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Friday, 7 July 2017

Save the Children through Humility

Written by Mathew Naismith

Indeed, save the children from realities of fear; realities and realizations primarily built around fear, of course most of this fear based conditioning is false.

In recent years, we have had North Korea expand on it's military might, this has instilled fear within the children of today but deceptively so.

How many countries have North Korea invaded or terrorised through bombing and other means? Now how many countries has the US backed coalition forces terrorised in this manner, and falsely so? Where are the weapons of mass destruction? To start with, this is deceptively and falsely instilling fear within the children; obviously this is OK to do as North Korea is an obvious bigger threat, even though North Korea isn't invading other countries to simply pilfer their resources.

What are we doing? So one form of fear, based purely on deception, is OK but falsified forms of fear are far more threatening!!

What kind of conditioning are we subjecting the children of today? Not a real threat but a falsified threat when the real creator of fear is the one falsifying and conditioning our children to fear.

What are we teaching and conditioning our children to? That it's OK that the right country, as opposed to the wrong country, invades other countries to pilfer their resources. That falsification of fear based realizations is normal and should be accepted. That all fear purely based on deception is the right conditioning for our children.    

Let's perspectively look at how else we are conditioning our children to fear and be in fear.

Modern day spiritually in the West is more based on fear today than it has ever been.

How many people fear expressing the egotism or judgement? If we express the ego or judge, this makes us look bad in the eyes of other spiritually aware people, and/or, we can't be spiritually aware if we express ourselves in these ways.    

How many more negatives are there out there today? It would seem even the word balance or moderation is negative these days, of course to extremist ideologies this is going to naturally be the case. Positive has become extreme to negative, light has become extreme to dark and love has become extreme to hate an on and on it goes.

What are we conditioning our children to today? 

The answer to this question is too obvious for people like me; it's all to do with control. What does a sense of control depict? Fear, fear of not having control or of losing control once we have it, and of course, one can never get enough control and empowerment. Is this like a multinational that can't get enough wealth and power, it's never enough? So if it feels good, it must be good so the more we feel good the better it is? 

We have completely based our whole existence on fear from the multinational point of view to spirituality. What are we instilling in our children?

It would seem we completely don't care what we are conditioning our children to and if you do care, you are dark or negative and even toxic. The amount of times I have heard toxic expressed towards other people, especially from so called positive people and people of love and light, is astonishing. To judge anyone toxic is an expression that is purely based on fear, it's as simple as this.

We first of all fear being toxic, then we avoid all people who we judge as toxic in fear of some of that toxicity rubbing off on us or we fear their presence. The fear of a toxic person having any control over us is huge these days. Consider this; would a truly humble person express this kind of fear?

What would have occurred if people like Buddha or Jesus were instilled with this kind of fear? Poor and diseased people would become toxic to avoid at all costs, and for the Romans, we ignore them because they are so negative (dark) and Buddha certainly wouldn't have faced he's ego face on.

So what is the answer, or more precisely, one of the answers?

First of all, in my mind, there is never a single answer but multiple answers to a particular question or situation; it's that the ego can usually only comprehend one or two answers at best at a time.  

One of the answers is to teach the children humility; this simply means accepting the control from others while not belittling yourself to this control. Yes, this means accepting control from people we find negative or toxic, the trick is, never see these people being above or below yourself. This is simply obtained by desisting in the extreme expressions of what is and isn't negative or toxic, simply avoid all extreme expressions, not in fear but in awareness of what extreme expressions create.

I hope the following furthermore helps in teaching our children humility.    

Extract: For example, you may have seen an athlete who scores a touchdown, drops the ball and goes down on his knees to give thanks for his achievement.  Or another player who scores but then runs around the field pointing at himself and calling attention to his or her achievement.  One of these people is being humble and grateful, while the other is being arrogant and boastful.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

3rd Dimensional - Levels, Scales and Labels

Written by Mathew Naismith

We are supposed to be shifting into a new consciousness, this means we will shift from human consciousness to what is often called a higher consciousness, a consciousness with higher vibrations. This is interesting because only in a fear based consciousness will a consciousness measure itself and everything else according to levels, scales and labels. This is due to a consciousness not wanting to be of  a lower consciousness, they instead desire to be of a higher consciousness, a higher level of vibration, the strange thing is, no actual deemed higher consciousness desires to be of this higher consciousness, in actuality, such a consciousness will often express itself as a deemed lower consciousness. Basically, this kind of consciousness humbles itself but of course such a consciousness doesn't deem itself humbling itself either, this is a 3rd dimensional perception.

What is called a 3rd dimension is in actuality a reality based on fear, human history alone shows us this as does natural history as such. We might think, in deemed higher dimensions, that dimensions are also measured in this way but there not, only in a fear based reality, or a reality of some kind of fear, will measure existences like this.

I should point out, a higher vibration just means that a consciousness is more aware and wiser than consciousness's that aren't as aware and wise. This isn't a level, it's an observation and the reason for this is simple, there are no labelling from one to ten for example of awareness and wisdom. This kind of consciousness isn't based on fear of being of a lowly level of a kind, it's based on the obvious void of labelling.

However, it is quite understandable that within a 3rd dimension, a fear based reality, that consciousness's need levels, scales and labels to comprehend anything beyond a fear based reality. We have however made this into a problem for ourselves, we just can't stop measuring everything, in actuality, western spirituality is more about levels, scales and labels more than ever. Basically, we have become too fixated to this kind of consciousness to truly comprehend any other more aware and wiser consciousness, we have basically limited ourselves to a fear based consciousness.

I am now going to share a piece of a conversation I had with another person in relation to this topic.         


I don't believe that any vibrations, or people for that matter are less worthy. I don't believe any are more worthy.

I lean towards ....what does there have to be a scale to begin with? If there is a scale, people will judge.

People have done enough damage with their constant judging.

