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Saturday, 5 March 2016

The World Upon Us

Written by Mathew Naismith

It’s difficult to get a grip on life at times, so many influences influencing us to be and act in a certain way in accordance with our environment, remembering, our environment isn’t who we are as a whole, in actuality, it’s only a very minute part of who we are. This very tiny part of us has however become our whole being in certain circumstances thus influencing us to forget who we really are.

The world upon us conditions us to believe that there is nothing else but the immediate environment that is continually conditioning us, is this tiny part of us that powerful that it is able to influence a consciousness to forget what and who it really is?  Why is this tiny part of us so seemingly powerful over and above our truer self?

The first thing to become aware of is that no tiny part or expression of ourselves is powerful, the only power that a fragmented part of any consciousness has is it’s ignorance or unawareness of it’s whole collective self. Once any consciousness becomes unaware of it’s truer being or state, it only becomes receptive to the influences of it’s immediate environment thus taking on the perception this is all I am.    

At the human level of understanding, would we state that being and living in ignorance is powerful in any sense? No, then why perceive that any other kind of ignorance is the same? The thing is, no kind of ignorance is powerful, the only power ignorance has is within it’s own expression of ignorance making such expressions of ignorance powerless.

The following is a good example of why this tiny part of us that lives in ignorance is seemingly so powerful.  Why do so many people perceive they are entrapped within this reality? It’s all to do with an unawareness of who and what they truly are, once a consciousness perceives in accordance with their immediate environment, such consciousness becomes even more unaware of their truer self. Look at it this way, once a consciousness perceives it’s entrapped, such unaware consciousness then perceives, and often thoroughly believes, it’s entrapped thus continuing in the delusion created by ignorance which is only a very tiny part of who we are.

It’s good to remember that any hurtful destructive expression denotes a level of ignorance, no truer state of awareness and wisdom can destroy in any sense. Don’t get the idea that any kind of destruction represents power, this is how our environment has conditioned us to think. It takes very little effort to destroy in comparison to creating anything constructive; it also takes a lot more awareness to be constructively creative. On the other hand, the more ignorant a consciousness becomes of it’s truer self, the more destructive it becomes, in actuality, the more ignorant a consciousness becomes, the harder it is for such consciousness to be truly constructive especially on a collective scale.

I just don’t get how we think that being ignorant or unaware has any power in any sense, the only power or power of entrapment ignorance has, is what we give it. Once we give consciousness awareness, the power of ignorance seems that it never existed, in actuality, it never did!!   

Yes, the world upon us influences us so, only because at the inner level have we given ignorance it’s presumed power, the real power lays in awareness not in being unaware. When I say power I don’t mean control either, only a consciousness existing in ignorance needs to control, a true sense of awareness and wisdom has no purpose or need for control. The reason for this is simple; such consciousness will never find itself within a state that it needs to control anything, it’s actually impossible for such a consciousness to do so in the first place!!  You wonder why I’m not an advocate for being entrapped, powerful or controlling in anyway, the truer self has no need for such expressions; any expression would obviously denote a sense of ignorance which the truer inner self in everyone has no need for therefore doesn’t exist!! 

It’s all so simple, be your truer inner self, not the world that is upon us…….