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Saturday, 4 May 2019

Eastern Spiritual Mind

Written  Mathew Naismith

There were two people of different cultures discussing the starvation of people, one person was shocked and appalled by how people are allowed to starve like this, the other person not so shocked and appalled. 

To western thinking, allowing people to starve to death is unkind and certainly not of love or spirituality. To eastern thinking it is different because one existence is not separated from any other existence. So to the western mind it is appalling when humans starve to death but it’s not as appalling when animals, including insects, are starved to death!!

In very recent times, a western minded lady I know was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The eastern doctor sat on her bed, put his hand on her knee and said that she had terminal cancer, go home to die because we need the hospital bed.  The western minded lady was in shock, not just because of the diagnoses but of how she was treated, especially by an eastern minded doctor.

To the eastern spiritual mind, death doesn’t exist; in fact the perception of death is simply an indication of transition from one life to another. No matter what you experience in life, even if you have suffered from life experiences instead of learning from them, all kinds of life experience’s without exception are worthy to experience. One kind of life is not desired over another no matter what, so if your life experience is to starve to death like any living creation without exception, that is karma or simply the way life is or works. So what does the western mind desire to do, change the way existence is but in service to what? Self-gratification, ego.

You see the western mind took offence to the practicality of the eastern mind; your life’s journey is to starve to death, as your life’s path is to die at home from terminal cancer. Of course in the case of the person diagnosed with terminal cancer, the bed was needed for people that doctors can help, not for people who are beyond help!!

In all honesty, if I was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I would want to go home to allow another person the bed that can be helped, and no, I wouldn’t have been offended by the eastern doctor’s very caring practical honest approach. Yes, shock horror to the western mind, the eastern doctor couldn’t have been more caring, practical and honest if he tried. In saying this, the doctor obviously needed to be aware in how the western individualised self-cantered mind works. Of course to the western mind, ensuing known pointless medical treatment is more caring!! This is like feeding an already starving people to bread more so the chances of them starving in the future are higher!! True, this is how western kindness, love and compassion works, in other words how the western mind works. If it feels good, it has to be good even when it obviously isn’t.

So to the western mind, being spiritual has everything to do with feeling good and being good within the views of the western mind, in other words, being positive instead of negative. You know what? The eastern spiritual mind doesn’t separate everything like this between what is negative and what is positive. In truth to me and people like me, the eastern spiritual mind is all about the collective’s wellbeing, not the individual’s wellbeing of; if it feels good to the individual, it has to be good to the collective. In truth, which the western mind in all cultures is not about, this is simply not the case, not everything that feels good to the ego individually is good for the collective.  

In all honesty, the eastern spiritual mind is of the balance of western and eastern thinking. Never expect or even demand that the western spiritual mind thinks like this, this is unless influenced by eastern thinking as well.

I am not of an eastern mind or primarily of an eastern mind but I often balance out the western mind with eastern thinking, as eastern spiritually aware people often do.  

Note; when an eastern spiritual mind feeds a starving person, this is different to when a western spiritual mind feeds a person. It is like the love of an eastern spiritual mind is different to a western spiritual mind; there is no attachment to love of an eastern spiritual mind, when the western mind often becomes highly attached to love. Attachments are likened to control, as the western mind is of taking controlling rather than not being of control. The eastern spiritual mind is actually of releasing oneself of control, also meaning to release oneself from attachments even of love.  How many western spiritually minded people of love can detach themselves from the feelings of what love gives them? In all honesty, this is all about taking control of retaining fixated attachments the western mind will never give up, unless balanced out by the eastern mind of releasing oneself of control and attachments.  

The eastern spiritual mind doesn't have to deal with releasing oneself of control and related attachments because this kind of mind doesn't seek to control but to release oneself of control. There are no attachments even to what the feelings of love can give oneself.

In regards to starving people, there is no difference to starving animals, also, this is there life's journey that we should refrain from taking control of. This is the same with the terminally ill person; refrain from taking control of someone else's life's journey is as loving and caring as a spiritual person can get, but of course the western spiritual mind will understandably always think otherwise through attachments created by being controlling.                                     

Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Tranquil Observer

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had the following reply in relation to my last post, “I wish I can be there..... because I love your way and I want it”. This is very understandable, who wouldn’t mind being a tranquil observer; however this isn’t who I am all the times, this is because I tend to most often go with the flow of the moment even if that means being a little chaotic within myself, this is because I don’t judge one state of consciousness being any less worthy than another to experience.  This is important in becoming a tranquil observer,  I  don’t look at consciousness as being about opposing opposites in anyway but consciousness eternally complimenting itself; this also means the chaos within consciousness.   

Before I go on the following was my reply to this person.

G’day Jackson
Become the observer; it’s easier that you might think Jackson as the two links I supplied will explain, As usual I have given two different aspects of becoming an observer, one is psychologically based and the other spiritually based, the reason I do this is our mentality has everything to do with how we will apply in being an observer, in other words it’s important that we have an understanding of our own mentality before trying to become an observer.   

Extract: Almost twenty years ago, Gavin de Becker wrote The Gift of Fear (link is external), in an effort to warn and educate us about being more observant and aware. He encouraged us to look around and to listen to that that "inner voice," which is really our limbic brain telling us to be careful that something is wrong.

Extract: The lesson to become the observer has a much wider application. If we’re to leave behind everything associated with the Third Dimension, then we must have reached a place of completion with everything connected with it. And being the observer is a wonderful way of practicing completion and detachment from it.

I’m not at peace all the times Jackson mainly because this is what I choose to do, however, I can at a drop of a hat go into a total tranquil state only because I can become the observer at the drop of a hat. A lot of people don’t realise, to be in a tranquil state you have to be an observer, they go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other.  

Give it a shot my friend, you have nothing to lose.  

Observer and Tranquil Observer:There is a difference between an observer and a tranquil observer, an observer will still see opposing opposites but a tranquil observer will only see consciousness complimenting itself that is all, this means accepting chaos complimenting order, love complimenting hate and so on. To be a true tranquil observer, you can’t desire love over hate or visa-versa, this is because any attachments at all lessons our ability to become a tranquil observer.  A tranquil observer means just being an observer without any attachments what so ever. This of course isn’t easy within our present mentality, it has to be one or the other, in other words we have to become attached to hate over love or love over hate, there is no middle ground for us.

There is of course a middle ground, a true balance of opposing opposites; this middle ground is of course being a tranquil observer without any attachments to one thing over another.  

Does this mean the tranquil observer doesn’t, or more precisely, can’t love or hate?

What does a tranquil observer denote, in other words what does one feel when they are truly tranquil?  Peaceful and composed comes to mind, a tranquil state of consciousness also signifies acceptance of whatever is, this is very much in line in going with the flow instead of against it. When we have attachments, we will do anything to keep that attachment which usually means going against the flow, a tranquil observer doesn’t have this problem; there is no problem to start with because there are no attachments.   

So getting back to the question, can tranquil observers love or hate? To start with there is no question of love or hate because there are no opposing opposites, only complimenting consciousness, the question of love or hate doesn’t come into it. If you can understand this, this kind of mentality has more to do with non-duality, there are no opposing opposites just complimenting consciousness, duality on the other hand is all about opposing opposites.

