My quotes & Poems

A selection of my own quotes & poems that I have added to my blog in the last four years that I thought I would share with you.  

It is wise to be influential, it is unwise to be predominantly influential for there is no wisdom in one's own influence.....Mathew!!      

"A controlling ego will always fear acceptance of what is, this is because it fears sitting in the quietness of what is, this is why the ego will always try to control the truth of what is".......Mathew 

"Being aware of the truth of what is, not what our ego's desire it to be,  is balance, a balance not governed by control".....Mathew

A true spiritualist will express all of what is either it be of the ego or not, one is never less worthy to express than the other!!  

Life is no more than a journey taken by consciousness; it takes consciousness to be aware of such journeys for a journey to exits…..Mathew

Faith is beyond pragmatic thought; it’s beyond the levels of understanding of a pragmatic thinker……Mathew  

Life is an experience we can either learn from or suffer from, once life becomes something to suffer from; we have stopped learning......Mathew

This is my path, my space and it’s worthy…….Love Mathew

My path, our journey……Love Mathew

“There is nothing more soothing than being in the moment of love and beauty void of any intentions what so ever “…….Love Mathew

All what one has to do is focus, focus on the inner knowing not what the controlling ego wants us to focus on……..Love Mathew         

I know I am not just of the light or dark, I am all that is……..Love Mathew     


The human self needs intentions to evolve, the spiritual self needs no such things because spirituality is about being in the present moment without action or reaction……..Love Mathew

There is no past or future, why? 
When we think of the past it’s always in the present moment
When we think of the future it’s always in the present moment
The past and future are always of the present moment no matter what!!

Being of power or powerless has no significance within spirituality for in either we have separation and judgment of the other…..Love Mathew

The less we try to be, the more we will be what we were trying to be, it’s all within the stillness of our breath!!.....Love Mathew

Be humble within your thoughts and all will appear....Love Mathew

Indeed, it's an illusion if we think we have saved ourselves when others are still to be saved, it's all or nothing……Love Mathew

A life of blissful dreams
In swelling in the depth of my being
Awakening my soul to swiftness of my being
Allowing me to be
My blissful little dreams

"Come into the light, you need not be afraid for I am in image of you as you of me"……Mathew

What we need to know can only come from within, not from external sources!!.......Mathew

Truth is but an illusion, how else can it be so misleading!!.....Mathew

We are not controlled by destiny for we are that destiny, we create destiny, it doesn’t create us unless that is what we choose to create!!.......Mathew

Emotions give us desires but feelings give us what we need the most, love and harmony!!......Mathew 

Just let go and see what happens!!......Mathew  

The eternal flame of our true consciousness is who we are, the ephemeral flame is not, it’s only momentary unlike who we truly are, the eternal flame……Mathew

Don’t back down, Jesus and Buddha faced all kinds of destructive forces but they never backed down from such adversities, they continued on their quest no matter what!!.........Mathew

True positive thinking; the incapability of detecting negativity in all things!!......Mathew 

Tribal mentality is of the inner voice, it’s a collective mentality that brings the inner voice forth!!......Mathew 

Wisdom comes from being always neutral in one’s observations……..Mathew

The past is a guide to our future, it's not our future!!........Mathew

There is a lot to be said about love and light for they are of awareness and wisdom, awareness and wisdom instinctively creates love and light…….Mathew

To love is to not live in the darkness of ignorance but to live without the ego telling us how to love and be loved, awareness is the true essence of being of love…….Mathew

There is only one true ideological principle and that is the culmination of all principles into one once again!!........Mathew

There is a purpose to all that is, what that is has different and varied interpretations but no matter what the interpretation of what purpose that is there is still a purpose. One should always focus on the purpose itself, not on the interpretation of the purpose……..Mathew

Pure awareness isn’t of problems or solutions; it’s just not conscious of such separation as it has no problems and solutions to separate in the first place!!.......Mathew

