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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Freedom from Time

Written by Mathew Naismith

There are infinite scenarios that can be experienced. Infinite refers to endless numbers of choices which refers to freewill. If there are infinite choices, there is freewill. Time alone, which is based on starting and ending points, are limited to certain variables, even though these variables can be of infinite scenarios. Even when the subtle body and gross body are limited by starting and ending points, these scenarios that are able to be experienced are not really limited. As I have stated a number of times before, we have freewill but we don't, depending on how we perceive. 

Yes, destiny seems to only affect gross and subtle bodies as destiny can only be experienced in time, being that destiny relies on starting and ending points. Only in relation to time can freewill seem non-existent, because of the perception that time limits a consciousness to.  

Time = motion, space, finite consciousness, limitations, starting and ending points, separation. 

Timelessness = motionlessness, spacelessness, infinite consciousness, unlimited, no starting or ending points, oneness. 

Actually, in all, only the gross and subtle body limited by and to time can perceive that we have no freewill, even when infinite scenarios therefore choices therefore freewill obviously exist outside the limitations of time. 

Can a consciousness only conditioned to time perceive in a timeless mode of thought? Utterly impossible no matter what is presented, this is why it is pointless continually conducting ourselves in a one sided conversation. You have made the fundamental mistake that time conditions a consciousness to, especially when mentioning that I present evidence based only on time, limitations, and, that freewill is only perceived by the gross body.

Actual freewill is determined by states of timelessness, motionlessness, spacelessness, infinite consciousness, unlimited, no starting or ending points, oneness, not the other way around xxxxxxx. 

You seem to be chasing knowledge, where I simply allow for awareness to abode. You are well read, where I am simply aware. I have actually read and studied very little. I was told at a young age not to read and study, but to simply allow awareness to abode by allowing awareness space to abode in. Giving space for awareness to abode in simply takes one to release one from control of the ego and being in control. To be perfectly honest, reading and studying is often of taking control. Yes, read and study but do it in the absence of taking or being controlled by what you read and study. When a consciousness is primarily conditioned to time, this is virtually impossible to do. For starters, becoming aware of this in states of time is virtually impossible. 

You are milking me, in other words trying to gain knowledge through me to gain more control. I am not doing you any good in continuing this discussion, however, is this discussion really to do with you as a singular entity trying to gain more control?  

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Living Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

There are a number of different sources of information in relation to living consciousness, each has their own views on living consciousness but what is living consciousness? I have included two sources in relation to this topic further on in my post.

Living consciousness is basically perceived as representing an energy source in motion while in participation; this is instead of a consciousness not in motion. To get an idea what represents a consciousness in motion and not in motion, imagine being an observer to participation. Being a participator is obviously of motion, however, being an observer judging or perceiving, for example, a negative or positive, is also of participation. Full on observation is observing participation void of any motion (participation) what so ever. Participation refers directly to motion therefore a living consciousness, however, as I will explain further on in this post, this only represents a consciousness that is half alive, half aware.

So does this mean a consciousness not of motion is dead as opposed to living?

In true state of observation therefore motionlessness/timelessness, nothing is in opposition as there are no perceptions of opposites. In this state everything is as one, for only in time is there starting and ending points therefore opposing forces like birth and death, light and dark, high and low, etc. Does consciousness actually go into a state of death from a state of life after our demise? Time, therefore motion and participation, tells us it does but timelessness, therefore motionlessness and observation, tells us something quite different. If you perceive that a major shift in energy flows from one state to another, like from birth to death, is a state where consciousness dies, a complete state of death is perceived. However, when we truly observe without participation, no true form of separation of one state to another has occurred. In a state of observation there are no perceptions, there is only awareness void of any separation therefore motion what so ever.

Perceived living consciousness = motion + participation + time + perceptions + separation

Non-living consciousness = motionlessness + observation + timelessness + awareness + oneness

It's really advisable not to perceive that a non-living consciousness is dead or represents the death of a consciousness. Within this state you actually become more alive as you become more aware. Yes, there is a connection with being aware and life. How aware is an insect to life, to its own existence, than man? Man is more aware of life than an insect, however, how many people are aware of an existence of consciousness after death? It's as though we are only half alive when not of the awareness of consciousness's existence after our so-called death. We are basically living in participation wile excluding observation, a separation of participation and observation. What occurs when we become more observant? We become more aware even in our present state!!

Living consciousness actually refers to both motions and motionlessness, time and timelessness, participation and observation, etc, void of separation of one to the other. 

A good way to practice in observation is to go on an internet forum and simply observe without judgment. It's a lot better if you observe what you perceive to be negative in some way; this can include anything that questions your own personal and professional beliefs/concepts to anyone's actions that disgusts you. Condition your consciousness to wholly observe at first and when you feel comfortable in observation, interact/participate with other people. Note, when in participation, avoid any participation with anyone who is obvious within their aggression towards you at first. You will soon be able to participate with people who are obvious within their aggression latter on. It's actually advisable to do this, only when comfortable to do so, as this will condition you to then observe your own participation under duress or strain. Yes, you will have to still block some people. I don't ignore people while in participation; I see this as being rude and disrespectful so I block certain people instead but only after a certain amount of interaction.                                

Extract: Throughout the work, Barnard offers “ruminations” or neo-Bergsonian responses to a series of vitally important questions such as: What does it mean to live consciously, authentically, and attuned to our inner depths? Is there a philosophically sophisticated way to claim that the survival of consciousness after physical death is not only possible but likely?

Extract: Living consciously is about taking control of your life, about thinking about your decisions rather than making them without thought, about having a life that we want rather than settling for the one that befalls us.


I don't actually conform to taking control of our life. For me, it's more about letting go of control of motions; this gives us more free will to choose how we want to live our lives while living a life in motion. You really don't have to be in control therefore controlled by motion to be of a living consciousness.......        

