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Saturday, 6 July 2013

True Acceptance-Conflictive?

Written by Mathew Naismith

"If you try to accept, that simply means a kind of repression. First you must have rejected; you must be still rejecting and you are covering up your rejection with acceptance. I don’t accept life because I don’t reject it in the first place. It is simply there, neither rejected or accepted. It is so. Buddha calls it tathata, suchness. True acceptance is not an acceptance at all. True acceptance is absence of rejection and acceptance. One simply knows that this is how things are -- the suchness of things, tathata."


G’day Joel……One should never try to accept but be automatically accepting however everyone in this reality including Osho & Buddha have rejected their previous reality to be within this one to say such things otherwise they wouldn’t have been here, rejection like change is inevitable.  For change to take effect one must always reject one’s present moment otherwise change can’t ever possibly take effect including being in realities like this one.

Once one reaches a certain state of consciousness acceptance becomes automatic but before this state is reached one should try to be understanding in one’s non-acceptance not try to be accepting of one’s misunderstandings.  Being truly accepting doesn’t mean one has to have an opposing polarity it just means you haven’t got an opposing polarity like rejection.


Looking at the quote, this quote at first made sense which made my blog on acceptance conflictive however one doesn’t always have to have an opposing polarity plus I preach acceptance through understanding of our misunderstandings & after we have done this there is no more rejection or conflict it’s just pure acceptance. Acceptance really comes down to our understandings & once we understand we automatically have no rejection but become automatically accepting through having no opposing polarity.

As I said in my reply, we have had to have all rejected our present form before coming to a reality like this one & only through rejection of our present conscious state can we make changes so in actual fact this quote doesn’t make sense at all as only through diversity which denotes change can we consciously expand.  This quote is actually talking about a being or energy source that has never experienced change & if it has never experienced change it couldn’t be very consciously expansive/aware in the first place however it could also be from an energy form who is very consciously expansive which doesn’t need diversity any longer to learn from however it still makes this quote null & void as none of us are at that conscious state of awareness in this reality & even if we were we wouldn’t need to be told this in the first place because we would automatically already know this.

We obviously learn from accepting & rejecting which denotes diversity & that is a very positive thing not a negative thing in realities like this one which this quote is trying to make out, it is not suited to this reality or any other reality like this one.  This quote was obviously written in a conscious state that is far beyond our consciousness, why present such a quote in this consciousness or any other consciousness like this one has got me!!