The psychological trauma of the collective is apparent; all we need to do is to collectively seek therapy in each of us to overcome such trauma in the life of human history……Mathew

Too much thinking isn’t the problem; it’s the thinking of this being a problem in the first place that could be the problem!!.......Mathew

The divine within shines through when we stop judging a right and wrong within everything and only see another creation of ourselves!!.........Mathew   

Dogmas can’t exist without a controlling ego, once the ego is tamed, dogmas will quite automatically disappear……..Mathew

Who is more spiritual, someone who practices in spiritual rituals or someone who suffers to show where the collective needs to change things in life to go onto the next level of consciousness!!.......Mathew

Wisdom and Light
Living in the shadows of the
Mind is nothing like living in
The light of the mind.
The shadows of the mind
Distort all reflections where 
The light of the mind enhances
All reflections to it’s utter most.

The shadows of the mind
Inhabit the ego where’s
The light of the mind has
No ego to inhabit thus
Is the light to the mind
Showing the mind where
 It’s gone astray.
 A mind of the shadow only
 Enhances the ego
Shrouding the mind from
Where it’s gone astray.

Thus we have a showing of
Wisdom from a mind not
Shrouded by the ego or the
Shadows of such ego.
We have a mind of light
And wisdom for wisdom
Is of the light not of the
Shadows…..Love Mathew

Be the Buddha and face it to heal it not bury it under our own egos……Mathew    

A thing of true beauty isn’t what we see but what we feel…….Mathew

We are living in the shadow of the light, how are we going to perceive who we are while living in this shadow if we don’t know if we are of this light!!.......Mathew 

Dark matter isn’t dark; it’s grey matter in meditation waiting to be awoken to create again. The universe is a good example of this!!........Mathew

Our own illumination creates darkness through outshining those of lesser energy therefore darkness is only a perception brought on by our own illumination!!.......Mathew

Thought and thoughtlessness are but our own perceptions of what is in different ways, they are still both just a perception of what we know not of what we don’t know!!.......Mathew

Life can be either a predetermined factor or a factor that can never be predetermined, only conceived. One can be very harmful, the other not so harmful, which one would wisdom choose to be!!.......Mathew 

Evil can only see evil in evil otherwise evil doesn’t exist. The ego isn’t evil only to the evil minded!!.....Mathew 

May you be free as a butterfly to go where you please within the beauty of your own presence. ........ Mathew

The ego is only as bad as our expression of it!! ........ Mathew

Life trials and tribulations are only hard to go through if we don’t learn from them; actually there are no trials and tribulations, just experiences!! ........ Mathew

Being aware of all perceptions being as one, no matter how opposing they seem, will give us a better perception to build upon over all........ Mathew

Technicolour dreamtime isn’t a dream if we can perceive past our black and white perceptions, it can very much become a reality instead of left as a dream!! ........ Mathew

Technicolour dreamtime is not just a dream but a dream that could become a reality if we could only perceive past a black and white world........ Mathew   

"Life's not tough on us, we are tough on life"........ Mathew

Once we find the beauty within, we then realise there were no boundaries in becoming who we really and truly are!! ........ Mathew

The signs are there to move on, all we have to do is be aware of them......... Mathew

New world mentality enhances all of what is without destroying a thing in the process and of course it’s something that has to be learnt not expected!! ........ Mathew 

Consciousness doesn’t have form until we put an emotional attachment to it!! ........ Mathew  

My finger was severed from my hand, if I thought I was that finger is that an illusion or delusion? A delusion, so then is this reality an illusion or a delusion if we think this is all we are? If you said illusion the finger therefore no longer exists when it obviously does!! ........ Mathew

A controlling ego is a mental sickness, even to the core of the astral mind, which needs to also be diagnosed and treated by astral therapists!! ........ Mathew 

Life shouldn’t be lived as a lie but the closest to the truth as one can get!! ........ Mathew