Do I love? Yes off course, this is an acceptable part of being in a conscious reality of duality but when I have such attachments, I am quite aware I am no longer being a tranquil observer, an impartial observer; I once again become a part of the chaos again due to my partial (bias) mentality.  

Everyone in my mind can become, at times, a tranquil observer; all what one has to do is release yourself of all your attachments within that moment of being a tranquil observer.  Is it worth being a tranquil observer for even a short period of time?  I can’t begin to explain the benefits of doing this, you become more aware of your connectedness to universal knowledge for starters, this on its own is utterly mind blowing. The most beautiful thing of learning to be a tranquil observer I feel is you can feel the most heart pounding love through your connectedness through duality, however, you can also, if you wish, feel the most dreadful horrifying hate as well, this after all is what duality is about, consciousness complimenting itself not opposing itself.  

I think there might be a few people who see the connection to this post and my last post; you can begin to see how such states of consciousness, like what we deemed as being God’s and Goddesses, have worked through the ages, in my mind it’s all to with just seeing a complimenting consciousness, not an opposing opposite consciousness. This of course isn’t easy to comprehend only because of our fixated attachments, the consciousness of God’s and Goddesses don’t have this problem I feel.  If we truly want to help ourselves, we need to become aware of this, become the God within ourselves and start creating the reality we truly need to create.

Don’t underestimate yourselves through fixated transitory attachments, become the eternal self.  

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Spirituality and the Push and Pull Effect II

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following is a recount of a discussion I had with a bloke by the name of Eddie. I found this bloke quite enlightening so again I thought I would share but another conversation with him which started off on the topic of unconditional love.  It is quite interesting where this conversation actually went too.

We realize the unconditional true love the moment we simply allow all to come, stay and go as they like without the slightest movements of pushing or pulling but simply be. As long as all are happy so am I ~ Love.

Eddie Lau I love your perspective on this.

It's hard for people to just let it be without having the urge/desire to push & pull, they’re not aware by letting it just be without a desire to influence, life becomes quite magical & serine~beautiful Eddie.  

Just be without effort naturally is one with the nature of all itself. It is simple but we choose the hard way by seeking endlessly for the truth which we already are therefore we suffer.

Eddie Lau It makes perfect sense Eddie only because we are aware. 

Mathew Naismith We can only realize ourselves the moment the effort/intention to realize/seeking ceases.

Eddie Lau Yes, I woke up to this some time ago, it took looking at my attachments as a falsity, how can you become attached to something you never own!!

It must be scary finding out you never even own your own thoughts, I always somehow knew this. If you don't own your own thoughts you own nothing & if you own nothing you have nothing to become attached too.

I have emotional feelings for people, places & things but I don't own or possess them. Having no attachments doesn't make one emotionless. 

Mathew Naismith Oh yes, life goes on emotionally with different perspective called compassion knowing all as one whole entire nature itself doing our very best without attachment or trying to control being this or that now or becoming this or that in the future.

+Eddie Lau I believe what you are talking about here takes wisdom to be aware of.

It's funny because I don't understand why most people aren't this wise to understand this, it's a far better way to live than the way they have chosen to live, it's beyond most people's imagination.

Most people make the mistake in attaching attainments to love when love can exist without such attachments.

I was chatting with a lass recently abut unconditional love, she attached pain to love, you can't love without having been in pain at least once. I said we have got to get away of the perception of relating pain with love.

In a reality of total unconditional love pain can't exist because the energy of this love is non-penetrable to anything not of that energy form like pain for instance.  

Mathew Naismith We are already the wisdom itself the moment we claim nothing is belonging to us including the wisdom itself. All are indeed the one mind/nature of abundance. Free all as they are so that all frees us as we are.

It is ignorance or delusion not seeing things as they really are but we see things the old habitual ways that we are use to it clinging to what is known fearing the unknown. Therefore we keep seeking and running endlessly chasing our own tails.

I can never exist without you. We can never exist without the all that we can sense. Everything that we can sense are our teachers including our sharings here reflecting on each other on our curiosities and insights.

In reality, the existences were the continuation of the pasts renewing itself to the future endlessly and the only freedom is the wisdom or the understanding of nature/mind while life goes on and on without affection, not affecting the wisdom that was never born and will never dies. 

Eddie Lau Very good answer Eddie, yes we are wisdom itself, I suppose all we have to do is remember this. 

"I can never exist without you", I have stated this a few times which of course to a person who only perceives in oneness can't grasp. It takes individuals to make a collective, oneness is a collective of individuals. Me, as an individual, is just as important than the collective.

The only reason we become aware of oneness isn't through the collective but individuals playing their part. Everything around us is individual parts of the collective, without these individual parts we have no collective.

I also have a lot of people saying we shouldn't think, just quieten the mind & everything will be alright. We have a mind for a reason, yes quietening the mind will improve our living conditions but we have stopped utilizing the mind. All we really have to do is reprogram the mind with different programs that include wisdom.

The way we are using technology today isn't wise obviously, we don't counteract this by dumping the mind but reprogram the mind with different more wiser programmed programs.     

I couldn't agree with you more when you stated, "the only freedom is the wisdom or the understanding of nature/mind while life goes on and on without affection". Trying to counteract the mind/thought with thoughtlessness is going right along with the push & pull effect, yes we are chasing our own tails.  

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Spirituality-Uneasiness Within

Written by Mathew Naismith

A lot of spiritually aware & connected people are feeling an uneasiness, is it due to the way this reality is going or is it to do with our transition from one form of existing to another or is it both? I will endeavour to answer this question, let’s first however look at this reality, is there something wrong with it? Well no there can’t be because there is no true right or wrong when looking from timelessness into time, what is is the creation of time of what time has created, that’s all, however while living within time there is a wrong & right & that is what we judge by, time created judgement to judge anything of time by.  So there isn’t anything wrong or right about this reality unless we judge accordingly!!

Now let’s look at our transition from one form of existing to another, is this what’s causing us this uneasiness at times? This again comes back to time because there is no judgement within timelessness because time created judgment, not timelessness, so this transition from one form of existence to another can’t be blamed or judged to giving us this uneasiness we sometimes feel so it comes down to both.  Again it comes down to judging it as both which again is only of time. In timelessness there is no judgement so in fact nothing is really making us feel uneasy so what are we feeling? We are feeling the attachments to time even when we think we are of timelessness, these feelings are telling us we still have attachments to time. Having attachments to time isn’t judged either as being lowly or unbecoming in some way, it’s just of times creation remembering I believe time itself has always existed as explained in previous posts.

So the conclusion/theory is the reason we feel an uneasiness at times is because of all the above which is all of times creation, time has created our uneasiness for without time there would be nothing to feel uneasy about. How about if we just let go of our attachments to time, would this stop this feeling of uneasiness at times? It is obvious it would but do most of us really want or desire to do that?

