TED:

Friday, 24 May 2013

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance pt.12

thought animals

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post will compile a few of the topics that I have discussed previously in the hope of explaining the concepts of the relation between these factors that I have written about by explaining the relevance & connection these factors have in our lives.

Modes of Thoughts: The relevance of our personal & collective modes of thought is quite compelling because it’s what dictates what we understand & acknowledge & what we don’t. So one can now understand how important it is to be aware of its influence on us in every way.  Modes of thought are linked to consciousness, if we want to stay with the collective mode of thought, (the present consciousness), our acknowledgment is going to be limited to that level of consciousness but if one wants to expand on one’s individual mode of thought our mode of thought needs to change. Scientist have this problem, they think in one mode that’s it but with new science techniques & concepts coming out all the time science is changing, it’s actually changing its conscious understanding to a more open minded mode of thought instead of a fixated mode of thought. When we are fixated on any mode of thought that is when it becomes dogmatic because we think this is it but dogmas only fixate us the one conscious understanding when there are many more to discover.

Spirituality on the other hand shouldn’t have any fixated mode of thought but of course through religions it can & the reason for this is dogmatic views, beliefs, doctrines & principles. True spirituality is accepting of all because one doesn’t have doctrines & belief’s to hinder further conscious expansion in actual fact this is how some of the religions even today are set up. Our modes of thought are who we are at that level of conscious understanding & it’s impossible to know beyond that sort of understanding unless one takes on a different mode of thought this is why we disagree so often between each other we just don’t have the same conscious understanding.

meditaion animalsMeditation & Oneness: This is where oneness comes into it, if we all had the same mode of thought our conscious understanding would be the same & yes we would be less conflictive obviously however this is only showing oneness between each other, to obtain true oneness of all one needs to accept that everything is one vibrative energy form as what can & should be experience through meditation for example as I have explained in previous posts. Especially in a meditative state if one can’t just be in a state of awareness without visualisation you’re not truly in a oneness state of awareness however when one is aware without visual conformation during the meditation you could very well be in a true oneness state . The actual state of oneness is being totally devoid of any modes of thoughts from you, anyone else or even other beings & entities.  I know I said we need to change our mode of thought which is still a mode of thought but it’s the type of mode of thought that will lead you to a true oneness state. Did you notice I said state not mode of thought when relating to true oneness as so many spiritually aware people say they are at one but they are still in a mode of thought while in this state of oneness as any visualisation denotes a mode of thought, one needs to just accept it’s just as a state of awareness that’s it with no visualisation to be truly in a oneness state.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it’s wrong to visualise while in a meditative state as any type of meditation is helpful but what I am saying unless you can switch off from any kind of mode of thought you won’t reach true oneness. It seems quite hard to rid ourselves from a new mode of thought that will allow our conscious to expand further but that is just part of the process to reaching into a true oneness state & if you think of it just being a part of a process it much easier to accomplish this state of awareness.

spiritual animalsCollective/Individual Modes of Thought: This seems strange, to expand our consciousness we need to change our mode of thought & to reach true oneness one needs to rid oneself of any mode of thought including modes of thought coming from other beings & entities? Yes this is true but only if one wants to experience true oneness, there are other states of oneness one can experience between each other & our immediate environment. You see our environment is a collective mode of thought as we can only detect what we consciously understand, if we changed our consciousness we would see much more. For an example someone who is conscious of butterflies will see a lot more butterfly activity than someone who’s into cars or trees, this is their personal mode of thought but collectively we also have the same mode of thought which is our whole detectable environment which influence us collectively of course.

How many interests, psychological states of mind & different personas are there? This is how many individual modes of thought there are but these individual modes of thought aren’t what influence us the most, it’s the collective mode of thoughts that influence us the most. Our immediate detectable environment dictates our being or not being depending on the environment like with war or being terminally ill but of course having an interest of being let’s say a soldier increases the mode of thought of war. War is a mode of thought otherwise it wouldn’t exist but if your personal mode of thought was being a soldier this increases the influence that the collective mode of thought of war will have on you.  We have all been dictated by war in one way or another only because of the collective thought modes but if very few of us had that mode of thought of soldering, power mongering & wealth, which are all different thought modes that lead us to war, war wouldn’t exist.

To make something happen & exist a collective mode of thought is needed for this to happen, if an individual had a mode of thought to being a soldier war still wouldn’t occur because it’s not collective, only through collective modes of thought can worldwide change happen.