Love works by neutralising all in opposition to itself!! ........ Mathew

A wise old owl once said, "awareness isn't what you can see in the dark but how the dark teaches you to become more aware while in the dark", it's actually how you become aware not that you are aware that gives us wisdom!!" ........ Mathew

The mentality of the mind is only as good as our suppressants!! ........ Mathew

The mind is only aware of what it can comprehend; anything beyond this is a blur........ Mathew

Life hurts only when we react!! ........ Mathew

Being always a student, I will always see a master in front of me. ........ Mathew

Wisdom is defined by how aware we are of the flaws that make up our wisdom!! ........ Mathew

Wisdom is free to all who don’t try to acquire it but accept it for who we are!! ........ Mathew  

Each person’s perspective makes us so much more aware if we are willing to listen!! ........ Mathew

Life is a concoction of fragmented consciousness fighting it out for a reason until life becomes aware of it’s unified state of consciousness!! ........ Mathew  

"The beginning is the end of all we thought everything was"........ Mathew

Wisdom is also of the young and of all genders these days, we are just not wise enough to realise this yet!!........ Mathew

There is nothing more exalting to oneself and all around us than living for a need before considering living by desire!!

All consciousness is of the same consciousness, we just assume it’s not which is what makes this reality what it is, a consciousness of chaos!!........ Mathew

Two lives in one lived at the same moment of the present…….. Mathew

I am nothing that you can’t see within me, only what’s within you!!......Mathew 

Once we stop thinking in time all we will ever need to know will just materialise as if it was always there!!......Mathew

Time is a wonderment of nature, it creates and recreates time after time, there is always a start and end point of creation however there are other way to exist!!....Love Mathew

True balance in life would take us to neutralise all opposites into one or exist in the centre point of two opposing forces, which one is easier to obtain and sustain?....Love Mathew 

True freedom is knowing you own nothing in life including your thoughts, it’s all on loan!!....Love Mathew 

The egoist mind manifests chaos, actually to think of manifesting is egoist however a mind within quietness is quite unable to manifest such chaos and is always content and at peace!!...Love Mathew

Everything we need is within, everything we desire is somewhere else. One denotes an internal journey and the other an external journey, spirituality is an internal journey!!....Love Mathew

Fear is demurring to our truer selves for the ego will protest anything that takes control away from itself!!....Love Mathew

Knowledge is knowing what we are aware of, wisdom is being aware of what we don't know!! ....Love Mathew….Love Mathew 

Balance is obtained through seeing less of a difference in everything thus squeezing out the effects of chaos in our lives!!....Love Mathew

To be aware of being a protector is true awareness, to be unaware of such stature denotes a self-serving ego!!.....Love Mathew

God’s and Goddesses roam the world in millions; it’s only our ignorance of this that keeps us in our mortal state of awareness!!....Love Mathew  

All we are aware of is our path, all what we aren't aware of is someone else's path!!....Love Mathew

A balanced existence isn’t a self-desired existence but a desire to serve the collective, serve the collective for true balance not the individual!!

To be aware of enlightenment one would have to be of enlightenment otherwise you wouldn't be aware of such enlightenment!!

Intuition can take away what we will naturally feel while being human, the key is balance!!

True light comes from within, not somewhere else    

Become aware of the difference between knowing to actually feeling for all it takes is awareness, preferably without the knowing, for things to come collectively together

Balance is pure bliss, anything other than this is what we make of it!!

Life is abounding with different feelings however once we categorise a certain feeling within a certain slot we have lost ourselves in chaos!! 

Loving the path we tread is different to loving the scenery to where our path takes us.  Once we learn to love our path the scenery will never lead us off our path again!!          

Serenity only comes to those who admit to not being perfect as opposed to trying to be perfect.  The act in trying only gives us more chaos, just be!!

The further aware we become the less we feel we need to judge

“A sparkle of dust upon the earth is all that is needed for change to take effect, sparkle to your heart’s desire. “…Love Mathew

“We have all been created from dust particles however we were all conceived through consciousness!!”…Love Mathew  

Live and let live, be and let be, this is living within our own story without being influence by other stories lived!!      

