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Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Truer Essence Of Feelings

Written by Mathew Naismith

While having dinner at a restaurant last night, my wife at one stage stated I was deep in thought as I had that look of being deep in thought, I replied, "No, not at all, I'm feeling my feelings". We so often mistaken our inner feelings as a train of thought when there more like a gut instinct, intuition or simply feelings with a deeper meaning.

The physical or even the non-physical mind can be conditioned to the extent it can no longer feel these deeper inner feelings, the mind can totally take over any influence these deeper inner feelings can have on us. In this case, the reality we create will be primarily based on thought processes which can totally negate our inner feelings. I couldn't think of anything worse, my whole life evolves around my inner feelings but I suppose what you don't have, you don't miss!!

Well....this isn't exactly true, what you don't have, you don't miss isn't true because before the mind was influenced by thought processes, our reality was primarily based on inner feelings. Just because our present state of mind isn't aware of this, doesn't mean we didn't have the ability to create realties primarily based on these inner feelings. However, it's quite understandable why the present unaware mind doesn't miss creating realities from inner feelings, it's become ignorant to such creations, how can you miss what you are unaware of?

Another reason why we miss creating realities from inner feelings is to do with our present reality, how many aware people know that if we expressed a more feeling reality, the present reality just wouldn't exist, it would be purely unable to exist within such a feeling reality.

It's very possible I could be full of my self here, I could be totally delusional in thinking there is anything like an inner feeling, a feeling that can create realities beyond our present scope of mind, however, there is something within this reality that tells us quite plainly of these inner feelings. 

While in discussion with a lecturer, I mentioned that art was more of feelings, basically, these feelings where more important than what an artist observes or even imagines. The lecturer seemed surprised that I understood the inner qualities of an artist, he of course confirmed my feelings and yes, they were just feelings not deductions. Artistry confirms that our inner feelings exist without a doubt, art, to me, clearly shows there is something beyond the five senses, beyond the thinking mind.

Now this brings us to meditation where you are supposed to think as little as you can. I would advice anyone not to try to not think, the act of trying to not think negates a non-thinking process to start with. Basically, we are trying to not think by the thing we are trying to not think with, the mind. A good art teacher will tell their students to not think but to feel what they are going to create, a successful meditation is performed in the same manner. To create a successful meditation takes feelings, first you have a feeling to meditate, then you feel you are mediating and everything that is experienced in a successful meditation is feelings. These feelings will of course at times materialise as an imagery, unless you are happy with this, try to avoid any imagery. It's like focusing on art, go past the image that the art is displaying by feeling the art through your inner senses, only in this way will you get the truer meaning of art, meditation works the same way.

We are well and truly conditioned to the processes of thought, thinking we need these processes to exist and create, any feelings we have are always attributed to thought processes thus negating our inner feelings. Could you imagine artistry being confined only to a thought process, what would be created would be minimal to what artists create today, artistry would be confined to certain fixed perceptions. As of artists creating their own reality in art form, we to could create our own unbound reality on a collective scale if we could only condition ourselves to feel again.

We have obviously fixated ourselves to live and create by the mind, as of anything created by the mind, it is limited to it's own perceptions. Inner feelings go way beyond these limited perceptions. These inner feelings have no limitation as art form shows us today but thought processed obviously do, how long have humans been warring for? Human existence seems to primarily evolve around conflicts, considering that all conflicts are brought about by a thinking process of one kind or another, it is obvious that thinking processes have there limitation but inner feeling don't.

As art clearly shows us, we don't have to be limited by a limiting thought process, set yourself free and feel.

I should also mention that thought processes are mostly about taking control in one sense or another. Inner feelings however have nothing to do with control or taking control, a good artist will never confine themselves to certain perceptions, they will in fact let go of any confining perceptions. Yes, we are artists one and all, we are creating an art form by creating the reality we wish to exist by, do we won't to be confined to a certain  reality or do we want to just set our confinements free. As an artist creating their own reality in art form void of these controlling confinements, we too can do the same, just let go and let your inner feeling go free of these confinements of the mind.              


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Feelings Are Observations!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

Finding Harmony

In the past two weeks my wife and I have been on holiday, in what we call in Australia, a holiday in the sticks or the bush, it’s basically a holiday out in nature. You would think that people who are spiritually aware would be right in their element, in actuality we felt more in tune in our environment at home than in nature.
This is very common, for example, a person from the city can feel less in tune with nature and the reason for this is simple. A reality based on city life is very different to a reality based on a reality more of the natural environment, one environment is natural the other unnatural.  The difference between city and country life is quite apparent here, however, the difference between a spiritually aware person’s home environment (reality) and nature isn’t as apparent; this is because a spiritually aware person’s home is more in tune with nature.
Once we create our own reality in our home environment, either that be in the city or country, all other realities automatically become out of tune with us to one extent or another, in other words, once we create a harmonious reality, all other realities feel out of tune with us to one extent or another. We can however find that the natural environment is just as much in tune with us than our home environment or we can also create a more harmonious environment at home than there is in nature, this sadly enough isn’t as common.

