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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Exposing Hate Groups

Written by Mathew Naismith 

It is not the quantity of numbers that will win the day in the end; it is the quality of numbers.

Firstly, hate groups are obvious in the way they work by dividing, divide and conquer. 

My own projected honest truth is not well liked on the net, in actuality it is quite hated and/or despised by many, however, by a few, my own projected open honesty is revered. Some of my written material was used in a College in the US.  I have also been unsuccessfully coaxed into placing my written material on an academia site backed by a well known university in England. On an atheist owned, run and backed social site, my written material was too obviously despised. You see, bias desired truths are always at war with honest truth, but honest truth is never at war with desired truth. Look at it this way; are virtuous people at war with unvirtuous people? No, virtuous people are simply being virtuous but unvirtuous people see this as an attack on their desired truths. When I look at the people who despise me on the net, all I see is how close to the truth I am, sadly enough.

Open honest unbiased truth is not just being ostracised or banished these days, it is being destroyed. Look at the people who are trying to banish hate groups and stop bullying on the net, this is while they are not stopping but fully supporting well known hate groups going into countries like Palestine and Yemen!! On top of this, you have hate groups who hate anything negative, so they simply ignore the obvious honest truth in favour of desired truths.

While on, I was accused of not liking my views put to the question. This is while I was harassed and bullied into asking to be removed from being a member of youme, as I seriously questioned the falsities and hypocrisies of atheistic ideologies. Because I could see what was going on youme, I purposely posted a post questioning atheistic ideologies. Often, deceptive manipulative people will use deflective tactics, in this case with me, accusing me of not liking my views questioned, when in all honesty these people didn't like their views questioned, obviously.

I am a huge threat to these people because I copied certain parts of my conversation with them. Never play all your cards at once with people like this. I am not at war with people like this, just simply openly expressing honest truths rather than a desired truth in accordance with my own ideologies, isms or beliefs. What hate groups hate the most is anyone who they hate isn't also a part of a hate group in opposition to their own hate group. What occurs in this case is they deceptively make themselves believe that they are also hated, when someone is simply being expressive of honest truth or virtuous attributes.

The average atheist is simply being expressive of atheism, as religious people are simply being expressive of their religion. Hate groups of these ideologies and other ideologies are not just simply being expressive but forceful of their expressions, especially when they perceive that another group is in direct opposition, at war, with their own group. Yes, make no mistake, desired truth is at war with honest truth, the trick is, don't be coaxed in just being another hate group, even of hate groups as a whole. Simply look at hate groups as being lost within their own creation, no more, no less.

Yes, my writing's are not of an academic quality, but what I write about often is it would seem.......     

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Living by Honesty

Written by Mathew Naismith

"While the benefits of and motivations for choosing “honesty” in life are many — including that truthfulness and honesty are integral to one’s sense of moral integrity — living a life of honesty ultimately means having little to regret."

After observing my own and other people's ego in control, importantly in the absence of participation, you realise that the western mind in all of us, of the west or east, is more of a desired existence than an honest existence. Just in stating this kind of honesty, the ego in control has become offended. Make no mistake; the ego in control is this feeble and the only way the ego can gain control over our lives is through living by desires instead of honesty. Living by desires, especially predominantly, is based on biases, the very same biases that feed our desires and destroys what's left of honesty in ourselves and others.

Recently, once again, a person of love and light responded back to me in a kind and seemingly genuine way. As soon as they realised who they were kind to, they deleted their response to me. Is my ego offended or emotionally hurt? I have accumulated a lot of detractors on the net by the way. No, because I am completely aware of how the ego in control is so easily offended. Any honesty remotely threatening the existence of desired truths over and above honest truth, is obviously going to be dealt with in an offensive way. I have lost count how many times I have been called negative, toxic, wrong, bad, etc, by so-called people supposedly of unconditional love and light. This is while I don't respond in the same manner but to these people I am far more offensive than they are!! Why?

I have lost count how many people I disagreed with that have become estrange from me or become yet another detractor. You do not get the same response from a mind balanced out with the eastern mind, mainly because the eastern mind is aware of how their own controlling egos are only of desired truths, not honest truths.

In recent times, I ended up extracting myself away from a person, who is of eastern origin. We agreed on some topics as we disagreed on other topics. At no time in our interactions did we disrespectfully state that the other person was of negative or toxic vibrations in any sense of the word just because our truths were different to each other. The honesty within our own truths was different though, which lead to me extracting myself from our interaction, especially when the other person started yelling at me by using a lot of high caps in response to me. You are not doing them any favours if you allow yourself to be disrespected in this manner.

Yes, it is known that the western mind is easily offended. Any honest truth to the western mind that detracts from desired truth is of an offensive act, far worse than any act of offensiveness orchestrated by an ego conditioned to desired truths over and above honest truth!! Is this view by the ego in control of honest truth? If we are honest with ourselves, we will find in human history that the western mind is highly offensive, while at the same time takes the smallest of things offensively.

Awareness in one's honest truth can never be offended,
where one's desired truth is often easily offended.......

Monday, 19 August 2019

A True Warrior

Written by Mathew Naismith

A warrior is one of honest truth and reflection, against those who are of dishonest (desired) truth and reflection.