A life lived is at least one story told!! 

Don’t just stop & smell the flowers, stop and become the flower from within!!

The need to understand denotes a controlling ego, the need to just know to become aware of these understandings denotes an ego no longer in control  

The world is abounding in energy, all we have to do is figure out how to use it constructively. Maybe we should ask the youngsters of the world how to use such energy!!!

Light is the source of all imagination and without imagination we have no creation, it’s as simple as that!!

“Yes, what we know we know but do we know what we know without question? If not we really never knew in the first place, it was just an assumption of us knowing!!”…Mathew Naismith

Spirituality is mindfully perplexing to anyone not of interest, we must be aware of this if we want others to accept us for who we are!!

A fragmented reality is not an accepting reality, an accepting reality is a true collective reality no matter what our ego wants us to believe!!

“I hear the wind blowing smoke into my eyes when my eyes are closed, I smell the site of the smoke billowing before me, I can touch the smoke with in the wind, I hear the smoke without the wind, I can do most anything within the silence of my own breath for as long as I am silent’….Love Mathew 

"Judgement upon ourselves is never going to be kind, it is much kinder on ourselves to judge others"….Love Mathew

It is funny how our paths intertwine with others at times helping ourselves & others stay on track!!

Tick tock tick tock what has time blocked said the mouse running up the clock?  Tick tock tick tock said the clock, tick tock, so what is blocked from the endless tick tock of my clock, tick tock tick tock!!    

“Synchronicity is our shadow coming together to collectively once again be at one with ourselves”…..Love Mathew

“Being aware of our euphoric conditioning in spirituality can only lead to wonders & myths being reclaimed from a past of despair!!”….Love Mathew         

“Meditation is the process of releasing the control of time on ourselves!!”…Love

“Nothing is what it seems to the ego self only with a controlling ego is everything is what it seems!!”…Love Mathew   

“Time has it’s place but so does timelessness, we have just forgotten about timelessness to give us that balance we need within time itself!!”….Love Mathew    

“A bee sting butt hurts most people for a moment, why? It’s sting isn’t ego controlled however human history is another matter!!”....Love Mathew       

“The creativity of time is enormous & infinite, it should never be scorned for it’s creativeness for if we do we scorn ourselves thus we create more scorn, time is infinite in many ways is it not?”....Love Mathew  

“Timelessness is nothing more than feeling one is truly at home, at one & at piece with the rest of creation!!”....Love Mathew

“Time represents many paradoxes in spirituality but timelessness has no such paradoxes”…Love Mathew

“Dust upon the water dissolves into the abyss of the unknown not knowing what will become of it. Does it really matter once we release being controlling like the dust after all the dust, like ourselves, is eternal no matter what happens to it!!”....Love Mathew

“Positive thoughts beget positive thoughts so when we receive a negative thought from another is this because we were negative in our thoughts? Yes because positive thoughts to some are of negativity in that they threaten one’s fear within, some people live on fear!!”….Love Mathew 

Nothing is wise until it learns wisdom can’t be gained but remembered & for one to do this one must truly know one is immortal & eternal!! ….Love Mathew

“Wisdom is in the inner depth of all beings, all we have to do is wise up to it!!!”.....Love Mathew 

Withering into blissful nothingness is all is needed when trying to obtain peace for it’s within this withering peace is found through humbleness!!.....Love Mathew 

“An untamed bird sat upon my shoulder wondering what was all the fuss about being fearful of me, (us). Awareness itself breaks many barriers where’s knowledge of harm will only enforce such barriers!!”.....Love Mathew

"Time is of ego & ego is only of time, once we lose time we lose the ego!!"...Love Mathew

"In our misunderstandings we find our limitations through the ego for the ego doesn’t like looking inadequate in any way!!"....Love Mathew

"The mind is of time, are our immortal selves of time? We are not immortally of our minds or of time, only our mortal selves are!!"....Love Mathew