We so often find ourselves looking and taking observation outside our home environment to find harmony, meaning, we often look externally outside our own environment for harmony, this is very common, however, once you create a more harmonious environment/reality at home, no other reality you experience is as harmonious no matter how natural it is.

Don't get me wrong, I was often in tune with the natural environment while on holiday, in my case the natural environment reminded me of my own environment at home, I was sort of like pining, a deep longing, for my home environment.

One thing to be aware of is that our home environment can become a crutch or a fixation to a particular environmental reality, we could within such realities become unaware of other realities. Considering that any reality we create exists within other realities, it's not wise to become too unaware of these other realities.

Sixth Sense Feelings

Are what we feel also what we observe? When you consider an artists, what comes first, observation/imagination or feelings? Does a would be scientist have a feeling for science before learning how to observe through various science techniques?

Now let's also consider an infant, everything an infant detects through the five senses determines how the infant will feel, observation being one of them, how often does an infants eyes express what they are feeling through observation alone?

Believe it or not a good or brilliant artist will have feelings before observing what they are going to create or visualise, the same is with science, could you imagine a scientist not having a feeling for science? Now when we consider an infant, observation seems to determine what their are going to feel.

I'm going to once again go way out on a limb. There are feelings brought on by the five sense which psychologically stimulate our mind, all our five senses stimulate one kind of feeling or another. Let's now consider feelings beyond our five senses, most often artists, and brilliant scientists alike, delve into this realm, this is often called the zone. This zone is often obvious in some of the athletic feats some sports people portray as well. We are of course talking about a sense beyond the five senses, the sixth sense.

Do our sixth sense feelings determine what we are going to observe? Why do certain  people have a more of a feeling for science than artistry for example? Feelings determine what we are going to observe and how we are going to observe. Artistry is just as much about observation than science, be it often in a different perspective and perception to science.

Sixth sense feelings determine how we are going to observe, in actuality, they determine everything we are going to feel through our five senses, of course what we feel also determines what reality we create. From our infancy, we create a reality for ourselves based on our five senses, we are often conditioned to create realities in this way void of any influence from our sixth sense feelings.

I feel that artistry gives us a glimpse of this sixth sense feeling. Artistry often goes beyond the boundaries of the five senses as artistry is often influenced and conditioned by sixth sense feelings, in actuality, artists often express something very private in an open manner. Now consider my last post titled, Openness Leads To Closeness, we often perceive that artists are distant and reclusive but in actuality they are more open and truthful than a lot of us.


We, in a 3rd dimensional reality, perceive to observe we need sight of vision and to visualise we need the physical mind to imagine or perceive. This is correct in a reality based on 3rd dimensional five sense reality but not in a reality based on the sixth sense.

While predominantly using the sixth sense, feelings become observations, they become one of the same thing. As soon as sixth sense feelings create an observation through these feelings, a reality based on feelings is created through a consciousness observing these feelings. In a sense, all of what a 3rd dimension is about is being created from these sixth sense feelings being observed, in other words this reality is purely based on feelings being observed. Of course for this to occur, a consciousness outside of the limitations of the 3rd dimension needs to exist.

An art student is first instructed to use the five senses, basically one at a time, and yes, artists do use the five senses in one sense or another at first, this is a part of the process. I feel an art student is no longer a student when they purely feel what they are creating void of the five senses. Learning artistry conditions us to create what we feel, not what we observe. This 3rd dimensional reality is like an art form still being created, it's an art form created from feelings being observed and like many expressions of art, this 3rd dimensional reality is expressed in many different ways.

How many people are comfortable and in tune with all forms of art? Not many, this reality is no different, this reality is certainly more of a form of abstract art than traditional art where you only express what you observe, not what you feel.....

In 3rd dimensional reality, conditioned by the five senses, we predominantly feel through our observations. This is different when a consciousness is predominantly influenced by sixth sense feelings, these feelings become our observations, meaning, within this state, feelings are what we observe, abstract art is a very good indication of this.      

Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Way We Feel

Written by Mathew Naismith

The more spiritually aware we become, the less we think and the more we feel, however, at certain times these feelings bring on a lot of thinking, it’s important not to judge this as being unworthy to express. The reason for this lies in that these feelings are generating thought, not thought generating a certain thinking process. From birth, most cultures influence the people to think from a thought process, usually from people who are older like our parents for example, this conditioning is all about thinking from an already established thought process. Developing a thought process from feelings works quite differently.

It’s no mistake we feel more while becoming spiritually aware, this is mainly due to becoming more sensitive to our surroundings, at this stage we can become overly sensitive and judge what is and isn’t worthy to express.

The Hitler mentality: Most people would say Adolf Hitler was unworthy, however, people like myself don’t, this is because there are no worthy or unworthy expressions of consciousness, yes, Adolf Hitler was obviously more destructive than people like myself but should this mean we judge such expressions as unworthy? As soon as we do, we are expressing the same mentality than what Hitler expressed, in other words what is and isn’t worthy of expressing, for example, Jews weren’t worthy of their expressions so he judged them as unworthy, this is why we need to be aware of our feelings that spiritual awareness can bring on.

Recently I came across a spiritually aware person downing people for expressing their beliefs in the bible and God, the question here is, who’s expression is more worthy,  the believers in God or the non-believers? As soon as you are drawn into this mentality of worthy and unworthy, we become the very thing we judge as unworthy. Try to firstly become aware of what I call the Hitler mentality and avoid it at all costs if you truly want to become spiritually aware.

Religious fanatics have, unbeknownst to themselves, taken on the Hitler mentality, all else other than their own ideological beliefs are unworthy, do try to stay away from this mentality at all costs for it’s obviously highly destructive. If on the other hand you want to cause destruction and disruption (chaos), by all means take on this mentality as it’s no more or less worthy or unworthy than any other expression to express, however, spiritual awareness to me is supposed to be about avoiding such mentalities, it’s supposed to be constructive not destructive.

The reason for spirituality being more constructive is simple, the more aware you become, the less motion you express unless we allow our newly found sensitive feelings to dictate what is an isn’t worthy of expressing. If at this stage you feel, for example, the Hitler mentality isn’t worthy of expressing, you have allowed your feelings to influence your judgment upon what is and isn’t worthy. Once you get past this stage though, you will see that all expressions are worthy no matter how destructive or constructive they are, this is all due to the way we are now perceiving. Once you go beyond human conditioned perceptions, all expressions become worthy of expressing no matter what, this includes Jewish and other religious people’s perceptions.

Becoming spiritually aware can bring on insurmountable feelings, usually strong feelings of love and/or you become more sensitive to your immediate surrounding, in other words you become directly connected to what’s going on within this reality. You basically feel what the collective is going through in this reality, this is commonly called an empath.

Being an empath makes it more difficult to not judge what is and isn’t worthy, the chaotic destructive energy one can feel is hard not to judge, especially when  they are so different to our own. It’s important here to be aware of what I call the Hitler mentality, try not to judge a worthy or unworthy, just see these energy sources as just an expression of consciousness, nothing else. As soon as we see these expressions as something unbecoming, we ourselves start to express this Hitler mentality, through this motion, we become more expressive not less expressive. Religious people, for example, have  made this mistake time and time again, try to avoid this motion, this reaction, as much as possible.

Feelings of the soul: We will of course, while becoming aware, feel more of what our souls have experienced as well, this is usually on top of being an empath, this of course can bring forth feelings from past lives lived, even from different realities/universe/ dimensions. It’s obviously quite daunting becoming spiritually aware when we are  conditioned to perceive only through human perceptions. I should point out, not all cultures teach their people in this way, some cultures teach the people to perceive beyond human perceptions, actually this kind of teachings are naturally human to them, this of course makes it easier on these people while becoming aware. Sadly enough in most cultures, this kind of teachings died out long ago.

What I have noticed is a lot of people have obviously brought forth love and light from their souls experiences, these people however should beware that not all souls have experienced the same degree of love and light. The message here is, try not to judge a souls experiences as being less worthy than your own just because such souls have not experienced, as yet, the same degree of love and light as yourselves.

Now the love and light being felt and expressed, while becoming spiritually aware, has a lot to do with past lives lived I feel, such soul changing experiences are usually brought about by existing in a reality/universe/dimension that is less of motion than this one. Our human perceptions however tell us love and light are more emotional therefore more of motion than less, this actually isn’t the case. Wasn’t Hitler also very emotional therefore of motion instead of motionless?