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance pt.11


Written by Mathew Naismith

Meditation-Mindless Thought: I don’t mediate a lot but when I do there is no form of myself or anything else it just is, I’m just floating around but at the same time I am aware of everything. Most people who mediate see different environments & most often it’s in a serene peaceful surroundings but where does this visionary environment come from?  In actual fact you shouldn’t really see anything if you are completely switched off from the mind & the life you are presently living.

While in a meditative state we feel a lot but for us to acknowledge these feeling we turn them into something we can relate too so in actual fact we are still in thought.  Try to be accepting that you don’t have to visualise anything within your meditative state just be accepting of the feeling for what they are pure energy. Once one does this it usually blows your mind away but of course not literally. I will by will visualise what I want to visualise while in a meditative state but I also know it doesn’t have to have form for me to acknowledge its existence in actuals fact it’s a lot better if I didn’t try to put anything into form because it feels a lot more natural in a formless form than it does in a some visual form.

Our minds need to be reprogramed to accept this formless environment because our minds are conditioned through life to only accept what our five senses can detect which is form, instead of looking at everything as form look at it as pure energy.

Our desires give us form & as explained in previous posts desires can be quite conflictive so it seems strange to say while in a meditative state we can be conflictive but we are as we desire to visualise what we experience in meditation. This kind of conflict isn’t anything like hating or desiring lustfully for our own pleasure in some way but this conflict can stop someone experiencing the full effect one can obtain from meditation.  This comes back to the mind & our present life again coming through our desires as visions, we need to reprogram our minds to just accept these feeling for what they are not what we desire them to be.  I know a lot of spiritually aware people are going to say the mind has nothing to do with meditation but it does because if the mind was completely switched off you wouldn’t visualise anything it would just be without question. Yes I know it’s wonderful & beautiful to visualise in meditation which helps us to acknowledge what we are experiencing but the less we visualise the more connected & the more accepting we become & the more powerful the feeling of serene oneness  one experience’s.

sereneloveSerene, harmony & Love: This goes on from what I have already discussed here in this post as it’s what can be achieved when one completely switches off from our daily lives & our mind through meditation & other techniques however these feelings aren’t what it seems as I will explain

For an example of what I mean I will use what most of us do to relax in pour daily lives, sitting down for a cup of coffee or tea. What do we feel after a stressful time sitting down to a cuppa? It feels relaxing & exhilarating at the same time which is quite different to our stressful life style & the reason it feels so good is it’s a different feeling to stressing out which enhances the effect that the cuppa is having on us. When we are in this state while drinking our cuppa we don’t want to go back to the stress most of the time because it’s exhilarating to our senses for the main reason it feels good, anything that makes us feel good we usually want more of.

We are in this chaotic life with a lot of hate going on in the world but we want a break from this chaotic life style & love seems like a good way to do this & when we find this love the effects are overwhelming for the main reason we have an opposite reaction to chaos & hate, these effects enhance the effect of love many times over basically to the same apposing degree of chaos & hate. When we go into a meditative state any adversities that are going on in our lives enhance the effects from meditation just like with the cuppa which of course isn’t a bad thing but it’s still being enhanced by our living conditions at the time.

We feel serene, harmonious & love to such an extent it can be quite overwhelming only because of our present living conditions, yes there is sereneness & harmony & yes one can feel that love is everything but it’s only driven by our present living conditions. In actual fact the state of being fully at one is natural & taken as it just is because there is no chaos or hate within this state to enhance positive feelings. I’m not saying here that feeling overwhelmingly loving isn’t right because if you didn’t at first feel this you’re doing something wrong but what I am saying in this spirit state there are no overwhelming emotions it just is & there is nothing that comes anywhere near to the feeling of just accepting it for what it truly is.

To get to this stage one has to be accepting of everything around you in & out of meditation as this helps with relating everything into one & once this is done conflicts & desires fade away which help in the process of accepting that everything is just a vibrative energy source which really has no form except through our mode of thoughts. In other words if we see hate as apposing love that is our mode of thought which dictates our living standards but if one was to see no apposing modes of thought but pure vibrative energy our visions & outlook upon the world & ourselves become somewhat different, yes it will feel serene, harmonious & loving but that is only the start of it as there is much more to us than our modes of thought.

