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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Earths Precious Resources

Written by Mathew Naismith

Being predominantly physically inclined, we might think I'm going to talk about mineral or other natural resources of the Earth but I'm not, I'm actually referring to conscious forms and souls expressing themselves physically. Basically, the  most precious resources existing on Earth at present is consciousness expressed in a physical way. Liken this to a wise mind expressing itself physically, wisdom is non-physical/immaterial/spiritual until expressed in a physical way. Is wisdom expressed in a physical way any less precious because it's expressed in a physical way? Also, being that everything was created from a consciousness, it's all precious, just because one kind of consciousness expresses itself in a destructive way, doesn't mean it's not precious and worthy. Human consciousness is still precious and worthy no matter how it expresses itself.

I know this is hard to perceive but perceive the Earth and human consciousness to a lucrative gold or diamond mine and then billion times this over and over again, this is how precious this Earth and everything thing on Earth is. Words are unable to express how precious Earth is at present, look at how many different souls are presently existing on Earth, the Earth is utterly glowing.

Now we might think that because human consciousness is as destructive as it is at present, it couldn't possibly be glowing but it is. We can't see this when we look upon or observe the whole Earth physically, because man is so physically inclined, all we perceive is a darkness overshadowing/destroying the Earth and everything on it. Now observe the Earth as a non-physical entity or a non-physical conscious energy source, it's utterly glowing because all that is occurring is that one source of energy is replacing another. We must remember here that you can't destroy energy, you can only transform energy, basically, Earth is going through an energy transformation. Yes I know, it's horrid what we are doing to the plants and animals upon the Earth and Earth itself, only a consciousness that is ignorant can destroy on this magnitude. Indeed, human consciousness at present is basically the most ignorant life force on Earth, this however doesn't take away from the massive energy glow that is being permeated from this life force. 

Is it wise to replace one energy life force with another more destructive life force?

I think the answer to this question is obvious, no matter how vibrantly glowing human consciousness is, any predominately destructive life force will in the end destroy itself. Liken this to a virus, once the virus destroys it's hosts, it basically destroys itself as it has nothing else to feed upon. Human consciousness at present is ferociously feeding upon it's host, Earth and it's life forms, in the end, there will be no host to feed upon.

However, like I said before, you can't destroy energy, you can only transform it, this will mean, if man doesn't destroy himself as well, that human consciousness will physically transform into something else. Like I said, the Earth is going through a massive energy transformation but we do still have a choice of what this transformation will create.

If we choose to continue in our ignorant ways, what will transform from this is something unnatural, a form of consciousness that is built upon through an unnatural process, basically, the creation of  an illusionary physical consciousness. It's basically going to be a world built upon lies and deception, a totally pseudo/fake consciousness, a world void of a true sense of awareness or wisdom. 

However, the alternative will create a consciousness far beyond our present comprehension, a consciousness of pure wisdom and awareness, basically, a world built upon by the truth, a non-illusionary world. This will create quite a different glow, a more sparkling vibrant glow instead of a dull weary glow. Don't get me wrong, human consciousness is glowing big time but the sparkling glow is diminishing. The more we replace a balanced neutral consciousness with a destructive consciousness, the duller and less vibrant the glow will become.

We are destroying something vary precious because we are not aware of how precious it is. Human consciousness can live within this precious resource without destroying or replacing this precious resource with another more destructive precious resource. No matter how destructive human consciousness becomes, it's still precious. What human consciousness needs to become aware of, is it doesn't need to destroy or replace other consciousness's with it's own consciousness to exist, even in large numbers. This of course will take human consciousness to transform into a more aware and wise consciousness, the alternative is anything but aware and wise. We indeed have alternatives, in the end, it's the collective human consciousness that will decide which journey to take......