Living by honest truth isn't a fight, but a right, where living by dishonest truth is a fight with no rights.

A true warrior doesn't pick a fight, but simply defends a right.

My own words and reflections.

To me, it is obvious who is of the fight against those who are simply of a right, the right to be open and honest with one's own honest truths and reflections........ 

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Creating a Healthy Environment

Written by Mathew Naismith

After watching a documentary called One Strange Rock, narrated by Will Smith, the realisation we are one with the Earth is slowly coming to fruition. Of course to go on from this is to realise we are one with the universe, not just the Earth, solar system or galaxy. What we are simply talking about here is in relation to our material self, the immaterial self is thought or known to go way beyond any universe or material being.

We now realise the material part of humans is simply a by-product of Earth. Of course this also means that humans and the Earth itself is a by-product of the universe. Humans are simply a by-product of the present environment, like any living entity is in accordance with their present environment. What we create materially, we become materially.

I found that the documentary wasn't altogether honest. Avoiding the degradation of man's influence upon the Earths natural environment was too evident. Also, stating how big our brains are, therefore depicting our intelligence in comparison to all other living entities, even in the universe as a whole, is also dishonest. No other living entity purposely destroys the very same environment that created it. How humans presently measure intelligence is quite amusing.

However, in our present environment, which we have created, any consciousness that is honest to a great degree will be scorned and/or ignored. This documentary wasn't altogether honest but it wasn't altogether dishonest either. Honesty was evident without being too honest within the present created environment of dishonesty. There are other astronauts, such as Edgar Mitchell, who realised and tried to comprehend and understand the existence of our material and immaterial world/environment without separating one from the other. A created dishonest consciousness will only accept honesty to a degree. Considering that a dishonest consciousness environment is of dishonesty, any honest consciousness will seem foreign to it and even seen as a threat to this created environment of dishonesty. How many spiritually aware people see other people's environment threatening to their own environment? It's the dame thing.

It is the same thing because all the environments humans can create come from the same source. Once you realise that any environment we create comes from the same source, the threat of other environments becomes neutralised and nullified. It just is what it is.

So does this mean we should just accept it is what it is?

If you are unable to influence an environment, accept by force or by deceit, yes, accept it is what it is, to do otherwise is to be of the environment you are trying to influence. However, this doesn't mean you can't live within your own created environment.  

Is it deceitful, like the documentary mentioned here, to only be partially honest?

As I have proven to myself, to be anything but partially honest within a created environment of dishonesty, is only going to create one kind of reaction, a reaction totally forcefully against any other environment remotely threatening the existence of the present environment.

So why be more than partially honest within such an environment, seen as being partially honest is more influential upon such a dishonest created environment?

To me, being partially honest isn't changing a thing. In all honesty, humans have always been partially honest such as, there is a God or a source of creation of all things but it is depicted to be of man's image, a material representation instead of an immaterial representation. Of course many of us have now gotten to the stage of refuting the existence of our immaterial self's altogether, no matter what evidence their is to depict otherwise.

A true sense of honesty isn't a threat to a created dishonest environment, but it can seem that way to a crated dishonesty conscious environment. A true sense of honesty has always been present within human consciousness, no matter what environment human consciousness creates. This honesty is present within an awareness of all and the wisdom this kind of awareness creates. If this kind of environment was a threat to the present environment of dishonesty, this created environment of dishonesty, or of partial honesty, would have long ago been enveloped or totally eradicated an environment of dishonesty and partial honesty.

So why isn't this kind of honesty more influential upon an environment not of it's own?

A dishonest consciousness has the desire to be only of one environment or the other, be it of a material environment or an immaterial environment. Being of an environment of honesty, no matter what our desires may be, is of all environments, of material and immaterial environments. Why would such an environment desire to force change upon one environment on the other, while in favour of one environment over the other?

As depicted in the documentary, Earth is our home, not just the place we live on Earth. This is forgoing, in all honesty, that the universe is our home, materially, but so is our immaterial environment.

An honest environment isn't by force or trickery, but by choice.....

Saturday, 6 July 2019

To Seek or Not!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

It is said, "The process of seeking will not lead one to enlightenment/awareness, for to seek is of the ego, when enlightenment comes to one in the absence of the ego."

This is only partially true, for enlightenment is simply of a state of releasing one from ignorance which the ego creates. You can't become enlightened if you are still hanging onto any kind of ignorance, being that enlightenment is of becoming aware in the absence of bias and desire.

The seeking ego in an environment of deliberate ignorance will often become more aware, as the seeking ego goes beyond the boundaries of ignorance. Enlightenment comes when one no longer needs to seek, however, the process of seeking beyond set boundaries is needed to get to a stage of no longer needing to seek. In all honesty, you get to a stage when you no longer seek and become the observer. Of course for people like myself who desire not to be of any one state of being, one minute the seeker, the next the observer, my present ego is unlikely to experience enlightenment, or so it seems.

