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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Being As One

Written by Mathew Naismith

G'day Carolyn.

The worst of times can be our greatest teacher or our greatest nightmare, this is always our choice. This is like the worst of times can bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. This has nothing to do with positive and negative, good and bad, it's simply aware or not aware or less aware.

Are less beautiful looking people less positive or more negative than beautiful looking people? In today's society of the perceptions of negative and positive, yes, less beautiful looking people can be more negative but only if they abide by what is and what isn't negative and positive.

Bad good, negative and positive, wrong and right, love hate, are simply perceptions we have created, basing our whole existence on these kinds of perceptions is bewildering to someone like me.

Be blessed my girl, always.....


The black and white mentality is of separation, the separation of one from the other. If one is different to another, like light to dark and white to black, one has to be positive over the other within this mentality of old consciousness. Is light (white) more positive to the dark? Seen as the dark makes us more aware of the light, deeming the dark purely negative is simply a mentality of white over black, light over dark.

Most often in our darkest times will we see the light or experience our most enlightening experiences. How many of us are aware today of the white mentality of superiority over dark people, the mistreatment of other races by white people? It is obvious to people like me that darkness is just as illuminating as the light, if not more so at times.

Being brought up in an abusive neglectful childhood, has given me the awareness of the abuse and neglect in the world, I am more aware because of my childhood experiences. What I have done is made a choice in making my so-called dark experiences enlightening; my experiences have become my greatest teacher instead of my greatest nightmare.

How many people into spirituality have made the present world circumstances their greatest nightmare?  Only the light will save them from such a nightmare. There is just as much illumination within the dark as there is in the light, of course if we simply deem the dark being negative, all we will see is darkness within the dark and this is the point. If we perceive darkness to be simply negative, this is what it will be, and in accordance within this, create a reality based on negativity. In truth, creating a reality to escape from instead of learning from.

Our present consciousness is conditioned to a black and white mentality, the separation of one from the other, to people like me, an evolved consciousness won't perceive like this.   

I have inserted the following video of me, it's not good because I do mumble a bit. This is probably because I  am not comfortable, as yet, to expressing myself in this way. 


Monday, 27 June 2016

What Is This Oneness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I will start this post of with the definition of oneness, the reason for this will present itself through the post. We seem to have a different definition and perception of oneness giving us, at times, a hugely different perspective to other perceptions, of course a true sense of oneness means all perspectives and perceptions are one of the same thing even though expressed in diffident ways. Stating one perspective is of oneness and others is not, is like stating yin represents oneness but yang doesn't, of course without yang, yin is not of oneness as yin is not whole without yang.

Just because one is dissimilar to another, they are not of the same thing like bad and good, negative and positive yin and yang, we are actually stating one represents oneness and the other doesn't. Of course the more pleasant one has to be of oneness and the other one not of oneness, what else would the ego perceive!!           

Definition of Oneness

- the fact or state of being unified or whole, though comprised of two or more parts.
"the oneness of all suffering people"

- the fact or state of being one in number.
"holding to the oneness of God the Father as the only God"


”Oneness isn't something we came from, it's something we are.

Everything is a depiction of oneness as a whole, not a oneness
separate from the whole.

Oneness means what is means, the whole of all of what we are,
not the whole of what we desire of what we are!!"....Mathew G


Extract: Imagine that you’re the whole universe; you live in total joy and bliss. Imagine there is no past or future, only now. Imagine there is no space or time, just an unbounded eternity. Imagine endless peace, harmony, and unconditional love. Imagine no fear and equality in all things. This is Oneness. 

So joy and bliss represent oneness, all else that is not of joy and bliss isn't oneness. This non-joyousness is often judged as an illusion, it's not apart of this oneness because it's an illusion!! Of course to have an illusion in the first place, lets say a yin, there has to be a reality (yang) to start with and believe it or not, visa-versa. Do not be tricked by the ego, it wants one or the other to be the truth or of oneness, not both as a whole!!

Oneness isn't defined by one part of something as the definition of oneness states, it would be like saying, "A true sense of oneness  is that everything has to be of joy and bliss to be of oneness". Joy and bliss is but one part of the whole, the other, if our egos like it or not, is sadness and disharmony. The definition of oneness states whole to begin with and most importantly, unified.

Yes unified, the unification of joy and sadness, bliss and disharmony, yin and yang, this is the true sense of oneness, not of one part or the other as the ego chooses. This is Eastern philosophy......

Now the second definition is of Western philosophy, it clearly states that God represents oneness. Being that everything has been created from this one energy source and that we are of this one energy source but also considering the holey trinity, we are of one source but are at the same time expressive of a separate part of this one source. So once a part of this one source is expressive of one part of this source, it's still considered to be apart of this oneness we often call God!!

I think both Western and Eastern philosophies state the same thing no matter how separate one part seems to be from the whole, it's all representative of oneness no matter how it's expressed.

We have created a problem were a problem needn't exist, the problem is expressing ourselves to extreme extents. Oneness has to be of joy and bliss as opposed to the extreme expressions of sadness and disharmony. Has anyone experienced a conscious state that there was no differentiation between joy and sadness, bliss and disharmony, in other words a true sense of balance? Joy and bliss separated from sadness and disharmony isn't a true sense of peace and tranquillity, it's transitory therefore of the finite, not the infinite. However, when joy and bliss are united  with sadness and disharmony, you then create peace and tranquillity that is based on the infinite, this is a depiction of a  truer sense of peace and tranquillity that is perpetual, long lasting.

The only reason we experience extremes is through motion, the more excessive the motion, the more extremes we will experience. Balance expresses very little motion therefore is less of motion therefore extremes and yes it is this simple......  

