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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Which Intentions are Right?

Written by Mathew Naismith

In a human perspective we need intentions to learn and evolve otherwise we wouldn’t evolve, yes if we were living by no or few intentions we wouldn’t destroy as much as we do with our intentions but we wouldn’t evolve either, does this mean intentions at the human level is a must to evolve? This is not an easy question to answer, the answer is yes and no depending on which perspective we perceive by.

At the human level, the human perspective, it is obvious to us we need intentions either that be bad or good, destructive or constructive intentions, these intentions assist us with our growth in nearly all aspects.  I did say nearly all aspects; the one aspect that human intentions don’t assist us with is spirituality, human intentions make it hard to become in tune with our inner self, our inner knowing, this is because our inner self isn’t of intentions when our human self is, there just not in tune in this situation.    

At the human perspective there is bad and good, destructive and constructive intentions, if we only had good intentions wouldn’t this be better than not having any intentions at all? The problem with good and bad intonations is who judges what a bad intention is and what a good intention is?  Every religion and spiritual concept has good intentions to the believer of these religions and concepts, which one is truly good or bad?  We might judge that a constructive intention is good and a destructive intention is bad but again by whose standards? The human perspective certainly isn’t an easy one to figure out, it’s actually quite chaotic.

Now let’s look at this question through the spiritual perspective. There is no judgement of bad or good or even what denotes destructive intentions and what doesn’t, all what everything is, is an experience, just a  different way to be expressive. At the human level we judge destructive intentions as bad but at the spiritual level it’s just another way we are able to express ourselves.  

So are human intentions a must for humans to evolve? Yes in sense, it’s one way to evolve but what has been shown is that this way creates chaos and the more intentions we have the more chaos we create. This however doesn’t take away that human intention do indeed assist us in evolving but at what cost? Evolving in this way destroys a lot in the process and could even cause the demise of the human race, what would be the point in evolving in this way if it’s going to cause our demise?

Very few people throughout human history have chosen to live by no or very few intentions; to me it’s certainly worth trying on a collective scale.

I thought I would share an interesting discussion between me and another person on the topic of intentions.        

Hi Mathew! This has really jumped out at me, your comment "but we also chose to try to dominate Gaia instead of just living with Gaia" ..  I wonder if this is the intention behind the intention, our wish to exert dominance over our surroundings/our own experience, when really we are swimming against Gaia's tide. I wonder how this affects our free will to set our own intentions for what we think is our higher good, if it isn't necessarily true . . .

My reply
You obviously know this, you are indeed this connected. Good point, the intention behind the intention.

Gaia has an intention; this is obvious however we humans exert our own intentions over and above Gaia producing even more intentions which are not natural with the current environment we are experiencing. Yes indeed we are swimming against the tide or the flow of natural reasoning.

Another good point, how indeed does this affect our free will over all!!

Expressing such dominating intentions would have to affect our free will in every way, this is due to not just living within the present moment but in the past and future as well. We try to exert or influence the past and the future when there is only the present moment.

Exerting our intentions over and above Gaia seems like we are expressing free will when all we are doing is taking away what free will Gaia gives us. All we are truly doing is what our controlling egos want us to do which isn’t about our higher good; we truly have no free will under this influence.

Gaia is about being expressive without the control of the ego; we couldn't have more free will living with Gaia if we wanted too.

Hmmmm, are you channelling as well, you to me certainly seem connected in some way Carolyn!! 


Hi Mathew! Thank you for your reply - very profound and it makes perfect sense! Also I don't think I am channelling! - ha! having said that I get strong prompts and, answers to questions - I am trying to follow the guidance which is not always easy but I now think that if I can align my own will to the will of God/the Universe/Source, that everything will flow smoothly and effortlessly to more joy and harmony!  xxx :)

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Destiny and Free Will

Written by Mathew Naismith

I do indeed love having civil discussions with people, people who you can disagree with on certain points without an uncivil word spoken.  I’m a white Australian, my fellow Australians and people from the US are the worse for uncivil behaviour but in contrary, the discussions I have had with people born in India, and Asia period, are quite different, maybe I’ve just been lucky!!