'"Absolute will is only substantiated through our immortality; anything else is of mortal virtue. In this immortal existence can permanent thoughts prevail over transient thoughts!!".....Love Mathew

"Life isn’t a simple process of acceptance because we are all attached to life in different ways which gives us non-acceptance. Nothing is right nor wrong it’s just different with different acceptances & non-acceptances!!".....Love Mathew

"Wearing our emotions on our sleeve is only conductive to the ego not our true selves!!"...Love Mathew

“Wisdom comes from many things, even lacking confidence can have it’s benefits but only if we are wise enough to realise this in the first place!!”…..Love Mathew

"Wisdom lives in the shadow of the unwise until one is wise enough to realise this"....Love Mathew 

Pondering within oneself can only lead to wisdom for it’s within this pondering wisdom lies!! 

“Life is but a renewable force forever changing with the flow of all else that exists.”….Love Mathew    

“A new year, a new age, a new dawn, the infinite eternal newness of life ever evolving ever renewing & ever changing. We are all the very essence of infinite eternal newness.”…Love Mathew       

"The ego asks love, “What’s in it for me to love” & love replies, “To love & be loved uncontrollably”.  It is far easier for the ego to hate than it is to love when the ego is in control!!"...Love Mathew   

“Knowledge is a formulation of ideas to come, real knowing has nothing to form, it already is!!”

"A petal falls from a flower, is the flower still a flower!!  It’s not until all the petals fall that the flower becomes no more a flower, are we too like the flower within our own common sense reasoning?".....Love Mathew


“Consciousness is imagination gone wild where’s logic is the separation of ourselves from consciousness”…Love Mathew

“Whatever you could imagine is already a part of the collective consciousness”…….Love Mathew

“Faith is the belief of something more than we know or understand logically, foresightedness!!”…..Love Mathew

“True consciousness doesn’t exist as a definable object or thing but as all without any definition”…Love Mathew

“Awareness period is not an easy road to follow but well worth the try!!”…Love Mathew

“Life is forever changing through many doors of diversity, its infinite”….Love Mathew

“It is far less fearless not fearing fear than it is to fear fear, confront your fears within yourself as being a part of yourself & become fearless ”….Love Mathew    

“One must be wise within ones knowing to gain wisdom”….Love Mathew

“Life is about many colours, it’s the way we perceive the shades that makes the difference”….Love Mathew

“A threat is an illusion until we believe in one thing instead of everything”…Love Mathew

“Faith in man is faith in oneself for without faith in oneself one will never have faith in man”….Love

“To believe or not to believe that is not the question, the question is, are we able to believe, that is the question”…… Love Mathew

“Extremism has no balance”…Love Mathew

“True positive thinking comes from the acceptance of our differences not opposing our differences with positivity”….Love Mathew

“Life’s a bore when one has already found contentment”…….Love Mathew

“Life is about the inner quality of substance not the outer vessel for the outer vessel is only what substance makes it” ….Love Mathew

Time is of the essence of being
as every moment is precious,
time is indeed precious for every moment
for without time precious moments
just wouldn’t be. No more precious
moments, what I thought that would be
to think to be without these precious
moments of time. Oh what I life we have
 with these precious moments of  time that
 give so much joy in life. Time is indeed of the
essence of joy, what a time to be in the essence
of time itself for time gives so much for us
to enjoy, this is the true essence of time.


One little thing.
All it takes is one little thing.
The difference between life &
death is one little thing. The
 difference between extremes
is one little thing. One little
 thing can either break us
or make us. There is only
 one little thing between
being smart & not so smart.
So what is this one  little
thing that rules our lives so?
 It’s the thing of life & of
 life itself, it is one little
thing which so very much
a part of all our lives is this
one little thing.

