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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Releasing Ourselves from Set Standards

Written by Mathew Naismith

I'm sorry for the syntax errors and non-legible grammar of recent; trying to assist the painter is causing a lot of physical and mental discomfort, especially at present. My grammatical coherency isn't fully coherent within it's structuring.

To a lot of people, the situation I am in would be judged as being highly negative, the inability to properly structurally form legible posts is debilitating to what I am writing. This of course can be debilitating to the reader by impairing their coherency in what I am writing, to a lot of people, this is negative but not to people like me.

When you start reading something that isn't altogether coherent, you decide at that point if to read on or not. If you decide not to read on because of the incoherency in what you are reading, you are simply not meant to read it, it's not for you.

I often read posts and threads that are not altogether structured properly, just because it's not structured properly doesn't mean it isn't insightful. We often judge in accordance inline with the kind of structured coherency expressed, if it's not up to our standards, it becomes non-legible, if it's up to our standards, it's of course legible.

The personal standards we judge everything in accordance with can be highly critical, just because something isn't up to our own personal standards doesn't mean it's negative or bad in someway, it simply means it's not up to our critical personal standards. When we express certain standards, we limit ourselves to these standards, all else other than our own personal standards become unrecognisable.

When we fixate ourselves to certain ideologies, most often all other ideologies become incoherent to us, they simply become an unrecognisable ideology we can't possibly relate to. Within this very action, we have limited ourselves to certain set perspectives and perceptions. I think by doing this we lose our connection with the infinite side of life, of course all we are left with is the finite, a consciousness of limited range and possibilities.

The reason why trauma isn't a big deal or negative for people like me is that trauma is finite in nature. If a consciousness predominantly focuses on the finite, the consciousness involved would naturally become limited within it's range and understanding, and yes, this quite naturally occurs. You will also find that a consciousness that focusing on the finite will judge more negatives within their environment than someone who focuses on the infinite.

Focusing on the infinite instead of the finite allows one to cohere and understand more of their present environment, this includes a reality that is in and creates it's own traumas. How often do we cohere and want to understand anything we have judged as negative when focused on the finite?

This is funny; by focusing on the finite we create standards, however, by focusing on the infinite there are no standards, standards simply don't and can't exist within the infinite. When a consciousness has no set standards, what naturally occurs? Awareness and quite naturally without effort, of course the opposite naturally occurs when we do have set standards. This is understandable because standards mean limitations and the more set our standards become, the more limited our consciousness naturally becomes.

Once our own vibrations are conditioned to certain set standards, we will of course naturally feel that any other vibrations that our own set standards are incoherent towards will feel negative. The reason for this lays in that our own set standards which make everything else not of these standards incoherent, it's this incoherency that gives us bad vibrations.

There are no bad vibrations, this is until our own standards create these vibrations, they simply don't exist until we create them which can only be created if we focus on the finite.

Try to relate the finite with ego, finite existence is ego where's infinite existence is egoless, of course to the ego, infinite existence is hard to comprehend because infinite existence is incoherent to the egos standards. This is due to the egos standards being set to everything relating to the ego, to finite existence, there is nothing beyond ego according to the ego. How many Western minded atheists believe consciousness couldn't exist beyond the physical limits of the brain? This is even after science is proving otherwise!!

To me, finite existence is ego and infinite existence is egoless, the reason for this is that there are no standards within an infinite state of existence. By simply releasing ourselves from our set standards, our limitations set by these standards, infinite existence automatically replaces finite existence.

Look at it this way. You have a clean body of water until the ego pollutes the water. By simply releasing the water from this pollution the water becomes clean again, the water is freed from the limitation that the pollution limited the water to. The water is limited because you can't drink it and nothing can live in it, it is therefore limited and subjected to certain set standards until these standards are lifted. Take away our own set standards, what are we naturally left with? A pure state of existence that isn't hindered by limitations, a state of infinite existence. The ego is naturally limiting and is only able to create finite existences, this is it's natural limitations brought about by it's own set standards.             