At present I’m in conversation with a bloke born in India who is presently living in the US, he’s name is Subhendu and his an utter pleasure to be in conversation with.   He has a PhD in electrical engineering but he also has an interest in yogis, he doesn’t seem to practice yoga but he does have an interest in yogic practices and principles.  

I thought I would share our recent conversation, not just because it shows how civil two people in disagreement can be, but I find the topic of conversation itself is worth sharing, it’s about destiny and free will.   

Hi Mat,

Please have patience. I say – destiny is a science and not faith. To prove that assertion, I have to go slowly and show you the reasons.

Let me first copy the coffee example from the book here for quick reference – “Let us say that you believe that you can decide freely to choose to drink coffee or tea. You are sitting on your desk, you pick up your coffee cup and walk the hallway to the coffee room for your cup of coffee. When you go there, you find the coffee pot is empty. So you cannot take coffee now. Instead you decide to take hot water and a tea bag. Thus you have failed to exercise your freewill. This has happened because you are interconnected with other people’s activities in your corporation. We are all sharing our environment in an interactive way and continuously.”

Note that you failed because – “you are interconnected with other people’s activities”. It is not that you spilled the coffee. But someone else finished the coffee.

So the first point is – what you do depends on others – you are not alone. You cannot kill yourself with a knife, because you have wife, daughter, home etc. Your choices and actions depend on others. Therefore you are not free. This is the simultaneity law of nature that we have discussed in the first chapter on truth.


G’day Subhendu

Yes I understand your point about free will Subhendu, once we live by the laws of nature we have little free will because we are always influenced by other people and situations within nature itself, I agree but only to a point. 

Firstly, we have chosen, at the soul level, to live with very little free will, this is the soul’s free will. To me life’s not about the human self but the soul, we are living in ignorance in service to the soul. The more in ignorance we are, the less free will we will have and the more aware we become, the more free will we will have at the human level.

Secondly, in reference to the choice of tea and coffee, the choice still hasn’t been taken away from you, you can still choose to have nothing or water rather than tea, if you have a choice you still have free will. Yes, no matter what destiny you choose it’s still written (preordained) but you still have a choice in which destiny you want to follow.

Let’s say we have a choice of tea, coffee, milk, juice, water, this is how many destinies you can follow in the present moment, we are not fixated to follow one single destiny only.  In relation to my example of the poor and rich man, the poor man would have less of a choice of beverages so he’s free will is somewhat lessoned compared to a rich man, this is the law of nature.  In this case the rich man has more of a free will, now relate being rich to being aware, the more aware we are the more free will we become aware of.

Thirdly, once we become aware, our perceptions become heightened. Before you give yourself a choice of coffee or tea, you know you don’t have that choice to begin with, you just know there is no choice between coffee and tea. In this case free will hasn’t been taken away from you because you had no choice to begin with.        

This goes along with being aware, the more aware we are the less free will is taken away from us mainly because we are more aware. A heightened awareness, like with yogis, gives us more free will, we know, even before we have a choice, that these are our choices, the different destinies we can follow in the present moment.

So many people today think they have no free will, we are continually dictated by various people which takes away our free will to live as we want.  This isn’t entirely true, we have a choice and we can enforce that choice if we believe we have free will. We don’t have to live in a reality controlled by mentalities that are primarily destructive. Jesus and Buddha’s mentality for example, in my mind, weren’t destructive, we had a choice to either take on their constructive mentality or continue to live by a destructive mentality, we of course chose the latter.

Only in ignorance can we proclaim we have no free will, the more aware we are the more free will we realise we have.  The thing about living in ignorance is we believe we don’t have free will only because of our ignorance of not knowing how much free will we actually have.  My quote, “for only in ignorance can we destroy”, is so apt; we continue to destroy because we feel we have no free will to do otherwise.   Yes we have very little free will but only in ignorance can we think this, once you become aware you realise you do indeed have free will and a free will to even live a life without free will.

Much Blessings,

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Free Will??

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is always an interesting topic to discuss, does it matter if free will exists or not to us?  Well actually it does and it’s a very important topic to make a little more transparent. The reason for this is it has everything to do with our mentality, if we don’t believe it exists we most probably start to feel entrapped, we really don’t need to add any further to our dilemmas.  The other side of the coin is, if we have free will, then we can do as we like/desire!!

