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Friday, 6 September 2013

Spiritually Appreciative of all at the Soul Level

Written by Mathew Naismith

Recently I had a good internet friend of mine give me the following link to read to see what I thought of it, the following is my reply back to him.

G'day Ernest

Interesting Ernest. I've actually been writing up on attachments & fixated attachments & how we can take these attachments form life to life which we call karma in the last month or so. This is good confirmation for me.

I'm not wise myself as I love playing out ego tendencies, this is a bigger wow to me than feeling at one strangely enough!!

I really don't think we live within a delusion because it's all a part of consciousness & anything a part of consciousness is real however because realities like this one only give us portions of consciousness to live out & experience we think it's an illusion/delusion because it doesn't represent the whole consciousness.

The real illusion/delusion is only thinking physicality is all there is as this is only a portion of the universal consciousness which is dictated to us by our human emotions, taking control & balancing out the human emotions gives us wisdom in my mind.


“I'm not wise myself as I love playing out ego tendencies, this is a bigger wow to me than feeling at one strangely enough!!” This statement above by me to most spiritually aware people is probably going to sound strange which means, “the bigger wow factor to me is playing out ego tendencies as opposed to feeling or even being at one”.  How can this be for a person who is a self-proclaimed spiritually aware person as spirituality is all about ridding ourselves of the ego & being at one? To be truly at one one must also be all accepting however in the case, for souls like myself, this isn’t the whole story because we know we were all at one & we have all chose to separate from oneness to live & experience ego tendencies in realities like this one, it’s not just souls like myself who chose to live & experience ego tendencies by every soul who has ever lived in realities like this one otherwise these souls wouldn’t have chosen to live in realities like this in the first place.  Souls like myself realise this & accept & even appreciate the chance in acting out such ego tendencies, to souls like myself realities like this one is the big WOW not the feeling of oneness because we are that anyway if we know it or not so having a chance to experience such emotions is exhilarating. 

So this explains why some people choose & read certain articles pertaining to ridding ourselves of the ego & anything that focuses on oneness for instance to what I write about a lot of the times which can pertain to the opposite. So does this make one right or wrong or less spiritual over the other? No of course not because the souls who have chosen to live a life of oneness in realities like this one are here to spread oneness, love & harmony for a good reason usually. Take a look at religion for an example of spreading this oneness around; it has always tried to bring us all together as one to think & be as one however the problem they have had is to do with the ego. The people at the top no longer see themselves as one with all others, this has always been the problem with religion in spreading oneness & of course because of this they are non-accepting of any other way of spreading this oneness about.    

Now for souls like myself who feel realities like this one is the big WOW, what are we here for? If we all asked ourselves that question before we chose to live in such realities what would be your answer? To experience everything human emotions have to offer which is all ego related & emotionally driven. So is this saying human emotions are of the ego? Very much so but not all emotion are negative like not all egos are negative, some are constructive & some are destructive depending in what ego tendencies we want to play out.

This comes down to souls who want to just play out negative ego tendencies, which by the way I’m not one of them. What is there path or reasoning? Because realities like this one is the big WOW to them at the soul level they use every way they can possibly think of to avoid becoming at one & in harmony, living in realties like this one is the big WOW to them, it is that simple however the problem with this is they also dictate what our reality is going to be like by using the ego which is a very powerful tool to use at the human level which creates realities like we have now & this is where souls who are more into oneness & harmony come into it.  Even people like myself who are into all accepting & are more into the positive ego tendencies can change realties like this one if desired.  It comes down to souls like myself appreciating & even accepting at times the worse of what the negative ego can produce because we realise it’s value.  

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pure Love of the Soul

Written by Mathew Naismith

The Big WOW Factor: Like I have mentioned in previous posts the creative core (God) isn’t actually of love as we know it & neither is the core of the soul from when it was first created however because they are of complete & pure harmonious peacefulness they feel like benevolent unconditional love & for an emotional human that is exactly what they are because it’s what we perceive they are.

Because the creative & the soul core isn’t of attachments, which in the long run gives us chaos & conflicts, they would of course psychologically seem all loving to us humans living in this reality of attachments because of the contrast for example a person living in a third world country would see developed countries as a huge wow for them because of the contrast as the some would be for someone living in the desert & then finding themselves in a rain forest, it’s the contrast that’s the big wow however for the people living within these wow  circumstances it’s not as big a wow factor however most of us are aware of the wow factor we are living in to a certain extent or should be.  

Believe it or not while in the conscious state of our soul’s core we look at realities like this one with a big wow however it’s not the same if we were within the creative core itself, it would just be, as in no big deal. This is funny because looking through the eyes of our souls core centre is like it’s always greener on the other side of the fence, once you’re on the other side you realise what you had before so if you looked through the eyes of a human at the souls core you would see the wow factor being of the souls core not of human life, what are spiritually aware people doing while becoming aware? They see it as always being greener on the other side of the fence of course & looking from the souls core centre to realities like this one is no different.  