It is not of the process of seeking that stops us becoming enlightened, it is how we seek. If I was to seek to fulfil one's desires, as opposed to seeking in all honesty, going beyond the boundaries of ignorance is not going to occur. To seek only that which feels good thus feeds the ego desires, is still of ignorance, for to seek in this way one must become ignorant or of refusal of everything that doesn't make us feel good. However, to seek in all honesty often brings forth truth that doesn't feed the ego desires, this is why today honesty and the people expressing such honesty are so scorned and yes, deliberately ignored!! If you have to ignore anything to try to obtain an enlightened state, the odds of obtaining this state is exceptionally unlikely.

It is quite understandable that the ego at all cost avoids seeking in all honesty, for the ego to have any sense of control needs only that which gives it control, especially over it's present environment. Being that our present environment is of deliberate ignorance, the seeking ego will often seek that which defuses the present environment. In other words, the ego seeking to gain more control in such an environment, will unknowingly often become expressive of what the ego is trying to escape from. The ego seeking more control in such an environment will only produce more of what the environment represents, however, the ego seeking in the absence of desiring more control, will often find itself outside the boundaries of ignorance. This will often make the ego feel uncomfortable; this is why so many people revert back to trying to take control.

The last thing an ego seeking control desires, especially over its present environment, is honesty, for honesty doesn't feed the ego what it desires. Honesty simply produces what actually is, to what the ego desires what is!!

~For only the ego has a need or desire to seek~

Monday, 1 April 2019

Attracting Truer People

Written by Mathew Naismith

Are negative people untrue where positive people are true? This would be like saying that people who have experienced and suffered extreme trauma are untrue people, while the people who have not suffered trauma are true people. All traumas have some kind of negative affect to them, this doesn't mean that all the people who have suffered from traumas are untrue, in actuality quite the opposite. You are simply being what the trauma has created. Even if you are still suffering from the trauma instead of learning from the trauma, you are still a true person in relation to the trauma experienced. An untrue person would simply try to make out that they are positive when in actuality they are still suffering. How many suicide victims seem happy but are in fact suffering big time. When you are untrue to yourself, you are untrue to everyone else.

Now, how many people are suffering in relation to what is going on in the world at present? This is while we seem positive only because we avoid the negatives as much as possible. So avoiding the negatives in the world to be positive will instantly make the negatives simply vanish? In all honesty, all this has created in past history is more of the same. In truth, being untrue to ourselves in this way simply encourages the very same negatives we are trying to avoid to flourish even more so, thus in turn creating an untrue reality.

People like me don't try to attract positive people, if you are suffering, show that you are suffering even if this seems to you or other people to be negative therefore of an untrue person. Be what you are suffering from but learn from this suffering instead of continuing to suffer from suffering. In other words learn from our present reality and stop suffering from this reality by ignoring the negatives to be or seem positive.

In all honesty, being positive or negative takes a huge amount of energy to obtain and sustain, especially in a critically judged negative reality. How many people are suffering even more so when we ignore the negatives to be positive? That is a huge waste of energy through simple neglect and abuse of energy. The trick in dealing with negatives to be positive, is to stop suffering from the negatives by seeing them as a negative to avoid to be positive. Instead, learn to not judge what is and isn't negative and positive, therefore, what is and isn't true or of a true person.

So what makes a true person? A person who is primarily honest with themselves. If you are suffering from trauma either collectively or individually, let it be what it actually is instead of what you desire it to be. Try to do this in the absence of positive and negative judgment. When you do this, start to learn from your experiences instead of suffering from your experiences. Simply being aware of this will certainly start you on the way of being of self-honesty, therefore a truer person to yourself and others around you.

So how do you attract people who are truer to themselves and others? Being in the presence of self-honesty, while in the absence of negatives and positives, will instantly have an affect on the people who are not of self-honesty around you. Self-dishonesty or being untrue cannot exist within the same immediate space as self-honesty, expressions of self-honesty simply disperses dishonesty thus allowing self-honesty, truer people, the space to flourish in. It is not that you are attracting truer people exactly; it is that you have more space in your life for self-honest people to flourish and express themselves freely in. See it as closing one door thus allowing another door to open. One door, one reality, has to close for another reality, another door, to open.                                    


"Who are the people that positive
people can help the most?

What people are often avoided the
most by positive people?

In all honesty,
how positive is this really?

Only in the absence of positives and
negatives can the neediest be attended to!!"

Thursday, 21 March 2019

The Scourge of Honesty

What is ugly to the sufferer,
is often beauty to the learner

Written by Mathew Naismith

As it has come about once again in human history, honesty is a scourge upon humanity, a humanity conditioned to dishonesty especially self-dishonesty. Within such a reality, a creation of fear looms, a fear of actually becoming aware of our own preconditioned dishonest disposition. We are indeed born into this......Mathew G

It is a real pleasure observing more and more people becoming aware, in other words instead of suffering from human history, many have learnt to learn from human history. It is very important at this stage in human history to know the difference, the difference between learning from history to suffering from history. Of course to do this, one must not ignore, for one's own pleasure or gratification, what history has to teach us. Yes, live within the present for what it is, not what we desire it to be. The present is simply saying how we are still suffering from human history, for we are still suffering from the past. If to stay positive is of the absence of negatives, we are still suffering from human history in that we are still reflective of dishonesty. Ignore the negatives to be and stay positive when the collective consciousness is still suffering from it's past. Simply, in all honesty, the past is still well and truly within the present, especially if we are still reflective of dishonesty to simply fulfil our present desires and pleasures.

