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Monday, 2 March 2015

Do Pixies, Angels and Demons Exist?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had one of my clients walk past our house this morning; this was a client from my days while working in the welfare arena tutoring numeracy, literacy and wood woodworking. Anyway, while my ex-client was walking past, he was talking to himself as he usually does; at that exact point it came into my thoughts that these pixies are real, not just to my ex-client but really real. Why would I think such a thing, this ex-client of mine is obviously delusional? Not so!!

What happens when people lose their sight after having sight? The other senses are heightened; their other senses  become more sensitive to their surroundings, would not the human brain work in the same manner as our five senses, would not other senses take over from where the brain left off?

What is the brain other than what it is made of and how works? It’s consciousness; would not another consciousness become heightened when the brain stops functioning properly? What happens when we pass on, die, don’t our other senses become heightened, other senses of consciousness itself?  The point is it obviously would so, anyone with any kind of brain malfunction could indeed utilise other senses of consciousness!!

Now let’s look at using any other senses of consciousness itself, this is vast, far more vast than any human brain can comprehend, would not using other senses of consciousness take us into dimensions we can only dream up  within our imagination?

Let’ now look at a drunkard, an alcoholic, in extreme cases they seem to mostly see pink elephants. I should state here that the pink elephant is but a syndrome and is in relation to any kind of hallucination, in other words drunkards just don’t see pink elephants and pixies.  Pink elephants refer to anything not normal within this dimension. Do these pink elephants actually exist within the drunkard’s imagination?  I think they do but they are not of this dimension, if it’s not of this dimension it’s labelled a hallucination or a delusional episode, yes the mind can become delusional during brain dysfunctions  but are these dysfunctions causing us to utilise other senses of consciousness itself?  I actually think they can.

To me most people need a dysfunction to occur within their actual brain matter to become aware of other dimensions, this isn’t the case when we purposely or not desist in using our five senses, basically stop functioning wholly by brain matter. Once we desist in using the brain so much, other senses of consciousness become heightened I feel, this is due to the same reason to when sight is lost, other senses become heightened but only if we allow them to be and/or we are aware.  

So do pixies, angels and demons exist? Yes I believe so, I feel once we are utilising our brain differently, or not using it at all, we become heightened to other senses of consciousness itself, this is quite similar to a drunkard or anyone with a brain dysfunction except!!

The biggest exception between an actual brain dysfunction and utilising the brain differently or not at all is, one is mentally aware, which basically means control, and the other isn’t. The problem with actual brain dysfunction is we are not aware, we have no control in what we are going to experience, in other words we don’t control which dimensions we go into, it’s like a random occurring event.  

I honestly feel we cannot imagine anything that doesn’t exist, it might not actually exist in physical form and just as consciousness, but it does exist.  Is pure consciousness any less real than physical form? To me it shouldn’t be, is a ghost or a spirit any less real than any physical form? Actually a lot of people are saying the opposite these days, that physical form is but an illusion, to me however nothing is a true illusion; it’s neither one nor the other as it’s all just consciousness in different forms.

I also feel anyone not aware can experience an adaption of various dimension’s in the present moment, meaning, because everything is consciousness, we can create anything from mixing other consciousness forms from other dimensions, however, this doesn’t mean what we have created from maybe two or more dimensions isn’t real, it means we can create what we like from other dimension’s.  You could look at it as being less real but, consciousness is consciousness no matter what, I just don’t judge one consciousness being any less real than another, obviously different, yes, but not any less real.