”Things will come things will go, what will be is what will be, one can never tell which is which until one awakens enough to tell what one is to be”. …Love Mathew

“Life is but a sprinkle of dust upon the earth if disturbed it will flounder about in parts settling upon whatever it comes across, this is true acceptance & wisdom within the dust that was once disturbed”…..Love Mathew

”Don't look at life full of trials & tribulation but an ever evolving door”…..Love Mathew 

Life is but a dream of dreams
to be followed by more dreaming
The end of dreaming never ceases
even when we die as it’s all but
a dream of dreams to be wondered
It’s this wonder that makes dreams
a dream for without wonderment
it is no longer a dream but a nightmare
What a wonder it all is
but to live a dream of dreams
Love Mathew
“Why chase oneness when we are already living it through our chosen path” …Love Mathew
“Our destiny is our destiny that we have chosen to be our destiny, we have no right to demand we be taken out of such chosen destiny as we chose such a destiny in the first place”

“Ignorance is the shadow of oneself, if one wishes to wear it fine but it should never be pushed onto those who  know they are more than just a mere shadow of themselves”.

“There is nothing mystical about the unknown only the known, so if you are questioned about your beliefs in mysticism just say it’s only mystical to you as you not the understanding of something more than you believe!!!”.....Love Mathew

Regretting something is a lot better than not having regretted for if you had no regrets you have no experiences & to have no experience is to not have lived at all. …Love all Mathew  

We are the Supreme Being itself unless we choose not to be as this is our quest or answer in to being or not to being. We make life what it is the way it is in our own existence; the choice is ours to make not someone else’s!! …Love all Mathew  

“Before you ask a question the answer is already there therefore to have a question answered the answer must be there to ask the question in the first place for without the answer you have no question. There is always an answer for the question to be asked &never the other way round, true perception is in answering the question before the question to be can be answered in your own mind, remember the answer is always there to be questioned not the question for the answer!! …Love all Mathew    

Smartness is of the brain wisdom is of the heart, one will always compliment the other but should never be the same for if this is so it always becomes something it shouldn’t be without guidance from the other. …Love all Mathew  

If you look close enough you will see a mirror image of who you really are as life is but a reflection of you in its truest form. …Love all Mathew  

This life itself is but a drop in the ocean compared to eternity so why waste it!!! …Love all Mathew  

If you open your heart in shall it flow like liquid blessings from above. …Love all Mathew  

Time is only of the essence of what one believes in like so many others things in our humanistic state of mind. …Love all Mathew  

Love is like a sprinkle of dust upon the Earth it goes where ever the wind blows not knowing where it will end, as free as it is there always comes a day of peaceful rest for all of love to be.
……Love Mathew

Life is like an expression on ones face, if you frown life frowns with you but if you smile life becomes that very smiles. Try it even through the most difficult times; you don’t have to frown because it’s expected of you, you know!!!.....Love Mathew

Philosophy is of the essence of understanding of mind, body & soul, between them they make a human, thinking, acting & being. The mind & body can’t exist without the soul & the soul is nothing without the mind & body for one can’t be without the other to make you whole, philosophically speaking of course!!......Love Mathew

Awaken shall we walk asleep may we dream it's all a process of learning to know & believe.
...Love Mathew
For one is weird to thee as he the understanding of more than one can comprehend so if he is weird so be it as he knows more than thee who have no understanding of the knowing of he. Told you I was weird!!!!...Love Mathew

 “The world is only as big or small as you wish & perceive as it is what you make of it that determines its size & value”….Love Mathew

“People are about life, life is about living & living is about you, it’s all a simple process of being about life, as life flows through the waters of being  in shall life be with all that we have created through our own living”….Love Mathew

“Life will always be life no matter how we go on our journey through life it is still life, we make of it as we will for without life we are lifeless nothings floating about looking for a home to create our own being”…Love Mathew

You need the bad to appreciate the good for without the bad there is no good, the bad shows us what is good for we wouldn't know what is good without the bad as the good would be nothingness without the bad to show us the good...Love Mathew