Monday, 15 February 2016

It's Within The Questions We Ask!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I should firstly point out that anyone who doesn't like energy, the source or the creator of all things labelled as a God's consciousness, you won't like the following post. A lot more  people relate to this kind of consciousness as being of a God, it simplifies the extent of conciseness my internet friend and I are talking about here.

I hope you find the following exchange between Sal C and I interesting.  

I was just seriously thinking how time and timelessness can exist at the same time and thought of you. I know you write about these topics and thought you might have a satisfying answer. Any help would be great. Your friend, Sal

My Reply
This takes a bit of explaining Sal but here we go. 

Time exists within timelessness, timelessness actually is represented by what a lot of us call God for only through a timeless state can everything be created. The reason for this is simple, timelessness has no starting or ending point of origin, everything has always existed, however!!

Not everything has existed as an expression, time actually allows everything within this timelessness state or God's consciousness to be expressed.  

Now believe it or not, time also has always existed, remembering, there is no starting or ending point of anything, this includes time, however,  within time there is a starting and ending point of expressing this God's consciousness that is not expressed while is a state of motionlessness.

Timelessness = God's consciousness + motionlessness 

Time = Man's consciousness in our case + motion

In this motionless timeless state of God's consciences, there is no expression however this is where time comes into it, time allows God's consciousness to be expressed. Sadly enough, this includes God's consciousness being also expressed in a distorted way.  When we lose faith in God or have an unawareness of this timeless state, consciousness becomes automatically distorted by time. The reason for this distortion is that time represents expression of conscious, any expression of consciousness in any and everyway, man's consciousness is certainly showing us this.  

Basically, time and timelessness represent different perspectives of consciousness for one is measured as a motion and the other isn't.  Time only represents an expression of this consciousness while timelessness represents, at the same time, a non- expressional state of this consciousness. 

I hope this helped Sal. Try to remember, I am no expert on this, it's basically my own perception of what time and timelessness represent.     

So interesting. I have been doing a lot of soul searching in my life. In your opinion where does the eternal present moment fit in? It does feel like underneath everything there is always "the now", maybe there isn't "a now", not sure. Its funny, I can sense "this eternal now" so vividly and yet time seems so real as well.

My Reply
Sal C The eternal present fits within God's consciousness itself, a consciousness not determined or influenced by time, I suppose you could perceive this as being the now, a consciousness of timelessness where there is no ending and starting point which means no past or future, only the now.

A lot of people believe that time is an illusion which means all the expressions of God's consciousness is also an illusion within this time!! I of course don't conform to this perception.

Is time real?

To me, time is an expression of this God's consciousness, yes, it can be distorted but does this distortion of God's consciousness represent an illusion?  This is questionable Sal, when we are no longer expressing God's consciousness as it is in time, is such expressions an illusion?

No, it's only a distortion, how can any consciousnesses expressed in any way be a true illusion when it all is created from this infinite God's consciousness. As you can get distortion in space itself, you can also get distortion in consciousness. Does a distortion within space represent an illusion? The answer is of course no, the same with consciousness. The problem with distortions is it can indeed influence a consciousness to perceive differently to the original source which I call God's consciousness.      

Excellent responses Mathew. We can help each other figure out this paradox we call life. Your friend, Sal

My Reply
Sal C We are certainly here for each other in one sense or another my friend. 

We might think the answer is more important than the question or query, we couldn't be more incorrect. The right questions to the answers actually takes more perception than the correct answers for the questions, this to me is so obvious. The answer actually formulates the questions and queries for the answers have always existed.

Questions = time + movement

Answers = timelessness and motionlessness

Within time, it is obvious we need the correct questions to find the answer as you have done once again my friend, you are indeed quite perceptive. You are basically a reflection of timelessness, God's consciousness, no joke..... 

Mathew Naismith wow, I'm honored. I'm truly trying to find the truth, regardless if I "win" the debate, or whatever that outcome is. I guess I have to keep asking questions.

I guess more questions equals more answers. 

I really see the paradox in everything. Like if I'm afraid of something I agree with it and make it worse in my mind. If I hang in there long enough the fear goes away naturally.

My Reply

It's within the types of questions we ask Sal, often our questions are time based and are limited to time because time is naturally limiting. I see you asking questions based on timelessness as well, a consciousness not limited, basically, a consciousness that is unlimited, infinite if you like. 

I wrote a quote awhile ago, " Try to avoid asking questions before you know the answer, within this state of awareness becomes harmony".

When asking questions based on this timelessness, you are basically doing what this quote is stating. It's as if we know the answer but we need this answer confirmed!! How often do people like you and I do this? We have a feeling what the answer is but time based questions just don't confirm this for us.

Wonderful exchange of conversation between time and timelessness! Thanks Mathew

Monday, 4 January 2016

The Big Picture - A Reflection of Perfection

Written by Mathew Naismith

I believe this post is going to be a heavy post to read, it's going to  look into the small and big picture. Small pictures represent realities while the big picture represents these numerous realities as one whole picture. I will also explain why no one can experience a true enlightenment while predominantly experiencing a particular reality.

Also, this posts heading seems to contradict my last post stating that no true state of perfection exists within spirituality, this too will take a bit of explaining, I will however firstly explain what I mean about the small and big picture. 

Small picture = time + controlling ego + separate realities + no actual reflection of perfection, instead, a presumed judged perfection

Big picture = timelessness + ego + linked realities + a reflection of perfection through observing the whole of existence as one

Small Picture

Time: All realities have a sense of time, this however doesn't have to mean a reality is predominantly influenced by time like our own present experienced reality, it means a consciousness within such a reality, can be aware of time within another reality without actually predominately being influenced in a reality of time. In other words, a consciousness can exist within a timeless state and still be aware of realities of time. This is like some people, within this reality, are aware of a timelessness while in a reality predominantly influenced by time.