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Atheism (Buddhism) is Correct

Written by Mathew Naismith

Both the Western atheist view and Buddhist atheism is correct in that there is no divine energy source or God/God's, the reason for this isn't that simple to explain mainly because of the different perspectives we have of our environment/reality. Each view represents a filter (perception) that gives us a different perspective of what is and isn't, what these filters (perceptions) do, is give us a certain perspectives. However as of always, perspectives are a measurement or judgment of what is and isn't that are built upon specific perceptions (filters). However in saying this, atheism as a whole is also incorrect at the same time as I will also try to explain but first I will share an interaction I had with some interesting people. 


Any meaningful change is possible only through understanding or through insight. Any thing that involves practice will only lead to propaganda or conditioning.

My Reply
Well stated +Meda Raveendra Reddy Foundation, practice is motion, the more motion we create, the more we are conditioned. 

Insight on the other hand doesn't create motion, it creates awareness void of conditioning, this is wisdom. 

A lot of people think we have to gain knowledge to become wise, however, knowledge is motion which will only create conditioning void of wisdom. 

Wisdom actually comes from understanding and insights so you couldn't be more correct here. Wisdom is truth, knowledge is lies.....awareness actually replaces knowledge, that is why wisdom is of truth. 

This is my insight which may or may not be correct.

Mathew Naismith You are absolutely right:) People see security in practices and then become conditioned. Once they are conditioned, they will not be able to see things beyond conditioning.

Reply to:
Meda Raveendra Reddy Foundation We all have our filters that filter reality. Enlightenment is when we start to see the world clearly. 1st the darkness, then the beauty behind all of creation.

Following Reply
Michael Hopkins Absolutely true. The ability to see things with out filters is possible, when our thoughts are free from the self and all identifications:)

My Reply
Filters I think explains it quite well Michael, when you look through different sunglasses with different sun filter, we get a different perspectives of our environment, of course it's all a lie (illusion).We find this out when we take the sunglasses off, take the darkness from our vision. 

You cloud vision, you cloud insight and a true sense of awareness, all you are left with is knowledge that is filtered. We need knowledge but it's filtered at present which detracts from actual insights. 

I've actually got to explain why atheism (Buddhism) is correct in certain aspects, however, as isms are, they are all wearing sunglasses with different filters. 

Instead of sun filters, for us, it's ism filters that all give a different perspective. No ism is totally incorrect but no ism is totally correct either. Take the filters away and we would observe something quite amazing to say the least. 

So lads, in my mind, you are perfectly correct. -:)

Now why is atheism correct that there are no divine energy sources and God's/God?

A lot of spiritual views state quite clearly, there is only one, one consciousness, one source of creation, oneness as a whole, this is the teachings of oneness, not dividedness, non-duality, not duality. Now we might perceive here we are talking about a God of creation but where not, not in this perspective.

There is only oneness, like a oneness with God if you like. If consciousness is one with God, what would then define a God when all consciousness is of God? Consciousness then becomes this God which negates a perception of God. This is the same with any kind of divine energy, once consciousness becomes one with this energy, what then defines divine when all energies are of the same? To define any divine energy, you have to have an energy source that is not of this energy, basically, if there is nothing to compare this divine energy to, this energy can't be perceived as a divine energy without a comparison.

Often, anything not of this oneness, is defined as being an illusion which means the belief in any kind of divine energy is an illusion.         


What have we actually done here to define that there is no divine energy, it's all an illusion? We have once again used a specific perspective, the perspective being that only oneness exists, everything else is an illusion. I know we have to use perspectives but as I stated before, perspectives define measurements/judgment, so often can a consciousness be deceived by a perspective, especially a specific perspective that is defined through a specific perception that there is only oneness, everything else is an illusion.

The question is now, is there only oneness?

As of all isms, there is some truth, the Holey Trinity is no different. Please bare with me if you have a problem with religion, it's not all a fallacy. I'm not religious myself but I'm not going to allow this one perspective perception to act as but another filter. The link below is certainly worth investigating in my mind. It's wise not to denounce all other perspectives over one!!


Extract: You and I live in a three-dimensional world. All physical objects have a certain height, width, and depth. One person can look like someone else, or behave like someone else, or even sound like someone else. But a person cannot actually be the same as another person. They are distinct individuals.

God, however, lives without the limitations of a three-dimensional universe. He is spirit. And he is infinitely more complex than we are.

That is why Jesus the Son can be different from the Father. And, yet the same.


God is this oneness, however, God is also trinity within us at the same time, this of course is going to seem like a paradox to us, how can we be of one and at the same time be of the other? The 3D reality has given us the perception that it has to be one or the other, point blank. This is the real illusion, especially when we consider that consciousness is infinite and is limitless within it's expressions. Why limit consciousness to being of oneness only, isn't this trying to limit an obvious limitless consciousness which infers a specific perspective being used to judged what is what? 

In relation to oneness, we have perceived it's got to be just oneness, nothing else. How do you limit a limitless consciousness but man in his wisdom, or lack of, has perceived their is only oneness thus limiting oneness to man's limited perspectives. Once we bring in perspectives, we bring in ideas that are limited.

Perspectives = limitations + judgment + finite + man's consciousness and perceptions
The realization of a God or God's consciousness, gave us the awareness that this oneness does indeed exist even though it's usually beyond most people's comprehension. What we seem to have done now is perceived that this oneness is limited when we are talking about a limitless infinite consciousness. Our own finite reality seems to have given us the perceptions that this infinite oneness is also limited, this has come from our own perspectives that this infinite consciousness has to also be limited to one or the other. Basically, be careful with perspectives, they often don't tell the whole truth, also, oneness also includes being, not of oneness, but of oneself as well, this is the true sense of oneness or the true sense of God if you like.