"Loving unto thy self is as important for our existence as drinking from the eternal waters of life itself, it will never dry up when you eventually find that internal love in the eternal waters of one's self".....Love Mathew

“Being wise is only a part of our journey into enlightenment, knowing how to use our wisdom & knowing is another part of our journey, it all comes together when we find that wisdom is only the start of our long journey into eternity as there is always more knowing to have to be wise about than we will ever know”….Love Mathew

”Nothing is never lost once something is, it only seems that way to us”…Love Mathew

"Life after all is a wondering in one’s own smoke, the joy of this wondrous journey is beyond our knowing until we clear the smoke"…Love all Mathew  

“We have to seize the moment for the moment as this moment may never come again, the thought of the final outcome should never dictate our enjoyment of the moment for if we did the moment may never have been experienced in its splendour by the & what a loss that would be”. . ..Love Mathew

“So as life will be as it comes onto the, lessons of some kind will show it’s ugly head just at the right time when learning is at its best”.…Love all Mathew  

“Life’s never what it seems, as we grow & mature our own knowing changes too from what we thought was right for us in the first place, it shows our expansion into a wiser evolutional existence” …Love all Mathew  

“The ponderings of mankind will seem eternal but in moving on everything except the creative force itself, for which we are a part of, will cease to be for we would have then reached the light of enlightenment, it’s the journey to this light that’s important not the light itself for the light is evermore unlike man & his realities.”..Love Mathew

“To be aware of one’s circumstances that one’s living in is half the battle the rest is just pleasurable joy if that’s what one chooses” …Love all Mathew  

” As I am only individually a grain of sand on the beach as we are all holistically in the universe but collectively my grain of sand helps make up a beach as all of us holistically do in the universe, it’s the harmonious reverberation between us that makes one whole”…Love Mathew

“Being thoughtful of oneself only leads to selfish ignorant behaviour but being thoughtful of your fellow human brings you glee in knowing you have done the right thing, life after all isn’t just about ourselves but of the world”…Love Mathew

“Yin & Yang, One teaches the other by defining who they are”….Love Mathew

“Blessed are we beyond all comprehension for as we travel to our chosen destiny we know no better for it’s this not knowing that gives us the TRUE WISDOM of knowing the betterment of man & woman kind for if we knew what was expected of us we wouldn’t be as we are for it’s this unknowing that gives us freedom to live as we choose & to choose as we go. It’s also of this being that gives us true deliverance from ourselves & what we have made of our world”.….Love Mathew

“We are each other’s brothers & sisters living in a world of our own but holistically bonded by the same creative force, let’s all be friends & try to accept & understand each other for who we are, the same destiny awaits us all”….Love Mathew

“Arrogance is of the old not of the young”. …Love all Mathew  

“I believe theorising leads to growth, an expansion of thought beyond stagnation of ones thought process.”…Love Mathew

“We are what we are as we chose to be where we are, in choosing our chosen life we agreed to the limited consciousness of understanding thus we need to be more merciful in allowing for our own short fall”…Love Mathew

“One never knows one path until you cross it, life's never ending trails wind through all that is unbeknownst to thee until one finds what one is really looking for & only then can one say it’s all gone to plan”…Love all Mathew
“A summer flower is like love; once captured it sparkles in the eye of the beholder changing the truer perspective of one’s love of life for ever.” …Love all Mathew  

“To have experienced ones knowing is wisdom to have not is the real illation”. …Love all Mathew  

"If you believe it to be so so shall it be as we all live in a manifested world of illusions".…Love all Mathew  

“A gift of sunshine falls upon all of us at various times through our lives, we only need to be aware of such occurrences for it to be a gift”….Love all Mathew  

”If we sit quietly within ourselves & listen, one will find all that there is to know of this reality, within one the simplicities of life reside awaiting to be recalled”. …Love all Mathew  