Once we bring in desire or a wanting what does that pertain too? The ego of course so to desire to be of timelessness is of the ego, a wanting to be more aware is of the ego so no matter what we do in time it is of the ego. It is actually more egotistical to desire to be of timelessness than it is to be in a chaotic existence. If we looked at this in a human way what existence would you choose, one that is beneficial to us or one that isn’t beneficial to us. The ego will always choose what is going to be more beneficial which includes a desire to be of timelessness.  

This brings us back to the question, do most of us want to become detached from the attachments of time & the answer is no because it would seem most people are not truly egotistically driven even though they can be egotistical in time. Is this wanting to be of time driven by the ego because once we are truly of timelessness the ego no longer exists, the ego fears becoming null & void? We really should be asking is it more egotistical to be at one with all & all powerful than to be individually egotistical? The ego only looks at being more than what it is, it sees itself in timelessness as the be & end all even though it doesn’t exist, the ego still exists in the ego mind even once in timelessness because it’s the one. Yes in timelessness the ego doesn’t exist but the ego still thinks it does mainly because the ego can only reason to the extent of time. The ego is very restricted by it’s fixations to time however if one was of timelessness there is no such fixations.  The paradox is one can’t be one without time, when in timelessness there is no one but a oneness with all so one can’t be one within timelessness!! As soon as we see ourselves or become aware of being one or as individuals we are of the ego & as soon as we do this we are of the creation of time. Desiring to be at one with all is of the ego & the more we desire to escape from time the more egotistical we are; it’s one of the many traps of the ego I believe.   

Acceptance of what is which includes the acceptance of being non-accepting at times as well will alleviate a lot of this uneasiness remembering everything is of consciousness not just what we desire to be. This won’t alleviate all our uneasiness however, what is happening is a lot of us are picking up on what this reality is going to be like one day I believe not necessarily what it should be like. Many people are saying it should be like this that or the other, the emotions of time depicts what it’s going to be like so the more we think this reality should be like this that or the other the more we are creating an opposition which of course denotes conflicts.  This reality isn’t supposed to be a certain way but anyway the emotions of time make it. The awareness of our own immortality/timelessness will allow a creation of time to be created without conflict, our ignorance of timelessness has created within time what we have today which of course helps creates some of our uneasiness.

My best advice is just let it flow through you & try not to imagine or expect this reality or yourself to be a certain way, just go with the flow of things without opposition. In my last post I said the cover box of the jigsaw puzzle (bigger picture) is what the bigger picture should look like when not fragmented however one shouldn’t perceive what this bigger picture is until one can see it within it’s entirety otherwise it will stay fragmented. So is this saying we shouldn’t imagine fairies flying around us for example? We can imagine what we like within our own dimension because it is another dimension, what happens is we initiate dimensional link ups to other dimensions without interfering with this reality. While doing this we shouldn’t expect at any time this reality being one thing or another for the reason how many of us perceives a different reality to others? This is one reason this reality is fragmented I believe, we all have our own idea of what this reality should be like & this is where thinking in timelessness comes into it. There are no expectations or judgement within timelessness, what will be will be; it’s all accepted even when we are unaccepting.        

Thursday, 7 November 2013

To Evolve or not from 3rd Dimensional Thinking

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’m trying to keep these posts short so I’ve only added Ros’s  (RealityOverScience)  & my own recent reply in this post. I have inserted the relevant link address to our discussion at the end of this post for further reading if anyone is interested.

The following reply from Ros was in reference to me stating; “I find it quite beneficial looking at oneness as the "I", nothing else exists beyond this "I" which we are all of. When I feel I’m becoming annoyed with another person it is just another “I” or part of the “I” I’m annoyed with which helps with acceptance & understanding”.

Thing is, we all have an inherent RESPONSIBILITY as part of, and on behalf of, all sentient life, to selfLESSly become Enlightened, because every ripple each person sends out there, billions a day, immediate with everything we do, including unexpressed thoughts and feelings, then not only effects/affects every other being, but then ripples through them to everyone else, who also send it on, and on and on and on it goes, like a sneeze that literally changes the world, an earthquake that alters the planet, and so on.

Eventually, it gets back around to YOU!

All those horrific things happening in the world, including the weather/WHETHER, are from collective *energies* that have been building toward those manifestations, so if you get to be self-ISH, and billions of other people choose that same route, that is one heckuva lot of STRESS being created, at every moment, from that collective IMBALANCE, and EVERYONE suffers the consequences of that.

Sentients are like little, but extremely powerful, energy machines, fuse-ing the world together. When someone looks away, trying not to be a responsible part of the real world, that in no way renders them immune to the real reality of it all! At every split second, they are still being effected/affected by, and continuing to effect/affect, the physics going on in the Universe!

If you go left, it pulls you right. If you go down, it pushes you up. If you think too much, it brings things into your life (physics from that collective) that make you feel, etc., etc., etc.,. Every inverse applies. So, if you assume you have more power in your life by looking away or hiding your head in the sand, you are only "deluding" yourself (a term used in lots of ancient texts of truth written in Sanskrit, among others).

There's NO freedom in denial, in other words.

You may be interested in the Sanskrit "aham," created from the first breath you take, and the last (or next). Look it up! There's a lot of beautiful stuff written about that, relative to your *I* attachment.

G’day Ros

I love these attachments Ros no matter what the consequences are, I feel we are becoming too serious with all this judgement towards anything related to the ego like attachments for example. I really do feel if we knew who we were we would laugh our heads off at our interactions in this reality & not just because of our attachments either. We are taking our judgement of attachments too seriously as well, it’s really no big deal however to change our reality we do need to think differently from just accepting these attachments the way they are mainly because they are quite destructive.

I don’t think judging attachments as being bad in some way is the way to go, this is but another fear based ideology to me.  

You mentioned reading about the Sanskrit "aham", the problem I have with that is to me it’s 3rd dimensional thinking, yes most of this 3rd dimensional stuff is still relevant however we must go on from this. I was talking a couple of people from India recently; they agree we must go forth as has any ideology from the past has done.  Take a look at Yoga for instance,   it came from Buddhism, Jainism & Hinduism, it evolved as does any effective ideology, the problem comes into being when we consistently rely on older ideologies to show us the way forward.  This is like relying on consumerist materialism to show us the way forward, it’s just not going to be fruitful in the long run.

How many times do we have to wait until certain older people in authority pass on before changes can be implemented to evolve further no matter what it is, old 3rd dimensional ideologies are the same.  We need to gradually implement newer ideologies that are going to take us forth from 3rd dimensional thinking.

We have a problem in the West they don’t have in the East, eastern ideologies are quite new to us Westerners but to the Easterners it’s basically been around since day dot & this is why they realise we need to move on & evolve.  We are treating these old ideologies as if they are new, but of course they are to us in the West, however if we looked back into our past lives we would find this isn’t really the case. All it takes like enlightenment is remembering who we are over all.

The biggest problem we have is ego here only because it’s a problem unbeknownst to us. Why are we grasping on desperately to old 3rd dimensional modes of thoughts?  Unbeknownst to a lot of us it’s the ego telling us to not let go because we have nothing else to replace it, this is represented by our insecurities.   If Sutras of Patanjali had this kind of fear Yoga probably wouldn’t be where it is today, we must learn from this.  