My Reply
Yep, I'm hearing you. All this is of the 3rd dimension, but, again these dimensions are but scales and levels. Because the 3rd D is lesser value than the 4th D, we assume the 3rd D is lowlier than the 4th D, however, when you observe this, no dimension is assumed to be above the other in any way.

Is a reality based on fear of a lesser value than a reality based on love? Most people on here would say it is, this is obvious in the way this reality is downed so much. It's a reality based on fear and it's supposed to be based on fear, only the wise and aware souls will still express a true sense of unconditional love and understanding in such a reality.

Is now the wiser and aware of a higher level or more worthy than the less wise and aware? No, only in a reality based on fear will a consciousness judge in these terms. We are still judging in levels, scales and labels at the same time we have presumed we are not of this dimension but are unconditionally loving and of the light. Any consciousness that is downing this reality, isn't truly unconditionally loving as they obviously have conditions to their love.

Do I love this reality? Yes, for what it is, not for what it isn't, this is the difference. It would seem most western spiritually aware people have a disdain for this reality for what it isn't. It is what it is, once a consciousness realises this, a sense of harmony and stillness becomes one. Do I like what is occurring in this reality, especially at present? No, I'm not supposed to but other souls are supposed to. I am supposed to react but in accordance with a more balanced view and understanding. I don't always accomplish this myself as this too is supposed to be a part of my reaction. If I am a part and expressional of this fear based reality, how could I not love this reality as it's a part of me!!

I'm not trying to run away from anything, even though at times a feel like doing so, this is why I don't judge this reality too harshly for it is what it is, predominantly fear based as it's meant to be.


Observe the people who are attracted to what I write, these people are often not expressional of fear because they are not predominantly influenced by a reality of fear. Basically, these people have become unconditioned, to one degree or another, to a reality of fear. However, observe the people who don't like what I write, the reactions are quite different because they are still conditioned in accordance to a reality of fear. I'm often measured (judged) and then slammed or ostracised, this once again occurred just recently, this reaction however is understandable. How would anyone conditioned to a fear based reality comprehend what I write, at times I don't, most likely because I am also predominantly influenced by this fear based reality at times myself.

This fear based reality is supposed to be limiting, this is until a consciousness learns enough from these kinds of reality to overcome the influence and the conditioning of these kinds of realities. The question is now, if we cut out the limiting influences of consciousness as a whole, is such a  consciousness still whole? This would be like cutting out the yin within ourselves and still calling ourselves whole, limiting realties are a part of the whole as limitless realities are.

It was said to me that labelling yourself as a higher vibration is not based on fear, then why label yourself in the first place as being of a higher vibration if you don't fear being of  lowly vibration? Also, levels, scales and labels are all based on a fear based reality, they were created from a fear base perspective, this is obvious, one has to be higher or lower than another. A lot of us are unable to perceive void of these levels, scales and labels, this is because we have all been conditioned, to one degree or another, to perceive in this limited way and it is limiting. Imagine a reality void of labels, now imagine how you would perceive without these labels to perceive by. The more you imagine this, the more of a reality it becomes, this is due to the more you comprehend and existence void of labels, the more you comprehend the perceptions that come from fearless realities.

Human consciousness is obvious within it's conditioning, it's primarily built upon fear so any perception that is predominately of this fear, will be based on fear. Levels, scales and labels are a creation of this fear, it's wise to be aware of this if we want to evolve from limiting human conscious perceptions and perspectives.

Note: I do apologise for lacking penmanship, an ability to write more subtly, my writings style is more clinical and isn't for everyone.           

Sunday, 19 June 2016

God's Consciousness and Masochism

Written by Mathew Naismith

I will start this post off with a reply I gave in relation to my post titled, Why Be Fooled Into Masochism. This post certainly stirred up emotions in various people, however, not all the emotions expressed where against what I wrote, in fact quite the opposite as I will also present. 

"My issue was with the idea that if you chose to make a safe haven for yourself them it was implied that you were a masochist. "

Not at all, I never implied this, I did however state that people who often create a safe haven for themselves, can become Masochists unbeknownst to them, not that they are masochists.

I think people read into what they want to read in regards to this post, not what was actually written for various reasons. Once our emotions are stirred, we often perceive things in a bias or prejudged way, this is well known in psychology to occur to all of us at one time or another.

Recently , I sent a twitter to our prime minister about a certain issue, and not to long ago I approached our local federal member on another issue. If more people did this, the better off we all would be.

However, praying and meditating helps, especially ourselves because we then think we are doing something worthy, it keeps us uplifted. If more of us could only balance out this with actual actions, the world would be a far better place to live.

The answer is react but not in opposition to as my post states, as soon as we act in opposition, even to pray, we create a reaction. Praying and meditation is good, I hope people keep it up but in opposition to this is a much more aggressive energy counteracting any prayer or meditation. 

You may not agree, we need to all stop reacting to each other in opposition, if the world did this, we would instantly have peace on earth.

Why is God allowing all this to happen, or more precisely, why are we allowing it to happen?

God didn't create everything, God didn't create wars, famine or our destructive ways, we did. God is not controlling, we have been created to express ourselves at will without any limitans (infinite), this also means to create in our own right. being that God isn't controlling, would this God's consciousness kill off what we have created? No, but he has sent various messengers to guide us to create a much more constructive environment.

How long would Jesus or Buddha, for example, last in our present environment, they would killed them off immediately. instead what's in place of Buddha and Jesus? The people who behold the consciousness of Buddha and Jesus within themselves. The 144,000 people will represent this consciousness but these people, in my mind, need to be aware of being fooled into masochism as much as possible.

In Australia, terrible things happen, floods and fires some one of them. every time this occurs, I feel for the people involved and then I feel even more for the people around the world who suffer even more day in day out.

This is only my perception Marsa, I could be terribly wrong but that is the way I feel at present.

Much Blessings,

The following is a representation of a more favourable response to this post, plus, I also inserted my reply to this email reply.

Holy Wow,  You are a very intelligent and enlightened person.  Your writing is amazing!