Controlling Ego: Stating that all realities are of a controlling ego is a big statement to make here, you must realise that not all realities of a controlling ego are like our present reality. You must also realise that not all controlling ego tendencies are destructive, to most spiritually aware people, this seems to be hard to perceive, this is because all we are aware of is the destructive attributes of a controlling ego within this present reality. There are realities of gold and glitter and pure light but for every conscious form to experience and enjoy, this is quite unlike our own reality. The other difference is that this gold and glitter and light didn't take the destruction of a planet and it's living form to produce, it's created from pure energy that had no form in the first place to destroy.

Separate Realities: As I have explained in a previous post, to get a better idea of separate realities, look at these separate realities like a peace of a jig saw that fits within other peaces of the jigsaw puzzle. Each separate part of the jigsaw puzzle represents a reality, they are separate until linked together within the puzzle.

Notice a said linked instead of joined, this is because joined refers to butting one point of reference against another, jigsaws don't work like this, each peace of the jigsaw is linked together, not butted!!

Yes, each and every reality is linked, take notice of where our own reality, our own peace of the jigsaw, is linked within. Our own reality is indeed linked within other realities, this is why we are able to perceive beyond the perceptions of the reality we are presently experiencing. Now imagine expanding out from this one jigsaw peace, in other words becoming aware of other realities, jigsaw peaces, beyond our own. As I often say, this is going beyond normal human perception.      

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the things that explain the existence of everything quite simply for us to understand, as of anything we create, each creation tells us a little more of our whole self. Jigsaw puzzles however, to me, tell us of our whole existence, not just a part of our existence. Jigsaw puzzles quite plainly explain how each reality is linked.  Each peace of the puzzle makes up a big picture that we can become aware of that we are observing. Yes, every form of  consciousness is observing the big picture, we are mostly unaware of this because we are experiencing realities as separate entities, not as one entity!!    

No Perfection: There is no perfection within a singular or multiple realities, only while being aware of observing the big picture can we observe perfection. As a good internet friend of mine stated in reference to my last post, existence itself as a whole is a reflection of perfection. I totally agreed with this even though it seemed to contradict my statement that no true state of perfection exists within spirituality.

One thing to consider here is paradoxes, general thinking and science ignore and disclaim anything to do with paradoxes, however, quantum physics actually incorporates paradoxes within it's evaluations. Quantum physics, to me, is like explaining about a jigsaw puzzles in a more complicated intricate way.

While a consciousness is only aware and accepting of singular or multiple realities, there is no perfection unless a controlling ego states otherwise, for example, my ideology or enlightenment/awakening is the be and end all. This changes when we realise we are also observing the big picture, each reality becomes worthy as they make up the big picture. Could you imagine not placing a peace of the jigsaw puzzle just because we didn't personally like it, in  doing this, you will never observe the big picture in it's whole state. OK, this reality is highly expressive of chaos and destruction but it still makes up the big picture!!

Big Picture

Timelessness and Ego: It is obvious, while observing time therefore realities, there is no true sense of time, only an observed sense of time. You are observing time when observing realities but you are not predominately influenced by time or these numerous realities.

To a number of people, time and these realities are an illusion, only a sense of timelessness exists totally void of ego. In this state you are not even an observer, there is no kind of awareness at all in this state. Look at it in this way, the observer of time and timeliness is the pinnacle, a state of being in time or timelessness is observed from this pinnacle. To me, being in a state of time OR timelessness is in ignorance of the whole state of existence for which we are, of course a controlling ego will state otherwise.        

No matter what awakening and enlightenment you experience in any reality, such experiences will be influenced by the reality or realities we are influenced by, again, only a controlling ego would state otherwise!! Any consciousness that is unaware of being an observer, is unable to experience true enlightenment, also, any true enlightenment will imminently take you out of your present reality, either it be physical or otherwise. Unless we want to be physically and mentally taken our of a reality, the only enlightenment experienced is an awakening, an awareness, to being an observer. To me, this is more of a precious gift than becoming truly enlightened.....

Linked Realities and Reflection of Perfection: As I have explained, linked realities are like a jigsaw puzzle, each reality in interconnected with other peaces of the jigsaw to make up the big picture. There is no sense of separation in this state, there is  but, in a human way, a sense of perfection represented by oneness, this oneness to us becomes a reflection of perfection. See how each reality influences our perceptions!!

Some people try to explain the whole of our existence through quantum physics, I instead use the humble jigsaw puzzle to explain how everything is interconnected and as one, I just hope I explained myself well enough for you to comprehend.     

Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Finite - A Fraction of Who We Are

Written by Mathew Naismith

I made a bit of an error in not relating the finite to time in my last two posts, in actuality, the finite self is of time, in other words the finite is time itself, this of course makes the infinite self of timelessness, the eternal self.

Observing Time: In certain ideologies, it's said to be of the ego to desire that the infinite self exists, it's the ego that's wants to be eternal, this isn't actually the case. The finite and the infinite self exist without the ego deeming it so, this is because they are both a part of the  natural process of our whole being.  When you observe everything off time, you are observing through an infinite state of being without question, there is no question if our eternal state of being exists or not, only an ego would question if such a state exists or not!!

It's quite fascinating observing everything of  time, time, therefore the finite self, is observed as being quite a small part of our whole being, this is quite different to being a participator of time instead of an observer. The participator of time observes that time is expansive, it's quite huge in area and volume, however, when you become an observer of time, time is observed as something very small, everything of time is that small it seems nearly insignificant.

Fleeting Moments: Another thing about observing time, is that once you enter into a state of eternalness, you feel that everything experienced in time was but a fleeting moment, basically, it feels as if everything experienced in time took about a 5 minutes in our time to experience. In time, time feels like it's never ending, it goes on and on, however, once you enter into a timeless eternal state, such feelings of  a never ending cycle of time could be deemed as an illusion.