Atheism is correct in that their is no God but only if of God consciousness itself, which we are not and truly, never have been. Infinite = timelessness, this means this separation from this consciousness has always existed, however, at the same time we were never separated within this infinite consciousness, only in finite consciousness are we separated being that the finite is of time. Finite = time.

This is hard to get an idea of, we have never been separated but at the same time we have, why limit consciousness as having to have to be one or the other, only man's finite consciousness would do this. Of course being finite is limiting.

The holey trinity makes sense, we are of one but at the same time separate from one, this is the way it has always been but of course the tricky deceptive ego wants to believe otherwise. We didn't come from oneness for we are of oneness, this includes being separate from this oneness. We didn't come from anywhere, we have always been what we are, one with oneness but also separate from this oneness.

It's tricky to comprehend because we are conditioned to think in black and white, good and bad, negative and positive, measurements therefore perspectives brought on by a perception of one or the other, not either or both. A true sense of oneness includes all of the above, oneness and separation from oneness, not just oneness.

No ism tells the utter truth so no ism can be the be and end all, meaning, of utter truth. When isms proclaims this, I then know they are not of this truth but deceptions, for how could a consciousness influenced by the finite truly know of utter truth, it's impossible. Atheism is correct in one perspective but not in another, it will always be so. We were never separated from this oneness (God), which indicates their is no God, for we are then of this God. For a God to exist, their has to be a lesser consciousness compared to God, if we are one with God, where is this comparison to define what is or isn't a God?

However in a different perspective, this separation from oneness has also always been, we have always been separated. This separation gives a perception that oneness (God) exists. Both perspectives are correct but remembering, perspectives deceives one from the other but only if we chose one over the other. Oneness over separation, separation over oneness.


Malign Energy

I'm going to add a very simple meditative technique to this post for some reason, I call it vibrational meditation. You can do this anywhere, even in the most nosiest places, you can even do this standing up.

Don't try to do anything, don't even try to stop thinking in any sense, instead just be within the present and only the present and most importantly, don't meditate for a reason, just do it. Within this, we take ourselves away from the five sense and this is the key.

This technique will give you a sense of harmony and bliss, you will end up in a tranquil peaceful environment, this is what you focus on, harmony, bliss and tranquil peacefulness. These words within themselves, are conducive to moving away from the influences of our five senses.

One other thing to be aware of is that malign energy has no energy within itself, we ourselves give them this energy, this is likened to multinationals drawing energy out of the populous. The only reason these people have power, is wholly due to the populous giving them this energy to start with, without this energy, they are powerless. This meditative technique will assist in your own energies from being sucked from you. The reason for this is that malign energy can only use the five sense to draw it's energy from, once you put yourself into another environment other than of the five sense, this hinders malign energy being able to draw energy from you.

However, as people like me do, we humble ourselves to man, this means we don't always  protect ourselves from malign energy sources, this is our way.   

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Love-A Sign Of Being Aware

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had absolutely had no intentions of writing today, this is until I walked past a radio with the presenter quoting Thaddeus Golas. I don't resonate with everything Thaddeus expresses but what was being quoted at that time resonated with me. “No matter what your spiritual condition is, no matter where you find yourself in the universe, your choice is always the same: to expand your awareness or contract it.” 
Thaddeus Golas, The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment

Basically, become aware or unaware, or more precisely, we all have a choice  in being unaware (ignorant) or aware (knowing). Being that a consciousness can only express destructive tendencies while in ignorance, wouldn't it be a wise thing to do to become more aware and stop our destructive ways? The trick with this is, one has to be aware to desist in one's own ignorance in the first place, in a sense, to desist in hate so one can love again for only in ignorance can a consciousness hate.    

It's certainly a strange reality we are all experiencing, it's not the wise and aware who are running the world, it's the unwise and unaware who are running the world. These people, think they are aware and intelligent and even wise in what they gain from the exploitation of their environment, this obviously isn't the case for only in ignorance can we exploit our environment to it's utter demise. No true aware and wise consciousness could exploit their environment. The reason for this is simple, they are just incapable of doing so, the perception of creating such a reality just doesn't exist within this kind of consciousness to start with.

Have we, as a collective consciousness, got to the point that we are unable to become aware, to desist in our destructive ways, because of our high level of ignorance? If I was to only take into consideration of the people who are obviously unaware, I would say yes but not everyone is this unaware, remembering, we all make up a collective consciousness. This means the collective consciousness is still able to help itself out of it's ignorant state of consciousness.

Another quote from Thaddeus, “Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it.” 
Thaddeus Golas

What can I say, awareness = love and unawareness = hate, the more a consciousness becomes aware, the more love a consciousness will automatically feel. This is the same with a consciousness being unaware, the more unaware a consciousness is, the more likely a consciousness is able to automatically hate, or show a lack of empathy, love and respectfulness for their environment. Once a consciousness is unaware, it's automatic for such a consciousness to express destructive traits, of course it's also automatic for an aware consciousness to express a true form of love. A true form of love being apart from lust and desire for only in ignorance can we be expressive of these traits as well.

So does this mean that we need to desist in our desires and lusts? No, as of anything created by ignorance, an unawareness, it has it's place as I will explain about a little further on in this post.

“When you learn to love hell you will be in heaven.” 
Thaddeus Golas

It's so easy to read this incorrectly, it's as if we need to love hell to create heaven, of course if you love hell this much, you will be in heaven but a hell like heaven. This isn't what this is saying nor is it saying that you must mentally, at the human level of comprehension and understanding, love hell.