I would also like to add that the ego is only a problem to our human selves because of our ignorance to it, not seeing & understanding it’s pitfalls is the only problem we have with the ego.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Difference between Souls & Ghosts/Spirits

Written by Mathew Naismith

Yet but another interesting little discussion going on that I thought I would share with you on the difference between souls & ghosts/spirits.  We all seem to have a different perspective on this topic which is quite interesting, it’s just different perspectives we all have making one neither right nor wrong over the other just different.   

What Do Ghosts Think?

Ghosts to me are formed by attachments gained through a life or lives lived. Ghosts can only interact with the physical through their own attachments that they have taken with them in the afterlife I believe, that is why we notice them at times otherwise we wouldn't know of their existence.

 Ghosts interact therefore think through their attachments that they have taken on in the afterlife & of course can be taken on into the next life they live which I believe we call karma.

 The reason the world isn’t full of ghosts is because of the difference between fixated & non fixated attachments. When we pass on most of us only take on attachments which don’t fixate our spirit to the previous physical life but fixated attachments can which we call ghosts I believe.

Sunder, if we were all the same, we would have the same personalities. You are incorrect in your assumptions which draws into question all of you supposition. I don't care about goals and souls. I am here to express this information since I Know I am on my last lifetime. Theosophy has been around for many years and that is what I practice. I've written a new updated version which is 29 pages at this time.
 I'll likely add more in the future. I would love to have you read my understanding on Facebook since you seem to need me to read yours...

G'day Eric
What makes our souls seem different is our attachments & experiences we have had through various lives, this in my mind doesn’t affect the core of the soul even though it seems too.

Humans seem to have to put humanistic attributes on everything so to us all souls have to be different however when you throw away these human attributes & related emotions we then see that all souls are the same especially initially from when it was created.

If you look back to when the soul were created how would all souls be different at that point when they came from exactly the same source & what seems to change them? They can’t be different so Individual experiences & attachments must seemingly change the soul & I do say seemingly because the core of the soul stays the same I believe.  

Yes the soul seems to become more aware through various lived experiences so this has to make all souls different however souls are of no time, there eternal. The reason why there eternal is everything has always existed just not in physical form but in pure conscious form. Yes it seems that our souls, once they reach a certain point, reach Walhalla but if you think on this there is also no time therefore any real starting or ending point however when we bring in time there’s a starting point & ending point therefore Walhalla.

How does one go back or forward in time? Predictions are made ahead of time because time doesn’t have to exist however the paradox is time has always existed but only when we want it too.  We as humans perceive there is a starting & ending point which gives us differences & ghosts/spirits which are of time & so is Walhalla. The funny thing is all these things of time also exist in no time as well where pure consciousness abodes, so to speak, but they are only in pure conscious form until we incorporate time within the equation. 

Friday, 30 August 2013

3rd Dimensional Fear Still Prevalent

Written by Mathew Naismith

It is by no means an easy feat to rid ourselves of 3rd dimensional fear based attachments; this also includes attachments of desires & attachments to inhibition. When we think of attachments we think of what we desire but attachments are also of the things we have inhibition about as well like fear based emotions towards anything we find disdainful.

In this post I will focus on fear of anything to do with the ego including fearing to express oneself egotistically or judgmentally as it’s all based on fear.  Being involved with many forums I've noticed many spiritually aware people won’t comment on something they specifically disagree with, is this fearing of being of the ego in any way? It’s obvious it is & the less we comment on what we deem as incorrect the more fear this denotes that we have about displaying the ego in any form so is this any different to 3rd dimensional fear based religions & other spiritual practices? It’s still all based on 3rd dimensional beliefs which are based on fear so really we haven’t really come very far within this new consciousness that we are supposed to be thinking differently in as opposed to 3rd dimensional modes of thought.

There is a very apt quote by Albert Einstein that goes like this, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. How would one indeed be able to see a problem within the problem itself, one would have to look outside the square which is a different level of consciousness which is outside the 3rd dimension & is hard to do when we have attachments/inhibition like with the ego for instance.

Everything is of the universal consciousness which of course includes all of the horrors as well, this means we are actually one entity (oneness) now anyone who is afraid of expressing the ego in any way can’t believe we are one because they claim we are being judgmental to others but there is no others there is only one entity so when we seemingly judge others we are actually judging ourselves as one entity which is good not bad.  By judging ourselves as one entity we are actually making ourselves more aware of who we are, this is like joining the dots, once the dots have been joined the big picture is displayed but one in the first place needs to judge in where to join these dots to start with, looking at each other in judgement is the same in my mind. We also seem to, with 3rd dimensional thinking, look at judgment in relating to making judgment on the things we disagree on but it is also judgment to agree as well, it’s all to do with ego no matter what we do & think so how do we think outside of this 3rd dimensional thinking process? Don’t just think you are one entity know you are one entity.

There is a huge difference in just thinking we are one entity to actually knowing we are one entity & this is the key in letting go of any attachments of the ego & not disdainfully fighting off the ego like so many seem to be doing & being fearful of displaying such ego tendencies. This of course comes down to accepting all is of who we are  even if we don’t like it egotistically, what part of the ego would want to be associated with horrors but horrors are also a part of the universal conscious, this one entity. Once we really realise who we are the ego automatically dissipates as if it never existed, we don’t have to force it by demonising & showing distain towards the ego & other parts of the universal consciousness but realise we are really one entity & then & only then will we let go of our 3rd dimensional fears. This isn’t of course saying you can’t display the ego even after knowing you are one entity it's just saying we are more aware of who we are when displaying such ego tendencies so sit back & enjoy the ride to further awareness of ourselves as one entity.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

New Age Spirituality (NAS) to the Rescue

Written by Mathew Naismith

I awoke to morning & thought about writing up about how we all are attached to one thing or another which keeps us all grounded to realties like this one for without these attachments we couldn’t be here & then I thought indifferent to writing this thought up. While going through my emails I came across an email redirecting me to a hub about soul retrievers which of course I have never heard of before. While reading this hub I got the funny idea that soul retrieving was about helping souls after the demise of the human vessel self by showing them how to become detached from any attachments that might be holding them back from going on.  Obviously synchronism played a part here for it was all I needed to wright my to morning thoughts down.  The related link is directly below.   

New Age Spirituality (NAS): I shouldn’t just make reference to just new age spirituality but I will in this case however it can be of any new age thought in any ideological belief system new or old that anyone wants to follow or is following at present. In actual fact a lot of NAS isn’t new age at all but new to most westerners so I will refer to it as new seen as I’m a westerner myself.  

NAS is about new age thought (NAT), thinking beyond our attachments which of course can take us into different conscious reality states.  We are conceived by attachments, born into attachments & are raised up with attachments so you could say this whole reality we are presently in is of & about attachments so what is the point of being in a reality of attachments when all what most spiritually aware people are trying to do is escape or change this reality of attachments to something of lesser attachments?   Any fixated attachment either it be in the physical or non-physical world can be destructive &/or disruptive, NAS & related NAT give us a chance in balancing out this one sided affair turning it hopefully into a more balanced reality of attachments however it won’t change it completely to a totally non-attachments reality & neither should we try either as this also would cause the demise of this reality.  

