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Sunday, 17 May 2015

An Enlightened Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is a topic I have been quite reluctant to write about and share for various reasons, if we are too fixated to our own consciousness, trying to understand another quite different consciousness is going to be nearly impossible, this I feel is due to relating how other consciousness's exist in comparison to our own consciousness. It is obvious a small minority of people are going to relate to what I am about to write, this is due to the fact that I wouldn't write about such  topics otherwise, that is the way consciousness works. The two conscious states I'm going to discuss here are enlightened/aware states and unenlightened/unaware states of consciousness.

We are obviously in an unenlightened state and in this state we perceive how another far more aware (awoken) state of consciousness exists, the accuracy of our perception within this consciousness obviously isn't going to be spot on or precise, basically all what most of us can do is presume.

Dream States: When we are asleep, we are at most unaware of our environment we are asleep in, many things occur around us that we are quite unaware of until we reawaken, in other words enlighten our selves of our surroundings again when we awaken. A totally enlightened/aware state works in the same way except in this state we are aware of all of what is instead of being just aware of what's occurring in our dreams and our immediate environment. Actually a lot of us are not even aware of their dreams when  in a dream state.

An unenlightened state for an enlightened consciousness is like what we experience in a dream state, in other words we are obviously unenlightened within this reality so we are in a dream state of consciousness, this is where the similarities between an unenlightened state and an enlightened state occur. We to our enlightened selves, our inner self, look at what we are experiencing as a dream. One of the major dissimilarities between the enlightened self and the unenlightened self is there are no nightmares within a truly enlightened state.  To many of us we are suffering and entrapped within a reality of no free will or choice, to us this would have to be a nightmare to our enlightened self but it's not.

I should point out hear that an unenlightened state refers to a dream like state where you are not aware of everything in the environment you are in, in other words dream states refer to an unenlightened state, an unaware state of consciousness. 

Extreme Reactions: Love, hate, pain, ecstasy an so on take on a different meaning within an enlightened state,  we perceive, while fixated to an unenlightened state, that these emotions are the same or simular to an enlightened state but there not. If you take the ego out of the equation, you take all extreme reactions out of an experience/reality, this makes a huge difference to the way we exist and perceive within such realties. How would you react if you had your ideologies and spiritual practices taken away from you? Most people would freak, they couldn't handle this because of the extreme affect this would have upon them, the ego just can't handle what it judges as extreme, it would be a nightmare to the ego. Now take away the extreme reactions of the ego, the nightmare just doesn't occur.

To a totally harmonious enlightened state, nightmares are an impossibility, they just can't occur mainly because of their harmonious state of existence brought about by being greatly aware. Like in our own dreams, this reality is a dream to our enlightened self, how aware are we, in our unenlightened state, of this dream that our enlightened self is having while we are dreaming? We are no more aware than when we are in a dream state ourselves but this isn't the case with our enlightened self. What I am saying is, this unenlightened state is not a nightmare to our enlightened self even though most of us would think it would have to be. 

The reason for this is simple, it is impossible for an enlightened state to express extreme emotions controlled by the ego, this is due to the ego being unable to take control of an enlightened consciousness creating dramas/chaos through  extreme emotions and subsequent nightmares and misery.

It's going to be virtually impossible for a number of people to realise that our enlightened self can't see this reality as a nightmare, an entrapment brought about by being in an unenlightened state, a dream state in other words. How many people see this dream state, this reality, as a nightmare? Well it's not, not to our enlightened selves.

The Observer: OBE's, out of body experiences, show us a little of what our enlighten self observes while our physical minds are asleep, we become aware of our immediate environment and any other environment we enter into while experiencing an OBE. In this state we are still unenlightened to our enlightened self but we are more aware than if our physical minds were just dreaming. We can while in this state observe our body while it's asleep, we have at this stage become an observer and this is the point of an enlightened self, become the observer instead of just being the observed.

An enlightened self just doesn't refer to a totally awakened state of consciousness, it refers to being an observer. What happens when you meditate or go into a tranquil environment, we feel a lot better within ourselves, this is because we have become the observer. Prior meditating, instead of being influenced by the mind, we in a sense observe or become aware of the activity of the mind to shut it down, this gives us a feeling of tranquillity. When we change our environment to a more harmonious environment, what are we doing?  We observe or become aware of such an environment which makes us feel good and the more in-depth the observation is the better we feel, we become the observer.

Is our enlightened self observing it's own dream state like when we experience an OBE? Yes, this is because it's observing all of what it is unlike our unenlightened selves that can only observe a little of it's whole self.

Wouldn't experiencing or observing a chaotic reality like this one make our enlightened self feel bad? No, we in our unenlightened state are not in a state of consciousness that is harmonious but our enlightened self is, observing such chaotic realities has no affect upon the enlightened self.

This means if this reality is a nightmare to you, you are not being a true observer but an observed that unknowingly creates such nightmares by expressing extreme reactions, in other words you are the cause of the effect of the nightmare. Remember, the enlightened self cannot experience nightmares itself  mainly because it's the observer not the observed. What it does do is allow it's dream state, it's unenlightened state which we are a part of, express such straits through it's unawakened state, in this state our unenlightened self becomes the observed. All this means is, as soon a you become the observed, you create nightmares, this reality is a very good example of this.

The enlightened self means it's an awakened consciousness to it's self, the observer not the observed or a dream state, an unawakened self to itself.

Sorry if this is too ambiguous, this is the best I can do at this time.