Can a consciousness delude itself in thinking time is all there is and that everything of time and the finite is massive and expansive?

Deluded?: We might think once we observe time, time itself would have to be deemed as being an illusion as time deludes us to think this is all we are  and that time is massive and expansive. In actuality, there is no question of time being an illusion when observing time, only observing time while also participating in time can we deem this to be so. Time can however  delude a consciousness in thinking this is all we are and that time is massive and expansive.

Time naturally influences a consciousness to become deluded, I wouldn't myself deem anything natural as being an illusion even though these natural states of being can cause a consciousness to become deluded. Yes, a deluded state is natural therefore is not, in a truer sense, a delusion or an illusion within itself!!

You can now understand how certain ideologies deem that the infinite, therefore the God self, doesn't exist, time is ego which influences us to become deluded, basically of Godlessness, a separation from our infinite self  which really never occurs. There is no true separation, only a sense of separation. Once a consciousness observes through the Godless finite self, everything of a natural state becomes an illusion and of the ego self.  

Going Home: When you enter into an eternal infinite state, this feels like home and that you never left this state. This basically makes everything experienced  through time and finite states, like being in a dream state, you never departed from your normal state of an infinite state of being. To me, our own dreams in time are not delusions or illusions, they are an extension of ourselves, why do we then deem everything of time and the finite an illusion when they are only an extension of ourselves?

Yes, time and the finite self are but an extension of ourselves, and yes, a very small part of ourselves but none the less a part of ourselves, only the ego would deem otherwise. The perpetual self within time will deem that anything other than it's truer self is an illusion, it will deem that one part of itself is our whole truer self when all of what we experience makes up our whole truer self, this includes our dreams which are but an extension of ourselves.

Special Gifts: We might also think observing time takes a special kind of consciousness to do so, this couldn't be further from the truth for only the ego would deem so. Is walking on water, turning water into wine or healing people by touch a special gift? No, believe it or not these so called special gifts are as natural to us as dreaming and breathing, these abilities are quite common in our infinite eternal state. Just because they are not common in our present state within time and infinite states of consciousness, doesn't mean they are not a natural part of our whole truer being.

Yes, we have deluded ourselves within time of our true abilities, this delusion however is quite natural within time and is but a fleeting moment within our whole eternal existence. The finite is indeed but an extension of ourselves, it's but a fraction of  who we truly are!!                          

Friday, 16 January 2015

Knowing Presence-Pure Awareness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I find this bloke called Tony quite interesting, we do tend to play the same tune but using different notes but at the same time we somehow keep in tune with each other, like good musicians do I suppose, in other words we give a slightly different perspective to a particular topic.  I always find other people’s perspective interesting so I inserted a portion of his reply to me in this post.

Pure Awareness (Knowing Presence) is the basis of Consciousness (Knowing Presence with objects). Consciousness exists because of this presence, which has the potential to know. When there is knowing of an object it becomes consciousness. Consciousness is of objects. This knowing presence has no qualities of its own (from our limited perspective); there is no volition there. There is some organizing force there but not organizing as in the human definition of intelligence. We are this organizing force and that which results from it.

It contains no objects. It simply has potential. In the same way as a stationary object has potential energy. It requires an outside force to organize it in the appropriate conditions so that this potential can be utilized. In this case, the outside force would be the apparent external world reflected through the body's sensory apparatus. Think of a mirror. Consciousness is like a mirror. The sole purpose of mirrors is as a reflector of light. Light hits an object; the light from that object is reflected onto the mirror and the mirror because of its reflective nature displays a very close representation of the object. Awareness is the glass; our sensory apparatus is the reflective surface; the external world is the light; and the resulting reflection is consciousness.

My Reply
The way I see it is everything is one thing, one consciousness or one presence.

When this one presence or consciousness is expressed, this is when we perceive it as a different consciousness or a separate item.

The funny thing is this presence is consciousness and of emotion, motion and everything else that is being expressed even though this presence is motionless.

The reason for this is to do with timelessness; this presence is of this timelessness therefore everything that is expressed from this timelessness has always existed.

The reason for this is nothing has a starting or ending point, it has always existed, this includes everything expressed in time.      

There is no true separation between this presence and consciousness or even human emotions. 

However, I feel when we are the ones expressing this presence, we need to believe it's all separate to be able to express such presence or what I deemed as pure awareness.

The reason I called this presence pure awareness or consciousness, is to do with when you are in this state of timelessness, you do indeed become aware but in a motionless state.

Nothing is truly separate; however, this is where a lot of people get the idea that realities like this one and time are illusions when it's not. If everything is one with this presence, then all else is an illusion but that's not true, that's just a human perception.

The reason for this is everything has always existed, we are neither just of time (expressive) or timelessness (presence), we are all of what is in the present.  

I suppose the question is did we and everything else come from this presence, this pure awareness?

At times I have said so myself for very good reasons, everything was created from this presence (pure awareness), this one thing, this is brought about by perceiving through human perceptions while using spiritual concepts of oneness.  

However when you consider that this presence (pure awareness) is of timelessness, you become aware that everything has always existed including time itself and all it represents. This means everything was created from everything, from the whole of consciousness not just from this presence (pure awareness).  

What’s above is also below, how do we human come into being? Through the interaction of at least two energy sources, our parents, this is the same with everything else, it takes two energy sources to create, in this case instead of parents we have states of time and timelessness or presence (pure awareness) and ignorance.  Don’t judge ignorance badly, if it wasn’t for ignorance, I perceive as one of the parents, I don’t think we could express this pure awareness.