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Releasing Ourselves from Limitations

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is a follow on from my last post, Pleasure Centres of the Mind. If your ego didn't like the last post, it is unlikely the ego will like this post. Put simply, the ego doesn't like anything that doesn't' excite the pleasure centre within a reality based on pleasures. Let's be honest with ourselves here, everything, including spirituality these days, is based on positive vibrations as opposed to negative vibrations, in other words what pleases the senses is positive, what doesn't is negative.

This is too obvious for people like me. I have become involved in numerous spiritual based forums in the last 8 (eight) years, too often has spirituality been based purely on what pleases the pleasure centre of the mind, the ego. This of course takes one to ignore and even denounce anything that vaguely threatens what pleases the pleasure centre of the mind. Most of the forums I have been involved in have either removed me from the forum or I removed myself from the forum. When you realise you are upsetting people's ego to no end, there is no point in continuing being involved.

Once our pleasure senses have been tantalised, anything that vaguely threatens this pleasure is denounced or ostracised. What seemed to have occurred is that spirituality is purely based on fear, while at the same time denouncing religion for being based on fear. This has been proven to me over and over again on most of these forums; people literally show fear of their own pleasures being threatened in any sense simply through their own actions. I should also point out I am still involved in certain forums/groups to one degree or another, probably because the people on these forums don't seem to see people like me as threat.

Are people like me a threat to the control the ego has over other people?

Yes, to the ego, people like me seem to be a threat to it's existence, the truth is, people like me are only a threat to the control the ego has over people, not to the ego own existence. In actuality, only the ego can experience a sensation of being threatened, people like me are not even a threat to the control the ego has over other people, for only the ego can experience threatening sensations. What I am saying is, only can the ego become a threat to itself, this simply occurs when the ego awakes to itself for only the ego can control ego. People like me are not about control but the ego will perceive that we are, especially when the pleasure centre is threatened in any sense.

I have found it quite amusing over my time on these forums, I have also found it saddening that once again so many people are using spirituality to obtain and maintain a certain level of pleasure. This of course takes one to become deliberately unaware of anything that threatens these pleasurable experiences. Firstly, where is the oneness in this and secondly, it is obvious that such blatant ignorance will not lead to a state of pure awareness, pure bliss.

Bliss is not obtained through insurmountable conditions; bliss can only be obtained through putting no conditions on anything and become all of what is.

As I have personally experienced on most forums, you are not allowed to express anything that seems to threaten the control the ego has over the pleasure centre in any sense. So many people are putting more conditions on themselves and others, not less, to protect the control of the ego has over the pleasure centre of the mind. What do these insurmountable conditions denote? Limitations, this simply means we are limiting ourselves more, not less. I suppose this figures as more people these days seem to desire to be more control. How many conditions are there for someone to be in control? The more control we desire, the more conditions there are, of course the more control we experience or desire, the more conditions (limitations) we put on upon ourselves and others around us.

I will put it this way by using our present environment. A lot of people want to limit themselves to the light, of course this takes a lot of conditions (limitations) to obtain this in the first place. Would the Earth be as beautiful as it was if there wasn't a balance, a moderation, of light and dark? Now imagine the light controlling the dark through it's own conditions, it's own limitations, how beautiful would have the Earth been then? How beautiful is the universe with it's insurmountable contrasts of light and dark?  

The light tantalises our pleasure centre when the dark threatens our pleasure centre, but what would the light create void of the dark, the yin void of the yang? The Earth as it was simply couldn't have existed under such conditions, such limitations, and what a shame that would have been for the ego not to have experienced!!  