Yes, many people are living within the present these days, a present in ignorance to human history, thus creating a reality even more based on dishonesty. When you think of the past or the future, this is still within the present, in all honesty, only the present exists. Living within the present is not in the absence of a future or past, it is not of the present separate from a past or future but a culmination of past and future being of the present, not separate to the present!!

To people like me, it is so obvious why we are still suffering from our history (past), we simply still have not learnt to honestly face human history for what it is and what it was. "It's in the past so ignore it", even though we are still so obviously suffering from the past!!

We desire to separate the present from the past and future so we can live within the present only, a present of self-gratification and desires. This is while we dishonestly ignore that we are still suffering from our past!! In doing so, we are unknowingly expressing a past human history over and over again. In all honesty, this is due to us not learning from our history as we ignore the past to be within the present separate to a past and future!!

In all honesty, is the past and future separate to the present, not of the present? This is while we are still too obviously suffering from the past human history, not learning from past human history!! Have we truly become this dishonest thus expressive of past human history?  So indeed live within the present separate from a past and future while ignoring that we still haven't learnt from human history, but are still suffering from human history through simply being this dishonest with ourselves. This is while honesty, especially self-honesty, is a scourge upon a reality conditioned to dishonesty!!

I have a very good internet friend, Mike Hopkins, who I often interact with. We don't always agree with each others views so we often simply agree to disagree without forcing our own views in each other. However, our views on the present world in relation to human history is often the same, this includes past lives lived (reincarnation). I recently wrote the following to Mike.                     

This is funny because I was a priest of high stature torturing people to death, you could imagine how this would have floored me when I recalled this life. By recalling this life I know exactly what I am dealing with in this life, it is the same exact mentality with slightly different tactics used. I also recalled a time in the 4th dynasty Egypt, where I was a healer but a healer who didn't put the high ranking officials before the commoners. I also wanted to free the slaves but if this couldn't be accomplished, I wanted the slaves to be treated a lot better than they were being treated.

In relation to my time in Egypt and medieval Europe, the whole of human existence was built upon plain simple dishonesty especially self-dishonesty. Look at how most people today react towards honesty, it is as if you're a leper or worse. I couldn't stay a member of youme as they don't just ignore abuse, they openly endorsed it, especially on our humanity group. I then told them a few home truths knowing exactly how they would react. They reacted exactly how people of dishonesty would react which was simple plain conformation for me.

Is being put up against a wall and shot or being tortured to death a deterrent for me? It is nothing to what I have already experienced. I also know this life is but a grain of sand upon a beach considering my whole existence so go for it boys. I am one person who doesn't suffer from my experiences but have instead learnt from my experiences.

Mike is like me, you tell it how it is, not how other people desire to hear it to gain popularity. At no point is honesty popular as it is often scorned as being negative, but you never know what will occur once we learn from human history!! Mike often reflects his own honesty through his poems as below.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Honest Exposure

Written by Mathew Naismith

“Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones.” 
John Lennon

For those who love both the truth and friends, piety (righteousness) requires us to honour the truth first.
- Aristotle

Is being positive in the absence or ignorance of negativity or a state where one confronts negativity for what it truly is honestly? In all honesty, being positive isn't of the absence of negative, it is the honest realisation of what negativity truly portrays. If I was to witness a child being molested, to stay positive, would I ignore this negative or see the violation of a child as being vile. Of course words today like vile are also a negative these days, when they simply clearly state an honest evaluation or observation. How much of the world today is being violated just because we want to be positive therefore ignore these negative violations?  It is obvious world peace isn't come by doing this.

I recently joined a social network group called Youme. This social network site seemed plausible and attractive to uninhibited socials interactions, where open minded free thinking honesty can be implemented and expressed.  After endorsing Youme as of open minded free thinking honest social network site, I found out, quite accidentally through an altercation with another moderator and the owner of Youme, that this was far from the truth. I of course had to undo my endorsement of Youme to the same extent I endorsed Youme in the first place.              

I posted a post on FaceBook in relation to this and one of the responses I received was as follow with my reply to this response. This site is wholly run and controlled by atheists, and a like, of extreme atheistic doctrines it would seem. The bias related to atheism was too evident especially from the owner of the site. Atheists simply don't have to be this uncivil but too many on the net are sadly enough. Even after I asked mysefl to be removed from this site and deleting the owner of the site as a friend on FaceBook, they harassed me a number of times after this. No professional social network site owner would harass people under these circumstances like this would they?          

At least you know where to send your energy now Matthew. There are lots of us here who respect and value your thoughts.

My Reply
I very much appreciate this Heather, I adore the way you think too. I did deserve what I got from them, in a sense, as I ended up exposing them for what they are, not what they portray themselves to be. The reaction I received showed me how close to the bone (truth) I got in relation to their real intentions and character. I hope for other people's sake I have exposed this social network group for what it truly is. And I was silly enough to endorse this group.

