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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

3rd Dimensional - Levels, Scales and Labels

Written by Mathew Naismith

We are supposed to be shifting into a new consciousness, this means we will shift from human consciousness to what is often called a higher consciousness, a consciousness with higher vibrations. This is interesting because only in a fear based consciousness will a consciousness measure itself and everything else according to levels, scales and labels. This is due to a consciousness not wanting to be of  a lower consciousness, they instead desire to be of a higher consciousness, a higher level of vibration, the strange thing is, no actual deemed higher consciousness desires to be of this higher consciousness, in actuality, such a consciousness will often express itself as a deemed lower consciousness. Basically, this kind of consciousness humbles itself but of course such a consciousness doesn't deem itself humbling itself either, this is a 3rd dimensional perception.

What is called a 3rd dimension is in actuality a reality based on fear, human history alone shows us this as does natural history as such. We might think, in deemed higher dimensions, that dimensions are also measured in this way but there not, only in a fear based reality, or a reality of some kind of fear, will measure existences like this.

I should point out, a higher vibration just means that a consciousness is more aware and wiser than consciousness's that aren't as aware and wise. This isn't a level, it's an observation and the reason for this is simple, there are no labelling from one to ten for example of awareness and wisdom. This kind of consciousness isn't based on fear of being of a lowly level of a kind, it's based on the obvious void of labelling.

However, it is quite understandable that within a 3rd dimension, a fear based reality, that consciousness's need levels, scales and labels to comprehend anything beyond a fear based reality. We have however made this into a problem for ourselves, we just can't stop measuring everything, in actuality, western spirituality is more about levels, scales and labels more than ever. Basically, we have become too fixated to this kind of consciousness to truly comprehend any other more aware and wiser consciousness, we have basically limited ourselves to a fear based consciousness.

I am now going to share a piece of a conversation I had with another person in relation to this topic.         


I don't believe that any vibrations, or people for that matter are less worthy. I don't believe any are more worthy.

I lean towards ....what does there have to be a scale to begin with? If there is a scale, people will judge.

People have done enough damage with their constant judging.

My Reply
Yep, I'm hearing you. All this is of the 3rd dimension, but, again these dimensions are but scales and levels. Because the 3rd D is lesser value than the 4th D, we assume the 3rd D is lowlier than the 4th D, however, when you observe this, no dimension is assumed to be above the other in any way.

Is a reality based on fear of a lesser value than a reality based on love? Most people on here would say it is, this is obvious in the way this reality is downed so much. It's a reality based on fear and it's supposed to be based on fear, only the wise and aware souls will still express a true sense of unconditional love and understanding in such a reality.

Is now the wiser and aware of a higher level or more worthy than the less wise and aware? No, only in a reality based on fear will a consciousness judge in these terms. We are still judging in levels, scales and labels at the same time we have presumed we are not of this dimension but are unconditionally loving and of the light. Any consciousness that is downing this reality, isn't truly unconditionally loving as they obviously have conditions to their love.

Do I love this reality? Yes, for what it is, not for what it isn't, this is the difference. It would seem most western spiritually aware people have a disdain for this reality for what it isn't. It is what it is, once a consciousness realises this, a sense of harmony and stillness becomes one. Do I like what is occurring in this reality, especially at present? No, I'm not supposed to but other souls are supposed to. I am supposed to react but in accordance with a more balanced view and understanding. I don't always accomplish this myself as this too is supposed to be a part of my reaction. If I am a part and expressional of this fear based reality, how could I not love this reality as it's a part of me!!

I'm not trying to run away from anything, even though at times a feel like doing so, this is why I don't judge this reality too harshly for it is what it is, predominantly fear based as it's meant to be.


Observe the people who are attracted to what I write, these people are often not expressional of fear because they are not predominantly influenced by a reality of fear. Basically, these people have become unconditioned, to one degree or another, to a reality of fear. However, observe the people who don't like what I write, the reactions are quite different because they are still conditioned in accordance to a reality of fear. I'm often measured (judged) and then slammed or ostracised, this once again occurred just recently, this reaction however is understandable. How would anyone conditioned to a fear based reality comprehend what I write, at times I don't, most likely because I am also predominantly influenced by this fear based reality at times myself.

This fear based reality is supposed to be limiting, this is until a consciousness learns enough from these kinds of reality to overcome the influence and the conditioning of these kinds of realities. The question is now, if we cut out the limiting influences of consciousness as a whole, is such a  consciousness still whole? This would be like cutting out the yin within ourselves and still calling ourselves whole, limiting realties are a part of the whole as limitless realities are.

It was said to me that labelling yourself as a higher vibration is not based on fear, then why label yourself in the first place as being of a higher vibration if you don't fear being of  lowly vibration? Also, levels, scales and labels are all based on a fear based reality, they were created from a fear base perspective, this is obvious, one has to be higher or lower than another. A lot of us are unable to perceive void of these levels, scales and labels, this is because we have all been conditioned, to one degree or another, to perceive in this limited way and it is limiting. Imagine a reality void of labels, now imagine how you would perceive without these labels to perceive by. The more you imagine this, the more of a reality it becomes, this is due to the more you comprehend and existence void of labels, the more you comprehend the perceptions that come from fearless realities.

Human consciousness is obvious within it's conditioning, it's primarily built upon fear so any perception that is predominately of this fear, will be based on fear. Levels, scales and labels are a creation of this fear, it's wise to be aware of this if we want to evolve from limiting human conscious perceptions and perspectives.

Note: I do apologise for lacking penmanship, an ability to write more subtly, my writings style is more clinical and isn't for everyone.