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Demise of Limitations

Written by Mathew Naismith

The topic of our own limitations keeps coming up, this might seem boring to some people but to me it will never be boring and the reason for this is simple, such topics are a good indication that we are starting to let go of our made up limitations. In my last post,  The Creation of What Is, I mentioned that we often live by our environment, not with, this means we often create a reality based on our external environment. Being that our external environment can be highly destructive, we often create a reality from this instead of creating a reality from our inner self or inner environment. I should point out that our inner environment is infinite unlike our outer environment which is finite.
The reason why certain topics keep coming up is purely based on a need, a need to change the way we presently perceive and comprehend perceptions beyond our own comprehensions. We often limit ourselves to certain perceptions, this is usually brought about by fixating ourselves to certain ideologies and concepts that usually don't allow for a consciousness to evolve, this is were we often forget or are unaware of the difference between finite and the infinite existences. Would a consciousness of infinite existence be able to stagnate it's own consciousness to certain fixated perceptions? This kind of consciousness is quite unable to stagnate it's own consciousness to any kind of limitations but a consciousness of finite existence can and most often does.
Infinite Existence = evolution + open mind + aware + unlimited + inner self or God self
Finite Existence = devolution + closed mind + unaware + limited + outer self or human self
The present reality or environment we are presently living with, is predominantly based on finite existence, we often then live by the same existence instead of just living with this existences, we then inadvertently predominantly create a reality based on a finite existence. Everything within this physical reality is based on a starting and ending point, birth and death, we then base our whole reality on this environment. In accordance to this finite existence, we then think and act as though the only existence there is, is a finite existence. Even though various spiritual practices and beliefs have told us of the infinite self, we still predominantly base our whole reality on a finite existence. Fixating ourselves dogmatically to any ideologies or concepts, is basing our reality predominantly on a finite existence. Being that consciousness itself is infinite, how can we ever limit ourselves to certain ideologies and concepts, no ideology or concept can ever be infinite unless it incorporates all of what consciousness is within infinite existence.
Can we ever truly comprehend infinite existence when we are predominately influenced by a finite reality? While living by this finite reality, we have created all these ideologies and concepts, how much of the infinite consciousness can these ideologies and concepts be? They can't be unless they have been creates by consciousness's living by an infinite existence, however, remembering these same consciousness's are also living within a finite reality, how much  of an influence did the finite reality have on them and their ideologies and concepts?
Is it possible that a consciousness can exist within a reality based on finite existence but still be able to be predominantly influenced by infinite existence?
How could I possibly comprehend the ability to totally live by an infinite existence while living within a finite existence? However the answer is yes, as soon as a consciousness no longer limits itself to finite existences, I think such a consciousness would be able to be predominantly influenced by an infinite existence, this of course takes one to let go of it's present fixations to certain ideologies, concepts and even philosophies. No ideologies or concepts are totally of the infinite, consciousness itself is too unlimited, any limitations denote a finite influence so no ideologies or concepts can ever be totally of the infinite, consciousness itself is too vast and infinite within it's own existence to put into ideologies, concepts or philosophies.
However, while living within a finite reality, the only way to start to comprehend the vastness and limitlessness of infinite existence is through our created ideologies, concepts and philosophies, it's however wise to note that anything we create to comprehend the infinite, is going to be limited within itself.......

One thing to remember, consciousness isn't just of the infinite, it's also of the finite, the yin and yang of consciousness as a whole for a consciousness isn't whole until it's as one!!   

Monday, 11 April 2016

Life.....The Way We Don't See It

Written by Mathew Naismith

Even after a number of infinite connected experiences in my early days, I still displayed a consciousness that was primarily finite based, this was of course due to a continuous conditioning to finite existence, an existence of beginnings and ends. All forms are born and then die, end of story. Being brought up in an atheistic environment also added to this perception of there only being a starting and ending point of everything, point blank, end of story.

However, even though I was primarily conditioned to perceive in finite perspectives, my experiences of a reality of non-physical form also gave me the perception that there is more to life than  finite perspectives. What I was primarily conditioned to perceive, became less of a primary influence on me, this was gradually replaced with a perception that goes way beyond the boundaries and limitations of the finite, an existence purely based on limited perceptions. Any existence based on the finite, has to be limited within it's perceptions as the finite is within itself limiting.