I feel it's stating; become aware of hell and be understanding of it's reason and purpose of existing, within this comprehension and understanding, you will love hell for what it is, not for what it isn't. We so often try to find a purpose for hating or showing disdain for anything we deem that isn't a part of ourselves, what so strange with this perception is that everything is of the collective consciousness, meaning, even hell is a part of this consciousness therefore a part of us. The tricky little ego will of course delude us to think otherwise thus the illusion continues, of course illusions can only exist in a consciousness that is unaware.

Oneness: So many perceptions and ideologies point to oneness, one consciousness and one being, the point is, why are there so many different consciousness's doing their own thing? How can there be one consciousness when there is obviously many different conscious forms?

It's a paradox, there is oneness, as in one source of creation in my mind, but for this one consciousness to be truly aware, it needs to express what it is. Some people say this one consciousness needs to be aware of itself through it's expressions, human beings collective consciousness being but one of these infinite expressions of this one consciousness. I don't think this one consciousness needs to be aware of itself, I once thought the same thing, this one consciousness is only being expressive of it's awareness of all of what is, it's basically expanding on it's awareness through it's expressions.

For an aware consciousness, it is normal for this kind of consciousness to expand on it's consciousness, actually, an aware consciousness will expand on it's conscious  quite automatically. On the other hand, an unaware consciousness will contract (constrict) it's consciousness, at times to the point of it's own extinction/destruction.

Yes, there is one consciousness but at the same time separate infinite expressions of this consciousness. These infinite expressions of consciousness denote a consciousness so aware that it is incomprehensible to any other consciousness but itself, remembering, we too are this one consciousness. The more aware we are of this oneness being who we are, the more we will automatically love and desist in our destructive ways.

Everything has it's place including ignorance, "For to be ignorant to ignorance denotes only ignorance void of awareness of ignorance!!"........Mathew G 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Personal Thoughts, Do They Actually Exist?

Written by Mathew Naismith

It comes down to do we really own our own thoughts and feelings? One perspective on this says we do, intimacy for example is often a reflection of an individual thought process making this type of experience very personal, basically a one of.  Intimacy is of course determined and created by the ego, you can't experience an intimate moment without ego. Anything seemingly personalised has derived from the ego, the ego in this case separates our own thoughts and feelings from other conscious forms.

There are however  a number of good reason why our thoughts and feelings are never truly separated from the rest of consciousness, this perspective of non-separation or non-duality is of course saying we never truly experience personal thoughts or feelings, this is of course also saying personal thoughts and feeling don't exist. Don't despair, freeing ourselves from personal feelings and thoughts is highly awakening for only in this state will a consciousness experience, and be able to express, a true form of unconditional love.

Oneness; is of course telling us that all expressions of consciousness are one, the perception of oneness tells us that personal thoughts and feelings don't exist for all is one.  

Observer; also states that we are always being observed so no true intimacy can actually take place, if there is no true form of intimacy, there is no true sense of individualism which states that personal thoughts and feelings don't actually exist.

Non-individual perspectives; relate to everything we feel and think, comes from our environment, this means every perception we have has derived from other perspectives. This is also stating that all our personal feeling and thoughts were created from perceptions and perspectives that were already existing before we were even born. 

Ownership; in a sense of true spirituality, you are unable to own anything, like you are unable to actually own material possessions, you are also unable to own non-material possessions like our thoughts and feeling.  

There is also something else to consider here, DNA carries the memories that often influences our thoughts and actions, in other words DNA represents memory and a perception that wasn't developed by us, however, we can still influence this DNA. Influencing DNA is like when we influence another persons thoughts and feelings, just because we can influence another persons thoughts and feeling, doesn't mean we own these thoughts and feelings, the same with DNA which we have by the way inherited. DNA plays a major part in our thoughts and feelings.                

I am now going to, in a sense, change the topic to something more on a personal basis.                

I've had some interesting times in relation to my family recently, the difference between my family and myself in perspective and mentality is obvious, this difference can of course cause even more disharmony in our lives. Because I don't judge one life experience being above or more worthy of expressing than another, I'm usually accepting of any expression different to mine, this is until such discord disrupts my life to the extent of changing my own perceptions and mentality.

While going through this discord, I wrote three quotes which will hopefully explain a little better what I went through in recent times.    

"The world is my oyster, this is true without a doubt, this however is only because the oyster will only produce it's true beauty in the exact right climate. Guess what, the same is with all of us, get the gist of it now!!"

Only with the right environment can we create our truer inner beauty, basically, becoming aware or bringing forth our inner beauty. The kind of reality this inner beauty can create is beyond words, but to first create this, we need the exact right environment, this of course takes one to discard anything that is going to hinder such creation. Accepting expressions of discord is one thing, allowing this discord to hinder our growth is another, we are indeed supposed to evolve but only if we are aware of the pearl within ourselves!!

In our case, the pearl already exists, it's just we have become unaware of this pearl because of the way our environment has conditioned us.          

"I've allowed life experiences to make me more aware, not condition me to life experiences, there is a big difference!!"

This quote of course relates to the way we have allowed life experiences and other people's perceptions and mentality to condition us. Instead of becoming aware through our life experiences, we have allowed these, often discordant experiences,  to influence us. This is of course instead of expressing ourselves through our inner pearl, our inner self.

However, when we allow these life experiences to make us more aware, the people who are conditioned by their experiences, see this as a threat to them on a personal level. As of my family, any person who allowed life experiences to condition them, will often lash out at anyone who has become aware and non-conditioned by life experiences. The reason for this is simple, anyone who becomes more aware through their life experiences, will tell it how it actually is, no deceit or lies. I don't know of any person who has allowed life experiences to condition them can handle any kind of truth, most often in any sense what so ever.  