So where does this leave us with oneness?  Are not both our parents human, one kind of energy source, this is the same with time and timelessness or awareness and ignorance; they are the same kind of energy sources creating whatever.  However, awareness and ignorance in a human perspective are quite the opposite, there not one of the same source or are they? Take our parents, are they not yin a yang but of the same human energy source.  I really do think we look at ignorance in a too shallow judgmental way.

What’s above is also below; it takes two seemingly different energy sources to create, if ignorance allows for this pure awareness to be expressive of itself in time, I can’t truly see anything wrong with ignorance. When we become too destructive, all we have to do is become aware and utilise both ignorance and this pure awareness in unison to find balance again. Actually I’m not sure if that is not what we are doing right now!!   

The best way for me to look at this is by looking at everything as just energy, either this energy is stationary in timelessness or actively interacting in time with itself, it’s still just energy which gives us this oneness. I think it’s also good to be aware that while expressing intentions in time, we will have to separate this energy into categories for our grey matter (brains) to decipher, so for example calling anything in time ignorant and anything of timeless aware helps this grey matter to understand ourselves and the environment a lot better.               

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Time Travel through God’s Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I refer to God’s consciousness or the sources consciousness as time and timelessness states of consciousness however, time travelling physically takes us to be in tune with the sources consciousness, this is what I refer to as a timeless state of consciousness. In this timeless consciousness there are no interactions of energy because all energies within this timeless state become in tune with each other.

I believe to successfully physically time travel, we need to be within this timeless consciousness and to do this we need to become more aware of what time and timelessness actually represent, other than the perception of being just a measurement. I do believe we do indeed all time travel while meditating or dreaming/OBE’s.  

The following is yet another interaction of energy sources creating or recreating an idea once lost through other energy interactions ignorant to anything beyond a certain concept or a belief system.  I find Jeff interesting, I hope you do too.        

Jeff’s Reply
You may find the following book about Iarga interesting. The printed version has gotten expensive but there's a Kindle version also.

For me this book answers questions that philosophers have wondered about for thousands of years.

It's been a long time since I read it but I think they tell how time is a consequence of the vibration of the atomic field. Inside of a black hole the gravitational forces are so intense that the atoms cannot vibrate. As a result time does not exist inside of a black hole.

I myself cannot really perceive of an environment where time does not exist. But apparently it is true.

Albert Einstein understood all of this. And the things Einstein said were pretty weird. But his theories have in many cases been shown to be true by actual experimentation.

Those Iargans said they were able to travel back in time and witness the Big Bang or 'Super Flash' as they call it. They say this was a very dramatic thing to witness.

To observe the Big Bang implies the viewer was watching from an environment where time does not exist. That's the spirit world I think.

The Iargans said that when people today see flying saucers those are sometimes (not always) our ancestors from Atlantis travelling through time.

That Iarga book is very strange. It doesn't talk about alien abductions or things like that. It talks about religion and the bible among other subjects.

There's also the legend about the Philadelphia Experiment where the government apparently created a time machine. They ran into a few snags however.

The DVD shown below is a low budget production but the people who appear on this DVD claim they participated in the Philadelphia Experiment.

You may like Joseph Farrell's books if you're willing to let your imagination run wild. I like Farrell's research but it's his conclusions that I have some problems with.

The idea of physically travelling through time raises many strange and paradoxical questions.

Ufo...Contact from Planet Iarga
[Hardcover June 1, 1982]
by Stefen Denaerde (Author), Wendelle C. Stevens (Author)

The Philadelphia Experiment: Invisibility Time Travel and Mind Control - The Shocking Truth
Al Bielek (Actor), Preston Nichols (Actor), Rated: NR (Not Rated) Format: DVD

Secrets of the Unified Field: The Philadelphia Experiment, The Nazi Bell, and the Discarded Theory
[Paperback March 15, 2008]
by Joseph P. Farrell   (Author)

The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology
[Paperback August 12, 2003]
by Nick Cook (Author)

My Reply
You are certainly full of interesting info Jeff.

You and I are on opposite sides of the coin in regards to knowledge and subsequent awareness. I was repeatedly told not to read too much therefore lack human knowledge however; people like yourself fill in these gaps.

As people like me are a must, people like you are also a must; people who study human knowledge with an open mind are a huge asset.

Trying to time travel in physical form takes a form to change their vibration without destroying or deforming such forms, this is the biggest problem we have. How do you get the whole body and mind to change vibrations in the exact same sequence to be able to physically time travel?

A good example of this was the Mayans I believe, they physically time travelled, they didn't go back or go forward in time but physically transformed into another dimension, this was a big deal. How did they do this without destroying or deforming their own forms in the process?

They were lucky enough to have a certain very aware being appear that showed them how to successfully physically time travel. You basically have to become one or in tune with the vibrations of timelessness to do this, this timeless state of consciousness allows any form to appear anywhere in time or into another dimension of time. Take meditation or dreams/OBE’s for example, how often can we find ourselves in another dimension or time within this dimension? This happens more than we know, yes this is only happening spiritually/mentally not physically but it shows we can indeed all time travel and most often do.  

I believe to be able to physically time travel we need to become aware of what time and timelessness actually represent, they actually have nothing to do with measuring or the lack of measuring, I believe time and timelessness are all about an energy source reacting or not reacting to itself.   

This is only my perspective on this without human knowledge to back up my claims however, it’s interesting that I have such perspectives, there just might be something in it. At times I do channel a lot; it just flows through me at times however I can and do at times misinterpret such channellings.  

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Timelessness, of Love and Tranquillity

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought the following reply I received in regards to my last post was interesting. Jeff has always been an interesting bloke to listen too, he certainly know he’s history especially his ancient history. History isn’t actually about the past because every time we think about history it’s always in the present moment, history is never about a by gone time as Jeff will elaborate on.

I will go into how and why timelessness creates tranquillity and love for us a little further on in the post however, I think it’s wise to become aware of what time represents first for a better understanding of what timelessness actually represents.  

