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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A Quietened Mind to Being Enlightened

Written by Mathew Naismith

Three consecutive quotes came to me recently which impact on each other, it's like a three step description on how to become the observer, a more enlightened (awake) consciousness from an unenlightened state of consciousness. The trick is, is not to try to become enlightened but to release yourself from an unenlightened state of consciousness without intentions or taking action.       

Step 1: Obtain a quiet mind through being aware that every time we react to another conscious source, we create more ripples within this consciousness which only feeds the controlling ego to become even more controlling. The ripples within consciousness represent a chaotic effect which the ego feeds from.  

You might think it's not easy to quieten the mind but it is, all you need to do is realise every time you react, you are feeding the ego which causes more ripples within consciousness itself.  It's all about being aware of the effects of what our actions and intentions have on consciousness. All actions and intentions are ego driven, be aware of how controlling the ego is when being expressive of such actions and intentions. 

Step 2: This should be an automatic response from quietening the mind, once we learn to quieten the mind, we automatically express more inactions, this in turn quells the chaos within consciousness. Harmony is an expression of inactions and is counter productive to creating chaos.     

Step 3: Once step 1 and 2 are accomplished, we again automatically become the observer and once we become the observer, we begin to release ourselves quite automatically from an unenlightened state of consciousness. This takes no actions or intentions at all to reach this state. You might think you have intentions of quietening the mind but all you are doing is releasing yourself from an unenlightened state, all this takes is to let go of the controlling factors of the ego. This is being your true self which has always existed, this takes no actions or intentions except just being the truer you.    

To get a better picture of this, look at consciousness as a body of water that is being influenced by chaos, a movement that creates ripples, now stop all movement (actions and reactions of the ego, you will now notice the body of water is calm and tranquil once again, this body of water now represents your truer self. You are not taking actions through intentions but are now being inactive through releasing yourself from the controlling factors of the ego.

If you have intention of quietening the mind, you might experience a bit of step 2 but you won't go on and experience step three. The trick is to just let go of actions and intentions and be your truer self again, a calm tranquil body of water (consciousness).

I should point out that all unenlightened states of consciousness express ego traits, this is perfectly natural, it's even natural to express a totally controlling ego, nothing of consciousness is unnatural even though the controlling ego tries to convince us otherwise. If we truly want, or more precisely need, to change a conscious reality, all we need to do is become aware of how consciousness behaves when stimulated or influenced by movement (actions and intentions). Yes, it is this simple!!