Realities of attachments are of realities of time & space & have their place & use mainly for our souls to grow & experience the collective consciousness’s knowing I believe so trying to change realities like this one to non-attachments totally will have a detrimental effect not just physically but at the soul level as well.  NA spiritualists are here to give balance to a realm in trouble not replace it with something else but we are going to ascend into a much better reality so why be fearful of the demise of such a destructive & disruptive reality? Other than the reason mentioned before, yes we will ascend however not all of us want to ascend so destroying this reality/world is very humanly selfish plus believe it or not we will want to return after finding out about what this reality was really all about which can only come from further conscious awareness at the soul level which is obtained from realities like this one, a cliché you could say.

This whole reality is all about attachments & our unattached souls came here to learn about itself & the collective consciousness through different attachments/experiences & yes at times fixated attachments like we are going through now but the problem is when to become detached before we destroy this reality that has served us so well.  Many of us have become so attached to this reality that it’s become a fixation that has overridden our common & sixth sense so in comes the NAS with their NAT to the rescue however we too must balance out the NAT with common & sixth sense as well because it’s so easy for a human being to be overwhelmed by the NAT & lose all sense especially while experiencing so many chaotic extremes & this is where psychology can come to our rescue if we are truly open minded enough.  

Friday, 12 July 2013

Living Within Your Divine Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

Finding Oneness: Who wouldn’t want to find one’s truer inner divine self, well hopefully this post will assist in such a venture. Living within your divine self is really just remembering who you really are other than what you think you are or conditioned to believe & even at the soul level through fixated attachments we can forget who we are so in all what we need to do is just  remember who we really are, simple!!!

No of course it’s not simple at all & the more attachments you have from previous lives & consciousness’s the harder it is going to be to remember & most importantly accept who you are as any fixated attachment relates to the negative ego. So what has fixated egotistical attachment got to do with remembering who we are, divine enlightened beings? Fixated attachments give us egotism & individualism; it’s this non-individualism we are not accepting because once you remember who you truly are you become as one with everything, no egotistical person wants to be the same as everybody else. The fear of not being an individual is great in this state of consciousness & awareness.  

There is also another problem that will hinder ourselves knowing about out true selves which has stemmed from the previous old consciousness, idolisation of something higher than oneself. As I have stated in previous posts, to think of something higher or lower of oneself isn’t of true oneness   so if you truly want to experience true oneness one must stop idolising or thinking of yourself & others of being inferior or superior.  Being inferior has stemmed from human conditioning because there is always someone supposedly more higher in stature & power than us in one time or another in our lives while growing up. This of course has nothing to do with oneness so to start with, we must un-condition ourselves from this conditioning; this is of course done by remembering who we truly are.

I would like to state here there is no true oneness as such just a state of being at one, true oneness is of everything being as one with no individualism, we have individualism in existence so we can only be in the state of being at one ourselves which is in itself a great feeling indeed.  We ourselves can feel at one but there is always individualism in existence so not everything is at one at one given time any more.  

Remembering: So how does one remember who they are & to be at one & divine in nature & oneself?  Now this is the simple part, know your fixated attachments exist in the first place at the human & soul level, it is pointless to know of one without the other if one wants to be truly at one & divine in nature so be aware of your whole self not just the human self of having such fixated afflictions/attachments.  Now we need to look at our beliefs, are they conducive to oneness because idolising anything isn’t of true oneness however feeling at one with something else that is divine in nature is conducive towards finding one’s own divine nature & that is what we are trying to do here nothing more or less especially if you are reading this. It is fundamentally important not to idolise or denigrate anything higher or lower than yourself.  It would help a lot if one was to read various past posts of mine & any other material found in the various links supplied in certain posts.

Ridding ourselves of any fixated attachments is difficult which includes idolisation because we are conditioned from birth & right throughout human history to do just that but it becomes a lot easier when we are aware of the difficulties believe it or not because the more difficult it seems the more aware of the problem you have become & in just doing this you will find when you get to a certain point of awareness of your difficulties you will become enlightened of your truer self & yes believe it or not it is that simple however what isn’t simple is dragging out becoming aware of our difficulties, we drag it out because of our attachments & as soon as we realise this to start with you realise you are no longer dragging out becoming aware of our difficulties, you have instantly become aware & knowing of your truer self is but a stone’s throw away from this.  What we really need to do is take on a totally different way of thinking to what we have been conditioned too in the old consciousness, my whole blog is on thinking outside the square & if we can do this & start thinking for ourselves again this process of finding one’s truer inner divine self will be a lot easier.         

Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Problem with Clinging to Attachments-New Age

Written by Mathew Naismith 

The Meaning of New Age Consciousness: What happens during a conscious change? We start to think differently, in other words our mode of thoughts change which means most of our older modes of thoughts in the previous consciousness becomes redundant, some adapt & an even smaller amount stay as they are still relevant to the present consciousness so what is of one consciousness is unlikely to be of another consciousness as  conscious changes means just that a conscious change & in all conscious changes our modes of thoughts change as well otherwise what would be the point in a conscious change if we are still going to think the same?

Let’ take a look at our cave man brothers & sisters, did they think the same way as we do today? Not on your nelly & compared to this new age conscious change the conscious change between cave man days & now was very small, we have entered into a massive conscious change so of course the way we think is massively going to change however that depends on if we are willing to let go of most of our attachments from the old consciousness.   It is by far not an easy thing to do to let go of fixated attachments so what attachments would they be? Any attachments one has a fixation with which means any attachment one has a hard time letting go of. So what is an example of these fixated attachments?   Of course they vary however for an example when one is still thinking that we are not equal to a figure we idolised in the past consciousness like a guru or some kind of holy man for instance or certain old conscious rituals that one feels still needs to be performed usually under some higher than holy organisation.

Let’s take another look at our cave dwelling relatives to explain this better, are we today practicing in the same exact rituals as they did back then which of course meant at times some sort of sacrifice to a God of some kind? Of course not because our modes of thought have completely changed & all we are talking about here is a minor conscious change nothing what we have just entered into, it is indeed a totally new age previously never experienced by man before except by a very few gurus & holy men which of course we idolised for a very good reason however for this new age consciousness to take full effect we need to stop looking at various people & things being more holier than ourselves & think of ourselves as we did of them which means a totally different mode of thought.   

Changing Our Knowledge Thus Thought: Does this mean throwing away what has been learnt in the last consciousness because what we learn always depicts the way we are going to think which we must change? Yes most of everything must go so does that mean all the knowledge from workshops, book reading & studies have to go to allow a newer way of thinking to take place?  Anything fixated attachments hinder ones conscious expansionism which means any old conscious attachment you have a problem with throwing away or changing is a fixation however at the end of a consciousness certain people will relay to others of the knowing of such new conscious changes so not all knowledge needs to be scraped.  As I said earlier in this post some knowledge is still relevant & some we will have to adapt to fit in our newer way of thinking.  

