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Thursday, 30 July 2015

As Always, Balance is the Key

Written by Mathew Naismith

The void: I had an interesting conversation with another person who has studied the Bhagavad gita and the bible, it would seem  a lot of what I write, in one sense or another, relates to these ancient writings even though these writings seem so different to each other. What one should remember here, the bible is of symbolism, once you look beyond these symbols, you begin to become aware of the similarities between the bible and the  Bhagavad gita even though the Bhagavad gita is also directly expressionistic of  science analysis and reasoning. 

One of the major similarities is what some people call God’s consciousness, basically a consciousness that is motionless, to me people like Jesus and Buddha, and even Confucius, expressed a great deal of this God’s consciousness, a connection with a consciousness far beyond normal human comprehension. I also see a lot of spiritually aware  people who express love, harmony and understanding are also in one way or another expressive of this God’s consciousness.

The Bhagavad gita and the bible also don’t mention voids and illusions as such, yes we are deluding ourselves if we don’t think we are apart of this God’s consciousness, but they don’t say we are living in an illusion that isn’t real period. Taoism also doesn’t concur to voids and illusions denoting that any consciousness is unreal.  Taoism is about motion and motionlessness, meaning that Taoism is about this God’s consciousness but also about yin and yang. Yin and yang are all about being in motion so in Taoism motion is real and not an illusion as such. Basically illusions refer to all motions being unreal, an illusion.

God’s consciousness = void + motionless + egoless + oneness
Human consciousness =  occupied + motion + ego + yin and yang

Now I mentioned void in relation to this God’s consciousness only because I understand this God’s consciousness is void of motion, in other words it’s not occupied with expressing motions. Some people refer to this void as being void (empty) of consciousness period, this is supposed to be our true state. I’m not sure how a void is supposed to exist in this way without a consciousness being aware of it’s existence in the first place!!........But in saying this, a void in my mind exists.

It’s all to do with how this void exists, not if it exists or not, or that anything else not of this void is an illusion (unreal). A consciousness void of any motion what so ever would seem to us as a complete void of nothingness, void of any consciousness what so ever, this is all due to our conditioning. We are conditioned to think and feel through motions, anything not of this motion is going to seem to us as a complete void, a nothingness. We are trying to perceive from a point of motion to a point of no motion, it’s quite understandable we are going to see this motionlessness, this God’s consciousness, as nothingness, a complete void. So anything other than this void is going to be judged as an illusion by some people.

Perceiving beyond motion: Now observe yourself perceiving from a point of being motionless. From a point of this God’s consciousness, all you become aware of is consciousness expressing itself in various ways through motion, this doesn’t now make being motionless an illusion just because it’s motionless. Nothing is a true illusion, just like a void needs to exist, you need consciousness to judge what is and isn’t an illusion, illusions can only exist through consciousness though it’s judgment. This is why  God’s consciousness doesn’t judge as opposed to observe, there is no motion in this God’s consciousness to be expressive of consciousness. This however doesn’t make observing various forms of consciousness expressing itself an illusion, even though such consciousness’s are unaware of their own God’s consciousness. This would be like saying someone I can’t see behind me must be an illusion because I am unaware of them, being unaware doesn’t denote an illusion, it’s just simply being unaware.  

Let’s look at this in this way. In my last post I related a creek bed, with water running over  pebbles and into rocks, to our reality. This was stating that this reality is all about motions and different types of motions depending on the types of egos being expressed.  Now put yourself in a reality (a universe) of far less motion, just like we are to this reality, you are conditioned to that reality, would such consciousness’s think  and perceive the way we do? They couldn’t, because each reality has it’s own unique cycles of motions that influence the consciousness’s that exist within these cycles, these motions influence how aware these consciousness’s are going to be, this doesn’t make any other consciousness existing in a different reality an illusion.

Being of motion and motionless: Some people think we are only this God’s consciousness, this one consciousness and not all these separate consciousness’s expressing various forms of motions, in other words motion is again an illusion, it’s not real.

Being of a consciousness of motion or motionless, it’s still consciousness, it’s still one consciousness expressing itself in various ways because this consciousness is of motion and motionlessness, to me, only a controlling ego would judged otherwise. Of course the ego wants to always be something more grandiose than what it is, that’s quite understandable and natural within the influences we exist under, after all, it’s a reality occupied with motion which can keep us unaware of our motionless self, or, preoccupied with our motionless self.  As always, balance is the key.   

If we were conditioned to realities with less motion, we would think and react completely different to what we do within realities like this one,  it would be impossible to react any different to the influences of motions within a reality unless we were ourselves more aware. This is due to each reality (universe) having it’s own influences on consciousness. The reason why not all consciousness’s react the same within a particular universe, is due to becoming aware beyond these influences of motion of cycles. Each galaxy and solar system has it’s own influences as well.

Less motion = more awareness, the less of motion we are within ourselves, the less these cycles of motion will influence us, take a person who meditates a lot for example, they express less motion therefore become more aware. Modern day science expresses a lot of motion, however, the Bhagavad gita is different within it’s science understandings mainly because it expresses less motion. It’s as much about the  awareness than it is the motion of this awareness. In other words the teachings of the  Bhagavad gita shows an awareness of the implication of expressing such awareness before turning this awareness into motion, actually, the bible does the same, the ten commandments is a good example of this. 

Consciousness works the same  no matter what consciousness it is, the less it’s occupied in expressing this consciousness, the more aware it becomes due to being less preoccupied with the motion of this consciousness.  We however exist in a reality of motion, all we need to do in my mind is find balance within this reality but at the same time being aware that the more of motion we are expressive of, the less aware we become. Once we find this balance, our existence will change quite dramatically I feel.