Today, it's strange to me to primarily base an existence purely based on the finite as it's obvious that any existence, based on the finite, is going to be limiting to any consciousness existing within such a reality. It's also strange to me today that any consciousness would consciously do this, in actuality, no aware consciousness is able to consciously base it's existence primarily on the finite purely because such consciousness is aware of how limiting this kind of existence is. 

A finite existence is an unaware existence, does this mean an infinite existence is an aware existence denoting an aware consciousness? 

Finite = unawareness + limited perceptions and even perspectives

Infinite = awareness + unlimited consciousness period

I think the above quite clearly shows that the infinite denotes an awareness, any consciousness aware of the infinite to me, represents some kind of awareness beyond the boundaries of finite perceptions and existence. What have most religions expressed? A belief in a God or God's and Goddesses which symbolically represent infinite existence of other consciousness's, perceptions beyond the boundaries of finite existences, therefore, symbolically giving us an awareness of infinite perceptions and existences.

Today, so many people demonise religion for one reason or another but this isn't, to me,  totally warranted. Yes, certain people within certain religions have acted in contradictory to the beliefs they follow, this doesn't mean, in a big way, that religions have not helped us to understand the infinite self while existing in a finite existence, it's obvious they have, albeit in there own way. I should state her that I have never been or am I religious in anyway, I'm just being unbiased in my opinion and looking at the more constructive points of religion here instead of always focusing on the destructiveness of religions.  

In WWII, there was a Japanese fighter ace who scored around 88 victims, this person was a devout Buddhist. Being that Buddhism is supposed to be a passive religion/philosophy, he's actions seemed totally contradictory to he's beliefs. The point being that religions/philosophies are only a guide, no truly infinite based religion has limitations, if they do, they are no longer primarily of infinite teachings. Yes, even Buddhists can step from a reality based on the infinite to a reality base on the finite for there should never be any limitations set within the beliefs of a truly infinite based religion. In truth, no truly infinite based spiritual teachings should be limited in any way.

Recently, my mother passed on, so many people thought I was cold hearted because I didn't act in a broken hearted way. This perception of me is purely based on finite perceptions, when exactly did my mum truly die? In actuality, my mother is more alive than ever, this aliveness was mainly due to the turbulent life my mother lead. Take away all that trauma for starters, what are you left with? It would feel like utter peace and tranquility, what a life.....

Finite existence is bound by certain perspectives, being that perspectives denote limitations through measuring through certain set perceptions. It was measured or judged that I wasn't acting appropriately, this perception was purely based on finite perceptions.

Now let's look at my actions in an infinite way/perception, my mother is more alive than ever, if not more so, why would I be so upset about this especially considering my mother died from the complications of a long bout of cancer? I'm upset, but, why should I put on an act as if my mother is no more period? I could not be more happy for my mother, period.

Yes, the way we look at life is different, some people primarily perceive through the finite and other people primarily perceive through the infinite, however, there are also other people who perceive in both ways. No matter how we perceive, the way you perceive doesn't make someone else's perception wrong or even right, it's understandably only a different perception based purely on the way we perceive. As of always, it's however much wiser to perceive in more than one way.      

Thursday, 31 March 2016

What is What and Faith

Written by Mathew Naismith

In realities influenced by time, it seems to matter what is what, what are we doing here, what is our purpose, what is the difference and so forth. Any consciousness influenced by timelessness however has a different perspective, this is usually called blind faith, for example, a consciousness that believes in a creative consciousness or God or an infinite source of creation/awareness/wisdom, naturally has a different perspective to other conscious forms that don't have an expression of faith. The reason for this lies with faith itself, considering that the faith in anything infinite, naturally defuses numerous questions thus helping in quieting our minds.

