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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Kundalini Energy and God's Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

My recent post titled Energy of Kundalini didn't seem to go down well with a lot of Western thinking people, I however got quite a different reaction from a number of Eastern thinking people, even a person who instructs in Eastern spiritual philosophy and Kundalini yoga and is a eternal Zen disciple, healer radio host and author of Buddha in the classroom, seem to endorse what I wrote.

I am also long term friends with an 80 years old Yoga teacher who teaches in the three Yogic practices, Yogic exercise, Yogic science and Yogic spirituality. This 80 year old also seemed to endorse what I wrote about in my last post.

Now the point is, I wasn't quite sure in what I wrote in relation to Kundalini energy, it was nice to get confirmation that I was on the right track. I also mentioned God and how God's consciousness can only be expressed through Kundalini energy. Using the word God also didn't go down well with some people. I use the word God to emphasise on the difference between human consciousness and a consciousness that is, to me, of pure wisdom, in one sense using the word God is quite apt as most human consciousness has shown it's not as wise as this God's consciousness. To our human consciousness, any consciousness this wise is going to be represented by divineness, this perception however ceases when we become aware we are too of this wisdom.

I do feel expressing this pure wisdom needs an energy force to do so, how do you express pure wisdom otherwise?  You can't express pure wisdom because their is no motion within this pure wisdom to do so, it's obvious this pure wisdom to be expressed needs an energy source of some kind, Kundalini energy.

Kundlini energy is the energy within all living things, like I said in my last post, it's the spirit within all things. I feel it's this spirit that gives motion to a motionless consciousness of pure wisdom but how does it do this? Observation, once consciousness is observed, consciousness begins to move from it's motionless state, this observation, to me,  is Kundalini energy and it's through this observation that gives consciousness itself motion.

Like the universe, once this consciousness is given motion through Kundlaini energy, it expands out in all directions creating all sorts of things, planets are a good example of this and so are our physical being.

They don't refer to Kundalini as an energy for no reason, the funny thing with Kundalini energy is it can bring on motion but it can also bring on motionlessness, realigning our chakras are a good example of this I feel.

Think on this, what actually causes our chakras to become unaligned in the first place? Motion, a chaotic expression of a consciousness in motion, this can be an expression of too much desire or control for example. The reason this occurs is due to our physical minds, they are always in motion and at times chaotically in motion. Now this chaos I feel is due to an unaligned expressive consciousness due to the fixation of the mind. What Kundlaini energy does in our case is realign these energies of consciousness to become  motionless to one degree or another. 

Why can Kundalini energy give us a more in-depth meditative experience?  I feel it's all to do with how this energy can influence us to become less expressive of motion, once you lesson motion, you align the chakras and once you fully align these chakras, you become this Kundalini energy, basically you become one with the spirit of all things.                   

This however doesn't mean you become one with God's consciousness, to do this takes one to go on from Kundalini energy and become this pure wisdom. I feel Kundalini energy isn't pure wisdom but it is the life force within all things, in other words it's the life force and creator of everything of motion. You could say here that God's consciousness is the father and Kundalini energy is the mother, yin and yang. Is Kundalini energy Gaia??    

Basically what I am saying is this Kundalini energy gives birth to all living things through motion, this includes the entirety of the universe itself and everything within it where's God's consciousness give it's it wisdom and consciousness. This isn't saying Kundlini energy doesn't give us a more aligned consciousness because that is exactly what it does, well, in my mind anyway. 

Please again don't take what I write as being gospel,  it has always only been a reflection of my own perceptions.              

Monday, 2 November 2015

Energy of Kundalini

Written by Mathew Naismith

I should firstly point out I'm not that well conversed with the aspects of Kundalini energy, most of what I do know about this energy is through my own experiences, only some of what I know comes from my own research.

I look at Kundalini energy as the spirit within all things, however, I have found out recently that many people disagree with this view, to them this energy can only be of a human nature and experience, there is no way a tree for instance can experience a kundalini energy flows or be of Kundalini energy period. I do understand where these people are coming from though.