Let’s look at an example of this, Jesus for instance didn’t try to make out he was of higher self than others however that is where we put him, he never wanted to be idolised because he knew like so many other messiah’s throughout human history that he was of us as we were of him. We must also remember nothing ever stays the same in realities of time & space which also means knowledge never stays the same, at a certain specific times in certain realities the knowledge we know of seems as unquestionable fact for always like we are just physical beings or this universe is the only one in existence however we know even throughout human history facts change.  We need to look at this knowledge obtained through older consciousness’s as not being always fact as each consciousness has its own facts that we learn by at that time within certain consciousness’s.

So why doesn’t everything stay the same in realities of time & space? It’s for ever changing which gives us diversity which in turn expands our own human, soul & creative consciousness’s (God’s) consciousness thus allowing ourselves to become more knowing to ourselves, what better way but through diversity to know oneself better!!

So where does that leave just having attachments as opposed to fixated attachments in new conscious changes?  It leaves us with physical being in a reality of time & space for starters which gives us diversity to learn by, if we didn’t have that attachment we wouldn’t be here & of course we wouldn’t be expanding on our souls & human consciousness & as we do this we are inadvertently expanding on the creative consciousness’s consciousness as well so this kind of attachment is very positive & beneficial for us all, not all attachments are negative or bad, however if we became fixated to just physical being or to living as human as opposed to another species  we wouldn’t experience the diversity needed to expand consciousness, it’s all about experiencing through diversity without too many fixed attachments.   Yes I did say without too many fixed attachments as fixed attachments are also of diversity however being too fixated for any length of time isn’t beneficial for anyone.  This occurs when we live out the same dramatic role life after life which we call bad karma when in fact it’s just attachments we are fixated too.

Like I mentioned in past posts, a fixation just doesn’t refer to attachments we are fond of but to situations we have convinced ourselves at the soul level that we are only of this character/persona so if we think of ourselves as just this will live each life as just that character nothing more so our roles throughout each life will be simular, it’s not bad karma at all but fixated attachments & this is just another example in how the old consciousness of knowing has to change for the new consciousness to take effect.  

“For the new to take effect the old needs to go for in this comes the rebirth of a new beginnings”….Love Mathew


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Soul-Our Truer Self

 Written by Mathew Naismith

Fixation to Attachments: It is funny how we trick ourselves in believing we only live one life or multiple of separate lives but to a soul that’s aware of itself sees it quite differently, all our lives are as one so what stops the soul & our human selves  from becoming aware of the truer nature of who we really are?  It all comes down to attachments but this isn't saying all attachments are bad just the ones we become too attached to which tend to enhance the negative aspects of our ego.  When our souls become fixated to one or two attachments from life to life we experience similar experiences, we learn little form this because the biggest thing we learn from is diversity & there is very little diversity when we have fixated attachments & human life is no different.

Let’s take a look at people who study all their lives for an example, they know all about what they have read & studies but where is the diversity in this, there’s diversity in what they know but where is the diversity in what they have experienced from their knowing? The soul & the creative source (God) works in the same exact way that is why God created souls to experience it’s knowing not just know of it’s knowing.  When we are fixated to just learning we are in fact missing out on the experiences through diversity thus we are in fact hindering our soul & human conscious expansionism & in actual fact stagnate within an attachment of fixation. A balance between knowing & experiencing is much more beneficial to one’s conscious expansionism than one or the other or a little of one & more of the other, balance is the key here!!

What we learn humanly has always been out there, we are actually only really remembering what is out there however experiencing this knowledge is different, no experience is exactly the same so experiencing knowledge is quite new as we all humanly & at the soul level experience something quite unique from everything & everyone else. Is this saying we never really actually learn but just remember knowing? Yes exactly which to many will sound too far fetch, why? Anyone who has a fixated attachment to knowledge won’t acknowledge such ramblings which is quite psychologically expected & in fact any fixated attachment will have the same deniable outcome.  

Fixated attachments give us opposing polarities thus conflict & the more our souls become fixated to one or two attachments we actually become more conflictive but on the other hand a soul that has very little fixated attachments will be more harmonious thus less conflictive.  So does this mean a soul that hasn’t got any fixated attachments will be all peaceful & harmonious in human life? No because again we learn from experiencing diversity plus the soul in question might have to have a certain persona to express themselves to teach others around them, a disharmonious person isn’t going to listen to an all loving person because they see it as a weakness thus ignore any teaching from such a person also sometimes one needs to yell to be heard as whispers are usually at times ignored however on the other hand if someone yells too much they too will be ignored which again comes down to balance between yelling & whispering.   This is what makes a good teacher, knowing the balance.

Attachments & Fixated Attachments: We should start to recognise from what is written in this & my previous post titled Persona of the Soul how diverse our souls are & how they have obtained their own unique persona/character, what is above is also below.  A lot of us don’t think about having a soul or are totally in denial in having a soul but even more people are unaware that every soul has its own unique persona just like we do as humans so what’s the big deal in knowing that we just don’t have a soul but our soul also has its own unique persona?  The big deal is in knowing this is we can then define what our attachments & fixated attachment are which are hindering our own conscious expansionism or awareness  but also define the difference between attachments & fixated attachments. The biggest plus is once we are aware of the soul & of the soul having its own unique persona we are then able to become more connected to our soul & the more connected we are to the soul the more aware & harmonious we will be.

So what’s the difference between attachments & fixated attachments? I’ve already explained about fixated attachments so I will focus on just having attachments without any fixated ideological mode of thought attached remembering even after death we are in thought as thought isn’t just of the physical brain like most of us think.  Like I explained in my previous post titled Persona of the Soul as we live life to life we accumulate certain attachments like the people we live our lives out with life after life playing out different roles which give us diversity on the other hand a soul who is fixated to a certain role of attachments will only keep playing out a similar role life after life thus become less diverse within its experiences.  The more diverse the said soul is from life to life the more consciously expansive the soul will be thus more aware & the more aware we are the more connected we will be to the soul, it really comes down to making the soul aware of itself instead of being blocked by fixated attachments however on the other hand just having attachments can be quite helpful & usually these other souls in whom you have an affiliation with will be your guides, who better?

It is an unusual feeling finding out you really have two personas, one is the persona of your soul the other is of your human self however each life has its own unique persona so in actual fact we have as many personas as we had lives but once you recognise the souls persona you will begin to become more & more of the persona of the soul for the main reason that it’s the real you plus if the soul has no fixated attachments you will feel a lot more at peace & harmonious because we then see all our lives as one thus feel less venerable & see what each life was all about which lessons the traumas of any said lives by quite a bit remembering traumas are also of fixated attachments. Once we realise our truer selves human life becomes a lot easier to live mainly because of our new found awareness in both our human & soul selves.       

Friday, 7 June 2013

Heaven of Attachments

Written by Mathew Naismith

We have all heard about heaven with its pearly white gates greeting the deceased but instead of pearly white gates we get white illuminating light which beckon us in so to quote shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams “is this heaven”? By the way I never believed in heaven but!!

So what is heaven, it’s obviously not pearly white gates sitting on white fluffy clouds? Again a quote from Field of Dreams “it’s where dreams come true” so what are these dreams, are they what we didn’t or couldn’t accomplish in our past life or are they of attachments from our recent past life? I will answer this latter but before I do I will cover a few more related areas first.