Actually I don’t think it’s either way, we don’t have total free will but we are also not totally entrapped either, to me it’s a balance of the two, a balance we, this is the point, chose to live out at the soul level.  We chose at the soul level to live in a reality that is controlling mainly because of the controlling factors of the ego plus we are influenced by natural forces like earth quakes and tsunamis, well not entirely……I will elaborate a little more on this latter on!!

Reincarnation: We have a karma that needs to be paid, so we have to come back to a reality like this one to repay such a debt, this obviously isn’t free will or is it? The point I'm trying to make is we don’t have to come back, as soon as we die we immediately relive our lives, other than this it’s our choice to come back and physically repay such karma. We don’t owe anything to anyone we have harmed if we learn after reliving our lives after our demise; it’s up to us if we want to try to physically repay such debt to others at the soul level .  Life is all about our souls not our human selves; to me life’s never been about our human selves, once we have learnt at the soul level after our demise, we can move on without having to physically repay bad karma debt.

Destructive Realities:  What soul would want to live in a destructive reality, obviously this isn’t free will at the soul level or is it?  At first glance we see ourselves being totally entrapped by a highly egotistically driven reality; we have wars and other conflicts we can do little about, the same goes with the natural disasters that devastate the planet making life even more miserable for us. We have no control over all this so we must be entrapped; we obviously have no free will in these occurrences or so we think!!

What part of us doesn’t have free will, the human self, the soul or both?  Let’s look at the human self first up. We are even told what to believe, we still have free will, to an extent, like when I have a cuppa or in the way I choose to walk, but as a whole we are controlled at the human level, we are obviously entrapped.

Now at the soul level, are we entrapped when we chose at the soul level to experience such things? No, we have total free will at the soul level. Would this God consciousness be controlling us at the soul level? Again no, to be controlling one has to be expressive of the controlling ego, God’s consciousness isn’t egotistically driven. If there is no control at the soul level, what would be stopping us expressing free will at this level?  Yes, there are other souls who are living in ignorance who will be controlling if they can but we still have a choice to either be influenced by such souls or not after our demise.  

Don’t underestimate the soul, the more in touch you become to your own soul the more free will you realise you have even at the human level, you become a lot more accepting and less traumatised.  Don’t expect to accept everything within your life, if something isn’t in tune with your own vibrations and is making you feel out of balance, you don’t have to accept this in your life however, you must accept this is a part of life itself, this is a true expression of free will.  

Even after saying all this about our free will at the soul level, we still don’t have all that much free will at the human level.

The more connected you become to your soul the more free will you realise you have. This still doesn’t make sense, what free will do I have at the human level in an earth quake for instance or even a war?  At the moment we have very little free will; I believe this is due to us living in ignorance especially of our souls as I believe life is really about our souls not our human selves.  We must also remember, we chose at the soul level to be in ignorant of our souls, we chose not to have free will.  

What is the point in living in ignorance and feeling entrapped without being able to express free will?  The point is to experience all of what consciousness is; this is why we reincarnate to repay bad karma, our souls are learning through actual experiences. Could you imagine trying to learn everything about everything through books without actually experiencing what you have read, there is no point unless you come back to repay bad karma, actually experience what you have read.  You could say it’s a game or a play being played out and we all have our own roles to play out so each of us have actual experiences.  Could you imagine being an actor/actress reading your part in a play and not being able to play it out, human life is no different to me!!

We are now learning about free will we have and don’t have, free will is but another play we have yet to play out, to experience. Once we realise we do indeed have free will, we will change this reality quite dramatically. What about natural disasters, we have no control over them therefore we still have no free will!!

Once we truly realise we have free will, nature will react to our free will.  Nature is only reacting in accordance to our ignorance, the less ignorant we become the less nature will react violently. In time, we are that nature therefore we have free will of nature, we do indeed have free will.

Once we realise we totally have free will, where is the balance between free will and entrapment?  We only needed this kind of balance between free will and entrapment to experience being controlled while we were acting in a play about being entrapped. While being entrapped, we have gone too far losing most of our free will at the human level but this was part of the play being acted out.  At the soul level we still had free will unbeknownst to our human selves; this was the balance between our human selves and our soul to give our soul the experiences it needed.

Once we learn free will, we will give balance to all of nature, including us, making it far less destructive.  The point is, don’t try and act the victim or the victimiser, just be and experience who you truly are, your soul.   