"Life, what can I say, it sucks when it sucks but when it doesn't, nothing sucks, pure and simple, we make life what it is!!"

In a sense, this quote is referring to when we are expressive of the pearl , or, we have allowed life experiences to make us more aware instead of conditioned to life experiences, in this state, nothing sucks!!

In relation to my family, I must allow them to go their own way by not trying to condition them to my own perceptions and mentality, everything I say anyway is usually met with some kind of discordant rebuttal. It is wise being aware of how life experiences can condition us instead of making us more aware, it is also wise to be aware that such awareness is not a personal experience, only a person conditioned by life will think so. Such people will of course experiences life that mostly sucks......however, life itself doesn't suck, it's just our perspective of life that creates a life that sucks!!   

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Enter the Dragon-A State of Oneness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Entering the dragon; is in reference to how the dragon becomes one with itself, the mind body and spirit act as one entity instead of separate entities, martial artists are a good example of this. This state however isn’t a state you can actually enter into, especially through intentions, you do however become aware of this oneness state, this is what entering the dragon is about, awareness of mind body and spirit.

Martial artists have intentions through vigorous training, this allows them to become aware of a state of oneness, you can also get to this state through meditation alone, however this isn’t a true state of oneness. A true state of oneness has no intentions, this is due to which intention do we use to reach and stay within this state. Intentions  are about separation, separating one intention from another when there is no separation, in other words you cannot enter into a true oneness state through separating one kind of consciousness from another, you can only be one within oneness itself. 

You can however become aware of this oneness which of course gives us feelings of this oneness, this is entering the dragon through mind body and spirit. By entering the dragon, we individually become one with ourselves but by doing so we observe ourselves being noticeably different from other states, our intentions of being one with ourselves, has caused us to become noticeably separated from other states, it is quite obvious why this isn’t a true state  of oneness.

A true oneness state: You cannot intentionally enter a true oneness state,  don’t even try, the more we try to enter this state, the further off this state becomes, this is due to ourselves already being in a state of oneness. The logical human mind has a problem with this, how can we be in a state of oneness at the same time being in a state of separation?  I will answer this with another question, how can we be in two quite different states while experiencing an OBE, an out of body experience? Within this state of awareness, we are aware of our physical and non-physical selves at the same exact time, how can you be aware of our physical form and our non-physical form at the same exact time?

Thus is obvious, human logics is noticeably flawed, this is due to logics having boundaries it can’t cross, anything that isn’t of this kind of reason can’t exist or be. A state of oneness doesn’t have these boundaries because there are no intentions of using any particular kind of reasoning, there is only one kind of reasoning, the expressions within this reasoning has no boundaries as the expression of consciousness are infinite. This actually means everything we could imagine is possible, this is why we can be aware of our physical and non-physical selves while experiencing an OBE. This means a  logical mind is a very simple mind, it is unable to reason beyond it’s own set boundaries because of the simple way a logical mind comprehends.

You might think science, for example, is complicated and needs a lot of understanding and knowledge to comprehend, this is true but for a very simple reason. Once you break down and separate everything within separate labels and slots, you have complicated something that was very simple in the first place, only a simple mind would do this. This is because this kind of mind  has to break everything down to comprehend it, this kind of mind can’t understand what it can’t comprehend, however, a spiritually aware person for example doesn’t have this problem, they can comprehend beyond any set boundaries especially beyond the many set boundaries of logical reasoning.  Being aware of a state of physical and non-physical being at the same time, is quite comprehensible to them as should being in a oneness state and a non-oneness state, this is because there are no set boundaries.

What are we actually portraying when we have no boundaries, knowing, consciousness is infinite within it’s own expressions?  Boundaries actually represent separation, when we have no boundaries, we are actually expressing a form of oneness as we are not separating one form of conscious expression from another as each expression just becomes an expression, not separate kinds of expressions.

This is difficult to comprehend, how can we not observe that each expression is different/separate from another, they are obviously different expressions of consciousness?

Let’s look at how a martial artist enters the dragon, they become one with mind body and spirit, the mind has become one with the spirit and body, in other words the body and the spirit are now of the mind not separate to the mind no matter how differently the martial artist expresses themselves, they are still functioning as one.

One mind: Let’s now look at the collective human race, not as individual minds expressing themselves separately, but of one mind, one collective, expressing itself as a martial artist does. Each and every expression is different as each and every martial arts move is different, just because each expressive move is different, does this make the martial artist no longer one with themselves?  No, of course not, so why do we look at ourselves, while looking at ourselves as one collective mind, as separate expressions of a different consciousness?  We are all conditioned to think primarily logical,  the logical mind tells us we are separate minds expressing themselves when we are really one mind, one consciousness,  expressing itself. We are  all like the martial artist but we just can’t comprehend this.

We really don’t realise we are always in a oneness state especially when we are expressive of consciousness, when we express ourselves, don’t the people around us react to such expressions by expressing themselves as well?  Just look at the human collective as one mind, when our own minds are traumatised, don’t they continually express themselves within the mind, the mind very rarely shuts up in this state, the human collective works exactly the same as our own individual minds. Look at the centuries of trauma we have caused ourselves as one mind, how expressive is this mind today?  It never shuts up with it’s various expressions which should show us the human race is perfectly working as one mind, yes it’s traumatised but it’s still working as one mind should in this circumstance.