The following message talks about time in relation to reincarnation.

I think Edgar Cayce said he repeated a life experience in the American Old West time period as a guy by the name of John John Bainbridge.

Someone might want to repeat a life experience to change something they deeply regret for example.

The Lives of Edgar Cayce
[Paperback September, 1995]
by W. H. Church (Author), Joe Dunn (Editor)

Jeff Marzano 11:40 AM

Yes and the idea of reincarnation can make those consequences possible. That's called the Law Of Karma.

Not that karma has to happen in a future life. It can happen 5 minutes from now or also in a past life.

God exists outside of time in the spiritual realm. When we are born we become subject to the laws of time on this planet Earth. But when the physical body dies we return to that timeless dimension.

There are strange theories about how people can be reincarnated into any time period past or future or even live the same life experience over again.

In other words someone could die today and then be reincarnated in ancient Egypt.

Those types of theories raise many strange and paradoxical questions about the nature of time and this physical world. It implies that time is something other than a strictly sequential, linear process.

The weird thing about it is that everyone, everything, and I guess really the entire universe would have to exist in an infinite number of possible futures which may or may not actually happen in this physical world.

If someone wanted to repeat the same life over again everybody else would also still have to be there.

This is all very strange and far beyond human comprehension.

Anyone interested in reincarnation should start watching the TV show Ghost Inside My Child.

This show airs on the LMN channel and right now new episodes are airing on Saturday nights.

My Reply
I utterly concur with this, especially these days, I didn’t know, until recently; time is actually about the interactions of energy not a measurement of time. Take our physical lives for instance, our mind and body are always reacting with itself and other energy sources around it, cancer is a good example of this interaction and so is love as is of what we deem as our demise. Sure we measure this life form but only because of what these life forms (different energy sources) go through when interacting.

Would we have time if we had no interactions of these energy sources? I don’t think so, time is these interactions of different energy sources, without these interactions, I don’t think we would have time. This means timelessness is of non-interactions, this is why it feels so peaceful, tranquil and of love. I believe all energies of timelessness become one through becoming one vibration instead of many. It is very difficult to feel love for a vibration that isn’t in tune with our vibration, timelessness gives us this through the non-interactions of energy sources because all energy sources becomes one energy source through being in tune with other energy sources.  This is becoming one with God or the source I believe.

History isn’t about a past event but an indication of the interactions between energy sources, once we have an interaction we have time and once we have time we have history. Timelessness on the other hand isn’t about an interaction between energy sources, this also means within timelessness there is no history mainly because all energy sources become one. Once there are no interactions, there is no time or history as all vibrational energy sources become in tune with each other as one vibration, this gives us utter tranquillity and love.

Love is produced by being in tune with other vibrational energy sources around us, this is why it’s quite difficult to be totally unconditionally loving in time, we live with numerous and various energy sources that are not in tune with our own vibrations, we can’t expect ourselves to be totally uncordially loving under these circumstances unless we can become one with other vibrational energy sources.

This is the strange thing, as Jeff has pointed out we can relive a life event in ancient Egypt, how can this be so if we are living in time, time is after all about past history, a bygone era?

If we were to only look at time as being a measurement, what Jeff has stated can’t possibly occur, this is due to thinking once a moment of time has passed it’s a part of history that can’t be relieved. Now if we only look at time as being the interactions of energy sources, can we now see Jeff’s statement as being plausible especially when we take in the consideration of timelessness?

Timelessness has no history as a past time event because it’s not of time, history in timelessness becomes just another interaction of energy sources no matter when this event occurred in time. Everything within timelessness becomes the present moment no matter what the interactions of these energy sources create.

We can quite easily see how these timeless states of consciousness create love and tranquillity, there is no conflict or chaos as there is no time to create conflicts between energy sources. If we can learn in time to look at time as an interaction of energy sources instead of a measurement, our existence in time would become a lot more tranquil. The measurement of anything always gives us conflicts mainly because these measurements can oppose each other, in a timeless state of consciousness we don’t have these conflicts because nothing is measured. This is due to everything being within the present moment no matter how far back in the past these interactions seem. Time gives us the delusion that time is of measurements when it’s only of the interactions of energy sources.      

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Permanency and Illusions

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had some insightful replies to my last post I feel I needed to share with you today, it’s just a little sad that most of the times I don’t receive a reply back to my replies.

By perceiving through the perception of time, illusions exist because we perceive time itself to be an illusion and why not, we are certainly ignorant to all we are in time because all we are isn’t this ignorance we live our lives by. The point I would like to make in this post is we can only perceive the existence of illusion in time not timeliness, a state we deem as our natural state, illusions just can’t exit in our natural state of timeliness as I will try to explain further.     

Illusion doesn’t mean it isn't real. What it means is that it isn't permanent. 

My Reply
It really depends on the perspective.

If we look at it the way you perceive it, yes everything that isn't permanent, eternal and infinite, is an illusion, however if we look at illusions being real or not, there are no true illusions just illusions of illusions.

There is a problem with permanency, because time is perceived as an illusion as well because it's not permanent, that would mean timelessness is only real and permanent not time. If everything that is real is only of this timelessness, everything real is also permanent; this also includes this reality because everything has always existed within this timeless state which includes this reality and time itself.

For this reality not to be an illusion it can’t be of time but it is, so realties of time are an illusion even though they are real, this is questionable. This would mean parts of consciousness are an illusion which gives us once again duality which isn’t supposed to be real because it’s not permanent.

What we are doing by perceiving that everything that isn’t permanent is an illusion is separating consciousness into it’s dual forms giving us duality again. To me there is no such thing as true duality even though it seems that way in our ignorant states of consciousness of time.