The fear section really resonated with me, because of my faith growing stronger by the day, I’m able to confidently fight the enemy that tries to attack my thoughts. 
(I think of it, like I strap on the armour of God each day, a covering/protection not seen by the eyes, but felt across my soul and heart) woah, that’s a bit deep even for me....hehe.

I do however, have a healthy fear of the Lord himself. My idea of a personal relationship with God is having a balance of faith and fear, because I still have to be accountable for my actions, I can’t get complacent and think “oh God forgives”, because he also likes to teach us lessons which are sometimes very harsh.  To me he is like my parent disciplining me throughout my life and even at 42 getting a slap over the wrist at times.  Hope that makes sense about the healthy fear, I know you will understand but a lot would think that those two words conflict each other.

Well I think you are positively amazing with your writing and your thoughts, well done!

My Reply:
Kim, I'm neither intelligent nor enlightened, aware yes.

Unlike a lot of new age spirituality teaches, fear is a healthy trait to have, fear teaches us so much and informs us of our ways when we go astray or before we go astray, fear is of awareness. 

Fear and God go very well together, as you seem to be stating, we need to fear to stay on track, this is awareness for only the ignorant have no fear of God. This kind of fear isn't based on fear alone, it's based on awareness, an awareness to build upon a more constructive reality. Fear alone denotes a consciousnesses that is highly destructive, quite a difference but not many people see it this way sadly enough. 

I'm not a strict Jesus and God person but I understand and appreciate what has been given to me. 

Much Blessings,


The consciousness of God isn't about fear as in fearing, it's about wisdom to be aware that certain actions will entail creating situation or realities that aren't constructive or wise to do, unless this is what our intentions are. This is why I have in previous posts referred to this God's consciousness as pure wisdom, basically, this is where all wisdom stems from. In actuality, the fear comes from us, not from this God's consciousness directly, its' the God's consciousness within us that gives us this fear for we know deep down that we are indeed creating something that will hurt us all in the end. Basically, it's our inner self that is telling us to fear of what our actions will create, this inner self being of God's consciousness.

You can either take fear as something to run from, therefore, stay unaware or ignorant to what this fear is telling us, or,  face the fear face on and learn the wisdom this fear is trying to tell you. I know a lot of spiritual practices tell us to fear fearing and to judge what is and isn't fear, I think within myself, this is highly counterproductive. The reason why such teachings are counterproductive is simple, once we judge what is what,  we instantly react in opposition to anything we have judged as negative or bad, one action instantly cancels out the other.

Using fear on it's own, is always going to lead to an opposing reality resulting in conflict and masochism of various kinds. Running away from fear because we have judged fear as being plainly bad or negative, is a person being fooled into masochism. Take wisdom of fear out of our lives, all you are left with is fear void of any wisdom what so ever. What have we done in the world? Exactly this........well, in my mind anyway.

Note: The consciousness of God refers to the creative source of everything, a creative source of all creation and not an image of a man in a white robe.   

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Why Be Fooled Into Masochism

Written by Mathew Naismith

"If you treat people like cattle, they will eventually behave like cattle. If you treat people like angels, they will indeed become angels"....Mathew

Masochism in this case refers to self-mutilation for self-pleasure, the destruction of our natural environment is a good example of this, another example is being involved in the loss of other people's faith in humanity while we sit within our own personal peace and tranquility. Masochism certainly seems to refer to individuality rather than the collective, an individual consciousness rather than a collective consciousness but the question is, are we being fooled into masochism?

Masochism certainly refers to self-pleasure, this also includes spiritually aware people sitting within their own created environment while mostly and deliberately ignoring what is judged to be negative or bad by them. It's wise to be aware to what we are doing, the problem with me is, and it does seem to be a problem with a lot of people, I'm for truth, justice and the Australian way, or more precisely, truth, justice and the collective way. I observe myself rather than judged myself, through this,  I become aware that I can become fooled into being but another masochist quite unbeknownst to me.

It's obvious that the world is self-mutilating itself and has been for many years and it's not getting any better. We have been utterly fooled into self-mutilation, mainly to serve the desires of the few. The average person has also been fooled into participating in this self-mutilation through self-pleasure and desires. What makes us feel good must be good so we participate. Now the main reason I think we do this is to detract from what we have judged as being negative, anything that makes us angry or sad is opposed by our pleasures and desires being met, however, while this is occurring, we are being fooled in to being masochists, mostly quite unbeknownst to ourselves.

I'm going to now use a bit of Christian analogy here even though a lot of spiritually aware people have judged that Christian ideologies are fear based, this of course couldn't be further from the truth. Why? Fear for starters can enlighten us to what our present actions will create, a lot of what is mentioned in the bible is occurring right now in the present. To also have fear of fear is being fearful, let's be honest here. I know a lot of clergy have instilled this fear within there parishioners but a true Christian doesn't fear fear to start with, therefore, they don't have a fear of fearing unlike many new age spiritually aware people do.

You face fear face on, it's like facing the devil face on. Now is the devil a fear based analogy? What is the devil, what would the devil be into other than fear? Masochism, what is presently occurring right under our noses and what are we also participating in? Masochism, the devil has arrived through us but don't be fooled that the devil has horns and would be quite noticeable, in fact the devil is wearing sheep's clothing, it's disguised. The devil, like God consciousness , is a consciousness, a consciousness we take on that creates the reality we presently exist in. Basically, we have summoned the devil's consciousness by participating in masochism, quite unbeknownst to a lot of us, we have certainly been fooled. I should also state I'm not what you would call a Christian, I really don't have a label for myself and why should I!!

Now coming face to face reminds me of the time I came face to face with nine entities who were well and truly into masochism, to dispel them, all I did was laugh at them. The reason why this worked was simple, I didn't fear fearing and I wasn't of a masochist consciousness, I was of a consciousness that was anything but a masochist. You could say I was of the Buddha or Jesus consciousness. Yes I know, a lot of Christians don't kike putting Buddha and Jesus within the same category but what is is what is...