Oneness isn’t a state we need to get into or try to acquire in anyway, it’s a state that already exists for us, all we need to do is become aware of this. To me, the way we are reacting reminds me of a single mind that is traumatised, one part of the mind is always in conflict with another part of the mind, such a traumatised mind will, at times, express itself  in a destructive way, this sometimes leads to a part of the mind deciding  to commit suicide.  We need to all be aware of this in my mind. 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Written by Mathew Naismith

WOW (Wholly and Overly Wonderful), what can I say, the further I allow myself to open up to consciousness in an unbiased way,  the more magnificent this consciousness seems to be. Yes, I'm allowing my emotions to take flight but this is at this moment helping me to delve even deeper into the magnificence of consciousness. This is wholly due to emotions being a big part of consciousness, emotions are one of the main reasons we are so expressive of consciousness itself.

Emotion; allow us to experience consciousness in every way possible, emotions are one of the biggest reasons consciousness itself is so expressive, could you imagine how consciousness would express itself without emotions? It's actually inconceivable, how would any consciousness period express itself without emotions? Emotions are obviously one of the primary reasons why consciousness can express itself so much, just think how many emotions humans can express and this is just at the human scale of things.

How many different languages are there? This is how many different ways we can be emotionally expressive but all we are doing is talking about the various languages here, what about the cultures that go with such languages and the climate they are in. Everything influence us to be a little different in our expressions of consciousness, as individuals we are being expressive of conciseness, as a culture or a nationality we are being even more expressive, as a species even more so, now what about the collective as a whole. It's utterly infinite in how expressive we can be of consciousness, consciousness itself is certainly WOW within it's own expressions.

Take how the moon, and astrology period, influences us to express consciousness, this is over and above other influences like language, culture, the country and climate we live in and so on. Everything around us and everything we are, influences us to express consciousness in a slightly different way to others. Now take in consideration of DNA, no one's DNA is the same, all this isn't just a different expression of consciousness itself, this difference also influences us to express consciousness differently to other conscious forms and formless energy sources. 

Take living on a planet with more than one moon, how differently expressive would such conscious forms be to our own? Consciousness is infinite within it's own expression of itself, it has no boundaries or limits to how expressive it can be.

Oneness and illusions: An unbiased view isn't about judging certain consciousness states as being an illusion or not, wrong or right, it's about becoming aware of how expansive consciousness is within it's own expression of itself. To me, we are all an expression of consciousness no matter how infinite consciousness is expressive of it's own consciousness,  to us, all these numerous expressions of consciousness are an indication of a fragmented consciousness, a consciousness that has many different parts to itself. This of course to us seemingly has nothing to do with oneness.

What's actually being expressed, is it something other than consciousness? No, no matter how fragmented this consciousness seems within it's expressions of itself, it's still just an expression of consciousness. We could also say it's an expression of consciousness's, more than one consciousness which means a consciousness that is fragmented, not whole. This would be true but we are still only expressing a consciousness none the less.

We can express so many different kinds of emotions, they are certainly not all the same to us even though they are only an expression of a consciousness. Within our various ways of expressing emotions, we have created a reality of duality, this in turn influences us to be expressive of consciousness in numerous other ways, there seems to be  absolutely no oneness within such dualistic reality. Even though we are only expressive of a consciousness, each conciseness expresses itself differently, this seemingly has nothing to do with oneness.

Some people say that all physical realities are an illusion, others say all realities are an illusion and there are even people who say consciousness itself is an illusion, which perspective is correct here?  This is of course depends on what perspective we are looking from, in other words  in what direction are we perceiving what is and isn't an illusion? We of course are looking at what is and isn't an illusion through what is judged as an illusion in the first place. Look at this way, we are judging certain expressive forms of consciousness or consciousness period as an illusion, could we judged any part of consciousness being an illusion if we weren't expressing this consciousness in the first place?  We are relying on an illusionary expression to judge what is or isn't an illusion, we are doing the same with oneness, you can only truly judged what is and isn't oneness if you are in a true oneness state.

We can experience form and formlessness at the same moment, OBE's are a good example of this, we can also experience oneness and fragmentation at the same moment as we can be the observer observing our own interactions. We have deemed ourselves being only in a fragmented duality state of consciousness when at the same moment we are in a true oneness state. It all comes down to the illusion being the illusion itself, once you judge what is and isn't an  illusion, you have created the illusion when  illusions don't exist in the first place.

You could easily say that having illusions of illusion are an expression of an illusion, in other words thinking that physicality is all we are is an illusion. It is to us in our present perspective, however, in a more holistic perspective it's not, this is due to consciousness itself being expressive of it's whole self within it's entirety. In realities like this one, we are expressive of consciousness, in other realities they are also expressive of consciousness, when you look at all these expressions of this one consciousness as a whole, you become aware that each individual expression of this consciousness makes up a whole consciousness. This means no matter what we experience in any given reality, consciousness is whole because each expression makes consciousness itself whole.

Now look at what is and isn't an illusion and what is and isn't oneness?  As soon as you judged what is and isn't an illusion and oneness, you are being entrapped within your own illusions of illusions. No matter how you express consciousness, each singular expression makes up a whole consciousness. Could you imagine a true oneness consciousness judging one part of it's expressive self as an illusion, once it did this. it's no longer of this oneness, however, judging what is and isn't an illusion is also another expression of consciousness that gives this consciousness it's wholeness, it's oneness, go figure!! 

Ego: Yes, the ego is but an expression of consciousness, however this isn't saying that consciousness is controlled by the ego, this is saying expressing the ego is but another expression of consciousness. Most of us are expressive of the controlling factors of the ego, this means the ego controls us, this is but an expression of consciousness that we have chosen to express. Yes, all emotions are of the ego but not all emotions are controlled by the ego, the controlling factors of the ego change how we express this consciousness. This is why we need to be aware of what we judge as being wrong or right, positive or negative, after all, it's all but an expression of consciousness.