The real illusion is thinking that time separates everything into duality; this is brought about by our ignorance. The only thing that can produce illusions is ignorance; you cannot produce or see illusions if one is truly aware and one can only be truly aware when they see everything of consciousness exists in some way, not if one is only of pure awareness or pure ignorance but being aware that everything of consciousness exists.

It’s funny to think time is giving us the perception of illusions but time is also supposed to be an illusion, on the other hand timelessness can’t be an illusion because everything has always existed in this timeless state, it’s always been permanent and in this state we can’t perceive illusions because everything is permanent. We really do need to stop thinking in time and start thinking in timelessness as well I believe. What I am saying is ignorance has always exited so is also permanent, so any state of ignorance can’t possibly be an illusion.

So in all yes your quite correct, anything that isn’t permanent is an illusion but nothing of consciousness is actually temporary, not really!!

The following is another reply I received from another person concerning the same post.

We are real and the world is real, but the bodily identification of self is an illusion.

There are no higher and lower selves, only a real self that is extremely subtle and therefore subject to mistaken identification.

My Reply
Indeed, it's how we identify with anything of time that defines an illusion. We look at the body as being created then it dies, it no longer exists so it’s not permanent therefor it's an illusion.

What we don't do is look at the human body as transforming from one energy source to another, no matter what the energy used to create the body and mind, this energy only changes, it never truly dies.

The way we look at times gives us an illusion that the body just dies, that's it but that isn't really the case at all, the energy of the body continues to go on in different forms. Looking at our whole existence through the perception of time is what gives us illusions, this doesn’t occur when we do the same while looking at our whole existence through the perception of timeliness, illusions just don’t exist within this state. 

I agree, there is no true higher self, only to an ignorant consciousness can there be a higher self however to identify with this real self, we need to at times refer to this as a higher self. In a sense it is a higher self because it’s more aware than our ignorant self.  

We just perceive in time and when we do this, we only see or perceive energy forms and sources that have a starting and ending point when such energy is infinite within it’s existence. We still only perceive in time which give us illusions.

So in all illusions do indeed exist and yes if we think this human state is all we are that is indeed an illusion but only while we are perceiving in time.  When we perceive through timelessness illusions just don’t exist, they can’t, this is due to being aware that everything of consciousness does indeed exist in some way.

Let’s look at it this way, an illusion is a source of energy otherwise we wouldn’t be aware of these illusions, energy itself is infinite which makes these illusions permanent therefore they are not true illusions. When we think only in time, these illusion become real illusions, they are not illusion of illusions because nothing in time is perceived as being of permanence. Timelessness however tells us that everything that exists is an energy source so nothing is truly an illusion, just because an energy source changes form doesn’t make this energy form an illusion.

Indeed we are not all we perceive in time, while we are only perceiving in time, this makes time an illusion, what I am saying in timelessness this isn’t the case because everything exists from an eternal/permanent energy source therefore nothing can be a true illusion in this timeless state.          

Friday, 14 November 2014

Time within Timelessness

Written by Mathew Naismith

This discussion about time and consciousness seems to be coming up where ever I go, like a good internet friend said to me, we can’t discuss this enough because we know so little about time, timelessness and consciousness beyond human concepts.  The funny thing is we agree to disagree on these subjects as we both have our own views, this however doesn’t stop us from voicing our views as it shouldn’t of anyone.

Time: The human concept of time is of a measurement either it be of a 24hr time, a distance between two objects or of a duration of the existence of something like a human being or a universe for instance, this is the concept that humans have of time. This concept of time can’t possibly exist within a consciousness without time, a timeless consciousness, mainly because time can’t exist within a consciousness not influenced by time; it’s a purely timeless consciousness. Now this is where I throw a spanner in the works in regards to time not being able to exist within a timeless consciousness, consciousness is an expression of time no matter what consciousness it is. Yes this includes this timeless consciousness but how?

First of all we need to change our human concept of time; it is no longer a measurement of some kind but a conscious realisation, an awareness of being/existing. Time is basically a consciousness being aware of it’s own existence and at times it needs to express such consciousness in a human concept of time of measurement which gives rise to whatever creation is needed for a consciousness to become aware of itself.  

Real time = all consciousness’s (God’s consciousness) + awareness

Human concept of time = human consciousness + a measurement of a kind + ignorance

Illusions: It has come up that consciousness itself is also an illusion, if this is the case this would make this timeless consciousness unaware and quite ignorant of itself even though when we enter into this timeless consciousness we feel we become awareness itself. This makes sense to why time is an illusion to some people, if consciousness itself is an illusion time would certainly have to be an illusion. This however doesn’t make sense to when we enter into this timeless conscious state of awareness, if consciousness doesn’t exist neither does awareness so what is this awareness we feel, is this not real?

A consciousness can’t exist without it being aware and the more aware we become the more conscious we become, they certainly to me go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other so if one’s an illusion so must the other.  The problem I see is we are confused between the human concept of time and real time. The human concept of time is an illusion if we looked at it from a timeless perspective because there is no distance between anything of consciousness in this conscious state of timelessness; this isn’t the same if we looked at time through a human time perspective. There is certainly a distance between any objects of time within a consciousness of time; this however isn’t the case while in a conscious state of timelessness.

While in a timeless state of consciousness, we are obviously going to be ignorant to time because we are in a timeless state, this is my mind shouldn’t make time an illusion just because we are ignorant to time while in this timeless state.

Now if this timelessness isn’t a consciousness because consciousness is also an illusion, it must be nothingness, a nothingness that is totally unaware, it’s like the Never Ending Story when nothingness destroys all of what is. I cannot see this timeless state of nothingness being of total ignorance when we can feel like we are awareness itself when in this obvious state of timelessness.

You can see what we are doing here; we are taking the human concept of time, not real time, with us into a state of timeless consciousness. The problem is, in this timeless consciousness there is no distance so of course we are going to perceive time and consciousness are an illusion.  

