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Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Tranquil Observer

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had the following reply in relation to my last post, “I wish I can be there..... because I love your way and I want it”. This is very understandable, who wouldn’t mind being a tranquil observer; however this isn’t who I am all the times, this is because I tend to most often go with the flow of the moment even if that means being a little chaotic within myself, this is because I don’t judge one state of consciousness being any less worthy than another to experience.  This is important in becoming a tranquil observer,  I  don’t look at consciousness as being about opposing opposites in anyway but consciousness eternally complimenting itself; this also means the chaos within consciousness.   

Before I go on the following was my reply to this person.

G’day Jackson
Become the observer; it’s easier that you might think Jackson as the two links I supplied will explain, As usual I have given two different aspects of becoming an observer, one is psychologically based and the other spiritually based, the reason I do this is our mentality has everything to do with how we will apply in being an observer, in other words it’s important that we have an understanding of our own mentality before trying to become an observer.   

Extract: Almost twenty years ago, Gavin de Becker wrote The Gift of Fear (link is external), in an effort to warn and educate us about being more observant and aware. He encouraged us to look around and to listen to that that "inner voice," which is really our limbic brain telling us to be careful that something is wrong.

Extract: The lesson to become the observer has a much wider application. If we’re to leave behind everything associated with the Third Dimension, then we must have reached a place of completion with everything connected with it. And being the observer is a wonderful way of practicing completion and detachment from it.

I’m not at peace all the times Jackson mainly because this is what I choose to do, however, I can at a drop of a hat go into a total tranquil state only because I can become the observer at the drop of a hat. A lot of people don’t realise, to be in a tranquil state you have to be an observer, they go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other.  

Give it a shot my friend, you have nothing to lose.  

Observer and Tranquil Observer:There is a difference between an observer and a tranquil observer, an observer will still see opposing opposites but a tranquil observer will only see consciousness complimenting itself that is all, this means accepting chaos complimenting order, love complimenting hate and so on. To be a true tranquil observer, you can’t desire love over hate or visa-versa, this is because any attachments at all lessons our ability to become a tranquil observer.  A tranquil observer means just being an observer without any attachments what so ever. This of course isn’t easy within our present mentality, it has to be one or the other, in other words we have to become attached to hate over love or love over hate, there is no middle ground for us.

There is of course a middle ground, a true balance of opposing opposites; this middle ground is of course being a tranquil observer without any attachments to one thing over another.  

Does this mean the tranquil observer doesn’t, or more precisely, can’t love or hate?

What does a tranquil observer denote, in other words what does one feel when they are truly tranquil?  Peaceful and composed comes to mind, a tranquil state of consciousness also signifies acceptance of whatever is, this is very much in line in going with the flow instead of against it. When we have attachments, we will do anything to keep that attachment which usually means going against the flow, a tranquil observer doesn’t have this problem; there is no problem to start with because there are no attachments.   

So getting back to the question, can tranquil observers love or hate? To start with there is no question of love or hate because there are no opposing opposites, only complimenting consciousness, the question of love or hate doesn’t come into it. If you can understand this, this kind of mentality has more to do with non-duality, there are no opposing opposites just complimenting consciousness, duality on the other hand is all about opposing opposites.

Do I love? Yes off course, this is an acceptable part of being in a conscious reality of duality but when I have such attachments, I am quite aware I am no longer being a tranquil observer, an impartial observer; I once again become a part of the chaos again due to my partial (bias) mentality.  

Everyone in my mind can become, at times, a tranquil observer; all what one has to do is release yourself of all your attachments within that moment of being a tranquil observer.  Is it worth being a tranquil observer for even a short period of time?  I can’t begin to explain the benefits of doing this, you become more aware of your connectedness to universal knowledge for starters, this on its own is utterly mind blowing. The most beautiful thing of learning to be a tranquil observer I feel is you can feel the most heart pounding love through your connectedness through duality, however, you can also, if you wish, feel the most dreadful horrifying hate as well, this after all is what duality is about, consciousness complimenting itself not opposing itself.  

I think there might be a few people who see the connection to this post and my last post; you can begin to see how such states of consciousness, like what we deemed as being God’s and Goddesses, have worked through the ages, in my mind it’s all to with just seeing a complimenting consciousness, not an opposing opposite consciousness. This of course isn’t easy to comprehend only because of our fixated attachments, the consciousness of God’s and Goddesses don’t have this problem I feel.  If we truly want to help ourselves, we need to become aware of this, become the God within ourselves and start creating the reality we truly need to create.

Don’t underestimate yourselves through fixated transitory attachments, become the eternal self.