You see this devils consciousness (masochistic consciousness) is masochistic for a very good reason, it's wants to purge itself of being anything of God's consciousness, the problem for any consciousness that is masochistic, is that everything has the spirit of this God's consciousness within it no matter what. Any person or entity who is of this masochistic consciousness, doesn't like being reminded of who they truly are, they want to stay ignorant to any connection to God's consciousness what's so ever.

When I smiled at these entitles, I smiled with the awareness that they are of this God's consciousness no matter how much of a masochist they become. How many people today want to purge themselves of this connection to this God's consciousness? Are things getting better in the world or worse through this purging? You could call this God's consciousness what ever you like, we all still come from the same source, energy is a prime example, everything we can become aware of is energy, energy = the spirit within all things. A consciousness can purge itself of this energy as much it likes through self-mutilation (masochism) but in the end we are what we are, one consciousness split up by an unawareness of who we truly are.   

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Possessed byThe Sword

Written by Mathew Naismith

The content of this post is based on a religious Jew of the name of Yeshayahu Leibowitz, please don't immediately discount what I'm about to present because this post makes  references to religion and a religious Jew. Being possessed by the sword relates to us all either being atheistic, agnostic or religious, we have indeed claimed this land, by the sword, when this land is only on loan to us.     

I'm going to also make reference to the Godless, this isn't in reference to anyone who doesn't religiously believe in a God or a creative consciousness way beyond human comprehension. The Godless is in reference to any consciousness that lives by the sword for to live by the sword, is to claim ownership of the land and it's inhabitants. To also claim ownership is to also live by the sword, being that any sense of ownership is a possession as being possessed. This is simular to a person being possessed by malign spirits, in actuality, it's exactly the same thing in many ways.

It's advisable to watch the following video before reading on.

My Reply: The tragedy is, humans overall have only inherited this land, it's on loan to us but we have literally possessed it. Now the word possession is true in both ownership and demonising of the land and all it's inhabitants. 

The word inheritance means to have contracted a biological and spiritual attributes in reference to the land and it's occupants, as of tribal people, they  know you never own the land you abide on, it's on loan.  

Humans have become of the sword and anything of the sword is owned by taking  it  instead of inheriting it, we are possessed by the sword, in turn possessed everything taken by the sword.

The sad thing is, the Godless are rulers of this land and they are growing in numbers, however, it's not the numbers that count in the end, it's the quality of the numbers that do. You live by the sword so shall you also die by the sword, these Godless are actually committing seppuku but that is the way they are, of self-mutilation. 

The Godless also refer to finite existence, an existence totally based on human consciousness void of the spirit within all things. Once a consciousness becomes void of this spirit, it automatically becomes of the sword, for all that is left within such a consciousness, is the sword. The sword being to kill to survive, this is human legacy, however, once this legacy exists void of the spirit, it becomes entirely possessed by the sword, this in turn gives the possessed the right to possess and kill and the right to even kill in the name of some God or atheistic ideology!!

We might also think that religions are fear based, it's obvious we need to get away from fear based ideologies, religion being one of them. Religion itself isn't fear based, it's telling of our self and what will occur if the self lives by the sword void of the spirit, religion informs us of what will happen if we live entirely by the sword. Hell being in which we create by the sword and what we can take with us after our passing/demise. If a consciousness is still living by the sword after the demise of the human physical self, the hell created by living by the sword will continue. This isn't putting fear into people, it's informing us what will occur, making us more spiritually aware. I should also state, I'm not religious myself, you don't have to be to avoid living by the sword, just be aware of what  living by the sword will create and be aware of the spirit within all things.

True Sense of Fear: I was recently banned from a forum site when I posted my post on the elite, I also posted this same exact post on other forum sites without being banned. When we get to the point of fearing the truth in how it is, in my mind, this is far worse than the fear we have of religion. We have even got to the stage of fearing of being seen expressing the ego, we are not getting less fearful but more. Living by the sword for so long has possessed us to fear more, to basically fear fearing.

Like any consciousness that has been put under prolonged trauma, the human collective consciousness has become excessively traumatised by living by the sword for so long, the human consciousness is now fearing being fearful, it's basically tired of living in fear. In actuality, fear is a constructive attribute to acquire, it's basically informing us we are living by the sword, however, once we fear fearing, any awareness we could have acquired through fear is diminished, this is due to fearing more through fearing fear. It's strange that we have now got to the point of fearing the awareness fear itself can give us.

We are now putting fear and ego as a whole to the sword, when will it stop I wonder!!                       

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Human Perspective vs Spiritual Perspectives

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an awkward discussion to share which will, I think, show how different perspectives look at fear, love, hate heaven and hell quite on a different level of understanding.

Actually I decided not to share such a discussion as this discussion
became too inept/tactless in my mind, it would seem others can express their perspectives but as soon as anyone else points out different perspectives, this isn't taken well by certain people, it would seem only their own perspectives speak the truth. It would be nice if some people could see past their own fixations to their own belief systems at times, how else will we take on new conscious changes!!
Some people believe fear is the opposite to love not hate, this is one perspective, other people like myself believe fear can't be the opposite of love. The main argument against love being the opposite of hate is you cannot express love and fear at the same time, but what about a partner who has their partner, they love dearly, about to depart this life, are they not expressive of love and fear when fearing of losing there beloved partner?

The following was stated to me as another argument for fear being the opposite of love, I imagine a place that must contain all the love that could exist in any space .... perhaps 'heaven' or perhaps a divine spiritual realm ... would such a place contain any 'fear' ? Why is that ?”

Such a place would not contain fear because fear isn't a tool that is needed in such an aware conscious state, we don't exist in such an aware state of consciousness so fear is a tool we can use to become aware but only if we face our fears.

Now what happens when we don't face our fears? Fear becomes the opposite of love mainly because fear becomes something negative instead of something positive or neutral.

It would seem the only time fear is the opposite of love, is when we only look at fear as something negative instead of something positive or neutral,however, this view relates wholly to the human perspective of fear, not the spiritual aspect of fear.