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance pt.7


Written by Mathew Naismith

Acceptance & Meditation: Meditation has everything to do with thinking as little as possible & the less one can think the further & faster one is able to go into a meditative state but that’s not the only thing that defines how deep one can go.  Acceptance assists greatly in thinking less as the less one is in conflict the more likely one is able to ease down to be able to meditate in the first place, acceptance gives one peace of mind, the mind doesn’t stop thinking but it does ease it down for a better chance of a meditative state.

So many people have asked why they can’t stop thinking to meditate & the obvious answer is they are non-accepting & conflictive of something in their lives, if they looked at what they can’t stop thinking about it would likely be a conflict of some kind however a conflict doesn’t mean that you’re agitated or even upset about something, it could be something as little as remembering to do something. Thinking about not remembering to do something doesn’t seem like a conflict but it is because you’re not accepting you just might remember to do that thing, your non-accepting because you think you will forget, in other words you’re in conflict with yourself over the chance of forgetting.

spirit harmonyChanging Thinking Modes: Relating conflicts with remembering sounds pretty lame but it’s not as it just shows how conflictive we have become in our life without knowing it, how are we going to go into a proper state of meditation if we are continually in conflict? The way we can overcome this is before we go into a state of meditation is tell yourself I have no conflict with anything as I accept all for what it is at this point in time, if you truly believe this you should feel very calm & relaxed & in some cases you just might feel euphoric in some way to the extent of feeling a strong sense of love &/or peace around you.  The reason I say at this point in time is so you feel at ease of being just accepting at this point in time before meditating, if for one moment you thought you would have to accept your conflicts for the rest of your life you will consciously &/or subconsciously automatically go into a conflictive mode again which of course we want to avoid.

This sounds like brain washing to some extent & you would be right because what we are doing is reprograming your mind to think differently, instead of thinking in a conflictive mode all the time we will now trick the mind to think in a more relaxed calming way. We have been brought up to think in a certain way which dictates how we are going to think & be for the rest of our lives, thinking in an accepting mode instead of non-accepting mode is just another  way of thinking we know little about. Practicing in meditation carries on with this brain washing because it also teaches the mind how to think in different modes even though you are not thinking while you are meditating. When you come out of the meditation you usually feel different & your mind picks up on this new mode of thinking.

spirit acceptancePulling Away From Non-acceptance:  It’s not so easy to pull oneself away from taught practices from birth & as we grow they become habitual & even harder to rid ourselves of because we usually can’t recognise that we have non-accepting conflictive habits to deal with.   The easiest way to do this is just become accepting, I know this goes against the usual taught mode of non-acceptance thinking but if you could just think “why not as I have nothing to lose by thinking in another way which could help me immensely especially with my meditation” it will change your life forever because now you have started to think differently & will now see the world in a different light.

I myself have trouble with accepting but it’s not with this non-accepting reality but with accepting a different mode of thinking which will take me away from this non-accepting reality & put me into an accepting reality, the conflict is that I just love this reality for what it is, now that’s accepting!! In other words I love the way I think now in this reality & I don’t wish to think differently & believe it or not most of us on this planet are the same. If you think about it for a moment, if I was one of the one’s wanting &/or trying to escape this non-accepting reality wouldn’t that be even more non-accepting & conflictive? The answer to that would have to be a yes so that means everyone who wants to move on to a different way of thinking is being conflictive? No because it depends on how, why & more importantly your personal feelings on the matter, am I trying to escape or am I just wanting to experience a different way of thinking &/or I just want to improve on our living conditions.

In just wanting to improve on our living conditions can be conflictive because of two things, one you shouldn’t be thinking it’s an improvement because you’re supposed to be accepting of this reality for what it is just another way of thinking & two are you trying to improve on your own living conditions to escape a more non-accepting condition/way of thinking/ reality?

You have the people who can’t wait to escape this reality & way of thinking & who are obviously non-accepting & in conflict of this reality or on the other end of the scale people who are all accepting of this reality & never want to change it but are still non-accepting because they don’t want to change to another way of thinking/reality or you have the people in between who make up the majority of people on Earth who will accept change when it happens.  These people, who I am a part of, have conflicts but not to the grand scale of the other two, there conflicts just coincide with everyday life of living & thinking in a certain way to whatever that might be within that particular reality which at the moment is in a non-accepting way.

When we first discover a different way of thinking we tend to think that is the way to think not the way we are now but every reality is dictated by a certain way of thinking & one isn’t wrong or right or even better than the other they are just different. In thinking in this way we have no conflicts & begin to feel at peace& in harmony with the rest of our environment, its utter blissful thinking indeed.