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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Music-A Reflection of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith 

I had a couple of interesting responses in relation to my last post, Music - A Better Understanding of Consciousness, I love other people's reflections as it's all a reflection in how versatile consciousness itself really is.

A good internet friend of mine said their vibrations totally change when their dog died, once you take a tune that we are harmonious with out of our lives, our own vibrations change, the way we dance to life most often also changes, we can even become more destructive to ourselves and others. What most often occurs is the way we dance in life can also attract other people who are destructive or disruptive to our own vibrations, this is the law of attraction. Once we lose a harmonious tune within ourselves, we become a magnet by attracting disharmonious vibrations, this I feel is due to our own disharmony. It's worth being aware when losing a harmonious tune within our lives, like a pet or another partner of some kind, that we can become disharmonious and attract other disharmonious tunes (vibrations) that can indeed change the way we dance to life, how we act and react to life.

You could say  it's unwise allowing an external influence, like a pet for example, to be the main tune within our lives that keeps us balanced and happy, if we were living in a perfect world, this wouldn't occur but we don't live within a perfect world. We actually live within a disharmonious world and when we find a harmonious tune within this disharmony, we literally allow this tune to be a part of us. When you lose a pet or a partner, it's like having this harmonious tune within yourself ripped from you, it's quite devastating to say the least. I'm only speaking for myself here, I didn't mind having this tune ripped from me because it meant I was lucky enough to have such a tune within my life to start with!!     

It is wise to find happiness and harmonious tunes within yourself, this can be accomplished through, meditating, praying, chanting, singing and so on, each of these practices can give us this inner harmony and happiness without relying on external forces to do so. This however should, in my mind, not detract us away from allowing other external harmonious tunes to be a part of our lives, these practices allow us to still be in harmony after the loss of such external harmonious tunes, in other words our own tune doesn't change, our dance to life stays harmonious. This sounds easy but it's not, this is because we live within a disharmonious existence, the loss of our own internal harmonious tune automatically attracts other disharmonious tunes from around us. So what's the trick? Just be aware and understanding of what is being said here.

I also received the following response which I rambled on in reply too. The response, I took, was in relation to music taking us wherever we want to go.    

I believe that. It takes me any where I want. nice share.

My Reply

For sure, when I play heavy metal music, I'm in quite a different reality than when playing country or classic music. I think the various music we have, reflects the different consciousness's we can experience.

Why do most wealthy people play classic music? Wealthy people can be the most destructive people, I feel they need classic music to take them into a different reality, a reality that is more harmonious, in other words classic music gives them balance within their own vibrations to some extent. 

The interesting thing is, can these wealthy people resonate with poorer people? Most of the times not, I feel this has to do with the music they play and resonate within themselves. When a wealthy person resonates with heavy metal for example, they tend to resonate with poorer people better, they have a vibration that is more harmonious with poorer people. This is the same with poorer people, once they play classic music, they tend to resonate better with wealthier people. 

It's interesting how music changes the way we dance in life, how we resonate or don't resonate with other vibrations like other people, animals, scenery and so on.

It matters not if we are listening to man made music in our lives or not, we are still dancing to the music, the music of our own consciousness which reflects on the way we dance in life, the way we act and interact within our environment. Our mentality is a reflection of the music we are dancing to, if this mentality is chaotic, it's a reflection of the music we are dancing to, our mentality is our music, take away a harmonious tune within our lives, the music, our mentality, becomes more chaotic and so does our dance in life.

Brining in external vibrations within our lives, like man made music or a pet/partner, reflects the way we dance in life, the trick is to allow these external vibrations to be in harmony with our own vibrations while being aware any disharmonious vibrations (tune) can upset our balance, our own harmonious vibrations. Once you find true harmony within yourself, no amount of disharmony can reflect on you, you become immune to all disharmony even when you are in the very midst of disharmony. I can be around the most disharmonious people and they will not reflect upon me unless I allow it, at times you will need to allow this to become aware, it's a part of the process of evolving, you need to truly know and understand what you are evolving from. 

Man made music isn't here by chance, it's not something that has just evolved out of thin air, the music we are in harmony with, reflects our own inner consciousness and it also shows the various consciousness's that can be expressed. Music is to me a true expression of consciousness as a whole, when you look at the various music that's created, you realise how creative consciousness is in it's many different forms. Music is indeed a reflection of consciousness itself, now we are aware of this, we can adapt this consciousness to reflect a true harmonious existence, in all, we can reflect upon any existence we want to experience just through the music we dance to.