The funny thing is, if I was as badly behaved as they are trying to now say I was, why wasn't I removed straight away? When you consider that I was not well liked by many of the moderators and admin, and that I posted a post about atheist beliefs, why wasn't I removed straight away? Because I didn't actually break any site rules, I simply exposed them for what they truly are. Actually, they really exposed themselves. If I didn't cut so close to the bone (truth) psychically, they simply wouldn't have reacted as they did, they would have laughed it off and told me to grow up or something.

If someone told me that I was the vilest person in the world, I would simply smile and say to myself, "You have no idea what you are talking about." Now, say this to a person who is vile, the reaction would be completely different as these people on youme clearly showed me. As you know being a policewoman, people's reactions tell a thousand words, they have no idea of this. I didn't state vile in my reply to them but I did state indecent.

All I did was to confront an obvious violation. I have no regrets in how I confronted and exposed this violation but I am apologetic in what this exposer of violation actually exposed. It seemed I exposed something far deeper than I expected on a personal level, this was not my intentions. It is difficult in how our own violations go, at times to the core of our subconscious, but we must be honest with ourselves if we want to influence the world away from being conditioned to violating other people and other nations.                    

Friday, 8 March 2019

Honesty and the Divine Spark in Everything

Written by Mathew Naismith

How would dishonesty react to honesty being honest? Dishonesty simply sees honesty as a huge threat to its existence and often reacts in accordance with what dishonesty creates, chaos, deception, hate, greed, control, separation through perceptions of negatives and positives, etc. Now, how does honesty react to dishonesty being dishonest? Think on this, is there any threat to honesty from dishonesty?

Before the invent of man or consciousness as we know it, was there any kind of a perception of dishonesty? Dishonesty is simply a creation of consciousness but a consciousness that perceives in negatives and positives, opposing separated forces battling it out for supremacy. Now, you might say honesty wasn't present either, even though honesty relates to it just is what it is, nothing more, nothing less. The universe was just is, with absolutely no perceptions of what was negative and what was positive.

Honesty is not a creation of creation, it is what creation is about. This might sound unreasonable but imagine if there were no perceptions of negatives and positives therefore biases to start with, where all energy is simply just energy. You can actually attain a mental state like this, where the ego has no control over consciousness. There are no perceptions in this state for there is no separation of energy, just a pure state of honesty and self-honesty which bring about feelings of love.

Recently, I had an altercation with dishonesty when being of open mindedness and honesty, pointing out the deception, manipulation and disrespect of dishonesty. Of course backing my honesty up with evidence doesn't help, for dishonesty will always react badly towards such actions. Any action remotely threatening the control dishonesty has over consciousness, will often be dealt with the full fury of dishonesty. Keep in mind, because dishonesty see honesty as a threat to its existence, dishonesty will often deceive itself and all else that honesty is on a crusade against dishonesty when in actuality it is the other way around.

Honesty is simply being honest, there is no crusade or campaign of honesty to rid us all of dishonesty, for in the presence of honesty, dishonesty is simply unable to be in control. Honesty simply takes away the control of dishonesty has over a consciousness, for in the presence of honesty, dishonesty is unable to control consciousness'. As soon as dishonesty tries to portray honesty as being on some crusade against dishonesty, dishonesty is simply telling me what dishonesty is quite unaware of. I often smile to myself at this stage.

Try to remembers, it is quite natural for dishonesty to be of chaos, deception, hate, greed, control, separation through perceptions of negatives and positives, etc, for this is its natural created environment. How could honesty see dishonesty a something negative when dishonesty is simply being within its natural environment?

Now, considering all the above, how will dishonesty, which is represented by hate and dark as opposed to love and light, going to react to light and love (honesty)? It will do exactly what it is doing at present within our reality, threatening reality with the full force of dishonesties fury. All we need to do is work at bringing forth the divine spark of honesty within everything. No matter how dishonest dishonesty becomes, this divine spark of honesty is always present, at no time will you influence the dishonesty in consciousness to become honest. As soon as you try to do this, dishonesty will protect its existence to the bitter end; at no time expect it not to. All we need and should to do is work on the divine spark of honesty within a consciousness, nothing more.

It is stated that Edgar Cayce, who was a clairvoyant in the early to mid part of the last century, that Russia will be the leading nation in the world in relation to spiritually. You may ask; how could such a notion become so spiritual? Easy, Russia will learn from its history, unlike the rest of the nations in the world who will still suffer from their history. Don't get me wrong, there will be pockets of people around the world who will be of the divine spark of honesty but the leading notion of this divine spark seem like it will be Russia. This will make Russia quite untouchable to the rest of the world's dishonesty and violence. Eventually and gradually, all the other nations in the world will desire to be of this divine spark.

The divine spark of honesty is the ability to use energy wisely instead of unwisely, this will give Russia a huge edge over its detractors/enemies, consciousness's of dishonesty.