I've inserted a few links that might help you become even more connected to your soul. The info in the first link seems too simple but it does work to one extent or another.  

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Immortal Free Will

Written by Mathew Naismith

This seems dumb, how can free will exist when we can’t seemingly choose the way we want to live?  When asking this question, are we talking about at the human level of understanding here or are we talking about the God within? When we seemingly have no choice in the way we want to live we are actually only understanding at the human level of understanding or probably more precisely at the mortal level of understanding. Thinking we are just mortal beings is of judgment  however as always I’m not saying judgement is bad or good it just gives us an illusion that we are only mortal beings. If we are truly aware of more than our mortal selves we would realise we have free will, this knowing within oneself is inevitable. 

What’s judgement got to do with making ourselves believe we are just mortal beings? We judge we are alive, we judge we are a physical entity & we judge that we are brainier than all other creatures, this is mortality we are talking about here not anything else beyond mortal being so actually judgment has given us fixations which of course includes our beliefs.  It is nearly impossible for some of us to think or became aware of anything else past these beliefs thus we have become fixated  so of course we are going to think we have no free will unless we enforce our own free will onto others, warring is a good example of this & religion at times is another.  What would happen if we all truly realised & truly believed we are not just mortal beings? I predict we would no longer force our own will onto others & yes it has everything to do with forcing our own free will onto others because we think we don’t have free will to start with.

Being immortal we have chosen freely to live lives as mortal beings thinking that we have no free will & to express any kind of free will we must enforce it, this is expressing our free will at the immortal level of understanding.  It all comes down to, we are actually living in the way we are because we can. This sounds dumb only because we have fixations on mortal life, we can't see past this reality & once again it comes down to why not live within these fixations!!  We must remember here to understand this we are immortal not mortal energy forms, we are actually expressing our free will but only known to our immortal selves because we can. 

This comes down to realising we are immortal & realising we can change things in the world if at the immortal level of understanding we willed it so. At the moment we can’t will it unless we enforce it at the mortal level of understanding however for real change to take effect we must become aware of our immortality which of course give us more awareness.  Any enforcement denotes judgement & fixations thus obscures any further awareness. I'm really thinking though that it would be a super human effort to reverse what we have done all these centuries & actually live within peace itself, why not? That can only be delivered by the God's /realised by the God within I believe.  If we are immortal why not choose, at the immortal level of our understanding, to amend our ways, what a monumental effort that would take & what a monumental ending to a seemingly calamitous existence.  We would indeed prove ourselves to be immortal & God like or of God if we could accomplish this but do we have the will??    

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

To Become an Enlightened Soul or Not

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is going to seem quite off the cuff for possibly most people in that it’s not going to make any sense or have any plausibility in being the case in reference to some souls preferring to stay ignorant & unenlightened for eternity.  We assume that all souls want to be enlightened or are going to become enlightened & at one with all at one time, why do all souls need or even desire this? We talk about ascension but if a soul’s will is to not ascend isn’t that their free will to do so?

I’m actually going to talk about souls that are enlightened to one extent or another but either want to stay ignorant of their own enlightenment at the soul level, which usually takes being unbecoming in some way like an entity with evil intent, or stay ignorant of their enlightenment just at the physical level, either way that is their free will to do so.

For a soul to stay ignorant of itself at the soul level while in physical form usually only takes being in physical form with all its fixations & attachments however at times the souls enlightenment comes through so the soul needs to become more unbecoming to cover up such occurrences. There are spiritualists in India who actually lash out at people physically mauling them, these aren’t just spiritually aware people but actual spiritualists who have devoted their lives to spirituality but have the urge to lash out for similar reasons as mentioned above however all they are doing is basically taking a break from their daily lives just like we take a break from our jobs & have a cuppa. Why do we all assume that all souls desire or have a will to ascend, what does ascend pertain to? Climb, rise, sour to new heights, does this sound a little egotistical?  However until one’s soul is enlightened in some way we will want to ascend in some way, we are actually using the constructive (positive) side of the ego to ascend or better ourselves at the human & soul level.