Recently I have been doing a bit of a flip flop like with the right brain left brain test with the dancing girl, at times with me she will be just flipping back & forth & that is exactly what she is doing, she’s not rotating at all, I’ve been flip flopping between seeing through the eyes of my cores soul then I will see the core soul through human eyes, yes it always seems greener on the other side of the fence no matter what side you are on.

Dancing girl link just for fun, try to enjoy everything that is human as well as non-human (mystical):

Here is a relevant quote of mine I wrote up some time ago:  “There is nothing mystical about the unknown only the known, so if you are questioned about your beliefs in mysticism just say it’s only mystical to you as you not the understanding of something more than you believe!!!”.....  

Creating Through Perceptions: Because the creative core & the core of our souls have no attachments this peaceful serenity is felt because that is exactly what they are of, love comes from this feeling of peaceful serenity & the more connected we are the more feeling of love we will experience to a point & once we cross this point all we want to do is be human again. Don’t get me wrong the love is always there but it’s more to do with what we perceive because at the cores soul level we can create anything & if its love you will perceive& create love through perceptions but also through this perceiving one can create anything & that is what creates in realties of time & space. So is this saying that love is an illusion because it’s just perceived? Perception’s are like thoughts & if thoughts vibrate therefore exist so would perceptions as perceiving is just another vibration of consciousness so no it’s not an illusion just a different vibration to experience.

So can hate be created as well seen as everything can be created at the cores soul level? Vibrations like hate can only be created like anything else through perceiving, once one perceives hate hate is created but hate is usually generated through many unbalanced chaotic attachments through living numerous lives not through the soul’s core for the main reason it’s of peaceful serenity, at this state of peaceful serenity it would be nearly impossible to perceive (create) hate but it can be done I believe but who would want too.   The reason one wouldn’t want to perceive such a vibration in the first place is one can obtain the perception of hate through living out many lives through various experiences, why rush a good thing!!

Like I have said before in past posts about being attacked by 9 entities at one time all I did is laugh at them because at that exact time I was connected to my souls core not that I humanly consciously realised it at that time. No being, entity or negative vibrative energy form is going to like being reminded of their soul’s core because it’s of pure peaceful serenity. Yes believe it or not the most devilish negative form in any universe or dimension derived from this peaceful serene state of the souls core centre& this is what makes life easier for me realising that everyone was initially of the same as me, a peaceful serene energy form.  Believe it or not if one looked at everything from the creative cores centre you wouldn’t notice any difference between hate & love because everything is of the now so everything, if they realise it or not in realities of time & space, is the same as only in realities of time & space does everything seem different.  It’s time & space that gives us contrasts & opposing differences but it’s through these differences where everything is created thus the creative core is able to experience itself through this process.

It is funny how little we know about our cores soul centre because if we knew more life would be a lot more peaceful & serene but I don’t think many of us are willing to allow themselves to be aware of such things as most people, if they know it or not, have attachments which were obtained through various lives & that is what makes it difficult for us to realise what & who we really are however some negative people & other negative forms of vibrative energy just don’t want too.

Looking at the cores soul from a human perspective is a huge wow factor that should be experienced by everyone wanting a better existence because just in the knowing of the souls core centre one can change their own perception & it’s through these perceptions that create, you change the perception you change existence & create the existence you perceive.  This all comes down to attachments & of course attachments denote desire which are all brought on by the nasty perceived ego. See what I mean about perceiving that the ego is nasty, we have created yet another mode of thought (reality) of negativity through our perception.  So is there anything wrong with the ego, desire, attachments judgment & so forth as they all seem to lead to chaos & conflict? There is nothing wrong or negative with these traits & emotions it’s the way we perceive them that makes them negative. 

Let’s take a look at the soul’s core, it is of peaceful serenity even though it is of the ego remembering that the ego & related attachments are creative. At this point of the soul’s core, even though we are of the ego otherwise we wouldn’t exist, we are still peaceful & serene it’s when we start to perceive more & start living out lives we start to become negative with the ego & related traits & emotions as we accumulate attachments especially negative attachments, it’s our perception that create negative as the negative weren’t there in the first place.  

It’s all to do in what we perceive in what we create & as I have said numerous times we are creators in our own right which is done through our perception & attachments. Becoming reconnected & remembering who we really are brings on a conscious awareness of oneself that gives us this huge wow factor, enjoy being & feeling of your own souls core centre as humanly as possible without going over the top, in this comes a huge wow factor that will never leave you, become truly aware of what you are reconnecting yourself to is so important here I couldn’t state it often enough.