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Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Difference between Souls & Ghosts/Spirits

Written by Mathew Naismith

Yet but another interesting little discussion going on that I thought I would share with you on the difference between souls & ghosts/spirits.  We all seem to have a different perspective on this topic which is quite interesting, it’s just different perspectives we all have making one neither right nor wrong over the other just different.   

What Do Ghosts Think?

Ghosts to me are formed by attachments gained through a life or lives lived. Ghosts can only interact with the physical through their own attachments that they have taken with them in the afterlife I believe, that is why we notice them at times otherwise we wouldn't know of their existence.

 Ghosts interact therefore think through their attachments that they have taken on in the afterlife & of course can be taken on into the next life they live which I believe we call karma.

 The reason the world isn’t full of ghosts is because of the difference between fixated & non fixated attachments. When we pass on most of us only take on attachments which don’t fixate our spirit to the previous physical life but fixated attachments can which we call ghosts I believe.

Sunder, if we were all the same, we would have the same personalities. You are incorrect in your assumptions which draws into question all of you supposition. I don't care about goals and souls. I am here to express this information since I Know I am on my last lifetime. Theosophy has been around for many years and that is what I practice. I've written a new updated version which is 29 pages at this time.
 I'll likely add more in the future. I would love to have you read my understanding on Facebook since you seem to need me to read yours...

G'day Eric
What makes our souls seem different is our attachments & experiences we have had through various lives, this in my mind doesn’t affect the core of the soul even though it seems too.

Humans seem to have to put humanistic attributes on everything so to us all souls have to be different however when you throw away these human attributes & related emotions we then see that all souls are the same especially initially from when it was created.

If you look back to when the soul were created how would all souls be different at that point when they came from exactly the same source & what seems to change them? They can’t be different so Individual experiences & attachments must seemingly change the soul & I do say seemingly because the core of the soul stays the same I believe.  

Yes the soul seems to become more aware through various lived experiences so this has to make all souls different however souls are of no time, there eternal. The reason why there eternal is everything has always existed just not in physical form but in pure conscious form. Yes it seems that our souls, once they reach a certain point, reach Walhalla but if you think on this there is also no time therefore any real starting or ending point however when we bring in time there’s a starting point & ending point therefore Walhalla.

How does one go back or forward in time? Predictions are made ahead of time because time doesn’t have to exist however the paradox is time has always existed but only when we want it too.  We as humans perceive there is a starting & ending point which gives us differences & ghosts/spirits which are of time & so is Walhalla. The funny thing is all these things of time also exist in no time as well where pure consciousness abodes, so to speak, but they are only in pure conscious form until we incorporate time within the equation.