Having faith in anything within time, is a big ask considering that purely time based perception are unable to perceive beyond finite perceptions, this of course is due to their conditioning to time. Faith however takes us out of time based perceptions and perspectives thus lessening the continuous questions of what is what, in turn, quieting our minds.

In relation to time, certain quantum physics theories state that realities and time are possibly an illusion for various reasons as the video below explains. To me, their not just illusions and that is that, this sounds like a perception base purely on time because perceptions influenced by time usually set up boundaries and rules, what boundaries and rules are there in timelessness? There are none because to have limitation is of the finite, not the infinite.   

Perceiving from a state influenced by time to a timeless state, gives us the perception that time is an illusion, this of course is also stating that hate and love are an illusion as well. However, when you perceive from a timeless state to state of time, your perception is quite different. The reason for this is obvious, there are no limitations, once a consciousness is no longer only influenced by time, the limited question of what is what becomes obsolete as this kind of questioning and querying has limitations.

Because there are no limitations, this alone should prove that time is an illusion as time is very limiting? Not at all, remember, there are no limitations, meaning, time within itself is real, to state otherwise is limiting!! Time, therefore finite thinking,  tricks us to believe in illusions, basically, it's an illusion of an illusion....however.

To state that time isn't an illusion, is also limiting, time has certainly obscured who we truly are to start with, giving us the misperception that this is all we are, this is an illusion. One of the main reasons time isn't an illusion resides in that times has always existed, if time exists, time can't be a true illusion, only the perception that time influences us with. The main influence being a perception of finite as opposed to the infinite.

As of always in time, what has evolved from what? This kind of querying is of course perceived on the perception that time exists and that there is always a starting and ending point of origin. This perception of course denotes a perception influenced by limitations therefore time. In recent days, I had a theory that denotes that consciousness and thought was created from awareness, the following is my response to this.                 

Good point, is consciousness and thought the creation of awareness instead of awareness and thought being the creation of consciousness? In time, one would presume one comes before the other, in timelessness however there is no starting or ending point for one to be created from the other...

Basically, I'm stating that consciousness is awareness and thought, however  for an example, not every state of thought, awareness and consciousness, is wise as thought and consciousness can lack awareness which is fundamentally vital for wisdom to exist.

We would think that to be wise, wisdom is created because of awareness, in actuality, wisdom is at the exact same point as awareness, wisdom doesn't come from awareness as thought and consciousness doesn't come from awareness.

Because we are conditioned to time, we perceive everything has to have a starting point of origin but it doesn't, yes, in time it does, this is the illusion, but not when we consider timelessness as well.

In time, consciousness and thought can be perceived as coming from awareness, however in timelessness, this is another matter. there are no boundaries therefore their are no rules to what should come before or be created by what....

As of the big picture, there is no boundaries, this means no consciousness or awareness is able to actually observe the whole picture as it has no boundaries, it's infinite, we can however perceive the enormity of the big picture.

I should also state that most human isms and ideologies are time based or influenced in some way by time. 


To me, it's important to have faith as faith is of the infinite self, it has no fixated limitations, on the other hand disbelief has numerous fixated limitations. We do indeed have a choice in what perceptions we live by..........  

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Interactions of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Warning, warning this post is going to sound awfully loony to a lot of people; it will certainly show how weird I can actually be so brace yourself for a very weird ride. The interactions of consciousness is all to do with how consciousness interacts with itself in time, if time is just an illusion to you, nothing else,  it’s probably pointless reading on.

We first of all have a whole consciousness, a non-fragmented consciousness; this whole consciousness is of timelessness, this source of consciousness also has no barriers or limitations at this stage. This is due to it’s stillness, it has no movement or interaction or a push and pull effect, in this state of wholeness it just is.

Once this still consciousness enters into time, it becomes fragmented and through this fragmentation it starts to interact with itself. Because consciousness has no barriers and limitations, it is able to create anything within it’s interaction with itself. This interaction can produce anything from something constructive to anything destructive; this consciousness in time has absolutely no limitation in what it can create within time itself especially at this stage.  