" Europe is as a house broken up. Some years ago there was the experience of a mighty peoples being overridden for the gratification and satisfaction of a few, irrespective of any other man’s right. That peoples are going through the experience of being born again, and is the thorn in the flesh to many a political and financial nation in Europe, in the world… Q. What is the name of that nation referred to? A. Russia! (3976-8)” [Source]"

Sunday, 3 March 2019

The Promotion of Wisdom

Written by Mathew Naismith

The promotion of wisdom to someone like me goes beyond the promotion of positiveness, love and light or any concept, ideology or ism, for under wisdom, all that is wise in the way we use energy is of abundance. To someone like me, it matters not what this wisdom is called, for anything that promotes the harmonious use of energy is all that matters. Yes, that is right, biases and prejudices have no place within wisdom for wisdom has no limitations, only limitless potentiality in the absence of bias and prejudices.

I don't often promote a singular persons wisdom but at this point in the present, we simply can't get enough wisdom in my mind. Look past the label of what the wisdom represents, in other words look past the biases often associated with labels and simply focus primarily on the wisdom involved. I wrote the following to this person in relation to this persons wisdom.               

I try to influence people away from judging in negatives and positives, which of course judging in negatives and positives can create huge amounts of motion within our minds and actions. I love my states of it just is, where the perceptions of negatives and positives are absent.

This will seem strange to a lot of people who try to stay positive, especially by ignoring the negatives. I am better off not perceiving in positives as well, there is no state more harmonious, still and tranquil. Hard to imagine if you have never experienced this kind of state, for which anyone can experience by simply letting go of motions and the control motions have over us.

You seem to be very in tune with your present environment Carolynne.

I know this is slack of me, but I just recently took a peek at your site. It was funny how I was able to do the work I did with the chronic injury I incurred, of course my own chronic injury taught me so much, only because I worked with it, not against it. If you don't mind, I am thinking of mentioning you and your site in my next post as you seem genuine. 

For further reference:

It has been asked of me why I am not more promotional of positiveness or love and light for example?

From the promotion of wisdom, positiveness, love and light come naturally for in the absence of using energy disharmoniously, there is no energy expended in obtaining and retaining positiveness, love or light. If I was to ignore the negatives so I can then be positive, in other words to be positive takes me to ignore the negatives, this is not being positive to me, in fact quite the opposite. You should be able to put yourself in any situation and still be able to obtain and retain your positiveness, love and/or light, otherwise it's not of a true sense of positiveness, love and/or light.

I will put this another way. Negative is as much of an energy as positive, to ignore people being hurt under negatives energies, especially to obtain and retain your own personal positive energies, is an abuse of energy. To avoid this, see negative and positive energy as simply energy in the absence of biases that perceptions of negative and positive thinking creates. Which is more negative, the male (yang) or the female (yin)? Trust me, one or the other sex often perceives one being more negative therefore the other being more positive. As soon as we are in the presence or expressive of bias, honesty, especially self-honesty, is also no longer present. Considering a true reflection or expression of wisdom is of the absence bias, it is also understandable that we naturally become more honest, especially with ourselves, in the promotion of wisdom.

As of many people have in life, I more than once found myself in a situation where I had to extricate myself away from certain people, not because they were negative or destructive but because all I was doing was supporting them in hurting themselves and others. Make no mistake, I often allowed my environment to dictate my reactions which meant judging in negatives and positives. Within this hurtful or abusive environment towards energy, it is way too easy to unknowingly succumb to a hurtful or abusive environment. In my case, I was fortunate to be wise enough to become aware of my own abusiveness towards energy in this way.

You see, by allowing myself to be abused, I was helping the abusers to be abusive thus unwittingly being abusive towards energy myself. Yes, by all means sacrifice your own well being to assist other people to become less hurtful and abusive, but don't sacrifice yourself to assist in the abuse of energy in any way. Yes, people of positiveness and love and light extricate themselves from abusive energy, but a lot of them still do it by expressing biases through the perceptions of negatives and positives.

So how do you know the difference between hurtful people you are unable to help to hurtful people you can help? Firstly; avoid the perceptions of negatives and positives thus allowing your own consciousness to be in the absence of bias therefore dishonesty. Secondly; well, wisdom naturally takes over from here in the absence of bias and dishonesty.  Make no mistake, the promotion of wisdom is this easy, it is either we don't want to become less abusive towards energy, or, we are unwittingly drawn into being apart of the abuse of energy through simple perceptions like negatives and positives.

I know of a number of people who speak out against the abusiveness of, for example, multinationals and politicians, they no longer wish to support the abuse of energy by allowing themselves being abused, however, there is still a very strong perception of what is negative and what is positive. I also know of people who speak out against this kind of abuse but don't primarily focus on what is negative and what is positive. I think ignoring the abuse of energy so one can become and stay positive, is just as much of supporting the abuse of energy than anything else.

The promotion of wisdom is simple, the avoidance of knowingly or unknowingly supporting the abuse of energy as much as possible. Now, are deliberate abusers of energy negative in any sense of the word? No, they are simply lost within their own creation and need as much help as a sick person. Yes, at times to help these people you need to avoid them, when ever possible, but do it ever so wisely. No, you can't always avoid the situation of the abuse of energy but you can minimise its affects. Embracing and promoting any kind of wisdom will help us avoid abusing energy in various ways, of course to know this one must be wise to start with, this is where people of true wisdom come into there own. How do you know when someone is of wisdom? They don't primarily judge in positive and negative perceptions to start with, within this, there is an absence of bias therefore dishonesty.       

