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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Does a God Actually Exist?

Written by Mathew Naismith

As usual I’m writing about something that can be quite controversial, this is not intentional, it’s not an active intention by me to be controversial however I do have a passive intention to be attentive (focused), focused on awareness.  

I don’t think many of us now believe God is a white robed bearded man sitting up in the clouds or heaven above, to many of us this God is to do with a consciousness that is way beyond human understanding and perception, how could we possibly perceive something that is way beyond our own perception? All we can do is speculate in what we call God however the more aware we become, the closer to this God I think we are becoming. This means we are speculating less to what this God is or even if God actually exists. More people in science are realising more than ever there is indeed a consciousness beyond human perception, this is all due to becoming more aware.

We have a scientist who has won a Nobel prize who is into homeopathy.

We have two prominent neurosurgeons who believe consciousness is within everything including rocks.

We have an astrophysicist from NASA who is into auras.

We have people like Lanza, Dr. Stuart Hameroff and physicist Sir Roger Penrose who believe consciousness exists after death.

This is becoming more prominent with more scientists; there is something beyond human perception, maybe a perception that is way beyond human understanding, the question is are we supposed to be able to understand this God’s consciousness at the human level of conscious awareness?  To me it’s impossible to understand or even acknowledge such consciousness actually exists mainly because this is beyond human understanding.

It makes perfect sense why some people just don’t believe in a consciousness way beyond human perception, they literally can’t perceive such a thing exists, it’s truly not their fault, how would a human with the understanding only of human perception perceive in such an infinite consciousness a lot of us call God, we don’t even believe in our own infinite consciousness?  Ah, this is the difference, once we start to become aware of our own infinite consciousness; we start to understand to some degree of the infinite consciousness of a consciousness beyond human perception, in doing this we are actually going beyond human perception.

This new awareness is causing an interesting dilemma, we are no longer believing in a white robed bearded man in the sky, this also means we are no longer believing in old texts like the bible for example, it’s full of fables like the white robed bearded  man we call God. It is also quite understandable that many of us no longer believe in the old concept of God brought on by becoming more aware.

The white robed bearded man in the sky and old texts like the bible are symbolic of the times, they symbolise to us what is in a symbolic way, not what actually is. Could you imagine going up to a peasant two thousand years ago and telling them what we are aware of today, that a super consciousness exists way beyond human perception? Let’s put it this way, there are many people today who don’t believe in this super consciousness, how would far less aware people two thousand years ago understand this super consciousness many of us call God without symbolising such concepts?  People will understand a symbol a lot easier than they will a concept of a super consciousness especially a concept way beyond human perception.

How many of us today still rely on symbols? The white bearded man in the sky, as well as the texts like the bible, are symbolising something that is way beyond normal human perception. Symbols today still make it a lot easier for us to understand the environment; this is the same with trying to understand anything beyond normal human perception. The white robed bearded man in the sky is symbolic, it’s symbolic of wisdom through being bearded and old, it’s symbolic of our higher self through being in the sky or heaven and it’s symbolic of our purer self through the white robe.  

So has all this proved that a God (a super consciousness) exists? This depends on our own perception and always will, if we only perceive through human perceptions, there is no way a God (a super consciousness) could exist however, if we perceive outside this perception, to me everything changes, my entire perception changes which allows me to know that a super consciousness beyond normal human perception does indeed exist for me.  

Monday, 12 August 2013

Human/Non-Human Perception

Written by Mathew Naismith

“Awareness period is not an easy road to follow but well worth the try!!”…Love Mathew

The following was an exchange between another person & myself in relation to one of my posts titled Seeing Past our Limited Consciousness & of course like any discussion it can go off the beaten track which is exactly what happened here. This lead to an interesting exchange that I thought I would share with you here; it’s really all to do with human/non-human perception.

Master Zhi Gang Sha, the biggest nutty healing practitioner I have come across so far. His healing methods are crazy. If you think that Reiki, Quantum Touch, Aromatherapy, homeopathy, etc., are scams and bogus therapies you must read up on Master Sha. They are so outlandish that even my mind boogles with incredulity sometimes.