When we experience a lot of hate & anguish do we stay around after dying? Most of the times not unless we hate ourselves & wish to hurt those who hurt us but do we stay around when we have loved & loved a lot or had a most fulfilling life in some other way? Most of us do because we wish to not leave this life, in other words we are still attached to this life we so enjoyed.  Love is a very strong motivation in keeping us here after our demise not just the love of people but the love of anything & yes even the love of killing as love in any form is one of our most powerful emotions we humanly have. So where do people who have done a lot of wrong to others go, to hell?  Well again it’s not the hell we have been told about like brim stone & fire in actual fact very strong negativity or evilness is of the dark & cold not light & warmth because it sucks energy not give it. Hell is where we stay in limbo waiting for our next calling, it’s not a bad place it’s just nothingness where’s this place we call heaven is something quite different.

If we have no attachments to our recent last life we move on to the place of limbo however if we still have attachments we go to this place we call heaven. Heaven of attachments is what I call heaven because that is exactly what it is; this is a place that we meet our passed loved ones where we were once close too, or more correctly said, still close too. In this place we are still in away playing out our physical lives with the people most dear to us until called upon, this is different to deceased people staying in the physical reality they once lived in & still do.

After we pass on we have three ways to go or three quite different realities to continue our existence in, heaven, limbo or stay in the physical reality we are no longer physical in while usually helping out those we love, notice I didn’t say loved as in pass tense!! However in doing this we could be causing our loved ones still physically existing grief especially if they are picking up on us.

So in all the reality heaven is where dreams are made if one wished to stay connected or attached & reunite with some of their relies & friends who have passed on before us, it is a place of dreams & total peaceful harmony, this is why we call this reality or this kind of afterlife heaven which is fair enough by me.  

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Attachments Even After Death

Written by Mathew Naismith

The followings post & reply of mine seems to be getting off the beaten track of attachments & the ego but it’s not because even after death we have attachments especially to our past recant life.

Related link:

Hi guys-

I {like many of us} practice chenneling and see spirits. I in fact have several spirits that I am in contact with that I refer to as "regulars" and sometimes "clients". One of them is a musician and poet from Florida, USA named Jim Morrison {yes! the Jim Morrison}. When he first showed up here I thought "ok I'm into classic rock and I'm am a Doors fan as well as a fan of other groups from the nineteen sixties to nineteen seventies and maybe he {Jim Morrison} knows that and that might be why he's here". I know that Jim Morrison was known to be kind of a rebel and had kind of a bad boy reputation {drug use, nudity onstage, explosive behavior etc}. But I'm not seeing that whatsoever. In fact Morrison has been a complete gentleman ever since he first showed up here. The unusual thing about Jim Morrison {and maybe it's not so unusual} is that I will sometimes see him break down and start crying. Tears just streaming down his face. Any ideas?

Oh yaa. This is what Jim Morrison looks like when I see him:

G'day Astaea

I would presume he has attachments to this reality still & his life he lead so well, he probably wants to live on in the life he had but he can't thus the tears.

When you supposedly die it is hard for a lot of us to let go & the more you enjoyed that life the harder it is going to be to leave it behind, I would bet he can see the light but he doesn't want to let go & nor should anyone force him to either.

However when someone dies very close to you they don't leave straight away & in actual fact can stay as long as you are living for them not for yourself which means the living are still attached to them which will force them to stay as well. Attachments go both ways however in this case it's him who doesn't want to let go I would presume but is it?

To be actually trapped against one's own will he wouldn't look the way he use to but something more distorted & at times with no form but a shadowy figure. This is caused through excessive anguish but it would seem he isn't doing this he's just missing he's life the way it was.

Suggest for him to move on to his next life which could be just as good if not better, tell him what he is missing out on & that it's OK to leave.

Free Will: Even after death we are still caught up on attachments unless you had no real attachments in that life of course for example I had two dogs that stayed on for some time after death & one of them needed coaching to move on even at the brink of going through the light as this dog in question looked back again to what it was attached too however my parents had a dog inhume they mistreated, the said dog didn’t stay long at all. My best man at our wedding was the same, he moved on quite quickly but he did give us a good by though.

So in all even after so called death we still have attachments in accordance to our physical lives so is this a bad thing remembering that any attachments are supposed to be negative & of the ego to some people?  In my mind all attachments are beautiful even after death as we still have free will even more so than in physical life, you have free will you have attachments.  So when are attachments a negative thing, destructive or disruptive? When they go against our own free will, so is this saying if I wanted to kill someone no one has the right to stop me because that is my own free will to do so?  No because you haven’t the right to go against the person will who you are going to kill in the first place, free will goes both ways & that is why we should learn to accept & live with each other’s free wills better for a more harmonious existence. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Intrepid Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

Negative Traits of the Ego: I think most of us realise what the ego portrays at its worst, conflicts, the ego is about conflicts either it be through military war, social war, political war, financial war or war within ourselves it’s all to do with conflicts & this is why the ego especially within the spiritually aware fraternity is despised or unwanted & at its worst it’s no wander we think like this. If we didn’t have the ego to contend with as a species life would be somewhat more peaceful & harmonious in every way obviously.

The ego at its worst can deter us or hinder our growth especially for the spiritually aware, if we put ourselves above others in any way we are doing the opposite to what we should be doing as spiritually aware people, we are not being humble & it’s this humbleness that is impossible for a person caught up on the attachments of the ego to express. How many attachments do we have one should ask ourselves? Any attachment is of the ego & yes an attachment to spiritually feeling good is an attachment & of the ego as well so if attachments are of the ego, what isn’t an attachment or of the ego? If you are existing that is an attachment so in physical life in particular it is impossible to detach completely therefore we are always of the ego unless we do away with ourselves which proves nothing because even after death we can still have attachments as ghosts & alike show us.

As physical beings it would seem it is impossible to rid ourselves of the ego & associated attachments even when we are spiritually aware, to have a need or a want of betterment in anyway is of the ego, to paint or clean your house is of the ego, to dress nicely is of the ego, to talk about your children is of the ego & to take pride in your mind & body is of the ego so what isn’t of the ego in this reality? To even express one’s dislike of the ego is of the ego so I would have to say nothing.

This sounds that everything that is physical & mental is of the ego not just the negative things but all the positive things as well like taking pride in oneself & others especially of your family so if we got read of the ego we would have to go around in rags, have very little communication with others, don’t care for what you eat or drink, never bathe & in actual fact live to die. Is this taking humbleness too far to rid ourselves of the ego?  Well that is quite obvious what the answer would be, yes, so what do we do just let the ego rule & do nothing about it?

Controlling the Ego: Control the ego instead of it controlling you, we have allowed ourselves right through human history with the ego calling the shots in other words taking control of us instead of the other way around, it is obviously impossible for us to rid ourselves of the ego completely nor should we even try which just depicts more egotism, what we should be doing is taking control of the ego.  So how is this possible? Not through egotistically trying to better oneself by trying to rid ourselves of the ego but by seeing the ego’s benefit’s not just seeing how harmful it is all the time which is awfully negative.