Friday, 22 February 2019

The Embracement of Honesty

Written by Mathew Naismith

OK, the following is across the board of humanity it would seem.

I was recently subjected to a high degree of injustice, only because I expressed the truth and I wasn't going to tolerate disrespect and abuse. Blatant lies were told about me, these where not just accepted but embraced. It would seem it is OK for certain people to lie and deceive but it is not OK for certain other people to tell the truth or rebuke being abused and disrespected.

Also, I am not supposed to like my views being questioned; this is while I write quite long posts and replies, at times supplying numerous evidence to support my claims. As it has been said to me, I leave myself way too open for questioning in stating so much!!  

On the other hand, it is accepted and embraced, for certain people only within certain groups, to say as little as possible so they can't be questioned about their own views. This includes supplying as little evidence to their claims as possible. It would seem that lies and deceit are embraced while honesty and truth is scorned in our present reality.  

I would say unbeknownst to a lot of people, they have become conditioned to embracing lies and deceit, including self-deception, over and above honesty and truth. This is occurring in so many sectors in humanity it is not funny.

Is there any hope in a humanity that mostly unknowingly embraces lies and deceit over and above honesty and truth? Only time will tell but how is humanity conditioned to lies and deceit going to embrace honesty and truth to start with?

I think it is time for the people who are not conditioned to lies and deceit to speak out, even if that means being scorned and hated. As I have previously stated, for only in a reality of accepted lies and deceit can hate flourish so. This also means that only in a reality of accepted honesty and truth can love flourish so.

We indeed have a choice, even at this stage of the game......          

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Making Room for Love to Flourish In

Written by Mathew Naismith

Sounds ridiculous doesn't it, making room for love to flourish in? Consider this, how much room has hate taken up? Is it reasonable to say that hate cannot flourish in a world where love flourishes, where there is no room for hate to expand in?

I wrote the following to another person in regards to a love that has no conditions.         

For love to flourish, instead of hate, honesty must prevail. How much hate does dishonesty create? I think the answer to this is too obvious. How much love does honesty create? Is the answer to this obvious to a lot of us, honestly?

Honesty must prevail to being first hated to be then embraced, once we accomplish this, love will have all the room it wants to flourish in.


Well stated PL. I have a love of this 3D reality as I have love of a 4th and 5th, etc, dimensional realities where others only show contempt towards this reality. Contempt simply shows a love that is based on conditions. Our present reality seems to be purely based on conditional love, but I still have no contempt for this kind of love/reality for my love has no conditions.
Do I have contempt for a corporate world destroying all within it's path that does not serve them? No, I only express it's shortcomings. I am simply honest within my expressions and that is what matters the most to me.
In all honesty, how much room are we giving love to flourish in when we are still showing so much contempt for one thing or another? In all honesty, were not. Any sign of contempt simply gives more room for hate to flourish in, for contempt is closely associated to hate, not to love, especially unconditional love.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Surrendering Yourself to Honesty

Written by Mathew Naismith

When I look upon another person, all I see is a reflection of me either that be something I desire to be of or not. This is how people like me truly and honestly look upon ourselves. We don't just try to see the reflections of good, positive and right, we also see the reflections of bad, negative and wrong. In a reality of numerous expressions of variations, I would simply be lying to myself, that I am simply beautiful, peaceful and everything else I desire to lie to myself about. Yes, I wish/desire to be only of what is pure but where not and that is okay, I surrender myself to this honesty.

Spiritually, I can sit within the best of them, in peace, harmony and stillness; I could not think of any other state I would desire to stay in more, of course this is why I will never become enlightened within my present consciousness. Enlightenment isn't about peace, harmony and stillness, even though this is it's affects, enlightenment is about facing the truth in what you are therefore everything else is, not what you only desire to be of. I was going to say I just lost half my readers, when the avid readers of my posts and blog's today know exactly where I am coming from, for they too are honest within themselves. They would have to be to still be reading my posts and blog's.

I have found the hardest thing for people to do is be of self-honesty, even a slight mention or reflection of self-honesty repels and/or defiles a lot people it would seem. How dare people like me be honestly self-reflective, especially while expressing that everything and everybody is a reflection of me, all of us. If you can think of the worse person in the world you would not desire to be a reflection of, in all honesty, if you like it or not they are simply a reflection of you. So should I dishonestly sit within my own space and only observe in other people around me what I only desire to be of or observe?

In my time while growing up, our culture defiled homosexuality. Some of my so-called friends actually went out poofter bashing, they of course asked me to join them but even back then, while being conditioned to that culture of defilement, I simply refused.

Where is the (I) when negative is separated from positive because we desire not to be of the negative, only of the positive? Do we really think that this kind of defilement and separation is going to improve our present existence? Of course in my early days, my culture was about judging gay people as something negative and straight people as being positive. How many people today are judging their reality as being positive and all other realities they have disdain for as being negative?