If love is positive and fear is negative, fear has to be the opposite of love, to me this is a human perspective, what if you now looked at fear as something positive or neutral, it instantly changes the aspect of fear altogether because fear is no longer the opposite of love. Try changing hate in the same manner, it doesn't work for a very good reason, to me this is a spiritual perspective.

I find the human perspective on fear quite funny actually, as usual the human perspective blinds one to the truth that fear can be what ever we want it to be.

One more example; I love my wife to bits, could I not also at the exact same time feel fear in losing her? Now can I hate and love my wife at the same time? No because you cannot mix fire and water together as you cannot mix hate and love together, yes at times fear doesn't or can't mix with love, this doesn't make fear eternally the opposite of love.

If it wasn't for conquering my fears, what would I be aware of at present? Very little so fear isn't altogether negative but it can be when we don't face them, when I don't face them, this is when love can become the opposite of love. Only through human perspectives can fear become the opposite of love.

To give a different twist to this topic the following statement was made in this discussion,Fear of the unknown is, what I believe, we experience when we think about Heaven, if there is such a thing, and/or Hell, if there is such a thing. It is my belief, that heaven and hell is what we experience here on Earth. Just my 2 cents worth.
Come on guys, make something of that belief. Please. I am bored”

Heaven and hell are a perspective either created through human perspectives or spiritual aspects, heaven in a human perspective illustrates love and fearlessness and hell is illustrated as hate and fear. You can in this human perspective see how love is eternally seen as the opposite of fear.

The spiritual aspect to this is quite different, there is no true separation, all of what is, is pure consciousness until we bring in human perspectives in our case, this is when we start fearing fear through the separation of consciousness. In this conscious state we start separating love from hate, fear from love.

In a true spiritual sense, heaven and hell don't exist but because of our human perspectives, they do exist and through this perspective we do indeed truly create a heaven and hell on Earth and beyond.
Another perspective to look at, how many people within themselves have created hate in opposition to love? Too many to count, how many people have created fear in opposition to love? I might be a little presumptuous here but I would say zilch.

We create what we perceive, if we perceive fear is the opposite to love, that is what we will create and that is exactly what some people have created. This is exactly the same for hate and love, in a true spiritual aspect, there are no opposites, however, because we all live within an ignorant state of consciousness, we have created opposites.

Within this conscious state I will never accept hate as a state of consciousness to exist by in this lifetime, there is enough of that around anyway, I don't need to add to it. This however doesn't mean that other people shouldn't experience such states of consciousness and I accept that.

Let's now look at the words fear, love and hate in a vibrational sense of the word, words don't sound the way they do for no reason.

Say the word love, now say the word hate, the vibrations you get from saying these words are quite different to each other, now say the word fear, it's neither a pleasant vibration as love nor an unpleasant vibration as hate so where does this leave fear? To me this denotes a neutral vibration until we use it in a negative or positive way which is all down to how our perspectives, either it be human, spiritual or both, perceives such vibrations.

We need to detach ourselves from old teachings from an old consciousness to take on any new consciousness's, this I'm afraid does take one to let go of a lot of the old teachings that no longer serve a new consciousness. Like the Earth, we must keep evolving by riding ourselves or changing our old consciousness to see the new consciousness more clearly.


Saturday, 28 June 2014

Our Darkest Hours

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is awfully hypocritical of me, one minute I’m talking about the light and how true darkness doesn’t exist and here I am posting a post about our darkest hours, where the heck am I coming from!! Actually I still have a view that true darkness doesn’t exist however I believe we are in our darkest times in human history which of course is going to give us a perception of the existence of true darkness, it’s indeed a harrowing time for the collective but we can prevail.  

If you could imagine being out in a ferocious sandstorm stripping away any decency we have, that is our darkest hours and to cope with this a lot of us have turned to spirituality for solace. This sandstorm we have found ourselves in is a culmination of slavery to every extent, pirates running amuck, drug and warlords controlling much of the world and the biggest slavers of the world, multinationals and various politicians who endorse a failing egotistical system to support their own desires.  In no time in human history, on such a scale, have we had such a culmination of people stripping away our decency, we are indeed living in our darkest hours facilitated by egotism.  Did you know in certain parts of the world, they deliberately create slums for the sole purpose of benefiting from these people financially?  In one way or the other we are all slaves to a highly egotistical system which is obviously failing but of course the ego doesn’t want to see this so where does this leave us?

It leaves us with people like spiritually aware and wise people but many of these people are hiding from anything remotely negative, did Jesus, Buddha and others like them do this? Actually Buddha did quite the opposite; he wanted to know the darkness in the world to help heal this darkness within us with light. How can anyone help to heal anything while in denial or in ignorance?  The greatest saviours, prophets and wise people of any day in human history didn’t hide themselves away from any of our dark hours in human history for the sole purpose of feeling personally good. It was never about just them but the collective and to be at one we must all collectively do the same and stop fearing.

If we like to admit it and face it or not, this is our darkest hours in history, you could say the world is dominated by evil/utter darkness but like I have portrayed in previous posts, there is no such thing as true darkness/evil, it’s just a perception.  I really don’t blame anyone for truly perceiving darkness and evil exists, it seems to be in every corner of the planet but for us to begin to release ourselves of this darkness, we must first realise it’s not as dark as we perceive.  Darkness/ egotism wants you to believe that true darkness exists, this keeps us in fear and fear can only feed the ego not starve it!!

Yes we do live in our darkest hours in human history but the light always shines beyond this darkness showing it for what it truly is, a perception brought on by egotism in our case.  If we just want to sit there hiding from this darkness feeling good within ourselves, all we are doing is assisting this darkness to overcome all of what is decent within ourselves.  We must first realise we are living in our darkest hours but also realise how menial this darkness is and how much of the light we truly are, if we don’t do this, things will get progressively worse as they obviously have been.  