So what are the benefits of an ego, its positives? Life itself for starters, if we were born with no ego what prospects would we have to further ourselves in any way which includes becoming spiritually aware or reconnected to our inner selves or God? Absolutely none because it’s the ego that propels us on to develop not to just sit there & stagnate.  Yes there are spiritually aware people like gurus who sit around as humble as they can & stagnate, could we all do this? No because we would all starve to death so someone has to be of the ego & have associated attachments to grow food.  

“The ego is very powerful & intrepid as it has no fear within itself but causes fear especially in those who fear it the most”….Love Mathew

So what’s the answer? Seeing the ego’s positive points & by doing this in time these other negative traits of the ego will disappear as if they never existed, it is obvious we can’t rid ourselves of the ego & associated attachments but we can cut them down to size & take control. How do we look at the positive points of the ego when they can be so destructive & disruptive?   “Take what you need not what you want”, this is a very good start, if the want is going to make you become more aware this is more of a need not just a want, see how positive it becomes when you look at it consciously differently!!  It all comes down in the way we perceive it than what it really is however to feed the ego through just wants is going the other way thus the ego is taking control of you again not you taking control of the ego through positive awareness. Tackle the ego positively & negatively!!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pure Love of the Soul

Written by Mathew Naismith

The Big WOW Factor: Like I have mentioned in previous posts the creative core (God) isn’t actually of love as we know it & neither is the core of the soul from when it was first created however because they are of complete & pure harmonious peacefulness they feel like benevolent unconditional love & for an emotional human that is exactly what they are because it’s what we perceive they are.

Because the creative & the soul core isn’t of attachments, which in the long run gives us chaos & conflicts, they would of course psychologically seem all loving to us humans living in this reality of attachments because of the contrast for example a person living in a third world country would see developed countries as a huge wow for them because of the contrast as the some would be for someone living in the desert & then finding themselves in a rain forest, it’s the contrast that’s the big wow however for the people living within these wow  circumstances it’s not as big a wow factor however most of us are aware of the wow factor we are living in to a certain extent or should be.  

Believe it or not while in the conscious state of our soul’s core we look at realities like this one with a big wow however it’s not the same if we were within the creative core itself, it would just be, as in no big deal. This is funny because looking through the eyes of our souls core centre is like it’s always greener on the other side of the fence, once you’re on the other side you realise what you had before so if you looked through the eyes of a human at the souls core you would see the wow factor being of the souls core not of human life, what are spiritually aware people doing while becoming aware? They see it as always being greener on the other side of the fence of course & looking from the souls core centre to realities like this one is no different.  

Recently I have been doing a bit of a flip flop like with the right brain left brain test with the dancing girl, at times with me she will be just flipping back & forth & that is exactly what she is doing, she’s not rotating at all, I’ve been flip flopping between seeing through the eyes of my cores soul then I will see the core soul through human eyes, yes it always seems greener on the other side of the fence no matter what side you are on.

Dancing girl link just for fun, try to enjoy everything that is human as well as non-human (mystical):

Here is a relevant quote of mine I wrote up some time ago:  “There is nothing mystical about the unknown only the known, so if you are questioned about your beliefs in mysticism just say it’s only mystical to you as you not the understanding of something more than you believe!!!”.....  

Creating Through Perceptions: Because the creative core & the core of our souls have no attachments this peaceful serenity is felt because that is exactly what they are of, love comes from this feeling of peaceful serenity & the more connected we are the more feeling of love we will experience to a point & once we cross this point all we want to do is be human again. Don’t get me wrong the love is always there but it’s more to do with what we perceive because at the cores soul level we can create anything & if its love you will perceive& create love through perceptions but also through this perceiving one can create anything & that is what creates in realties of time & space. So is this saying that love is an illusion because it’s just perceived? Perception’s are like thoughts & if thoughts vibrate therefore exist so would perceptions as perceiving is just another vibration of consciousness so no it’s not an illusion just a different vibration to experience.

So can hate be created as well seen as everything can be created at the cores soul level? Vibrations like hate can only be created like anything else through perceiving, once one perceives hate hate is created but hate is usually generated through many unbalanced chaotic attachments through living numerous lives not through the soul’s core for the main reason it’s of peaceful serenity, at this state of peaceful serenity it would be nearly impossible to perceive (create) hate but it can be done I believe but who would want too.   The reason one wouldn’t want to perceive such a vibration in the first place is one can obtain the perception of hate through living out many lives through various experiences, why rush a good thing!!

Like I have said before in past posts about being attacked by 9 entities at one time all I did is laugh at them because at that exact time I was connected to my souls core not that I humanly consciously realised it at that time. No being, entity or negative vibrative energy form is going to like being reminded of their soul’s core because it’s of pure peaceful serenity. Yes believe it or not the most devilish negative form in any universe or dimension derived from this peaceful serene state of the souls core centre& this is what makes life easier for me realising that everyone was initially of the same as me, a peaceful serene energy form.  Believe it or not if one looked at everything from the creative cores centre you wouldn’t notice any difference between hate & love because everything is of the now so everything, if they realise it or not in realities of time & space, is the same as only in realities of time & space does everything seem different.  It’s time & space that gives us contrasts & opposing differences but it’s through these differences where everything is created thus the creative core is able to experience itself through this process.

It is funny how little we know about our cores soul centre because if we knew more life would be a lot more peaceful & serene but I don’t think many of us are willing to allow themselves to be aware of such things as most people, if they know it or not, have attachments which were obtained through various lives & that is what makes it difficult for us to realise what & who we really are however some negative people & other negative forms of vibrative energy just don’t want too.

Looking at the cores soul from a human perspective is a huge wow factor that should be experienced by everyone wanting a better existence because just in the knowing of the souls core centre one can change their own perception & it’s through these perceptions that create, you change the perception you change existence & create the existence you perceive.  This all comes down to attachments & of course attachments denote desire which are all brought on by the nasty perceived ego. See what I mean about perceiving that the ego is nasty, we have created yet another mode of thought (reality) of negativity through our perception.  So is there anything wrong with the ego, desire, attachments judgment & so forth as they all seem to lead to chaos & conflict? There is nothing wrong or negative with these traits & emotions it’s the way we perceive them that makes them negative. 

Let’s take a look at the soul’s core, it is of peaceful serenity even though it is of the ego remembering that the ego & related attachments are creative. At this point of the soul’s core, even though we are of the ego otherwise we wouldn’t exist, we are still peaceful & serene it’s when we start to perceive more & start living out lives we start to become negative with the ego & related traits & emotions as we accumulate attachments especially negative attachments, it’s our perception that create negative as the negative weren’t there in the first place.  

It’s all to do in what we perceive in what we create & as I have said numerous times we are creators in our own right which is done through our perception & attachments. Becoming reconnected & remembering who we really are brings on a conscious awareness of oneself that gives us this huge wow factor, enjoy being & feeling of your own souls core centre as humanly as possible without going over the top, in this comes a huge wow factor that will never leave you, become truly aware of what you are reconnecting yourself to is so important here I couldn’t state it often enough.