Now at any point should we control the ego to stop the ego being in control off us?

When we become too destructive, it's probably wise to become less controlled by the ego, in other words less expressive of the controlling factors of the ego, at this point we feel we need to take control of the ego instead of the ego taking control of us. We should consider here what control denotes, what expression of consciousness needs to always have control?  A controlling ego of course, by trying to take control of the ego is being expressive of the controlling ego. Try instead of letting go of control, trust me, most of us will have problems with this only because of the controlling factors of the ego. If you have to have control over anything, you are still expressive of a controlling ego, most of us are including myself at times, this is due to influencing factors within our environment as explained earlier on in this post.

One of the main influencing expressions of consciousness is a controlling ego in this reality, it's a part of this reality, the trick is when to completely let go of control all together. This is difficult to do because everything around us influences us, mainly to be controlling, we want to control instead of being controlled, the funny thing is, the more control we think we have, the less control we actually have, this is due to being controlled by a singular expression of consciousness like a controlling ego, we are still being controlled in this case.

Consciousness is certainly WOW (Wholly and Overly Wonderful) without a doubt but only when you become aware of what consciousness actually is. It's not this that and the other, no matter how we express it, it's still just consciousness.                       

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Our Wondrous Collective Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Consciousness can be expressed in infinite ways, look at how differently expressive we are to each other and this is just in a physical reality, what about how different consciousness is beyond physical realities, it's seemingly insurmountable for us to perceive. This to me is due to physicality stopping us from perceiving beyond certain fixed boundaries,  in other words physicality has made it difficult to perceive past physical realities, this isn't done by accident though, there is a purpose to this as there is of everything of what consciousness is.

There are certain states of conscious awareness one can get into that shows everything we are and everything we are able to be expressive of,  this includes the infinite ways we can exist. In this state, we realise we are of everything of what consciousness is either it be expressive of motion or of motionless, either it be of physicality or of something else, this is a true state of oneness. This is all due to not separating motion from motionless, physicality from spirituality which is in reference to a non-physical form or a formless existence. Is true oneness separating one part of consciousness from the other?  No, true oneness is the realisation that everything of consciousness is just that, it's of one consciousness no matter how it's expressed.

A lot of us would like to think this oneness is a state of motionlessness, a total harmonious state of stillness, however, how can we  be in total oneness when we  exclude certain parts of how consciousness is expressed? Yes we can judge what is and what isn't an illusion, this allows us to judge what true oneness is or isn't. What we are not getting away from here is judgement, judging something an illusion is judging a wrong as opposed to a right way to exist when there is no true right or wrong way to exist in the first place. Yes, we can observe what's a wrong way to exist, this is usually a destructive chaotic existence as opposed to  harmonious constructive existence but what are we expressive of here when judging this so?  Physicality,  physicality refers to satisfaction of physical drives and appetites, it serves us to perceive what is and isn't an illusion and what is a true oneness state.

When you observe consciousness as a whole without judging a wrong or right, an illusion or a non-illusion, we get to see a different picture of what true oneness is, it's being in a state that is aware that consciousness as a whole, no matter how it's expressed, is still consciousness.

Let's now take a look at this physical reality, could we be expressive of consciousness in a physical way if we were in this true oneness state?  We should be aware here, that while in this oneness state, we are aware of all other ways to exist and all other ways we have existed.  Once consciousness is aware of all it is, being expressive of consciousness in a physical way would be impossible, in other words our unawareness of our whole existence has made it possible to be expressive of consciousness is such away. Now exclude consciousness itself being able to be expressive of itself in a physical way, you no longer have a true state of oneness once you exclude any part of expressing this consciousness in anyway.

What is actually being stated here is, consciousness can be expressive of motion in the same exact moment that it expresses motionless, this is because consciousness itself as a whole is not only influenced by physicality but by spirituality as well, a state of non-physical form or of total formlessness. Again this consciousness can be of form and or formlessness at the same exact moment, this is very difficult for us to perceive because we are predominantly influenced by physicality,  this means we are predominately influenced by satisfaction of physical drives and appetites.

What happens to us when we experience an OBE, are we not, at the same exact moment, expressive of physical and non-physical form?  When we remember an OBE, we are aware at the physical mind level and the spiritual mind level in that present moment.

We are all expressive of OBE's, in other words everyone experiences OBE's so why don't we remember them? Physicality, our physical minds are unable to remember such experiences because we are only fixated to our  satisfaction of physical drives and appetites in one way or another. This means we are unable to perceive being able to be in form and in a formless state in the same exact moment. When you look down at your own body (form) while experiencing an OBE, you are at that exact same moment expressive of form and of formlessness. OBE's to me quite clearly show that we can be expressive of form and formlessness at the same moment, this also shows that consciousness is only in a true oneness state when it's also expressive of all of what it is. This of course takes this consciousness to be expressive of motion and motionless states at the same exact present moment.

Becoming an observer also shows us that we can indeed participate and observe in the same present moment, observing your own participation is simular to OBE's, you can consciously observe your own consciousness being expressive of consciousness itself, this is how consciousness can be of form and of formlessness at the same exact present moment. Like OBE's, we are all observing our own expressions of consciousness in physical form, and like OBE's, most of us don't remember being an observer but we all are, we are all in total observing how expressive we are of consciousness in physical form, in other words everyone is observing their physical expressions of consciousness with absolutely no exceptions.