Love and light become a natural occurrence while becoming spiritually aware, they are also a natural occurrence in other  realities/universes/dimensions, this means this kind of expression isn’t intentional therefore needs less motion to express. This is different in realities/universes/dimensions that are based on motion like our own, how much hate and chaos do we express in this reality?  The more intentionally expressive we are, the more motion we cause, and the more motion we cause, the more chaos we create. Love and light is more about our souls experiences while in realities/universes/dimensions, realities/universes/dimensions of less motion. The reason we think love and light take more motion is because we are in a reality of motion, it takes a lot more effort to express such love and light were it doesn’t in realities/universes/dimensions of less motion, it’s a natural occurrence without effort within these realities/universes/dimensions.

We also have souls in this reality that have experienced huge degrees of darkness and chaos, they are of course quite suited to this kind reality seen as this reality is all about motion. Could you imagine realities/universes/dimensions that are far more of motion than this one,  it’s hard for the souls that can only remember realities/universes/dimensions of light and love, it’s quite understandable how these souls will judge what is and isn’t worthy. All I am saying is be careful of this as this mentality is the same mentality we are saying is unworthy.

I love this kind of reality, it’s certainly testing us all at the soul level.            

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Love-A Motionless Expression

Written by Mathew Naismith

Firstly, please don’t get motionless mixed up with emotionless, motionless is to do with no or little movement as emotionless has to do with no or little feelings. This post is about a motionless expression which automatically brings on the feeling of love within oneself. I should also point out, the following is only my perception on this, this has nothing to do with absolute truth.

The one thing about spiritual awareness that is quite noticeable to me, is that spiritual awareness naturally and automatically brings on the feeling of love and oneness, we could quite easily say love is brought about by the feeling of oneness, a togetherness of the whole self. This isn’t exactly true, what I feel brings on this feeling of love is ourselves expressing less motion, the more we become aware, the less we think and the more we feel.

Feelings are not about motion, we don’t have to express feelings to become aware of them, they have naturally always been there. The thinking process is different, as soon as we think, we have motion. If you look around you right now, how many things are created through motion that didn’t take any thought process at all? Everything around us has taken a thought process to create, this means everything around you is about motion, a conscious thought instead of a conscious feeling. Yes, feelings can be put into thought therefore motion but these feelings don’t have to be put into motion to exist, they have always existed, this of course means love, as opposed to lust and desire, have always existed.

We could say here that a rock didn’t take thought to exist but it did, it took motion to create rocks through the big bang, so what I am saying here is the big bang came from a thought process way beyond our human perceptions. Many people of course call this kind of consciousness God. To me, everything created takes some kind of conscious thought process to exist, it’s all about motion but what about motionless, how much do we know about this state of consciousness?

Some people actually say this motionless consciousness isn’t consciousness at all, it’s nothingness  because it has no motion. Just because this consciousness has no motion doesn’t mean it isn’t an expression of a consciousness. Like I said, to be aware of feelings you don’t have to express them through motion because they already exist, if feelings have always existed so has consciousness.

So how do we know feelings, therefore love, have always existed?

While becoming spiritually aware you can think less, this means you are less expressive of motion, however,  you actually begin to feel more while thinking less unless we put these feelings into motion, into action. To express any feelings is to create motion through the processes of thought, however, the less you express these feelings within motions, the more you understand how these feelings (love)  have always existed.  This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t express what we feel, it just means the less expressive you are, the more aware you become.

This brings us back to the observer, feelings are more to do with an observer than thought processes, once we start thinking as an observer, we loose our unbiased observations. We can still, as an unbiased observer, observe feelings put into motion but it’s advisable we don’t become too involved with these motions that are being expressed.  A good psychologist/ psychiatrist follow the same rules.

Now this isn’t easy for humans to do, this is because humans are conditioned to express motion, actually they know little about any other way to exist. You can now imagine a reality that is conditioned to do otherwise, a reality conditioned to be as expressive as little as possible, this doesn’t mean they don’t feel, actually feelings within a reality like this are more about love, this is due to being aware of existing without having to be as expressive of these feelings (love).

We might ask how could we have more feelings of love without expressing such feelings? 

The less you express love through thought, therefore motion, the more love you feel, this is inline with becoming spiritually aware, don’t most of us feel more love while becoming aware while thinking less? This is due to motion denoting chaos, the more people who express motion, the more chaos you are obviously going to create, however, imagine everyone becoming less about motion and thought and more about motionless and feelings. Take the motion out of thought, what would we create?  You certainly wouldn’t create chaos and it’s this chaos that takes the love out of our lives.

