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Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Way We Feel

Written by Mathew Naismith

The more spiritually aware we become, the less we think and the more we feel, however, at certain times these feelings bring on a lot of thinking, it’s important not to judge this as being unworthy to express. The reason for this lies in that these feelings are generating thought, not thought generating a certain thinking process. From birth, most cultures influence the people to think from a thought process, usually from people who are older like our parents for example, this conditioning is all about thinking from an already established thought process. Developing a thought process from feelings works quite differently.

It’s no mistake we feel more while becoming spiritually aware, this is mainly due to becoming more sensitive to our surroundings, at this stage we can become overly sensitive and judge what is and isn’t worthy to express.

The Hitler mentality: Most people would say Adolf Hitler was unworthy, however, people like myself don’t, this is because there are no worthy or unworthy expressions of consciousness, yes, Adolf Hitler was obviously more destructive than people like myself but should this mean we judge such expressions as unworthy? As soon as we do, we are expressing the same mentality than what Hitler expressed, in other words what is and isn’t worthy of expressing, for example, Jews weren’t worthy of their expressions so he judged them as unworthy, this is why we need to be aware of our feelings that spiritual awareness can bring on.

Recently I came across a spiritually aware person downing people for expressing their beliefs in the bible and God, the question here is, who’s expression is more worthy,  the believers in God or the non-believers? As soon as you are drawn into this mentality of worthy and unworthy, we become the very thing we judge as unworthy. Try to firstly become aware of what I call the Hitler mentality and avoid it at all costs if you truly want to become spiritually aware.

Religious fanatics have, unbeknownst to themselves, taken on the Hitler mentality, all else other than their own ideological beliefs are unworthy, do try to stay away from this mentality at all costs for it’s obviously highly destructive. If on the other hand you want to cause destruction and disruption (chaos), by all means take on this mentality as it’s no more or less worthy or unworthy than any other expression to express, however, spiritual awareness to me is supposed to be about avoiding such mentalities, it’s supposed to be constructive not destructive.

The reason for spirituality being more constructive is simple, the more aware you become, the less motion you express unless we allow our newly found sensitive feelings to dictate what is an isn’t worthy of expressing. If at this stage you feel, for example, the Hitler mentality isn’t worthy of expressing, you have allowed your feelings to influence your judgment upon what is and isn’t worthy. Once you get past this stage though, you will see that all expressions are worthy no matter how destructive or constructive they are, this is all due to the way we are now perceiving. Once you go beyond human conditioned perceptions, all expressions become worthy of expressing no matter what, this includes Jewish and other religious people’s perceptions.

Becoming spiritually aware can bring on insurmountable feelings, usually strong feelings of love and/or you become more sensitive to your immediate surrounding, in other words you become directly connected to what’s going on within this reality. You basically feel what the collective is going through in this reality, this is commonly called an empath.

Being an empath makes it more difficult to not judge what is and isn’t worthy, the chaotic destructive energy one can feel is hard not to judge, especially when  they are so different to our own. It’s important here to be aware of what I call the Hitler mentality, try not to judge a worthy or unworthy, just see these energy sources as just an expression of consciousness, nothing else. As soon as we see these expressions as something unbecoming, we ourselves start to express this Hitler mentality, through this motion, we become more expressive not less expressive. Religious people, for example, have  made this mistake time and time again, try to avoid this motion, this reaction, as much as possible.

Feelings of the soul: We will of course, while becoming aware, feel more of what our souls have experienced as well, this is usually on top of being an empath, this of course can bring forth feelings from past lives lived, even from different realities/universe/ dimensions. It’s obviously quite daunting becoming spiritually aware when we are  conditioned to perceive only through human perceptions. I should point out, not all cultures teach their people in this way, some cultures teach the people to perceive beyond human perceptions, actually this kind of teachings are naturally human to them, this of course makes it easier on these people while becoming aware. Sadly enough in most cultures, this kind of teachings died out long ago.

What I have noticed is a lot of people have obviously brought forth love and light from their souls experiences, these people however should beware that not all souls have experienced the same degree of love and light. The message here is, try not to judge a souls experiences as being less worthy than your own just because such souls have not experienced, as yet, the same degree of love and light as yourselves.

Now the love and light being felt and expressed, while becoming spiritually aware, has a lot to do with past lives lived I feel, such soul changing experiences are usually brought about by existing in a reality/universe/dimension that is less of motion than this one. Our human perceptions however tell us love and light are more emotional therefore more of motion than less, this actually isn’t the case. Wasn’t Hitler also very emotional therefore of motion instead of motionless?

Love and light become a natural occurrence while becoming spiritually aware, they are also a natural occurrence in other  realities/universes/dimensions, this means this kind of expression isn’t intentional therefore needs less motion to express. This is different in realities/universes/dimensions that are based on motion like our own, how much hate and chaos do we express in this reality?  The more intentionally expressive we are, the more motion we cause, and the more motion we cause, the more chaos we create. Love and light is more about our souls experiences while in realities/universes/dimensions, realities/universes/dimensions of less motion. The reason we think love and light take more motion is because we are in a reality of motion, it takes a lot more effort to express such love and light were it doesn’t in realities/universes/dimensions of less motion, it’s a natural occurrence without effort within these realities/universes/dimensions.

We also have souls in this reality that have experienced huge degrees of darkness and chaos, they are of course quite suited to this kind reality seen as this reality is all about motion. Could you imagine realities/universes/dimensions that are far more of motion than this one,  it’s hard for the souls that can only remember realities/universes/dimensions of light and love, it’s quite understandable how these souls will judge what is and isn’t worthy. All I am saying is be careful of this as this mentality is the same mentality we are saying is unworthy.

I love this kind of reality, it’s certainly testing us all at the soul level.