Perceive: It is very hard to get away from the human concept of time even when in a timeless state of consciousness or absolute nothingness, this is because we are conditioned to not just perceive this way but to feel this way especially when we come back from such a timeless state of consciousness.  While in this timeless state of consciousness, we will only remember what we are able to perceive so if we perceive in a human way, that is what we will remember, it is impossible to remember anything past what we can perceive.  Yes while in this timeless state we feel we have remembered everything we have experienced in this state of consciousness but we haven’t.  This is very much like our dreams, how many of us remember every little detail of all our dreams? You know why we can’t; it’s the way we perceive in the first place!! To us everything has got to be of our own perception of normality and reasoning, anything beyond this we won’t remember thus we will most often misinterpret our dreams. Going in a state of timeless consciousness to me is very much the same; it’s just another conscious state we can enter into like our dreams.

What I don’t think we realise is consciousness as a whole is of real time and timelessness. No, this timeless state isn’t of the human perception of time but it’s still of a consciousness of real time. What I am saying is all consciousness, either it be of time or timelessness, is made up out of real time and timelessness. Yes, the more ignorant one is of the other the less we will be able to perceive like the other, this makes sense, but we need in my mind to be aware of this.  

All we need to do is be aware that real time represents consciousness itself not just a measurement of a kind and that to be truly conscious, one needs to perceive in both time and a timeless state of consciousness without judging the other an illusion. Judging anything as an illusion is very much a human concept of understanding which only allows us to perceive in a human way. Consciousness as a whole has no such boundaries therefore no set concepts and perceptions, nothing can ever be a true illusion in one sense or another.   

One more thing, you cannot imagine anything that is not a part of this whole consciousness in one way or another so perceiving something is an illusion isn’t altogether incorrect either, it can only be incorrect or correct within a certain perception. The trick is to perceive past your own perception and don’t ever think this perception is it; this God’s consciousness is far vaster than that!! 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Time, a Very Precious Gift

Written by Mathew Naismith

Timeless Consciousness: There are many people within this conscious reality who don’t or can’t see how precious of a gift time is, it allows us to experience all of what consciousness is to start with but we have trouble seeing time as a gift. I think the reason for this has to do with the kind of consciousness we are existing under, it’s very divided and quite destructive but not all of the consciousness’s of time are this unbalanced, actually very few are especially to this extent.

What actually gives us a balanced consciousness, a balanced mentality to exit by? Our connectedness to a consciousness that is still, a consciousness that is motionless and a consciousness that has no divides or separation, a consciousness that is one with itself because there is no other self.  This consciousness is of course of timelessness for it’s this timeliness that gives this consciousness it’s stillness, this non-separateness of self and the more aware of this still  non-separated consciousness we become within time, the more balance this gives us within the consciousness’s  of time and the less destructive we become.

Religion: Yes religion has tried to reconnect us to this timeless consciousness and to a certain extent this works however if it wasn’t for the ego becoming so controlling, religion would have worked even better.  This controlling ego is quite apparent especially at present, the Middle East is a prime example and so is the child molesting’s within certain Christian religions. Once the people of a religion become disconnected from this timeless consciousness these people become destructive.

We are at present existing in a very destructive consciousness brought about by our disconnectedness to this timeless consciousness, any other more constructive consciousness is going to seem like heaven to us. More and more people are becoming aware and reconnecting to this timeless consciousness because it’s very appealing to us as it’s meant to be appealing to us.  The more of us that become reconnected the less destructive we will be within time, we don’t however have to disconnect ourselves from time altogether to bring forth a better more constructive consciousness to exist by, all we need to do is become aware of this timeless consciousness and by doing so we quite automatically become more connected .  Religion in my mind needs to un-focus on itself and focus more on this timeless consciousness.

Automatically Reconnecting: Would a more constructive consciousness within time need to focus so much on this timeless consciousness to bring balance within their consciousness, their mentality?  No, for the main reason they are already automatically connected to this timeless consciousness, they can then focus more on the consciousness’s of time expressing even more of what consciousness is.  They can live in an utterly heavenly like existence because all of their energy is put into the consciousness’s of time instead of timelessness.  However in my mind we do need to focus more on this timeless consciousness to bring balance within our existence in time, once we have done this, we will quite automatically bring balance back again within our consciousness, our mentality . I do indeed believe we can achieve a heavenly like existence for all if we become less ignorant and more aware of this consciousness of timelessness, surely it can’t be this easy?   

Intentions: Because everything is consciousness there is no push and pull involved here or there shouldn’t be, there is no action reaction which just causes more reactions. This is why by just becoming aware without an intention works, you become aware without pushing anything away to become aware and because everything is consciousness, just becoming aware without pulling in this awareness works. I know it’s difficult to see that everything is consciousness especially at first but once you realise this you can begin to become aware without intentions. 

It is also difficult to become aware of this consciousness, especially of the consciousness of timelessness, without an intention, “I need become aware because of my/our predicament”.  This is an intention which causes an effect, a reaction which will cause even further reaction thus adding to our predicament not taking away from it. This is why some prayers, meditations, chanting and so on work when others don’t, the more intention we have while practicing in these spiritual practices the more we are actually adding to our predicaments.   

This is why a good meditation is about thoughtlessness, there is no intention because we are not in thought.  The trick with meditation is to not have an intention to enter into a thoughtless mode to start with, allow your mind to just flow and go with the flow of thought and after a while you will quite automatically be within this thoughtless mode.    

In all it’s all about how we are becoming reconnected to this still non-separated consciousness of timelessness, if we do it with intentions, we will not in my mind succeed at totally reconnecting but if we do it without an intention, I think all will be fine within this precious gift of consciousness of time.  There is nothing better and magical than bringing balance to a consciousness including our own, it’s quite exhilarating.