You don’t have to be expressive of love to feel love, it is truly a natural occurrence without us trying to create this  love through motion.  Now the problem we cause ourselves through expressing love, is everyone has a different idea in how to express this love, a lot of love is expressed as lust and desire, this is wholly due to thinking processes.  No one person has the same thinking process, this is like no one has the same exact DNA, therefore we have various expressions of love within one reality. Basically what I am saying is it’s these various and numerous expressions that creates a chaotic reality but not all realities exist like this, realities conditioned to less motional expressions are less chaotic and more about a true sense of love.

I think it’s also important to be aware of the lust for love instead of the love of love, the lust for love is all about motional thought where’s the love of love is motionless thought, or should be, this again doesn’t mean we shouldn’t express our love as such. We will feel love and so will others around us without having to express love through motion, or as much motion. In my mind, more of us need to learn to become aware that you can’t create love, the true feelings of love are motionless therefore still, peaceful and  tranquil.            

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Feeling the Rush II

Written by Mathew Naismith

I ended up with some interesting reactions in regards to my last post, the contrasting reactions surprised me somewhat. I’ve inserted one of the replies in this post from a Warren Sutherland as I found it quite interesting and compelling, I hope you will too.

Our True Identity is what's called a paradox: the physical self, and the reflected self.

Zero(reflection) One(physical) separating the understanding of our identity is the start of an amazing journey, leading to the center of who you are individually and the same truth all life shares.

The truth of your identity if realized, will put your ego in it's proper place.

The ego has its function, and is necessary in order to grow, improve the understanding of ourselves, otherwise we just grow complacent.

The mind is always comparing good and evil, rich and poor, past and future, greater than or less then and never equal to.

The mind is an excellent servant but a terrible master.

Most think the mind is the most important organ in our body because of its contained wisdom.

However the heart has a more ancient wisdom and knowing that the whole body stems from the heart, contains a deeper more ancient wisdom.

The heart, that is where our true identity is known and it lives in the now or present moment.

Feelings are the true universal language, since we are always feeling something every moment of our lives it speaks truth more than our voice.

When someone is filled with emotion like sadness or anger they don't need to speak or say the issue, because the feelings are speaking loud enough.

Everyone can sense it, and know it without verbal confirmation because we pick up the vibrations that they send out and we interpret them to the best of our ability, that we can identify with.

Feeling who you are is the truth flooding through you, that rush feeling you were talking about is more pure light flowing in than we have ever allowed before.  

Mind: To me the mind is ego which is human consciousness however our feelings are more to do with universal coscnioiuness, if the ego mind is in control, (the master), it can turn these universal conscious feelings/messages into lusts/desires I believe. You can see now how the mind, while being the master/controller, is able to manipulate and screw up a perfect message turning it into what I call fragmented consciousness which is what human consciousness is, in my mind and everybody else’s mind I feel.

Heart: The heart or heart centre of ourselves, once brought forward, can quite automatically, like Warren stated, “will put your ego in it's proper place.” This means if you haven’t found your heart you will always struggle to tame the ego, in other words, stop it being the master. Meditation and other spiritual practices certainly help with this however you will always have to struggle with it to one extent or another.  

I would advise here that no one look at struggling with the ego as a bad thing; this will only bolster the ego to become even more controlling unless you want it to be more controlling that is!!  

I have on many occasions come across people who said they have no or little ego however when pressed you, and sometimes they, find out they really didn’t have the ego controlling factors under the master of the heart but the mind. Believe it or not, the heart centre of oneself never lusts but the mind consistently lusts this is why it’s a good idea to quieten the mind through various practices.

This is funny stating the heart never lusts but when you think on this when we feel love, love only becomes lust when we think not when we only feel.  It’s the mind playing it’s usual tricks on us.  However the ego isn’t bad just because it plays these tricks on us, we make it seem bad when we allow it to be the master rather than the slave to the heart and our feelings.

Emotions: Warren is quite correct again in mind when he mentioned about how we should be able to pick up on other people’s emotions, empaths of course are good at this. The problem with most of us is we allow the ego mind to master it over our heart centre and feelings, once we learn to allow the heart and the massages from our heart, (our feelings), to become master over the ego mind we will become empathic quite automatically I believe.

The rush: It’s amazing when we become more aware and knowing of this rush how it can and does transform our lives but only if we want the heart to master over the ego controlling ways. The heart never really becomes master/controller but a pacifier to the ego, in other words the ego becomes slave through pacification of the ego passively. It’s truly beautiful and electrifying only because we still have an ego but an ego that is pacified and not dominant for once.  

Again don’t take anything written here as the utter truth, it’s only an expression of feelings!!