Having said that, I know from personal experience that they can have a tremendous effect on one's life.

But, to link up to my previous post, check out his website.

Physical Body Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission system $500
Emotional Body Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission system $500
Mental Body Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission system $500

Although seemingly removed, he had Dinine Healing Chants for, wait for it, just about every single organ and body part. Let's assume one had a digestive problem, there would be one for the mouth (saliva formation), the oesophagus, the stomach, the large intestines, the small intestines, the rectum, the liver, the gall bladder. The list was miles long and each one sold for IIRC $150. Working from memory, this may not be a 100% accurate reflection but you will get the general sense.

The poor people whose only hope for more wellness is traditional or alternative healing practices will never be able to avail themselves to Dr Sha' services, except for the occasional free offerings.

How then can we expect a broad based and genuine expanded consciousness when only a few percent of the population has access to what they need to learn and see to achieve that?

From what we can see is that there is a trend that as soon as something becomes successful, in terms of money or popularity, it becomes unaffordable to the people who would benefit most.

Maybe it is a self-protective measure in that a person can get overwhelmed by the increased demands on time and services, but for internet supplied goods this cannot possibly apply as it is all automated.

"Life knows its needs"

G'day Risingtide

This is funny because while reading your post I was agreeing with you here & then it came to me maybe the poorer people at the soul level don't wish to be healed in this way, it wasn't meant to be because they haven't the resources to become healed. It's all got to do with our chosen path.

I don't think anyone has the right to interfere with someone else's life path & that is exactly what this bloke would be doing if he wasn't charging so much. We must remember it's all about the soul not the human self & it's the human self that is teaching the soul here not the other way around.

This of course is going to be hard for any human self to adhere to or understand because of our emotions. Of course we want to be healed at the human level but do we at the soul level, if we haven't got the funds to do so it wasn't meant to be obviously.

This is saying maybe they are not meant to be healed by such a person but maybe someone else or even themselves.


I really cannot agree with such views.
Some obviously malicious entity has stacked the board against some people and the decive used is to deprive them of the resources they could use to lift their lives up?

It is one thing to offer something to people at a reasonable price an another to try and exploit them in an unfair manner.

Rampant capitalism in the service of soul growth while ignoring, if not depriving people of their physical and mental needs? What next?

Whatever issues one has with etablished religions at least they occasionaly provide services in one form or another to those who are close to totally broken.

A god, or whatever entity there is, who has the capabability and intelligence to organise the 'world', and who organises it in the way you describe, will have to be destroyed so that such evil work can come to an end.

"Life knows its needs"

G'day Risingtide

Yes I agree with you it's wrong that people use this kind of gift for such reasons however wrong is only a humanistic perception, look at this through non-human eyes & you will see it quite differently.
This kind of profanity can even reach us at the soul level only because of our humanistic attachments which we can take with us from life to life however it's still only human based.

This is one drawback in being able to look at things differently than just through human eyes which gets me into a lot of trouble with others at times because I'm then judged to being this that or the other not saying you are doing that here.

What are we doing when we see this sort of thing? We are judging just like we judge others of being of the ego or judgment itself, how would one know if one wasn't judging if one didn't judge oneself so? It's all quite hypocritical but that is what human perception gives us, hypocrisy!!
Sorry Risingtide I know I'm quite odd to converse with but I'm really not being insensitive especially at the human level but I see things differently which has greatly helped me with my disability or was it the disability that gave me this ability to see things differently in the first place!!


While becoming spiritually aware we will at times look at the world through non-human eyes, this can be a very confusing time for us because at this time we will be hypocritical either knowingly or not which of course adds to the confusion & hardship in becoming spiritually aware however not everyone will experience this especially in the same way. Our soul’s awareness dictates what eyes we will see through, if we have become attached at the soul level to humanism we will most likely look at the world at the soul & human level through human eyes however a soul that is less attached to humanism will see the world quite differently & the less attached the said soul is the more one will look at the world through non-human eyes.  We are all different for more than one reason which of course adds to the confusion & chaos of life.

 “Life is forever changing through many doors of diversity, its infinite”….Love Mathew