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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A Collective Consciousness in Trauma

Written by Mathew Naismith

Cause: We often focus on individual trauma being only of individuals or even of a small collective groups, we forget that the human collective consciousness is also a whole consciousness that can also suffer trauma on a massive scale. Being aware that excessive trauma can cause psychological problems, you have to wonder what this kind of long term trauma has had on the human collective consciousness as a whole.

As of any trauma, once accepted as a trauma by a consciousness, any said consciousness is then able to deal with the trauma involved, this of course takes a consciousness to become aware and this is where a consciousness, individually or on a massive collective scale, can founder. Having worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life, you realise that most traumatised people, especially if the said trauma has caused psychological problems, will deny that they have a problem to start with, the emphasise is most often put on to someone else. Being that denial is one of the signs of a trauma having caused psychological damage, how is the said consciousness able to face and deal with such trauma when the consciousness itself is damaged or has psychological problems?

It is very unlikely that any consciousness that has suffered long term trauma ill be able to comprehend they have a problem to start with, therefore, such a consciousness will unlikely be able to face and treat the said trauma in an appropriate way. Any consciousness that consistently shifts the blame onto others, is a good indication that the said consciousness has psychological damage through excessive long term trauma. The said consciousness truly believes, or forces itself to believe, that the emphasis is on any other consciousness but themselves. A consciousness can become that damaged that it will never see itself as being destructive in anyway as everything they do, they can justify.

At the moment we have leaders and multinationals justifying the slaughter of children and women. We also have probable leaders stating that they will massively build up their arm forces, this of course will only lead to another massive arms war in the world, remembering, the last massive arms race came close to coming to war a number of times, a lot closer to war than a lot of people realise. Of course as of all destructive intent, the emphasis or blame is on others which is a sign of psychological damage. I should state, about Middle-Eastern people here either.....!!!

Extract: Emotional and psychological trauma is the result of extraordinarily stressful events that shatter your sense of security, making you feel helpless in a dangerous world.

Psychological damage comes from trauma, the more excessive and repeated the said trauma is, the more likely psychological damage has occurred. We might think this only happens to an individual or to a group of people, large or small, but psychological damage is quite apparent on a human collective conscious scale. It's bad enough when leaders in the world justify every destructive intent they have but when the average person starts to support these actions, you have to wonder how psychologically damaged is the human collective consciousness. The hate being expressed at present in the world, is a very good indication of an excessively traumatised consciousness. When a consciousness starts to justify it's hate, at this exact point is when a more aware consciousness knows that the said consciousness has serious psychological damage.

How traumatised is the human collective consciousness?

I will answer this question with another question, how often has the human consciousness race been without trauma for any significant period of time? At present, the human consciousness is never out of some kind of conflict on a human collective scale, this is above what traumas we are going through on the domestic scene. No matter the size or volume of consciousness involved, individually or collectively, all said consciousness is receptive to trauma especially on a massive collective scale. The bigger the trauma, the more likely psychological damage has occurred.

Yes, what I am saying is the collective human consciousness is psychologically damaged, it's psychologically ill from endless trauma over many centuries, this is obvious from the way we are justifying our own destructive intent.

Solution: The human collective consciousness needs rest and even sedation from their mental illness and it is a mental illness. Sedating in this case refers to existing in an environment that isn't conductive to destructive ways, it's like being institutionalised in a peaceful environment for the good of the consciousness as a whole. However, for this to occur would take the said ill consciousness to realise it's ill in the first place, furthermore, to bring forth this realisation, you need a more aware and nurturing consciousness to assist with the treatment.

As a spiritually aware people, we should never expect any obvious mentally ill consciousness to be able to realise they are ill in the first place, and further more, be able to treat themselves successfully, this isn't going to happen, the illness is too well entrenched within the collective psyche. We must become aware we are apart of the answer and treatment realising that the average person can be mad aware before they too become part of the illness. When you get the average person within a group, being of a culture, country or of a smaller group, endorsing excessive destructive intent, you have got to wonder what will occur if we, the aware, do nothing to help these people who are obviously mentally ill.

I should point out this isn't judgment, judgment being that I will ignore these people because they are of some kind of low consciousness. There not of a low consciousness vibration for no reason, they need help, this is pure observation and through this observation we become more aware. Avoiding a judged low vibration certainly isn't going to help, in actuality, it makes things a lot worse because there is no balance within the collective consciousness, only in your own consciousness.

Are people like me pulling something in to push something out? 

There is nothing to pull in, sanity and awareness are a natural part of our being, mental illness (insanity) and ignorance isn't, remembering, only a consciousness that is unaware (ignorant ) is able to become and stay insane. Basically, unawareness naturally creates trauma where there was no trauma thus making any said consciousness experiencing this trauma mentally unstable (insane) and naturally very destructive.

You could say that people like me are pushing something out by making human consciousness aware of it's mental illnesses. Is awareness pushing ignorance out of one's life? No, remembering it's all one consciousness no matter how a consciousness expresses itself. When we become aware, usually through observation as opposed to judgment, we recreate an ignorant consciousness into it's natural state which is an aware consciousness. We must realise that ignorant consciousness is always present no matter how much we try to push it away with a consciousness that is aware, you could say that ignorance and awareness are the yin and yang of life. How many of us are aware of everything? You see ignorance is always present no matter how aware a consciousness thinks it is, however, how mentally ill do we allow a consciousness to become before making it aware of itself?........!!!