This brings us to souls who don’t wish to know of their own enlightenment. Just like at the physical level the soul needs to become unbecoming even to itself but at the soul level this takes a lot more effort therefore one’s soul needs to become a lot more unbecoming than at the physical level. I’ve come across a number of these souls while becoming spiritually aware & yes they frightening for the soul purpose of covering up their own enlightenment & to have a bit of fun believe it or not. There were a few occasions that they were playing games with me; I would eventually catch onto this & just laugh at them even though they were still quite frightening to me. When you become in the knowing all you can do is laugh &/or cry.  

So am I saying these unbecoming & frightening entities & souls are souls that are enlightened to one extent or another? Yes most definitely, why am I so definite? Recently I had the chance to see these souls while in their frightening states, we bonded not because I’m unbecoming myself or anywhere near as unbecoming as them but I could feel a connection of mateship if you like. It’s as if the inner core of their souls spoke to me in a calming manner of their own knowing of their own enlightenment which of course their trying to avoid. Why again does every soul have a desire to become at one & enlightened? The truth is it doesn’t however the glitch is for a soul to know this they first have to become enlightened & once some souls are enlightened all they want to do is become unenlightened again. Yes this is of the ego but so is ascending to enlightenment, they don’t have an obvious problem in expressing the ego in any way & in actual fact the more they express the ego the less enlightened they feel.  Does this seem like it relates to a lot of what’s been going on in this reality!!!! 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Attachments Even After Death

Written by Mathew Naismith

The followings post & reply of mine seems to be getting off the beaten track of attachments & the ego but it’s not because even after death we have attachments especially to our past recant life.

Related link:

Hi guys-

I {like many of us} practice chenneling and see spirits. I in fact have several spirits that I am in contact with that I refer to as "regulars" and sometimes "clients". One of them is a musician and poet from Florida, USA named Jim Morrison {yes! the Jim Morrison}. When he first showed up here I thought "ok I'm into classic rock and I'm am a Doors fan as well as a fan of other groups from the nineteen sixties to nineteen seventies and maybe he {Jim Morrison} knows that and that might be why he's here". I know that Jim Morrison was known to be kind of a rebel and had kind of a bad boy reputation {drug use, nudity onstage, explosive behavior etc}. But I'm not seeing that whatsoever. In fact Morrison has been a complete gentleman ever since he first showed up here. The unusual thing about Jim Morrison {and maybe it's not so unusual} is that I will sometimes see him break down and start crying. Tears just streaming down his face. Any ideas?

Oh yaa. This is what Jim Morrison looks like when I see him:

G'day Astaea

I would presume he has attachments to this reality still & his life he lead so well, he probably wants to live on in the life he had but he can't thus the tears.

When you supposedly die it is hard for a lot of us to let go & the more you enjoyed that life the harder it is going to be to leave it behind, I would bet he can see the light but he doesn't want to let go & nor should anyone force him to either.

However when someone dies very close to you they don't leave straight away & in actual fact can stay as long as you are living for them not for yourself which means the living are still attached to them which will force them to stay as well. Attachments go both ways however in this case it's him who doesn't want to let go I would presume but is it?

To be actually trapped against one's own will he wouldn't look the way he use to but something more distorted & at times with no form but a shadowy figure. This is caused through excessive anguish but it would seem he isn't doing this he's just missing he's life the way it was.

Suggest for him to move on to his next life which could be just as good if not better, tell him what he is missing out on & that it's OK to leave.

Free Will: Even after death we are still caught up on attachments unless you had no real attachments in that life of course for example I had two dogs that stayed on for some time after death & one of them needed coaching to move on even at the brink of going through the light as this dog in question looked back again to what it was attached too however my parents had a dog inhume they mistreated, the said dog didn’t stay long at all. My best man at our wedding was the same, he moved on quite quickly but he did give us a good by though.

So in all even after so called death we still have attachments in accordance to our physical lives so is this a bad thing remembering that any attachments are supposed to be negative & of the ego to some people?  In my mind all attachments are beautiful even after death as we still have free will even more so than in physical life, you have free will you have attachments.  So when are attachments a negative thing, destructive or disruptive? When they go against our own free will, so is this saying if I wanted to kill someone no one has the right to stop me because that is my own free will to do so?  No because you haven’t the right to go against the person will who you are going to kill in the first place, free will goes both ways & that is why we should learn to accept & live with each other’s free wills better for a more harmonious existence.