So why don't we all become aware of our own observations? This is simple, would we be as expressive of consciousness if we were aware of our own observations?  Our own awareness would influence the way we express such consciousness taking away any true oneness of this consciousness, we are, in our present awareness, a true expression of oneness. This is very hard for us to perceive as it's hard for us to perceive being in form and in a formless state at the same exact moment. 

It is quite obvious we are supposed to become aware, this too is but another expression of consciousness that makes consciousness itself of a true oneness state.                        

Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Magnificence of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

These are the kinds of posts I don't mind writing and not just because we judged them as being positive, what's most important to me is they bring different perspectives to the fore. The different perspective in this case is to do with the many various expressions of consciousness. Consciousness is infinite within it's expression, it is indeed by all rights magnificent within all of it's expressions. This post is no different in that it's one of numerous expressions that is neither right or wrong, it's but another expression of this consciousness which gives us a different perceptive of this consciousness, our own consciousness.

Different Expressions of Consciousness: In my last post I wrote about evil intent, this is but one of many expressions of this consciousness that many of us would judge as being one thing or another, in other words wrong or right, positive or negative. The controlling ego thrives on this kind of perspective that everything has to have a right and wrong, this is in accordance with our own expressions of consciousness, our own perspectives.

Recently same sex marriage have been on the agenda again, people can't help loving someone even of the same sex, has anyone in the world got the right to tell another person who and who they can't love?  This is a very good point, is it not also a good point when people can't help loving more than one person at a time, who has the right to tell anyone they can't love more than one partner at any given time. But all what's on the agenda is same sex marriage, this is one expression of consciousness excluding and even ignoring another expression of consciousness with the same dilemma, you are not allowed to marry who you want to love.

Again we are judging what is a right and wrong way to express this consciousness, this is brought about by only being accepting of our own expression of consciousness which mostly exclude any other expression of consciousness. This is usually in accordance with our ideologies, again, each ideology is but one of numerous expressions of consciousness, one isn't right or right, worthy or unworthy, they are just different expressions of the same consciousness.

Oneness: Now this is interesting, each expression of consciousness is an expressions of the same consciousness, the exact same consciousness no matter how different this consciousness is expressed. This is the oneness, to me it's not some halleluiah realm or state of consciousness above all other expressions of consciousness, this is due to no matter what we express, or even don't express, it's still consciousness, this oneness.

 Another good point to be aware of is, you might think that to have consciousness you need motion, consciousness is created by motion but not all of consciousness moves or vibrates. The funny thing is, the more aware you become, the less you react (move),  so the more aware you become the less you vibrate, this infers a true oneness state has no motion to it. When I say consciousness is created by motion, I mean it creates a consciousness that reacts to itself, all motion was created by consciousness but this motion of consciousness creates an endless stream of reactions, an infinite expressions of consciousness.

You might still think this oneness state has to have motion, it has to vibrate to exist, this is due to everything that exists has to vibrate but it's interesting what causes this vibration to start with. Observation, as soon as we observe, we cause a vibration through the act of observing, however, once we stop being the observer to interact with such vibrating (motion) consciousness, we create numerous expressions of this one consciousness from initially being the observer.

Non-interactive State: Now go the other way from an observing point of view, in other words instead of interacting from the observer point of view and becoming interactive with consciousness, go the other way, what do we have, what state of consciousness are we talking about, is it interactive or non-interactive?  It of course has to be non-interactive, this means consciousness can also be non-interactive from an observing point of view.

How do you observe non-interaction,  a consciousness that has no motion what so ever?

The point is you can't observe a non-interactive consciousness, this seems to infer that consciousness doesn't exist within this non-interactive states, only through observing interactive expressions of consciousness can consciousness exist. This isn't true however, to me this is due to a non-interactive state being of absolute awareness without being the observer. Think on this, why would an absolute aware consciousness want to observe itself when it's already totally aware without observing itself and in the process interacting with numerous expressions of itself? At this non-interactive state, observing itself has no purpose as it's already fully aware of itself.

This is what so magnificent about this one consciousness, it can be non-interactive, it can also be the observer and it can be interactive with it's numerous expressions of itself simultaneously in the very present, the magnificence of this consciousness is astounding. This magnificence is exemplified a thousand times when you consider we are talking about the same exact consciousness no matter how it expresses or doesn't express itself.   

Connection: I'm going to touch on a few more thing here. Now I said in my last post that by just laughing I dispelled what we deem as entities with evil intent, this sounds ridiculous until you realise how magnificently this consciousness works. Entities with deemed evil intent exist in a highly interactive expression of consciousness, this infers that such expressive states of consciousness are unaware especially in relation to a non-interactive state of consciousness. Everyone can at anytime connect to this non-interactive totally aware state of consciousness, this is due to the fact we are after all only talking about one consciousness here, there is no reason why you can't access/connect to your own consciousness unless you are unaware of how this one consciousness works, how your own consciousness works in other words.

I would also like to once again touch on the difference between observing the different expressions of  consciousness to judging different expressions of  consciousness. Voicing an observation relates to not judging a wrong or right, worthy or unworthy, however, judgement always refers to a wrong or right, worthy or unworthy, it's worth being aware of this.

I still to this day express numerous expressions of consciousness at any given time, this means I don't judge expressing egotistically controlled straits as any less or more worthy or wrong than an expression of consciousness not controlled by the ego. Is it wrong to be egotistically controlled than a non-egotistically controlled state?  A lot of people would say yes but all you are doing in this is being aware of one part of this one consciousness. Like with this one consciousness itself for which you are, you can be non-interactive, the observer or interactive simultaneously, once you realise this you can connect to any part of this consciousness at any given time within the present moment, the choice is yours. You can only do this if you don't judge what is right and what is wrong, once you judge a right and wrong way to express consciousness, you lose the connection.