“In fond loving remembrance; of my inner self so shall it give me the life I wish for not the life it wishes for me to take, inwards shall love flow ever inwards towards & to my truer self so my life will be mine to live as I want & then & only then after I learn to love my whole self-will my life be mine to govern how I please, the flowing of peaceful eternal love will shine from me as if it was always there giving as it has never given before changing the entirety of my world forever”. …Love all Mathew  

“The stillness of breath upon my being will endow me to follow my path according to my chosen abilities allowing me to witness the forthcoming revival of all true being upon this Earth by sanctioning my inner knowing (only) to permeate my being for its this inner knowing that is true & stillness itself, to allow such as thing to happen upon myself is to allow my true embodiment of my eternal soul to envelop my entirety  through truth alone for it’s my inner self that holds the only truth I need to know & not someone else’s misinterpretation of my being”. …Love all Mathew  

“Stillness is eternally righteous for it’s through this stillness one starts to listen to oneself & once this happens blissful loving truthful thoughts comes to ones being through knowing for it’s this knowing that sets us free from lies we once thought to be truths”. …Love all Mathew  

“Wisps of spiritual benevolence; flow all around me as I become increasingly spiritually aware of my inner knowing & in time & eventually one comes to a point in spiritual development one notices the spiritual whispers of wind no longer flow around thee but flutters it’s calming wings through my entirety, no longer am I just aware but have become awareness itself”. …Love all Mathew  

“Into benevolent loving spiritual arms I will go undaunted by any who wish to disarm my purity, life after all is of trials & tribulations that are always testing my benevolence & understanding of the things I cherish so in life, onwards on I flow never giving up my benevolence to no one for it’s this benevolence which will see me through to where I must go, into the arms of my loving true self”….Truly love all Mathew  

"Butterflies are of an ever changing cycle of life as life itself can only entwine itself within a cycle of life, death never exists within such cycle’s only life". …Love all Mathew  

“The truth comes in many forms but there is only one real truth, the inner truth of all mankind for which no one can fool with false truths”. …Love all Mathew    

“The inner rose, is of all, it’s the ones who know of the inner rose for what it is allowing it bloom from within devouring all around who know with the purist fragrance of all which is our eternal soul….the inner rose, gives off its aroma that frees us from all that has devoured our eternal soul….the inner rose, what a blessing she is to those who know”. …Love all Mathew     

‘The truth hurts all of us but once accepted it can never hurt again”. …Love all Mathew  

“Only from my inner self will truth blossom into a rose that will imbue my whole being into a new world of light’n’love beyond my imagination, then & only then will I aspire to greater heights never thought possible before I knew of the inner rose within”…Love all Mathew

A world of darkness & light:” I say; “I live in a world of dark & light of true balance but the light & dark are truly of the same once one finds this balance, so what is of this presumed separation of light & dark, is it not the same?”  The inner self replies; “the same it is, separation comes as we presume more than there is, presumptions of our own knowing & not of our inner knowing causes such affects”. …Love all Mathew  

“This whole reality is thought, existence wouldn't exist without thought therefore neither would we”!! …Love all Mathew  

“Where there is darkness light is sure to be for without light darkness wouldn't be” …Love all Mathew  

"The falling peddles of bliss will befall on the Earth giving onto it all the love & understanding one can take thus love will be reborn as if in heaven"     

"The blissfulness of pure love falls upon my shoulder as if to say take me into your heart for I can do no harm onto thee".  

“Sharing of one’s soul through the divine self is the only way one should have ever trod for this is the only knowing one really needs when one isn’t looking, in looking one will only see what the ego sees in whatever he sees but in noticing one becomes everything through one’s own divine inner self, in this treads the divine wisdom everyone wants”.

“Have trust in our own inner knowing not someone else's & just let it be as it is without reading into it more than there is”.

“The wisest words in the world will never help you unless you are willing to help yourself”.

“Truer understanding comes from acceptance of what is without conflict”.

“Life is but a wonder to be wondered until it is no longer wondrous” 

“Each man is his own universe & this is where true oneness resides not somewhere else”  
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