I am presently amused at how a number of westerners are jumping up a down about foreigners in their own country. There country is being invaded by undesirables. I find it amusing because it was acceptable for western countries to invade and defile other countries of the world, even under false pretences as recently observed, but how dare foreigners take over western countries in a far more passive way!! No, I don't like how disrespectful certain foreigners are towards a people who kindly opened their door up to them, but I am still amused at the reaction by westerners. How dishonest is their reactions?   

You see, this kind of self-honesty is not very acceptable in a culture that defiles other parts of itself. In all, if you are of self-honesty, expect to be defiled and try to surrender to this kind of defilement. Accept that the reflection of other selves will do this as they see self-honesty as a threat to their reality, a reality often created on the back of dishonesty. Can you understand their reactions like in relation to gay people and foreigners? People of self-honesty are indeed a huge threat to realities based on self-dishonesty.

As I often am, I reflect self-honesty, as in the above, quite often. As you could imagine this is often defiled. Do people of self-honesty put themselves up above other people not of self-honesty? Everyone and everything is a reflection of who you are, so if other people are of self-dishonesty, this is a reflection of you if you desire it to be or not. To be truly self-honest desires have no place. A true reflection of self-honesty is in the absence of desire, I certainly don't desire to be a reflection of self-dishonest people but in truth, I am. Try to remember this, just because everything around you is a reflection of you, doesn't mean you have to be expressive of that reflection. Did I go out poofter bashing? Am I amused at other westerns response to foreigners in their country? Just because you are aware of self-dishonesty, doesn't mean you have to be of self-dishonesty.

Thursday, 24 January 2019


Written by Mathew Naismith

Most often our past determines our future and most often our past, especially when related to trauma in some way, to something we desire to stay unaware of, isn't something we desire to be self-honest with. So what do we do? We only live within the present while saying the past and future are irrelevant or an illusion. This is while time is the predominant influence in our everyday life at present!! See how dishonest we can be to ourselves? Time of course represents a past, present and future, a state of union instead of separation, especially the separation of one energy source from another to escape facing our traumas personally and collectively.

It is common practice for a consciousness in trauma, either personally or collectively, to use every means possible to escape facing trauma. Of course to do this, we must turn away from being of self-honesty and become dishonest with ourselves, and of course everybody else.             

Extract: Throughout history, deception has been an effective survival strategy. Yet, like all primitive survival strategies, when deception becomes habitual and is not directly about survival, it prevents us from continuing growth. For each of us, to the degree that we are not real with ourselves or that we withhold important truths from others, we just cannot keep evolving.

I wrote the following reply to a query in relation to my last post, "Assisting a Consciousness in Trauma".  

Basically, what you are doing is guiding them instead of pushing them towards a goal.My father was trained to do this as a foreman. I tend to do this myself, my downfall is I also express self-honesty, it is funny how this psychologically freaks people out. Actually, when it does freak people out, their reactions tell me a lot about them. It is not that people react, it is how they react and what they react to. 

Our consciousness collectively isn't conditioned to being self-honest. How many of us don't look at what our own country/culture has done and is doing to others in the world, but we will point the finger at other cultures. Bringing a person out of the affects of trauma takes one to become gradually self-honest, not an easy thing to face, especially when we are conditioned to be self-dishonest with ourselves.

I have someone at present under my wing that is not good physically and mentally, the fits, blackouts and the scaring to the brain certainly don't help. I am slowly coaxing (guiding) them to be self-honest without causing more anxiety attacks.

This has done it, I am going to right up something about self-honesty. 

Spiritually, how dare I turn to science and psychology for the answers, this is while our minds are predominantly influenced psychology. On the other hand, how dare I turn to spirituality for the answers, even though science has proven a number of spiritual practices to be highly beneficial to us!! From atheism/materialism to spirituality/religion, dishonesty predominantly influences our lives, this is instead of self-honesty.

The article I have inserted is worth reading through, but only if you are a self-honest atheist/materialist or spiritual/religious, etc, person. If you are not into self-honesty, the article supplied will only represent a threat to your psyche and be promptly denounced in some way. Yes, by all means go into protective state of mind but do this honestly. All that dishonesty will create, either personally or collectively, is more of the same trauma, if not to you someone else.

Yes, I can get into a conscious state of timelessness, where there is no past or future, only the present moment, a state perceived by my ego to be of utter bliss.  At no time is this separate to time where a past and future exist. Of course when a consciousness experiences time, a past and future, trauma is sure to exist as time is of cycles and endless changes. Spirituality is about how you cope with the associated trauma in relation to time, not how you try to escape from time and times association with trauma. I could not think of a higher level of fear and self-deceptiveness, which spiritually is suppose to be not about, or am I simply being naive here?

A number of people might relate better to the following article. 

Extract: The topic of brutal self-honesty is consciously looked upon as worthy of pursuing but the majority of people don’t have the emotional maturity to follow through with such a concept.
Brutal self-honesty requires hard, emotional labor. It requires the individual to engage with the following:

Ego Dissolution

The ego wants you to stay unconscious. It doesn’t want you to be brutally honest with yourself because that means that the ego must change and change is not what it wants —comfort is what the ego wants.