Timelessness is a still unchanging consciousness and time is an ever moving changing consciousness, once time or timelessness enters into the other, it transforms this consciousness to either a still or ever moving consciousness. Because this consciousness has no limitations it is infinite, it is able to create and recreate whatever the interactions or non-interactions create, the universe is a good example of this interaction, I call this the interactions of yin and yang.

I should also mention here that time isn’t an actual measurement but an ever moving interacting consciousness.   

The reason I say the universe is an interaction of two consciousness’s is we have anti-matter (yang and we have matter (yin); yang (anti-matter) interacted with yin (matter) which produce or conceives the universe.  This of course is no different to what a male and female interaction can produce; the world is full of such interactions.  This is all accomplished because of consciousness’s interaction with itself. The illusion is, no matter what the interaction is of this consciousness, it’s still a consciousness or one consciousness interacting with itself no matter how many forms this consciousness takes within time. It is one source of consciousness fragmented in time to produce many different forms; does the fragmentation of consciousness make everything that this fragmentation forms an illusion, is all forms produced by this fragmentation of consciousness within time an illusion?

This of course is debatable depending on what outcome we want to produce ourselves, in other words, do we want to perceive that this consciousness is unreal or do we want to perceive it’s real? Because consciousness itself has no boundaries or limitations, we can answer this however we like and still be correct within a sense but we can’t be correct within it’s entirety, this is due to consciousness having no limitations within itself. This consciousness has no limitations to something having to have to be real or not, only a more ignorant consciousness can perceive like this, a consciousness with barriers and limitation.

This is where consciousness becomes limited, the more ignorant a consciousness is or a species is the more limitations and barriers such consciousness limits itself too. When such consciousness’s start to become aware of a non-fragmented consciousness of timeless, it automatically deems everything of this limited consciousness as being an illusion, this I believe is normal behaviour.  This is a good sign however even though it’s still limiting, this is due to us, as a species, going beyond a consciousness that is very limiting, in other words, we are becoming more aware.  

It’s not easy to truly realise that everything around you including every action and reaction is consciousness interacting with itself, it’s all basically alive because it’s all basically consciousness no matter what form it takes through consciousness interacting with itself. This also means we can ourselves interact with other forms of consciousness to create what we like, we do this anyway with what man creates through he’s ingenuity and even through he’s interaction with the opposite sex, this is all due to mankind’s interaction with consciousness itself.  Now this interaction has produced or created many different things over the history of man, what if man didn’t limit he’s own consciousness and keep himself ignorant to what he is truly a part of, a limitless consciousness.  I don’t think man would be as destructive for starters for only in ignorance can we destroy.

Don’t underestimate consciousness, it is limitless therefore infinite, it has no barrier or boundaries only what we give it within our own ignorance, it’s truly a magical source of energy without a doubt.   

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Wise Man Wise Re-Examined

Written By Mathew Naismith

I inserted my post titled Wise Man Wise on a spiritual site however it wasn’t well understood by most people & because it wasn’t understood some people picked the eyes out of it. The following will hopefully explain this story a little better.  

Hi Mathew
Your story went over my head and I 'glazed over' by the time I finished, I like to keep things simple, this was too complicated for me to grasp, could you put the lesson/teaching into another story for my simple mind to get.
L n L

G'day angelman
Sorry for that, I'm not a writer by no means, actually this is the only story I've ever written except from school days so I don't think I  can rewrite the story however I will explain it better.

The story was written from an insight I awoke with one morning, I thought I did a good job in writing this up as a story & of course so did others that could obviously see through their limitations. 

It's about being wise enough to overcome our limitations by seeing them as something to be learnt & not denounced in some way because we can't see past our limitations. This is like passing the buck so we don't have to be accountable. The villager was passing the buck because all he could see was he's own limitations not something to be learnt & once he learnt this he was ecstatic.

