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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Technicolour Dreamtime, A Reality

Written by Mathew Naismith

There are some really interesting topics and conversations on the moment; one of them is about how forgiving gives us happiness. This discussion has led us to wrong and rights, black and white and how these opposing polarities assist us in being unforgiving and that this reality we have created is of this perception of black and white. We are in turn dominated by opposing polarities of black and white however we don’t have to be.

Also on this site are various other topics and images depicting love and enlightenment, most of these images are, funny enough, drawn in technicolour.  This to me obviously has a purpose to why we portray love and enlightenment in technicolour images and perceptions; it’s to give us a message that life doesn’t have to be of a perception of black and white especially of black and white dominance.

We are conditioned from birth to perceive in black and white, what is bad as opposed to good, what is wrong as opposed to right and so on, this of course denotes logical thinking and a perception that there can’t be existence without a black and white dominance.  This I believe is why we can’t perceive past what we consciously perceive, we just can’t perceive past a perception of black and white. Anything beyond this point of conscious understanding can’t possibly exist; to me it makes absolute sense to why some people can’t perceive anything beyond this kind of black and white conscious understanding.  We just don’t perceive in black and white or technicolour by chance, it’s an indication of how we perceive the world as either as opposing polarities or adjoining convergences.  

The hippy era was of adjoining convergences while a perception of black and white (opposing polarities) was dominating the world. If you look back in the hippy era, you will see a lot of colour which went right on through to the disco era to some extent, why such a splash of colour? The hippy era was about love not war, war is brought about by a black and white perception, good against evil, democracy against dictatorship etc. however love on the other hand is of technicolour perception with no opposing polarities. This is brought about by ridding ourselves of black and white perceptions which the hippy era tried to do.

The use of colour in our expressionism isn’t by chance, I believe it defines our breaking away from black and white logical perceptions of the world and seeing the world in a new light, a technicolour light of no opposing sides.  So many images of love and entitlement today are drawn in technicolour in western thinking countries but of course in eastern thinking countries drawing love and enlightenment in colour has seemingly always been the norm.  

Everything has a reason to exist, depicting love and enlightenment in colour has a purpose and that purpose, I believe, is to teach us to live in colour instead of black and white, to perceive past a black and white image to a much colourful conscious expansive existence beyond what we perceive now!!