I was recently going to stop writing as it’s taken over my life, that night I had a dream of entities/people sucking the life out of people killing them and once they killed these people they just went onto the next one.  The following day I found an article how US multinationals stopped a cancer cure becoming affective, people living off sick and dying people.  This of course related to my dream and changed my mind once again.

It doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we are facing our darkest hours with all the light that is within us in any way we can. Just by talking about the light and most importantly the darkness and how we can overcome this darkness without fear will help just like people like Jesus, Buddha and other people like them in history did. Be the Buddha and face it to heal it not bury it under our own egos.     

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Meditating Using Awareness and Visualisation

Written by Mathew Naismith

There are a lot of meditation techniques that need one to focus to achieve a thoughtless state, this can be quite difficult for a lot of people mainly because our environment isn’t conductive to such techniques for one reason or another.  Certain states of daydreaming are easier to practice but still take one to focus. Meditating by being aware within our visualisations doesn’t take one to focus straight up to obtain thoughtlessness; this comes automatically within the process itself latter on.

This process takes one to visualise or imagine. There are people who can’t use their imagination as there are people who can’t visualise, either one will do the trick. Visualising & imagination might seem the same but there not, especially to some people.  In this case I will use the word envision in the place of imagination & visualisation.

Stage 1

Sit somewhere reasonably comfortable, it doesn’t have to be in a lotus position and become aware of your surroundings.
Close your eyes and don’t worry about what you are thinking, at this point this doesn’t matter. You should be still aware of your surroundings and your mindful thoughts.
Envision yourself floating above the floor or whatever your body is positioned on. It’s important at this stage not to focus as this will come quite automatically, just envision floating until you can float with ease.

Now envision your body is turning around while you are floating, stay with this for a while until you feel lighter within yourself, in other words until your body begins to feel lighter.  At this stage try keep your body only a few inches (70mm) max above the surface of where your body is positioned. When starting out, if you are sitting in a chair, it’s advisable that the chair become a part of your body so it too should be floating.  After a while you will float above the chair itself.

Once your body is starting to feel lighter, try envisioning floating around the place where you are at during this process. At this stage you can stop turning around if you like.  What are you aware of now? You can practice this as much as you like before going onto stage two.

Stage 2

While you are floating about you will find yourself bumping into all sorts of things around you, furniture, walls, people, animals and so forth.  Now envision yourself floating about without bumping into these things. At this point your body might seemingly contort around any object it’s confronted with at times, just go with the flow.  You can do this step as long as you like.  

The next step is while still floating, stop envisioning yourself moving about or turning, relax if you’re not already relaxed.  Now envision a deadly creature of some kind, the more repelling the creature is to you in real life the better. Now envision you are showing total love and acceptance to this creature. The more repelling this creature is to you in real life the longer it will take to show acceptance and love.

I love envisioning myself floating just above the ocean with huge sharks around me at times, I’m at the stage I play with them these days. Why envision a creature we detest the most? Fear, this helps break down fear turning this fear into love and acceptance.  If you are afraid of heights for example, try envisioning this process on the edge of a high cliff. If it’s deep water try envisioning this process under deep water and so on.

When we start to change our fear, you should start to feel that all that is about you is consciousness and after a while of practicing in this process you will become aware of a formless consciousness.  At this stage you have become consciousness itself once again and no I’m not at this stage as I’m quite content in where I am at present. I can now sit anywhere and meditate to my heart’s desire, utter bliss. 

Supplement: I should note that you don't have to go onto stage two, stage one will do the same as stage two except stage two also assists us in releasing our fears as well I feel. 

Also you could say to meditate is to exercise in the push and pull effect, meditation helps us to release from this push and pull effect, yes we are reacting by meditating but it's very subtle. Eventually through prolonged meditation we can separate ourselves from this push and pull effect but I don't think that's necessary as long as we are more subtly reacting this push and pull effect in our lives.        

Friday, 14 March 2014

Embracing Fear

Written by Mathew Naismith

Embracing fear sounds ridiculous because it sounds like we are endorsing fear within ourselves instead of ridding ourselves of fear however that’s not actually the case. Evading or fearing to fear is actually more about endorsing fear than embracing fear, once we stop fearing to fear we are no longer influenced by fear itself. By evading fear, like fearing of being egotistically expressive for example, is still fearing because we are afraid of being seen as egotistical in any way especially if we are spiritually aware.  Spirituality brings forth a lot of fears and it’s how we handle these fears if these fears are going to continue to be unbecoming or not to us.

We are taught, through numerous spiritually oriented books and workshops, to expel our ego traits which of course fear is one of these traits, haven’t we just judged something being of the ego and isn’t judgment a part of these ego traits? You can see we are not getting anywhere by fearing these ego traits in any way in the first place, yes we are feeling better for expelling these traits but we still fear these traits consciously and/or subconsciously.  Any human trait we judge exemplifies the fear within us, judgement denotes fear however I should point out here that there is a difference between judgment & being aware.

I’m aware that judgement is brought on by us fearing, is this not judgement as well by judging judgment of being brought on by fearing? As soon as we categorise a human trait we have made judgment however by being just aware of these human traits without categorising these traits is only being aware without judgement.  It would seem that by linking judgement to fear is categorising judgment as being brought on by fearing!!  Because I don’t fear fearing or of expressing any part of the ego in any way I haven’t judged these ego traits of being bad or unbecoming in any way, I haven’t judged fear as being bad so it’s really not really categorising anything into something separate to something good for example.  Judgement comes about by separating and categorising fear as being just bad that can only give us bad feelings.  

Through some of these spiritually orientated books and workshops, we are trained to separate good from bad which is dictated by our feeling of good and bad, separating good feelings from bad feelings for starters is of judgement. The more we separate these ego traits and feelings the more of the ego we have become not less mainly because we are just as judgemental as ever.   Yes it’s hard not to separate human traits that give us good feeling from bad feelings, at this point we should ask ourselves why is this so hard not to do?  This is where fear comes into the equation again, we fear feeling bad that is why so many spiritually aware people are using spirituality to feel good.  Yes we are sick of feeling bad only because we haven’t faced our fears and yes we feel better when we feel good instead of bad however we are still fearing and separating one human trait form the other thus categorising them as being either bad or good which again brings us back to judgement brought on by fearing.  It’s a vicious circle that a lot of us have gotten ourselves in however there is a simple answer, embrace fear!!