Pondering here within the story is in reference to not thinking & once this is done one is able to see the bigger picture. The villager was obviously only looking at the small picture through he's limitations but once he saw he's limitations as something to still be learnt he no longer saw he's limitations as a  blockage or a hindrance.

The villager was obviously able to lead because he already knew of the wise man before he arrived, he was already wise & connected to his inner knowing but needed guidance to know of this wisdom within himself. The wise man didn't do much at all actually but remind the villager of how he was looking at his limitations.

Our limitations, like in the story, are ego influenced in saying we have limitations however the villager soon learnt to not cover up he's limitations by seeing he's limitations as something to be yet learnt.      

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Seeing Past our Limited Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Because of our various belief systems we take on we tend to have a hard time perceiving & understanding past our perceptions or conscious understandings which is fair enough because how is anyone supposed to perceive past what they consciously don’t understands, however in this lies limitations. Recently on a forum site it came up that science is limited, I replied science is only limited by our thought process, if we think it’s limited it will be limited like anything else. Consciousness is unlimited & for ever changing & science is a part of this collective consciousness so how can science be limited as it is forever changing as well?

Science like any other belief or conception is limited by its understanding, that is the only limitation they have which is brought on by our limiting thought process but what if we didn’t have to understand to perceive consciousness beyond our understanding? To understand anything we have to have a perception of what we are about to understand first which gives us our perceived conscious understanding , it’s our perception in the first place that gives us something more to understand & it’s this perception that also gives us what we are going to understand & in the way we are going to understand.  For an example some atheist can’t or won’t understand faith because they perceive it as being blind, they can’t see past their conceptions in the first place to be able to understand how faith works & someone who is religious can’t see how a God can’t exist. In both cases it is impossible to see past their conception/belief, this is what’s limiting not what we can’t or won’t understand or even perceive beyond our conscious understanding.

What I am saying here is one doesn’t need to understand to perceive & in actual fact one needs to perceive first to understand, it’s our perception that is limiting which makes our understanding limited, just because we don’t understand doesn’t mean it’s limited as it’s only limiting within our perception not within the collective consciousness I believe. What are we able to perceive within our imagination? This is how unlimited the collective consciousness is, are our dreams limited? They are only limited like our imagination to what we perceive not what actually is or can be. How many of us understand our dreams but it doesn’t stop us remembering them thus perceiving them? Well in actual fact it does seem that way. A lot of us don’t remember our dreams because we don’t understand them because they are too farfetched however this again is brought on by our limitation to what can be, we just can’t perceive such things happening in the first place therefore our understanding of such things can’t exist thus we don’t remember our dreams, conscious life is no different.

The collective consciousness has no limitation because it has no set beliefs or concepts to limit it, science is limited because it’s only perceives within in its understanding, if it has no understanding it can’t perceive beyond what it understands at any given time. If we looked back a thousand years ago could have scientists perceived what modern day science was going to be all about? It could only perceive in what it understood at that time but if scientists of them days allowed themselves to perceive firstly before they had an understanding things could have been quite different & in actual fact at times this did happen in the science & religious/spiritual fields, how could seers see what they did without an understanding of what they were seeing & how did miraculous inventions & discoveries appear out of seemingly nowhere? It all comes down to what we perceive or imagine, not everything needs to be understood first because in this lies limitations which is what a lot of scientists are doing today limiting themselves to understanding first instead of being able to perceive & imagine before one has an understanding in what they are perceiving & imagining.  

Our conscious understanding is limited by our perception which is brought on by our beliefs/concepts, once we realise this the skies the limit or I should say in this case while referring to the collective consciousness the sky is unlimited by what we perceive/imagine, the more limiting we are in our perception the less consciously aware we will be & the more non-limiting we are in our perception/imagination the more consciously aware we will be, it all stands to reason.