There is a lot of reference to the coiling of energy within the lower spinal area of humans, this gives the perception that this energy is only of human nature, this reference however doesn't mean Kundalini energy is only of human nature. Explaining it like this is only giving reverence for humans to refer to, otherwise a lot of people won't be able to comprehend the existence of this energy flow within themselves. 

Extract: ``Kundalini'' literally means coiling, like a snake. In the classical literature of hatha yoga kundalini is described as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. The image of coiling, like a spring, conveys the sense of untapped potential energy. Perhaps more meaningfully kundalini can be described as a great reservoir of creative energy at the base of the spine. It's not useful to sit with our consciousness fixed in our head and think of kundalini as a foreign force running up and down our spine. Unfortunately the serpent image may serve to accentuate this alien nature of the image. It's more useful to think of kundalini energy as the very foundation of our consciousness so that when kundalini moves through our bodies our consciousness necessarily changes with it. 

It would seem to me Kundalini energy is in reference to consciousness period, it refers to an energy flow that exists within all life forces, not just of one kind of life force. The coiling of the snake refers to untapped potential energy, however, for a tree, this energy isn't untapped so to some people kundalini energy doesn't refer to a tree for instance because a trees energy potential isn't untapped like humans.

What I understand is, Kundalini energy isn't just in reference to untapped potential energy, it's in reference to an energy that resides in all living things. Now with this statement we could perceive that Kundalini energy only exists in physical living forces but again this isn't so.     

Kundalini has also been made in reference to chi which is also known as Ki, Qi or Prana. Chi refers to a life force universal energy, if there was no comparison, why make reverence to chi and Kundalini energy being of the same or simular energy flow?        

Also, if an energy flow is untapped, this is obviously making reference to a consciousness that hasn't tapped into an energy flow or to a source of consciousness unconscious to a conscious energy source. Making reference to something being untapped is all to do with a consciousness of some kind for only an unconscious or an unaware consciousness can experience an untapped source of energy.

Consciousness itself is actually referring to a universal life force, it's not just referring to a physical life force experiencing physicality as Kundalini energy isn't just of  human nature.

We also often refer to a Kundalini energy as just an experience when Kundalini energy isn't actually referring to an experience but an energy flow that can be experienced. It's important not to just look at Kundalini energy as just an experience, it's far far more than this.

Can Kundalini energy exist without a form of consciousness?

Kundalini energy isn't actually a conscious source, therefore, Kundalini energy can exist without consciousness but I feel consciousness can't exist without Kundalini energy flows, this is why I refer to Kundalini energy as the spirit within all things.

You can also here make reference to the spirit of God's consciousness being of Kundalini energy. Now this seems like we are again making reference to Kundalini energy being of a consciousness, in this case God's consciousness, this isn't so.

The only way God's consciousness, or any consciousness, can be expressed is through the spirit of God, this means for any consciousness to be expressed, either physically or not, this consciousness needs a source of energy to do so, in this case it's what is called Kundalini energy.       

The interesting thing here is, until God's consciousness is expressed, this represents  untapped potential energy, interesting isn't it!!  This of course is making reference to this energy not just being of human nature, it's of the nature of everything.

If our chakras are not aligned or in tune, we will not be able to tap into this energy, the spirit of all things (Kundalini), we will be hindered by what ever chakra we have not aligned to. This actually means we will not be able to tap into the rest of God's consciousness, it will stay untapped for us.

This however is very easily overcome by recondition our minds to perceive from Kundalini energy to the mind, not from the mind to the Kundalini, this means allowing your mind to perceive through Kundalini energy flows. Firstly, don't try to condition your mind to accept this kind of energy, it will probably literally blow your mind, allow your Kundalini energy to freely flow. Now for this to occur we need to let go of control as the mind is conditioned to control, once you condition your mind to refrain from taking control, all your chakras will open up. What actually blocks our chakras? Control, what happens when we meditate, how much of the physical environment are we in control of while meditating? Zilch.........Just learn to let go and all will reveal itself.