Embracing any ego trait that we fear of expressing in any way will instantly diminish any bad feelings of these feared traits, we will also become a lot less judgemental only because we quite automatically stop categorising these traits as something opposite to other human traits.       

The following links are a good read on this topic.

Extract: If the bad news is that fear never goes away, the good news is that it gets easier to work through and walk through with practice. With that knowledge, you can stop trying to end fear and just get on with whatever you are scared to do or experience.

Extract: Today I’m going to ask you to be open to the idea of embracing fear.  I say embrace fear…embrace it lovingly, gratefully, joyfully…for when you embrace fear, you are disavowing it of its Power…you are dissolving it, bit by bit, until one day that big, impenetrable barrier of Fear no longer exists. In its place is the change that your heart has been longing for.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Control v Releasing Control

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve personally written this post for my avid readers of my blog hoping you might understand better than most what I’m about here; the totality of acceptance is accepting non-acceptance in oneself so one can accept this in others as well & releasing control as opposed to taking or keeping control which this particular post is more about. Non-acceptance you could say denotes control & acceptance of all denotes releasing control but like I have written up in previous posts it’s really all to do with desires as opposed to needs if non-acceptance is of control or not.

Let’s look at the human traits we don’t like about ourselves, do we just keep acting out traits we don’t like because they are unbecoming to us & others or do we just accept them & continue them even if these traits hurt others in some way? We discontinue them which seem to denote control would it not? Actually not necessarily because it all depends on if we are doing it for a desire or a need keeping in mind the controlling ego will nearly always try to tell us it’s for a need when it’s of desire. Desire is more of control & a need is more of survival. Releasing control however is not being even concerned if we survive or not, this is not easy for a human to do mainly because of he’s ego. The ego is telling him he must survive no matter what & that is exactly what we are doing today. This is where my recent posts about thinking immoral instead of thinking mortal could help with releasing control. Yes this all sounds daunting so that is why I’ve added a few links that might hopefully explain how simple it really is to let go of being controlling or of being controlled.     

Extract: I’m bossy. Have been since I was a kid. I like to direct things. I keep a clean house, tight schedule, and clear objectives. But, this isn’t necessarily something to brag about. Too often, when we are moving with a mission in mind, we move out of the moment and begin to micro-manage people and things tweaking the details to control outcomes. Not smart. In fact, it’s not even possible. To think that we can control things, means we are rooted in an illusion. Instead of seeing life as it actually is, we get caught up in how it ought to be.

Extract: By allowing everyone and everything in your life to be exactly the way they are, you allow yourself freedom from the chaos inside you. You don’t have to be super spiritual to make this change in your life.

Is this saying we should accept everything the way it is & not be non-accepting of anything? Being non-accepting doesn’t mean you’re going to change anything it just means one has a need to be non-accepting of circumstances that are unbecoming to ourselves & others around us however when change is needed, as opposed to desire, need represents survival in some way either mentally or physically. Living for a need instead of a desire is sort of between control & releasing control all together, you could say this represents a balance between the two. Living for a need is releasing control of the controlling factors of the ego which is what this post is about; all we are living for then is survival which implies that the ego is no longer in control. Some probably have a need or desire of going further to release control altogether, this can’t be done in time because to release control altogether we first need to stop desiring or needing to release control altogether, it’s a paradox because of time.  

This is where being accepting within its totality comes into it which also includes being accepting of our non-acceptance at times as well. I am accepting of my controlling ego, at times, of living for a desire instead of a need, this isn’t about releasing control so I’m contradicting myself here? No not exactly for the main reason I am aware of the controlling factors of the ego & I don’t see a wrong or right because in timelessness there is no right or wrong. In actual fact I’m not contradicting myself at all because there is no right or wrong however in time there is. Is it wrong to be expressive of the controlling factors of the ego? In time it doesn’t seem so for many & it can’t be wrong in timelessness either because timelessness has no wrong or rights so why not just be egotistically controlled altogether if there is no wrong in this?

Some of us in time have a will not to be so expressive of these ego traits & to do this we should become aware of the controlling factors of the ego to release this control within us. So what about everybody else who wishes to express such egoist controlling traits? In time they seem wrong to us who wish not to be so expressive of these traits but there is no right or wrong, only in time is there a right & wrong which again is ego controlled. It’s a paradox because of time once again.

If we thought immortally would we have these paradoxes? The answer of course is no because we wouldn’t think in time which gives us judgement therefore there would be no right or wrong & no paradoxes. To be in timeless thought would also mean far less control quite automatically, if there is no right or wrong what is there to control?  You become totally accepting within its totality only because you have become non-accepting of thinking in time remembering being non-accepting is also accepted. You can’t be totally accepting if you don’t accept being non-accepting as well.

The following link is quite interesting as well only because I relate to it so much like, “The ego in you will almost always deceives you by creating the feeling within that, if you let go, life will'll lose control...even great and terrible things could occur”. Fear unravels us & to take some sort of control of fear we rely on knowledge for an example which seemingly gives us control over fear, the fear of knowing less than others or not knowing enough to support ourselves financially. Is this saying anyone gaining knowledge is fearful & controlling? To an extent yes however this is where a need comes into compared to a desire, if we are gaining knowledge for a need that far less denotes control & fear than if we gain knowledge for desire I believe because fear is controlling, a need isn’t .       

This post also explains about faith, “What it does do is reveal a lot about the lack of faith...what really is the driven-ness of fear within that person who mistakenly thinks they are being faithful when all they're really doing is disguising their fear with platitudes that sound faithful”.

