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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Personal Love v Collective Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

Collective Love: We confuse ourselves so often between these two very different forms of love, at times personal love is confused as being unconditional but of course once tested, this so called unconditional love has conditions. Collective love is the only true form of unconditional love, this is because no matter where this love finds itself, it's still unconditional, this isn't the same with personal love. I should also say here you can also personally love and unconditionally love in the same exact moment, I will explain about this a little latter on.

If we looked at people like Jesus for instance, did Jesus, while hanging on the cross, instantly unloved he's detractors, the people who persecuted him?  No, for a very simple reason, he truly did unconditionally love. What does it take for people today to seemingly unconditionally? They have to be in the environment of their own choosing, any discord or chaotic behaviour detracts away from this collective love. Ostracising or personally attacking people when in an environment not of your own personal liking, is showing that this kind of love does indeed have conditions, there is no true collective love in this. To me, people like Jesus and Buddha showed us how to truly love no matter what environment you are in.        

Now a lot of people believe we shouldn't dwell in the past as it's all about the present, I totally agree with this in sense, it matters not if we are thinking about the past or the future, it's still in the present, the delusion is thinking there is a past and future to dwell on. Any person of the so called past that is of wisdom, which we obviously lack today, is very much of the present for me.

Personal Love: A truly unconditionally loving person should be able to go on any part of the net, for example, and feel unconditionally loving, most of the times however we have conditions which obviously isn't a true form of unconditional love. As soon as we ostracise people and/or attack them in any way, we are expressing the conditions we have in regards to our love!!

I believe it's wise at this point to become aware of the difference between these two forms of love.

Personal love = a controlling ego + conditions + judgmental + control period

Collective love = ego + no conditions + in judgment through observation + awareness

Jesus made an observation that he's detractors where obviously highly destructive, this however didn't take away he's love of he's detractors, however, this is where personal love comes into it, did Jesus have personal love for he's detractors? The answer would be no because personal love is always in judgment of conditions, this however didn't stop Jesus unconditionally loving.

If you noticed I related personal love to control and the collective love to awareness, this difference alone makes a huge difference to the way we express our love either conditionally or unconditionally.

To take control of anything we first need to be judgmental, you can't control anything if you are unaware of what to control unless you are in judgement, in other words  to control anything takes one to be judgmental. Judgement actually gives us awareness  but an awareness that has conditions, being judgmental actually makes us more of a participator rather than an observer. I don't think any truly wise person isn't an observer of some kind, you can't be an observer if you are judgmental, only in judgment of what you observe.

Through our observations we become aware even when in judgement because all you are judging is an obvious difference, you aren't personally judging a right or wrong, just a difference in the way we conduct ourselves either constructively or destructively. I can't think of any true wise person who tried to control a situation, all they did was influence a situation by being just plainly aware of the situation.

The Right Environment!!: Many of us today have a desire, or a presumed need, to put ourselves in the right environment to be able to express our love, if we need to be in the right environment to do this in the first place, our love in the first place has conditions. If you are truly unconditionally loving, you should be able to put yourself into any situation no matter how in discord a situation is and still express unconditional love. This very rarely happens even with those who believe they are unconditionally loving.

The reason this happens is simple, we include personal love within our unconditional love when personal love is all about a controlling ego and being in judgement, this of course will counteract any unconditional love we might have, however!!

I stated in the first paragraph of this post that we can express personal love and unconditional love in the same exact moment, how would this be possible? Once again this is simple, we can only be expressive of a true form of unconditional love if our unconditional love is the main influence. Once our personal love becomes the main influence, we lose any true expression of unconditional love, this is wholly due to a controlling ego.

Let's look at some real life examples, how unconditional can a mothers love be? Now this kind of unconditional love doesn't exclude personal love, however, this personal love doesn't detract away from the mothers unconditional love of their child either. You see in this case unconditional love is the main influence, not personal love, in this case the child can become totally destructive but still  loved by their mother, this is a true form of unconditional love.

In Australia, 52% of married couples end up divorced, the only reason this would occur is they had conditions on their love for each other in the first place, if these couples unconditionally loved each other in the first place, the 52% divorce rate wouldn't exist. Don't get me wrong here, if a person is being abused in any sense of the word, they shouldn't stay with such people because they have no conditions for their love for the abuser. Any abuse denotes conditions brought on by control to start with, try to avoid anyone who is controlling, their love will never be unconditional until they stop being controlling.

I personally can't say I love a lot of people but I do collectively love all the people, this might seem superficial to a lot of people, how can I have a love of all of the people but only personally love a few? Once again this is simple, unconditional love takes a lot of awareness and understanding, you can't obtain this kind of awareness and understanding if you are hiding in your little safe haven that makes you feel good all the times. When you look at Buddha and Jesus for instance, did they stay within their safe haven? No, both of them went out and put themselves in anything else but a safe haven, it was certainly a huge test of their unconditional collective love.

Don't just sit within your safe haven that makes you feel good for all this will do is produce a personal love that has very little substance or creed, get away from your security blanket for all that is secure is controlling!!

I'm certainly aware of why certain people want to ignore the wisdom in the so called past, it's way too illuminating. Don't allow your controlling ego to influence you in ignoring the greatest wisdom we have in the world, yes involve but evolve from this, don't ignore this wisdom altogether for all this will create is an unilluminating reality they has nowhere to evolve from.