Attaining faith can also be of a controlling thing or not again depending on what’s the driving force behind us attaining faith either it be of desire or of an actual need remembering if we are in a place we don’t want to be in & we see faith as an escape from this that is more to do with desire than a need.

Recently I came across yet another new age spiritual concept mixed with old religious concepts & beliefs that is more about control than releasing control because it was all about escaping from a prison. I would like to inform my readers here today that any concept or belief that entails fear in anyway is of control in my mind as fear denotes a lack of control so all we are trying to do with this kind of faith is take back this control.

This post also tells the story of monkeys caught in traps that wouldn’t let go of bowls full of rice, if they did they would no longer be entrapped. It describes how we are the same & all we have to do is let go of the goodies to become no longer entrapped. I think if we, while meditating, spraying, chanting or whatever, think about releasing control before & during these spiritual practices releasing from being controlling will become a lot easier.  

Is this post urging us to become detached from our attachments? No & yes because again we should ask ourselves honestly is our attachments of desire or need? This doesn’t mean a desire or need for ourselves either but of others & everything around our whole environment, for example we are destroying the environment at an alarming rate because of desire, it’s not an actual need but we lie to ourselves & say it’s for a need. Lying is but one of many attributes control has given us, all we need to do to correct this, if we want too, is just release the controlling factors of the ego & this is why I have added three links to other posts/sites that will hopefully allow you to do this. Happy releasing.   

Friday, 8 November 2013

The Creativity of Ignorance

Written by Mathew Naismith

As usual I like to focus on the positives of the seemingly negatives in our lives & ignorance is but another one of these envisaged negatives however in this case it really depends on how accepting you are of this reality or not in how positive ignorance will seem to you.  We all have our own path to follow, some are accepting of their immediate environment some not so accepting depending on what we came here to do & what messages we have come here to relay onto others.  So what has ignorance to do with how accepting we are or not of reality like this one?

The following statement from me was in response to a statement made by another in reference to the following which should hopefully answer the question above: “Seems really convenient to suggest that the Universal Physics realized by sages/solitary realizers throughout all human history are made up belief systems that can just simply stop with you. It doesn't work that way!”

My reply
There is absolutely no absolute truth within realities like this one, it is impossible to bring forth this sort of truth without changing realties like this quite dramatically.   Shamans/sages & even Jesus, Buddha & so forth have never brought forward & conversed absolute truth, that is metaphorically impossible, what they have done is bring us more of the truth & this is how ideological concepts change over time.  The reason it’s impossible is if any physical being in realities like this one ever came across absolute truth their vibrations would change to the extent they would no longer be able to exist in these kinds of realities however if by some chance someone did it would change this reality quite instantly, this reality would no longer exist the way it is. 

So what keeps realities like this one the way they are? Ignorance & ignorance denotes fear of one kind or another. This is saying everyone who has ever existed only existed in this reality because of fear which also includes the most spiritually connected person ever to walk upon this Earth including Shamans/sages.  So what are we fearing?  Knowledge/absolute truth which ignorance hides us from so we can exist within realties like this one.  The Mayans are a good example of what happens to physical beings within realities like this one when too much of the absolute truth is known.

Scientists & Shamans for example only bring forth portions of the big picture or absolute truth, no one ideological concept dominates the truth.  If we were to bring all these ideological human concepts together we would see more of the bigger picture or know more about the absolute truth which of course would change this reality to what it is today however it wouldn’t change it as much as the totality of absolute truth, you could say that is in God’s hands. Consciousness, the source, God or whatever you want to call it is unable to live amongst us as we do in realities like this one; it is utterly impossible however it does through us so in fact it can exist amongst us but only in ignorance of itself as we are ignorant of our truer selves which of course is consciousness itself.  It is funny to think the only reason realities like this one exists is through ignorance, ignorance of our truer self & this is why I say all we have to do is remember who we are without demising & denouncing this that & the other  to become enlightened.   How hard do we want to make it?

Peace man.

Probably most spiritually aware people will say they don’t fear anymore but they are still with us so they must have some kind of fear within them still otherwise their vibrations would change to the extent they would no longer exist here within this reality. I’m not talking about a fear here that is going to just effect you but others as well in the sense that it is possible to bring too much of the absolute truth forth that will affect everyone not just ourselves.  However as we become more spiritually aware I believe we become more intuitively aware of the repercussions of opening up too much to the absolute truth, this isn’t a frightful alarming fear but a sedate collective fear warning us of the disruptive influences  of knowing too much at any given time. However most of us when we get to a certain stage of awareness will automatically realise & feel one shouldn’t go too much further because of the repercussions on those who are content with this reality. There is a way however to bring forth more of the absolute truth within this reality, grounding, the more we are grounded the less chance of changing our vibrations to the extent of our disappearance & the more we ground ourselves the more of the absolute truth we can relay onto others but again we must be wary of other people’s free will.  

We must remember here, not everyone is following the same or even simular path as ourselves & we really haven’t the right to force our paths onto others who are more content & accepting within this reality but in saying this spiritually aware people must lead the way, always, to a better existence.   This of course is done by listening to your intuitive feelings & insights; any action beyond this point is usually met with a brick wall but sometimes with one’s own disappearance mainly because of the vibrational change of knowing too much to keep on living in realities like this one.  Have we anything to fear, frightfully so, of going beyond this point ourselves? Not at all & in fact you will probably feel like you’re are back at home, not home as of this reality but home as being more aware of yourself.

So in all what is so creative about ignorance? Ignorance creates realities void of the full understanding & knowing of the absolute truth but why create realities created by ignorance?  To live & experience every part of consciousness in every possible way, what better way is there for the consciousness itself to know of itself!!  The reason for our ignorance is there is no way that a physical being can, in my mind, know of the totality of the absolute truth & exist in physical form, the vibrational pull would be enormous on our physical & mental self that could send us loony, that’s if we didn’t just disappear that is from such a shock so we are separated from absolute truth in various ways.  My best advice is listen & learn especially from oneself as all you need to know is within you.